June 29, 2005

Morning Coffee - Random Wednesday thoughts

Random thoughts on a Wednesday as I try to wake up this morning. Work with me here..I'm running on zero sleep.


I'm done complaining about the whole hockey tickets hubbub. Yeah, I'm still pretty fucking pissed off, and yes...I'm sick to my stomach that I've now lost one of the true loves that I have. (Going to hockey games). But I guess all good things come to an end, and mine was just sooner than I expected. I'll try to make some games as the year goes on...but it's a LOT tougher to make game by game, when you don't have a book of tickets sitting there already paid for. I'd like to thank the UNO Athletic Department, MECA and everybody else who made this possible. Thanks a lot guys. I officially renounce my season tickets for this year. These were the same two seats that I declared last year, "Would take an act of war to get me to give up." I guess it just took $350 bucks and a snotty attitude by the athletic department to get me to give them up. Oh well, I'm done with it now. Props to those of you who can afford it. I can't.


Speaking of MECA, semi-props to his Royal Highness Roger Dixon for landing the swimming thing. I'm not sure how much credit this assclown should get...because when you look at the building, I'm guessing the architect should get some credit for landing big events. But nevertheless, Roger is the face of MECA and I guess they should be commended for bringing a big event to the city. So for that...I give begrudging props. However, be careful when giving kudos to people who are just doing their job. Again, Omaha is in the midst of a revitalization of stunning proportions. Giving a guy or a group (MECA) credit for things that ARE NOT THEIR RESPONSIBILITY (like downtown landscape, the building itself, etc) is how power gets corrupted. I'm sure Roger will celebrate by giving himself another tax-supported raise, or a new gold-plated pool table for his private bathroom. Either way....nice going Roger. I'm sure it was difficult work. Not get back to work on driving hockey teams out of their own market and charging $5,000,000 to park in two tiny lots.


I've tried VERY HARD not to get political on here. (And yes, I think I've done a very good job of it.) People's political beliefs are like religion...who am I to say that you're wrong? It's your opinion. That's not to think I don't feel that you are an uninformed dumbass who couldn't follow the current events of this world if you had a copy of Newsweek plastered to your forward...but nonetheless, although I complain about thoughts and opinions...I respect the rights of others to have them.

However, with the president's speech on the war in Iraq last night brought out a whole new set of reactions from the TV talking heads, the media...and most of all..the people all around me who obviously don't have anything better to do but to worry about pretty much everything. Let me re-establish a few of my core beliefs here..and I won't bore you with details of all of them.

1) You don't HAVE to be liberal or conservative. You can be both. John Anderson, Ross Perot and Ralph Nader have placed a wretched stigma of independent thinking on American politics. But here's the deal...IT'S OK. It's OK to support Bush on the war, yet be pro choice. It's OK to be pro-gun control, yet still be for conservatives agendas. In other words...MAKE UP YOUR OWN G*D DAMN MIND and stop being so fucking polar!

2) It's not another Vietnam. 58,000 U.S. troops died in Vietnam. 1,500 in Iraq. Hell, you can't even call it another Korea...or even another Pearl Harbor. (twice as many people died on 9/11 and 12/07/41...and a lot of those were civilians.)

Anyway, the point is....don't hate the president and his policies without knowing what the situation is. Same goes for supporting the president. You don't HAVE to support or disapprove of anything. Make up your own damn mind and stop listening to Michael Moore, Rush Limbaugh, Al Franken, Sean Hanity and everybody else who wants to make YOUR mind up for you.

That's my political commentary for this year.


Finally, could the Kansas City Royals suck any harder this year? Seriously, I knew it was bad...but Holy Christ....they are fucking TERRIBLE. Here's to them losing 120 games and becoming the worst of all time. I'll be pulling for them. Unfortunately, the fans of Kansas City deserve better...but no words of mine are going to help. Oh well...I'm in too good of a mood to discuss something this depressing.




Anonymous Anonymous said...

YOUR A DICK. Just because you can't afford hockey tickets you're not attending the games?

What a whiner you are. What a loser you are. You still can support UNO hockey by going to the games on occasion.

Hopefully you'll stay away from UNO and go to the Knights games and bitch at their style of play.

3:57 PM  
Blogger AJ said...

It's "you're a dick"

Not "your a dick"

Nice grammar and way to identify yourself. Geez, the only thing worse than a pussy is a pussy with bad grammar. Pet Peeve of mine.


8:12 AM  
Blogger Coach said...

God, this reminds me of that fuckup from Millard North ... what was his name? Ooh, right ... bandgeek.

Drive your Jeep, blow your trombizone, "for I am a badass".


1:13 AM  

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