March 11, 2005

TGIF! Random Friday thoughts

LOOOOOVE March Madness. What I love even better than March Madness is Husker basketball fan. Yes, Husker basketball fan, a species more rare than the do-do. You know him don't you? Well, you probably don't...but the few that are there are almost as bad as Husker football fan. Case in point....Husker basketball fan (some at least) are FURIOUS that Barry Collier is coming back for another season. They feel that this is holding them back in taking their rightful place on top of the Big 12, in yet another sport they feel they should "dominate".

Uhhhhh...HELLO!?!?! You're fucking NEBRASKA. You are ZERO for INFINITY in the NCAA tourney. Let's break that down. Think of every single NAIA school you can think of. Think of Peru State, Midland Lutheran, Bellevue, Doane etc. Now, add up the total number of wins that they have in the Big Dance....and they EQUAL TO WHAT NEBRASKA HAS. I get a kick out of people who are so high and mighty on themselves...who are so blinded by myopia that they can't see the forest for the trees in other sports. IF you are considered a "football school", (and according to Husker fans, they've already won the next 15 national championships in that sport) then you are automatically mediocre at best in basketball. Period. End of story. It's the same reason that Kentucky, Kansas and Duke SUCK ASS at football. It's the law of nature, so learn to deal with it. But then again, with Bill Callahan taking over last're probably doing more for your basketball team than anything.


PLAYOFF HOCKEY tonight at the Q. NOTHING, and I mean NOTHING is better than playoff hockey. You could argue that gladiator combat in the 700AD's were pretty good...but nothing is better than guys clawing each others brains out with a stick at 25mph for about 3 hours. It is beautiful, it purifies the soul, and it makes you proud to be alive.

If, for some reason you don't understand hockey....maybe you didn't watch it as a kid, or maybe you're part of the MTV generation who have the attention span of a fruit fly, then you probably have a misnotion that hockey sucks. Let's get that straight first. HOCKEY ON TV generally sucks. However, in the playoffs...NOTHING beats hockey. (Except maybe nude jello wrestling, but that's only if supermodels are doing it and "it" means each other)


Thats about it for today. More homework and more hockey tonight. Back this weekend....



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not all Husker fans think Nebraska should dominate in basketball, but rather that we'd like to regularly play on Saturday in the Big XII tournament, and win a game or two occasionally in the Big Dance.

Personally, I don't know if Barry Collier is the right guy or not, but I do know that Steve Pederson is very unlikely to find a guy who could do it better.

2:49 PM  
Blogger something_something said...

Of course he could find a guy who could do it better. My siberian husky could bring in better recruits.

12:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Obviously, you weren't around Nebraska at New Years 2004 during Steve's "Magical Mystery Tour"...

1:32 PM  
Blogger something_something said...

No, I'm from Omaha. I just hate the Huskers.

7:02 PM  

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