August 18, 2005

HOLY CRAP! - Why didn't you people tell me I've been discovered?

I knew it was a matter of time before some brain-dead hick from Huskerpedia, or Husker Pump-me-hour or whatever lame red laced website found this little corner of cyberspace. Luckily I wasn't attacked by 15,000 hits in 24 hours as my old Huskerh8er website on Angelfire was back in 2002.

Nonetheless, it just goes to show the typical, "I know more than you do" bullshit that Husker fan loves to spit out, anytime you pick against his team. So with that..a couple of late replies to that Oklahoma dumbass (who obviously has some issues if he's a Husker fan as well) and anybody else who finds this site..whether by accident or by link:

1) "If you don't like it move" is the dumbest g*d damn thing I've ever heard. If you HONESTLY think I would uproot my family...quit my job over a g*d damn FOOTBALL TEAM, you're a bigger dumbass than I could have possibly imagined. I'm not sure if your life revolves around sports that much...but now that I'm beyond 14 years old, I'm pretty capable of separating sports and life. Idiot.

2) CNNSI picked the Huskers fifth with the same record, and I don't see hate e-mails piling up to them. It just goes to show the ambivalence and the denial that these people are in. And guess what...I COULD BE WRONG. I'm ONE FREAKING GUY. Does it REALLY bother you that ONE person on this planet doesn't think you're going to be that good? Could you possibly think more highly of yourself you arrogant pricks?

I feel a really good rant coming. Be sure you jagoffs are linking your buddies on your websites, because I'm in a foul foul mood.

Kudos to your team for not having anybody punch a cheerleader or rape a woman this week. Baby steps....


Anonymous Section96 said...

No, but former Husker bad boy LP is in trouble with the law. Again. He's wanted in San Diego for questioning regarding a domestic assault. Also, a warrant is out for him in LA for, guess what - domestic assault.

7:18 PM  
Blogger Husker Mike said...

Hey, I did warn you on MavPuck that some of the inbreds on HuskerPedia found out about you. Funny, but I've already been the subject of 2 threads on there, and I'm not even a paying member!

8:37 PM  
Blogger AJ said...

Shocking Matt. You could knock me over with a feather.

Seriously Mike..some of those people scare me. All I did was pick them 5th. I says "Huskerh8er" ON THE FREAKING TITLE. What the hell did I think I was going to do?

And even if they did figure it out...who the hell cares? I'm just one guy. I'm not even a sportswriter, I'm just some idiot fan from Omaha who didn't grow up here. about touchy.

11:21 PM  
Blogger Adam said...

Not touchy...paranoid...

8:04 AM  

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