December 8, 2007

Trying to Move on - Random Saturday Rants & Notes

Trying to make sense out of life, the world does indeed press on.

Perhaps you’re like me, in that part of you wishes to go back to normal, worrying about things like offensive schemes, award finalists and what color pants your team will wear in the bowl game. (Well…not you guys, but you know what I mean). The other half simply finds it difficult to take things as seriously as I once did.

This town is already starting to bounce back. Westroads had people lined up outside the door to shop this morning. The National media trucks have packed up and gone home. And in something I thought was unthinkable, Von Maur is planning on re-opening the store as soon as possible. Good for them. I didn’t think it would be done, but nice to see them give a deranged psychopath one big “up yours” and tell others down the road that we will not let you run our lives.

I hope this holiday season is…as rough as it’s been... as happy as it can be. With that in mind, let’s slowly slide back into the swing of things.

* So yesterday , I get a text message that Quin Pelini is on the Jim Rome show. Now I admit, I listen to Rome from time to time, but I’m not exactly a regular listener. Shockingly, I decided to skip listening to his canned coach speak, about how Nebraska is a great job, great tradition, Tom Osborne is great to work for blah blah blah.

But then on the way home, I hear that QP is no longer doing any interviews, and that the Rome interview was the only one he was doing until spring.

Umm..since when did Pelini become Prince? Only one interview? I’m surprised it wasn’t Diane Sawyer or the BBC. I realize you technically have another job going on at the same time…but I’m not sure how smart that is, shunning the local media right off the bat. As we’ve seen in the past, these guys will turn on you and chuck your carcass to the sharks at the drop of a dime. They did it to Sam Keller. They did it to Callahan and Pederson. They’ll certainly do it to this guy.

Yeah it was great that most of your staff is former Huskers or coaches…but that is starting to look to me like that may have come down from Tom Osborne. Why else would you see QP say “all the right things” at the press conference, and then pretty much shun the local media for a couple of months, and let Ron Brown go on and on about how good they were in the mid 90’s. Doesn’t make sense to me, but I guess I don’t get a vote.

* Speaking of not getting a vote…I’m sure I speak for many when I see the Heisman as a complete joke. At what point do they start giving it out at the ESPY’s? Look, I realize Tim Tebow has 51 touchdowns…OK, that’s fine. But how many of those were inside the 5 yard line? (The answer is 13). Should this guy win the award because Urban Meyer didn’t recruit a halfback? Darren McFadden is a great player, but decided to take ¼ of the games off this season. Colt Brennan? Against the 117th rated schedule in America? Are you serious? My 2 year old could throw for 200 yards against San Jose State. Many may not agree with me, but Chase Daniel is an excellent QB..probably the best ever to play at Missouri…but with that many weapons around him, what do his numbers mean really?

So as I’m sure you’ll agree, if you look at it..there really isn’t a clear cut winner. (not that winning is THAT big of a deal…I mean hell, Eric Crouch has one). However, if you want to talk about guys who got screwed, how about Kevin Smith?

The UCF junior has nearly 2,500 yards rushing. TWENTY FIVE HUNDRED YARDS. He has rushed for 29 touchdowns. Against the two BCS schools he faced, NC State and Texas, he rushed for 376 yards and scored 4 TD’s. Dude is pretty good and oh yeah..he plays for UCF.

The whole thing has turned into a complete circus. Really all you can hope for is that your player had a good enough year to get invited. Then you get a nice 15 minute recruiting film on ESPN prime time TV.

Other than that…lots of hype about nothing…kinda like Lost. (I never did get that damn show).

* Finally, a great big middle finger to those Creighton fans with zero compassion for humanity who whined, squealed and cried to anybody who would listen that the local news preempted their precious game on Wednesday night. (A whole 5 hours after the largest mass killing in city history).

First, I don’t buy Creighton fan, because I know as little as 5 years ago, none of them gave one rats ass about Creighton. I often recall the SMS vs. Creighton game I went to at the Civic in 1998. I counted FOUR students. Not four hundred. Not forty. FOUR. (1..2..3..4). How big of a fan can you be if you’ve only cared for five years or less?

Second, did March Madness come early to a Wednesday in Mid-December? It was XAVIER…on a WEDNESDAY. I understand that when your schedule includes such heavyweights as Illinois State, Arkansas Pine-Bluff and Savannah’s easy to mistake Xavier for North Carolina. And don’t they still make radios? I could have sworn I saw one at radio shack the other day. I may have been seeing things though.

And finally, what do you think the people who founded that university would say, if they saw their school’s supported, complaining that excess coverage was being given the murder of 8 people?

What’s that you say? Nothing new was being said after 7pm? Uhhh..what if they waltzed into that kid’s house and found his family shot? What if there was a bomb in his car? What if there was a whole other part of this story that was yet to be uncovered. When the media is still having trouble describing a suspect the first few hours..what makes you think the entire thing would be open and shut in a few more hours?

