September 3, 2006

Sunday Afternoon Quarterback - Ho Hum

So what did we learn from yesterday's (Yawn) afternoon in the Big 12? Let's take a look:

- Colorado fan is finding out what Husker fan learned three years ago. Hawkins is a great coach...Colorado is a great program. But it's going to take days like that to flush the crap out of the program and re-establish themselves as the premier program in the north. I still believe this team will make some noise in the north ...but it seems there are deeper problems there than meet the eye.

- Kansas State...see above. OU is in the same boat but for different reasons.

- We need to see Kansas and Mizzou against real teams before we make determinations on them. As for Missouri, it appears the Chase Daniel era started without a hitch. 15-19, 200+ yards and 4 TD's at the half is pretty good...especially if you're Missouri and you have a history of underachiving players throwing the rock around. Next week should be a great game against Ole Miss.

- Texas isn't going anywhere and is still loaded. A&M, OSU and Tech all looked good against sub-par competition.

- Iowa State is going to benefit from playing a tough program like Toledo. They have some issues on defense, but if ever there was a time for them to make their's now.

Which leaves us with the Huskers.

First of all, despite the fact that I'm second-guessing my pick of CU winning the north a bit...the Husker game couldn't have gone anymore scripted. (I only caught bits and pieces of the game)

* I told you La Tech would stick around for a while. They did.
* I told you the Huskers would move the ball on offense against a bad defense..even for the WAC. They did.
* I told you big turnovers by La Tech would swing the game. They did.
* I told you the Huskers would pour it on late and make it look worse than it was. They did.
* I told you the Omaha media would slobber over a workman-like victory. They did. (Be sure to clean up when you're done)
* I told you La Tech would move the ball through the air with moderate success. They did.

All in all, I'm somewhat surprised by Husker fan reaction this morning. Seems to me there is a tempered optimism going around...which is justified I'm sure, considering that K-State and Colorado look...shall we say, a little unlike themselves right now. I never said Nebraska couldn't win the north...I said they wouldn't.

Game like this are deceiving. La Tech looked lost on every single defensive play yesterday. Was it because NU's offense is maturing? Has the uber-stupid "Order" finally been restored? Or is it a bad WAC defense who lost 9 starters are on the other side of the ball? Probably a little bit of both. Games like that are no-win opportunities, unless you go out and pound the living hell out of them. With the NU defensive backs getting torched and Bill Callahan going for it on 4th and 2 inside the 10 (and not getting it...again)...there are more than enough warning signs to keep the Huskers from being crowned National Champions right now. Unfortunately, (as KSU and Colorado found out), there are lots of bad things that can happen in those types of games....luckily for Husker fan...Maine didn't show up.

These are the WORST possible Husker games to blog on when you're a professional Husker hater. Nothing has been solved. Did I think NU would be in for a struggle all day? Yeah, kinda. Did I think they'd lose? Am I ready to throw some bar-b-q sauce on a giant plate of crow because you people are suddenly ULTRA back (whatever comes after "we're back") after beating a team that plays 4 home games a year?

Not really.

Next week will bring more of the same. Missouri takes on Mississippi, (Will Missouri allow more points than my blood alcohol content in the parking lot?) Texas plays Ohio State etc etc. However, I'm not sure if you saw it..but USC is rather good. Uhhh...rather real good. I'm not sure if you saw it also, but Nebraska had some trouble (and some injuries) in their secondary. I'm not a math whiz, but that' spells trouble for our myopic, red-clad friends.

Are the hicks back? Has "order" been restored? Is Steve Pederson going to hand out t-shirts after the Nicholls State win? Will the biggest story of the game be the tunnel walk? (Which is still extremely lame) Unfortunately, it will be status quo until September 16th and we get some answers. In the meantime at the very least...we can all agree that it's good to have football back.


PS - It's Tailgate week for yours truly and festivities begin on Friday night. Keep checking for updates.

PPS - Somebody needs to tell you people to get Larry the Cable guy the hell away from the TV cameras in Husker gear. He's not helping your image.

(photo thanks to Lincoln Journal Star- Ted Kirk)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are truly an idiot but your still really damn funny. Keep it up because this always gives me something to read while I'm using the john.

4:20 PM  
Blogger AJ said...

Heh..much appreciated. Take it all for what it is.

8:49 PM  
Blogger JP Anderson said...


9:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The only thing I will say is that you did say multiple times that La Tech would be right there (within a score) well into the 4th quarter. It was definitely better than that for the Huskers, but for the most part you are correct.

Also, I believe (at least sincerely hope) that 7 out of 10 Husker fans agree with you on Larry the Cable Guy.

10:04 PM  
Blogger AJ said...

(chuckling at JP)

Concur about Larry the Cable guy. Yeah, he's a big star and all, and the first time it would be SOMEWHAT newsworthy to interview him during a blowout.

But if I were a Husker fan (thank God I'm not)...I don't think I'd want that guy splashed on my TV 30 times in 2 week with my school's gear on. Especially when you're fighting to improve your image anyway.

As for the was a good win...a win you should have had. However, still lots of question marks. Lucky for all of you, the rest of the big 12 is in serious KSU and Colorado.

8:16 AM  
Blogger AJ said...

Hey Matty....

All of them.


11:43 AM  

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