September 26, 2006

Midweek Updates

I've run this blog for about two years, and had the old Huskerh8er website for a while as well. Not a whole lot has changed since then. The Huskers still blow. Their fans are still myopic idiots who only have one goal in life..which is to make you warship them. Anyhow, I think it's about time to do some upgrading around here...especially since we've been getting a pretty decent amount of hits this season.

Expect some updates in the coming weeks and excuse me in advance for the mess. I don't plan on changing content or anything like that....I didn't suddenly realize that Marlon Lucky IS a great running back. I just feel like it's about time to change the look and feel of the place as I enter my third year of blogging in this little corner of cyberspace.

- A special message also to my friends. I know this is Missouri vs. Colorado week, and like I said before...I try to distance myself from my favorite school for various reasons. However, I've notice while checking out some message boards this week that exchanges between the two groups of fans have become rather nasty as of late. I know I can't speak for all Tiger fans, but I know I for one appreciate all that CU and their fans have done to help the anti-Husker movement. Hell, it seems like just yesterday that Eric Bienemy was running up and down the field as convicted felon after convicted felon in red chased him down.

One of my favorite games of all time was the 1989 Colorado vs. Nebraska game in Boulder, where I remember vividly watching the game with 25 Husker fans in a hotel room in St. Louis. The despair and anguish felt by those people warmed my heart to this day...and really set the tone for Colorado/Nebraska relations to deteriorate over the years.

So as Mizzou and the Buffs strap it on this weekend, let me say I hold no ill will toward CU or their fans. After this weekend, I hope for the continued success of the CU program, ESPECIALLY in terms of pissing off all fans who wear red and wear ridiculous pieces of yellow foam rubber on their heads.

Here's to an entertaining game this weekend in Columbia as we think of ourselves not as opponents, but brothers in the Jihad against all things Corn.

Good luck to your team this weekend.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Buff fan here, I really wish we were playing anyone other than Missouri this week. I honestly think this is the hardest or second hardest game left on our schedule (OU is in there, I am also taking into account home/away).
I really think this team is on the verge of "breaking out" and, by breaking out I mean actually scoring more than one TD in a game (hasn't happened the last 7) and just getting this huge gorilla off our shoulders. This team desperately needs a confidence boost and on the road at the best looking Missouri team we have seen in a while aint a great setting. Also, I think a true passer will give us much more trouble than a running team as we saw last week against a tremendously overhyped GA team (Good, yes and certainly better than, say, Nebraska, but not that great).
Also, MO's schedule, while bad, aint THAT bad. Mississippi is better than anyone Nebraska has played other than USC (sticking with the Husker hating here), New Mexico beat a decent UTEP team, and hey doesn't a former kNU great coach Ohio? Very curious to see the game and would give us a better chance were it in Boulder, but I think a Tiger loss will have to be all Pinkel's fault, as he has a far better team than we.


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