October 8, 2006

One step closer to Armageddon

As I've stated on more than one occasion, I have not, and will not use this blog space as my own personal cheerleading section toward my favorite college football team. For one, there are five million fan sites out there, many of which are much more visually and factually pleasing than this one. In other words, I'm not going to start pounding my chest, because my team did something good. And second, I'm not going to hop on my soapbox, because many years as a Missouri fan has taught me NEVER to expect anything good. Although the team is playing as well as any Mizzou squad in my lifetime, I will not...and should not expect anything more...quite simply because I've been down this road before.

Actually....no I haven't.

Somehow...someway, I'm being forced to talk about Missouri football, because it is abundantly clear that the mighty Mizzou Tigers...the team which once lost to Texas A&M 77-0; the same team who lost to Kansas State 66-0 on the final day of the 1999 season, as Mrs. Larry Smith screamed down the team for being a bunch of quitters...are the only real obstacle standing in the way of Husker fan. That's right....it appears the one thing standing between you and the expected greatness of your team Husker fans....is me and my team.

Before we go into what could happen, let's chat about the mighty Hicks this weekend. I'm not stupid enough to go blabbing on and on about how Iowa State sucks...even if it is true. ISU at least put out some effort in losses to not-great-but-very-good Texas and Iowa teams...both on the road. However, what I saw out of the Clones on Saturday was...shall we say..puzzling. Sure ISU got fistfucked out of a touchdown that was called incomplete...and sure any good win on the road in the Big 12 is a good win. Is it just me, or did ISU look ridiculously small and uncoordinated? Granted, Barney Cotton will never be confused for Al Saunders, but I would have at least expected things like spiral passes and running backs who didn't look like they were 15 years old.

I will give Clownahan and company credit...their team does have athletes. It was very obvious on the field that ISU defensive front four was dwarfed by the steroidal...ahhhhh...I mean, beefy Husker linemen. (Joking...kinda) That's also not to say however that any sort of celebration should be had for a win over a team that needed a missed field goal to beat Northern Iowa.

So where do we go from here?

The Hicks travel to Manhattan, where they haven't won in what seems four or five decades. Just when the Wildcats look like they're at rock bottom against Baylor, they come back and beat a 1/2 decent OSU team. Missouri meanwhile takes on Texas Light in College Station. Needless to say Aggieland is no romp in the park for any visiting team...but when you just get done beating Tech in the snakepit of Lubbock, at night, by 17 points..needless to say you should have some confidence. A&M will try to run the ball into the teeth of the Mizzou defense. Again, the Tigers will be a big day from the front four, and constant pressure on the quarterback. If you would have told me on August 30th that the Tigers would be playing for 7-0 in College Station, I'd tell you you were high.

First things first. Both Nebraska and Missouri have tough road contests this week (don't laugh Husker fans..you haven't beaten K-State in Manhattan since most of your players in elementary school. ) and then major home tests against south powers later in the month. What will happen if the game in Lincoln on November fourth is four all the marbles? I guess we'll have to wait and find out, but I can promise you it'll be entertaining.

I'd be selling myself short if I didn't mention the passing of Kansas City Legend Buck O'Neil this week. Growing up in KC, I'd be lying if I said he was a household name throughout his years as a scout and coach. But what that man did for baseball in the inner-city, the Negro League Hall of Fame and baseball fans everywhere was nothing short of incredible. We should all hope and pray that we touch as many people in our lives, and spend our days doing what we loved.

Sometimes it seems like the Kansas City media overkills the Buck O'Neil story...but a little research into the man's life will tell you why. Although it's widely known that he is the last person to call for this...it is an absolute crime he was not put into the hall of fame during his lifetime.

Bud Selig, you ignorant douche bag...do the right thing and put the man in the hall now. Not next summer. Not in five years. Right, the fuck now.

The history of baseball seems a little harder to read today. Buck O'Neil will be missed by Kansas Citians and all baseball fans. R.I.P. Buck...you earned the rest.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


You as usual are full of Tiger sh!t.

The season for the Huskers will play out no matter what you say or think.

Next weekend the Huskers will have their hands full of kitty sh!t.

Once the post game showers are taken, then it will be intersting what you have to say. I'm sure no matter what happens you will argue a point against the Huskers.

8:58 PM  
Blogger AJ said...

Brilliant analysis Madden. People should pay you for that shit.

"The season for the Huskers will play out no matter what you say or think."


Wow, I had never really thought of that before. Not my fault your fool-proof plan to waltz through the north has major holes in it. Not my fault some 3rd string POS QB from Kansas Shredded up your overrated shitty defensive secondary like they weren't even there. Not my fault your uninspired, unimpressive, boring ass team won this weekend, despite the coaches who tell them what to do.

