November 1, 2006

Hate Week Continues - Why Didn't They Listen?

Well that didn't take long.

Although the personal attacks have been far lighter than normal, the arrogance and ignorance of Husker fans is kicking back into high gear this week. Despite fans expressing their "displeasure" with "Coz" and the defense...apparently this weekend's cakewalk against Missouri will give them a chance to get back on their feet before a tough game with Texas Light in Aggieville the following Saturday. I'm not quite sure if a majority of these people are just too stupid to figure out their defense sucks...or if they actually believe that fate is so much against Missouri on Saturday, that they have no choice but to win. (It might be the latter)

Nevertheless, as with any other loss...the confidence grows as the debacle looks further away in the rear view mirror. Apparently 7 days rest is going to make their DB's less shitty...their linebackers less hurt...and their coaches suddenly very very smart. How can you so confidently predict an easy victory (per callers on the shows last night) against a team that beat you 2 of the last 3 years (solidly) and has their best team in three decades? (And yes, I'm aware that Missouri is still Missouri...but that's not the point)

The point is, all of this stems from two distinct emotions: Arrogance and Ignorance. Husker fan, with all their hype and expectations is obviously oblivious to their own problems. They've bought into the whole "We're back" hype so much, that they may need intense psychotherapy to convince themselves otherwise. Let's go back and look at some of the statements made by Husker fan during the off-season that lead to this major error in judgment:

- "Zac Taylor is on track to be an All-American"
TRUTH - Zac Taylor hasn't regressed, he's exactly what he was last year...7th best QB statistically in the conference. Why the big numbers? Because being the greatest passer in Nebraska history is like being the skinniest chick on The View and 5 yard swing passes tend to inflate the numbers quite a bit.

- "We have so many guys back from injury...we're a different team now"
TRUTH - Remember the hype surrounding the return of Matt Herian? Remember a guy who writes an anti-Husker blog who told you that 2-year leg injuries aren't exactly something you come back 100% from? Remember when I said that Steve Octavian might have lost a step or two because that's what happens when you blow out key parts of you leg? Anybody remember this?

- "The Big 12 North sucks. Our schedule sets us up nicely"
TRUTH - The Big 12 North does suck...but you figured before the season that road trips to OSU and A&M would be cakewalks. Uhhhh....didn't quite turn out that way. You also didn't realize that you would need a fucking miracle to beat the mighty Indianapolis Colts-like juggernaut offense that is the Kansas Jayhawks either did you? This is the most accurate prediction of all set fourth by Husker fan this summer.

- "We beat K-State, Colorado and Michigan to end the year. Order has been restored"
TRUTH - This makes me giggle like a school girl just thinking about this. It's pretty obvious now in hindsight that Colorado maybe had an issue or two. Perhaps the 70-3 beatdown in Houston wasn't enough to tell you that. Even so, maybe you should have listened to that blog guy who said beating Colorado and K-State in 2005 isn't like beating CU and KSU in 1998. The Michigan game? Don't forget Michigan was leading by double digits in the fourth quarter before all hell broke loose in their passing game. Don't forget also that Michigan had 5 losses last year. Don't forget also that the Sun Belt officiating crew was responsible for what ESPN's Kirk Herbstreit called, "The worst officiated game I've seen watching college football." WHAT ON EARTH MADE YOU THINK YOU WERE THAT GOOD!?!? I said it then, I say it now, and I'll say it again next week...winning those two games at the end of last season was the WORST possible thing that could have happen to you.

You people and you people alone are to blame for all this. You expected Bill Callahan to come in and save the day...not because he has a history of it (he doesn't), but because some slimy Athletic Director came in and told you he would. This year's Husker team is no better or different than last year or the year before that. Blind myopia, fueled by a couple of good seasons in the mid-90's has made you people so delusional, that you'll believe almost anything...including the fact that this mediocre team is any better than any other shitty team you've thrown out on the field in the last 3-4 years.

