December 30, 2005

I really don't have to do this..but you asked for it.

I've received about 50 e-mails asking why I have not proclaimed Nebraska as the greatest football team on earth, following their "thumping" of Michigan this week. (Yes, one guy called it a "thumping"

Although it's only the Alamo Bowl, and Michigan really didn't care to be there...although it was the worst officiaited game on earth according to reports...I didn't even take time to watch a single minute of it.


1) It's the Alamo Bowl (yawn)
2) I've seen Nebraska enough this year to know how much of a fraud they are.
3) The outcome was indifferent.

You didn't see a big Michigan vs. Nebraska breakdown this week. Why? Because i hate Michigan...I hate Nebraska...and really could give a flying fuck about this game. So much so, I went to the Legion hall for cheeseburger night and drank dollar beers instead of watching every move the Huskers made.

I'm actually not sad at all Nebraska got over. The one thing Clownahan has proven over the years is that he can't handle pressure. Now that NU has shocked the world and won a couple of games they shouldn't...all the pressure in the world is on him. Hell, Dave Webber even said last night that the Huskers are "legit title contenders for next year". Uhhhhh...with USC and Texas on the schedule...I"m guessing Dave had a few too many beers.

But I guess what I'm trying to say is this:

I survived Nebraska when they were actually good in the 90's. I certainly can handle a fluke win over a Colorado team that didn't give a shit, and a homer ref job against a 5 loss Michigan team.

I'm glad you won Husker fan. It'll only make the inevitable crash next season all the more fun to watch.

Now go put on that Creighton sweatshirt...keep avoiding the Devaney Center and go find something else to do while you wait for another sport that nobody cares about to start in baseball.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

nice try

you really could use a creative writing class


from Anonymous (eagerly awaiting you to StatCounter the IP address and figure out it who it is)


12:18 PM  
Blogger mattp_68135 said...

As bad as the officiating was in the game, Michigan can't use it as an excuse. They gave Nebraska way too many opportunities.

I also believe Husker fans may want to hold off on any excessive celebration at the moment. Still a long way to go!

7:37 PM  
Blogger AJ said...

Dear Mr. "Anonymous",

You are a big pussy. It's not that hard to say "bob" or "Oriental Trading Company guy" or whatever. Why are you so scared?

Oh well..doesn't matter. Your team is a fraud and a joke on National TV thanks to the officials. Oh yeah...41-24.

Have a nice off-season.

11:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nebraska Football:
5 National Championships
43 Conference Campionships

Missouri "Football":
0 National Championships
No Conference Championships since a Shared Title (with Nebraska) in 1969.

Who's the fraud? You and your backward Mizzery program. 2 wins in the last 27 years over NU is your only source of pride. Your are just pathetic.

10:12 AM  
Blogger AJ said...

"Memories...from the corner of my mind...."

Close the yearbook. Army used to be good at football too. Right here and right now in modern college football, that doesn't mean jack shit.

Reality says you got your ass throttled in the 2005 season. Thanks for the trip down memory lane. Maybe you can make a t-shirt about it.

11:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Only to Missouri imbeciles with memories measured in seconds. NU finished in a conference tie with Mizzery. With a better overall record. Can't you count, you Missouri inbreed? I can't wait to see you re-live the 90's while the Huskers pound your never-were-never-will-be underachieving Tiger teams the next few years. BTW, can't you find a telemarketing job in Missouri? Not enough telephones installed there yet?

8:59 AM  
Blogger AJ said...


NU gave up 480 yards to ONE guy. Zach Taylor was sacked 4 times, knocked down at least 12. Two of Nebraska's TD's were on drives that started inside the 10.

I haven't seen an ass-pounding like that since I saw Anal-Girls 5 in college.

Your team got their ass kicked. Take your beating like a fucking man and accept it. But then again..somebody who has the vagina to post anonymously probably wouldn't be able to comprehend something like that.

PS - Somebody from Nebraska, calling Missouri hicks is like Rosie O'Donnell calling me out for having an extra doughnut.

9:05 AM  
Blogger AJ said...

By the've logged onto my blog more than I have in the last week.

PS - Oriental Trading Company is getting an e-mail tommorow. Not that your 6 dollar an hour job means that much...Either way...I'm sick of your shit.

10:51 AM  
Blogger chrisrd22 said...


I think your blog is absolutely hilarious. I live in Omaha and I am a lifelong Husker fan who graduated in 1995, BUT, I also work for a national company and travel all over the US. You are absolutely right about Husker fans on many levels. There is nothing wrong with having pride in your family, school, community, or whatever else you derive your sense of purpose from. Most NU fans however are living in a miopic bubble and have never left state, unless it was for a bowl trip to Tempe or Miami. As often happens with most Nebraskans outside of their comfort zone of beef, football and weather reports any analysis or critical remarks about their state or football program puts them on the defensive immediately. When you take a step back and look at things from a national perspective, Husker sports are nice conversation starters in an airport, but not much else. For all of you who take yourselves and Nebraska too seriously, go to Chicago for a weekend and see what life is really like for most people. Keep up the good work AJ, if your pissing off a bunch of people, you're doing a good job!

2:07 PM  
Blogger Mike said...

Sounds like someone takes their football seriously

2:16 PM  
Blogger AJ said...

Thanks. I'm glad somebody gets it.

I'm all for talking smack, and pushing hard for your team. I'm fine with representing your home state and being a huge fan...but some of the stuff that goes on around here is just crazy.

All in's all in good fun, and it should be treated as such. And just as Nebraska...all schools have bad fans. However, as several posters on my blog have demonstrated...there's just something about Husker fan who stands out like a sore thumb.

Thanks for taking this site the way it was meant to be.

2:46 PM  

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