Congratulations on not making a single ounce of sense. I'll translate for you.

"We're scared"

No charge on that.

PS - Thanks for stopping by.

9:50 PM  
Blogger JP Anderson said...

You heard it here first

The Mizzou Tiggers choke at A&M on Saturday

Will the real Gary Pinkel please stand up?

Yes he will, on national television no less

take it to the bank

10:10 PM  
Blogger AJ said...

Losing in that madhouse isn't really choking. Losing to Troy on National TV...or KU by 21 points at home...that's choking.

Unless Mizzou gets asspounded by the Aggies...I wouldn't really call it a choke.

But your point is well taken.

PS - Cats over NU by 14.


10:11 PM  
Anonymous bhg said...

I'm glad that you made the comments about Buck that you did. I wholeheartedly agree. The Hall of Fame should be ashamed that this man was not voted in years ago.

The first time I met Buck was at the Kansas City ballpark with spouses and friends. I as well as my friend thought that he had passed on. He was very gracious in signing autographs, but never during the inning. We got his autorgraph after the game, and told us a few humourous stories about being the road.

We had learned that he was a staple at Royals games. The people in K.C. should have been packing that place just to meet him. A loss for Kansas City, and a black eye for baseball.

Back to football, Nebraska no longer has blackshirts, more like a shade of off-white. Pinkel won a conference road game against a ranked opponent, I'd say he could outcoach Callahan seven days a week.

8:25 AM  
Anonymous merlin said...

hey jp, possibly Missouri will lose at A&M this weekend. But choke falls in the 70-10 neighborhood. I'm guessing this weekend isn't quite that bad.

9:08 AM  
Anonymous ChrisWildcatFan said...

Only 14?

Actually, I do think the Cats pull this one out...sellout crowd, Freeman will be jacked...etc. If the offense plays like they did in the fourth quarter of the OSU game, call it now. Our defense will shut down the NU attack, and our offense just needs to score 17 or so to win it.

The Bill will be rocking this weekend, and AJ as a Mizzou fan you know all too well how hard it is to play in Manhattan. I can hear the meltdown already...they've been setting this up all year as an easy win...all summer I heard "45-14" or "NU will win by 31." I want to beat them like we did in 2002 (49-13) just so I don't have to fuggin' listen to it anymore.

10:04 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know your kind: you are terrified to talk up your team for fear of jinxing them and/or getting disappointed the second you get your hopes up. I will tell you this, I have seen every Big 12 team this year play at least two games now and I think missouri is the best team in the league. Not just the North, the league. Now I am curious to see how Missouri will fare when they face a team with superior athletes (i.e. MAYBE OU and definitely Texas in the championship game if they make it). But that offense is a bitch to stop. This set up really reminds me of Tennessee winning the Nat. Champ in 98 after Peyton left. No I don't think Mizzou will win the Nat. Championship, but Tennessee was so damn reliant on Peyton that when he left and UT put a completely different type of QB in, all the other players got to shine. It changed their whole offense mindset, for the better. Mizzou I think is going to coast to the Champ game, mark it down. Honestly, I think MU has a better chance of going undefeated than my buffs have of winning a game. I will say this, many times I have said "I don't care if we win one game a year, as long as it is Nebraska" never in the world thinking I may get a shot at seeing just that happen. Who knows, but it would give me somewhat of a smile.


2:32 PM  
Blogger Dr. Buffenstien said...

Losing every game this year would have been worth it, and funny as hell if our Buffs were to somehow win in Lincoln this year.

3:52 PM  
Anonymous bhg said...

Missouris' biggest challenge will be against Oklahoma and that will be a Mizzou home game.

Texas and Mizzou Big 12 title game.

(I just told a guy in my office that Mizzou was going to be Big 12 North champs. Guy about had a heart attack. When I told him Nebraska had a better shot against Texas than Mizzou, he cut the conversation short.)

11:40 AM  
Anonymous bhg said...

Guy came back by my office. He said that Missouri jumping over Nebraska was because the national media hated us so much. (If that was true, how'd we get network for our broadcast and Missouri got TBS?)

11:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's WORTH losing every game to beat one particular team? Dumbest statement ever.

12:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You misread my comment. Of course it is not worth losing every game just to beat NU. My point was that us CU folks consider the Huskers a huge rivalry and every college football fan with a rival has said at one point in their life "I don't care if we lose every game this year as long as we beat (fill in the blank)" I have said that about NU but never dreamed it might actually have a chance of coming true. Don't want to ask you to read too much, assuming you are a Husker, but I think everyone else in the world would have gotten my point.


6:26 PM  
Blogger JP Anderson said...


10:33 PM  

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