Regardless of what happens on Saturday, the giant black hole of suckiness has engulfed this program and this state...even if hardly anybody realizes it. I told you you were a are. I told you Clownahan was an NFL flunky who single-handedly destroyed an AFC Title holding team in less than one year....he still is. I told you your days of running up 600 yards of offense while your "classy" fans "applaud" the losing teams effort as they trudge off their field are gone....they are. I told you that your name alone is the only reason you're not on level terms with UAB, Baylor, Nevada and is. Perhaps you should listen to the crazy guy on the computer a bit more often.

So do you think the fact that the Hick Nation and the program they warship dying is going to change anything in the way they act? Do you think anybody is going to see the forest for the trees and figure out that the glory days of Tommie Frazier and Lawrence Phillips are going to somehow come back? Do these people honestly think they're going to earn their precious reputation back when their signature win is over a 5-4 KSU team that is completely rebuilding their program? Is a "moral victory" over a good-but-not-great Texas team (in the snow) good enough to put Nebraska fans back in their rightful spot on college football's throne?

The fact of the matter is, even if this team was 2-10, uneducated yokels in overalls will still be demanding respect and adding up how many "moral victory" points go into the BCS standings.

Piss on you Husker fans. Piss on you and the self-righteous, ego-driven, kool-aid drinking world you live in. Hopefully Saturday will be yet another Jenga piece closer to watching the whole thing crumble to the ground. Hell, even Don Quixote figured out that the windmills weren't dragons. Perhaps you should put down that copy of Huskers Illustrated and see how that turned out.

Hate week rolls on.


Blogger wildksu said...

Preach it!

Go Cats beat the Buffaless!
Go Tigers beat the "CornlessHusker"

12:47 PM  
Blogger JGerardi said...

Hows this for a delicious scenario AJ?
NU MO- NU Loses
NU A&M- NU loses
NU CU- Throw out the records when these two meet. Please? Throw out the record? Much as it pains me, no way I give my buffs a shot in this one. NU wins.

NU gets a far better bowl bid then they deserve cause they travel well and they don't get an extra loss in the champ game, so they play in the Holiday against maybe Cal or Oregon or the Cotton Bowl where they get to play Arkansas, Auburn, LSU, Florida or Tennessee (pick your poison).
May not happen, hey probably won't, but nice to think about.


1:11 PM  
Blogger AJ said...

I figured as much Mike. I figured that when 3-5 Husker fans start fighting about it on MY site for God's sake. (That's pretty bad)

JG...don't sell your team short. CU has beaten NU before with less than stellar teams. Who then, NU may be looking at a 5 game losing streak...and who knows what will happen.

Big game saturday.

1:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Last time I checked the 7th rated passer in the Big XII was Chase Daniel.

1:20 PM  
Blogger AJ said...

I was talking about the argument from this summer..which would be referring to 2005 stats.

Keep up Cletus.

1:44 PM  
Anonymous U R Correct said...

I lived in Lincoln for 6 years before moving back to the southeast and let me say that you are absolutely correct. I have never seen fans that are so full of self importance and with the attitude that everyone should bow down to the huskers regardless of who they are. It isn't just the fans though, the media shovels all this husker crap down your throat whether you want to hear it or not. In Lincoln usally the lead story on the news is something to do with the football team. It amused me to no end to be there when all of their "streaks" came to an end in Clownahan's first season.

1:48 PM  
Anonymous Demolition Man said...

I look forward to NU getting a crack whore beating this weekend at the hands of Gary (Big Pimpin') Pinkel and have no doubt that following that ass plowing, they'll get there ass handed to them at College Station.

What does KSU have that NU doesn't? A win against a Big XII South team.

Go Cats - Wildcats, Tigers, Nittany Lions, who cares what kind of cat - just bust some ass this weekend.

1:54 PM  
Blogger JP Anderson said...

it stinks in here from all the crack smoke

3:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Im a diehard husker fan stuck in KC having to listen to three schools and their bullshit. however, i love this site. its thoroughly enjoyable even if i disagree with 99% of the shit you say. keep up the good work. i enjoy seeing what the outside world thinks.

go huskers

3:40 AM  
Blogger Big Head said...


7:43 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh for God's sake quit whining. If you really want to deal with cocky fans then move to Florida. 3 big schools, all of them are always overrated (although the media is finally recognizing that 2 of them are mediocre this more to go)

12:44 AM  

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