June 18, 2005

Quick hits - Saturday Edition

To get my mind off of being price-gouged by a Division 2 university who think's they're suddenly the Red Wings.....

Nice going Huskers. You finally used 28,000 hicks to your advantage and pulled out a win. Not to get into this topic too much again...but I couldn't be more thrilled. Why you ask? Because every time a Husker fan who doesn't know a baseball from a hockey puck gets in...it puts the CWS just one more step closer to being the summer crown jewel of Indianapolis. Seriously...if Nebraska becomes a power, how long do you think it will be before Augie Gurrido, Ron Frazier, Ron Polk and all the old school coaches start to complain about a once great tournement turning into a Husker pep-rally? Not only are the hotels, restaurants and such now 1/7th less full, but fans of teams like Tennesse and Florida now can't get in, because Cletus and Velma from Columbus now have to get in and watch the Huskers whoop up on Flroida in retaliation for only scoring 64 points on them in the 1996 Fiesta Bowl...or something like that.

Can somebody tell Tom Shatel to get his penis out of the ear of Husker fans everywhere? Seriously, has there ever been a bigger homer, who is more knee-jerk reactionary at playing to the masses? I mean, I'm not just talking about the complete idiot he made out of himself when it came to the Solich firing. (He should stay...oh wait, he sucked...oh wait, he should stay, oh wait, he sucked.) Not that I read the World Herold that much anyway, but I have never ever seen anybody more predictable in trying to suck up to readers than him. Typical formula: Huskers do good..praise them. Huskers do bad, call for heads. Mix in badmouthing of other Big 12 teams and praise Husker fans at all costs.

What's that? Football season is coming? I smell a pre-season spectacular coming.

Mavpuck.com people who keep writing me and calling me a hypocrite...relax. I'm not really going to get into why I came back, but rest assured that it all comes back to people taking things more serious than they are. If circumstances change...I come back. Granted, I won't be posting 9000 times a day like before, and my contribution will be more limited I'm sure...it's nice to swing by and say hello again, just in time for a major major contraversy.

Why are most little league parents such dicks? Why do people treat little kids' sports competition like it's the damn 7th game of the world series? A friend of mine told me the story about how two parents of NINE year olds got into it. NINE!!! And why is it that these assholes are always guys who were "pretty good athletes" in high school who somehow got injured or screwd by a coach. Don't push your kids to try to complete you. People who do that are complete idiots, who deserve to have their sons turn into Jim J. Bullock or Todd Marinavich.

Yours truly is on the mound tomorrow night. Better post while I still have feeling in my arm.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

You know Cletus and Velma from Columbus...thats odd, so do i!

2:50 PM  

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