May 19, 2005

Kansas City Star | 05/19/2005 | KC hasn't been a true hockey town, but signs show change

Kansas City Star | 05/19/2005 | KC hasn't been a true hockey town, but signs show change

Pretty interesting article in regards to Kansas City and how it sucks as a hockey town. Omaha is mentioned as well. Joel...I feel for ya.


Blogger Whooter said...

Thanks, dude. Interesting article.

I only wish the idiots that owned the Outlaws and Tarantulas had been better businessmen. Obviously they got some bad advice if they thought they'd come in here and set the town on fire in one season. Hell, hockeytown Omaha didn't really start supporting the Lancers until year three, and it didn't blow up until that fourth season when they moved all their games to the Ak.

Someone that really wanted to make hockey work in the area, instead of just creating a giant tax writeoff, would have worked a deal to get into the new 7-8000 seat Overland Park arena.

I guess I'm at least happy I have a couple of limited edition sweaters in my collection...

9:30 AM  
Blogger AJ said...

I hear ya man. I interviewed for a job with the Blades once, and it seemed like a pretty solid organization. Unfortunately, they played in a dump, and it's pretty hard to draw people to a a sport they aren't familiar with.

I wish that one guy who owned the comets would have built that arena in JoCo...that would have opened up a lot of opportunity. And like the article says..if Omaha and Oklahahoma City can do it..I don't see why KC can't.

9:50 AM  
Blogger Whooter said...

Well, the Comets (and the ABA (har!) Knights) are moving to the new OP Arena when it's finished, so you sorta got your wish. Just a little late.

10:01 PM  

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