I’ve never EVER seen anything more shameful and disgustingly selfish in my life. But then again when you care more about being seen in your new blue sweatshirt than you do the results of the game..what do you expect? Am I calling all Creighton fans heartless monsters? No, but next time, how bout a little bit of fucking perspective? Is that too much to ask?

Sorry to those of you out of town, but that little rant by a select group of “sports fans” in this town really pissed me off.

Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

aj is back!

Damn it any way.


1:38 PM  
Anonymous husker pat said...

I lived in Omaha for about a year in 06 at my dad's house about 6 blocks away from westroads behind menards and have friends who work there and live around there as well. plus family as well. it was the craziest thing to hear that a Von Maur in Omaha got shot up. funny how it makes you think more, walking into a gas station or a grocery store to pick up a couple things and having to deal with a gun crazy mad man. could happen anywhere, and it happened in a mall that ive been to 100 times. just unreal to hear and see. anyways, ive been reading your blog for quite some time and have never posted anything. i was born in lincoln and have family in nebraska and have been a fan since i could walk. hell, every blog ive read ive agreed with almost everything youve said. other husker fans can say im not a "true fan" by agreeing with your ramblings but hey its fuckin reality. i can deal with it. it sucks but shit happens, i could go on for hours on how much i hate our new coach and everything husker football right now. ill always love the huskers and but its gonna be tough love for quite some time. have a good one.

9:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Speaking of the Heisman, the only real mystery is whether Eric Crouch will actually wear a suit this year.

Speaking of Crouch, how does a qb win the Heisman with more interceptions than touchdown passes?

While we are on the Heisman, is Nebraska still the only state where you can put Heisman Winner on your tax return as your occupation?

9:36 PM  
Blogger AJ said...

Thanks for stoppin by Pat.

9:43 PM  
Anonymous HuskerSnyd said...

Great Post AJ, and yeah those Creighton fans remind me of another fan base maybe, KU? hahaha Tradition since sepetember 2007. I love it. And they were just a joke.


10:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Many I talk to do not understand why I don't like Creighton fan. Thanks for understanding.

Most of the Creighton fans I know have their khaki pants in a bunch about NU playing a basketball game at the Qwest. CU fan, you dont own the Qwest. Anyone with 25 grand can walk in there and play a basketball game.

12:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am glad someone shares my hatred of Creighton as well. They are the biggest fair weather school in the nation. Two losing seasons and the Qwest center doesn't even fill half way up. Enough about basketball, Did God give Ron Brown permission to recruit athletes for the Huskers, and how long until Bo and him don't see eye to eye. Love the blog, hate the Husker fans you speak of, but love my Huskers.

10:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've been reading your rants for the past few months and most have been funny. I'll be honest I was one of those people calling KMTV demanding they put the Creighton game on. By the time the game was to have been on they had already searched his house, his parent's house and his freaking car. Sure it was a tragedy but this town's media needed a kick in the ass for giving this jackass exactly what he wanted. That was to be famous. Well congratulations! Thanks to the a-holes at KMTV, KETV, KPTM and WOWT he is very famous. What was it...10 freaking hours of continuous coverage with nothing new for the last 6 hours. Great job! Now that's journalism

8:01 AM  
Blogger AJ said...

Agree that they've given that little punk bastard way too much pub and exactly the fame he wanted.

However, I think the conditions warranted that the game be pre-impted.

That's just me tho.

8:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Love your comments, A.J.

1.) Eric Crouch is the most overrated Heisman winner in the history of the Heisman. How did the NFL work out for you? Hell, how did that KETV gig work out for you, Eric?

2.) Bo Pelini was hired to do Osborne's bidding, i truly believe. I'm not convinced that this guy is going to be the Huskers savior. He just is "ghostcoaching" for Tom, hiring who Tom would hire, saying what Tom would say, doing what Tom wants. It's a little ridiculous that these people are going off their goards over this. We hired an assistant who loses his temper and hates recruiting... can't wait for the "Husker faithful: the greatest fans in football" to give him the old heave-ho in 4 years.

3.) The Creighton fan is a worse species than the Nebraska fan. I absolutely loathe and detest Creighton fans. They are as fake as the brand name clothing they tote. I guarantee once this team has some losing seasons, tickets will be easy to come by. They play boring, predictable basketball against mid-major teams nobody cares about (except for SIU). Heck, they got slaughtered by Xavier.

7:34 PM  
Anonymous Ferrous Panther said...

Having lived in Omaha for 10 years, I am well aware of the infestation known as Creighton Basketball. Omaha is a sports town which searchs for anything to satisfy its thirst for entertainment during football offseason. I attended two creighton games last season and I was disgusted by the fair weather fans that surrounded me and the corporate taste that was left in my mouth. I couldn't watch 15 seconds of basketball without some sort of advertisment flashing in my face.

Basketball is so much different at the University of Northern Iowa.

UNI Student

3:56 AM  

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