September 25, 2006

The race to Kansas City begins - What we know

Well, this should be a fun week.

You'll recall a month or so ago, we took a look at the Huskers and the rest of the Big 12 North. Obviously there were some surprises (NU only losing by 18 to USC) and some not-so-surprises (NU losing to USC). Nonetheless, the landscape of the conference has changed a bit since last we broke things down. To start off with today, lets talk about what we know, and where we are going into conference play. (Yes, I realize Iowa State is already 0-1 in conference..but work with me here)

Colorado (0-4):
- Much has been discussed regarding the Buff's humiliating loss to Montana State to open the season. With that being said, who DIDN'T see a much better effort coming for the Georgia game? It's what CU has done for years. People often scoff at the Buff's scheduling of major-conference powers, yet this happens time and time again. You get better by playing better competition. CU knows they won't win the national title, so why now play the best when you get ready to take on the Big 12? I told you in the pre-season that this would happen..and it's all set up to repeat itself. Now, will they win the north? Probably not. But those who count out Colorado after the Montana State loss are going to be shocked later on in the year when they realize how much this team will improve.

Kansas State (3-1):
- Props to the Cats for scheduling a Louisville team that pretty much nobody on earth would want to tangle with. For the same reasons Colorado improves for playing a brutal non-con schedule, KSU has has had the opposite for their light schedules over the years. Granted, they have been much tougher in recent years, they weren't doing themselves any favors in years past. Nonetheless, this year's team looks like they've improved a bit as well, but still lack enough at QB to give them problems throughout the year. I like the defense, and Manhattan is still a damn tough place to play, but I just don't see much more than .500 yet. I could be wrong...Meier or Freeman may blossom, Prince may suddenly be Vince Lombardi...but it still may take a year or two. I wouldn't count out a win over the Hicks either...which would make it what? 34 in a row away from Lincoln?

Kansas (3-1):
- I understand most KU fans think of themselves as the Pittsburgh Steelers and all...I realize the fat man has done a great job doing an almost impossible task..which is make Kansasns care about football. But after watching the Jayhawks on Saturday night, (And the subsequent medical attention it took to shake me from my coma afterwards), I really don't see how the hell they're going to score on anybody. Don't get me wrong...South Florida is a nice little team...but they have some serious issues on offense...especially of Goldilocks is hurt, and they must rely on Barmann..which is a tad bit dangerous. Unfortunately also for them...their season is normally made by beating Mizzou...which...most likely, aint gonna happen this year. But I guess we'll see.

Iowa State (2-2)
I- feel bad for ISU because they really have a nice little team. They played about as well as a team could be expected, especially when tasked to go into Iowa City and Austin. Either way, the road doesn't get much easier and the first of their two biggest games is in a couple of weeks against the Hicks. It'd be nice to take all of that rough environment experience throughout the year and use it against the North favorites, but that's not really an option here. I still think ISU beats Clownahan and Company, but it's all going to depend on how much they improve on defense between now and then. They're not Troy of course..but who is?

Nebraska (5-1*) (* I give them a "moral win" for "beating" USC and an extra win for beating the mighty powerhouse that is Troy. You beat a team THAT good, you should get 2 wins right?)
- After a week of panic, despair and complaining, Husker fan is back on his throne as kings of all things college football. National Champion contender Troy was no match for the mighty Huskers, who restored order by pounding the 1-3 Sun Belt team into oblivion. Again, I'm not stupid enough to say the Hicks don't have enough talent to win the North..especially because they're hosting Mizzou later on this year. You wouldn't know any of this listening to many of you Husker fans around here. Apparently, the "so and so beat so and so who beat so and so" argument of horseshit logic is in full affect here. Apparently, fatigue, playing conditions and or the fact that Troy was playing their third tough road game in a row MAY have had something to do with their performance. That may be the case more than SUDDENLY Marlon Lucky found a way to run FORWARD and not into the back legs of his lineman. Again, doesn't bother me too much, because a confident Husker fan is a hurting Husker fan when reality sets in.

Missouri (4-0)
- Far and away the biggest surprise of the Big 12 North this year. Like Other fans and writers, I too am waiting for Gary Pinkel to screw this whole thing up...and he still yet. However, the defense is playing like absolute monsters. Brian Smith is a beast, as is much of the Mizzou defense, who has given up 4 TD's all season. Chase Daniel has proven to be extremely capable, and is fitting into an offense that he seems extremely comfortable with. I'm not about to go guaranteeing a Mizzou birth in Kansas City just yet. Lack of a solid running game, stupid penalties, and Gary Pinkel's evil, conservative alter-ego are bound to tie up this team at some point. However, if they can get by Colorado this week, win one of two against A*M or Tech on the road...they'll be 6-1 going into winnable games against KSU and Oklahoma at home. Again, lots of time to go, but the Tigers certainly look to be much better than the 5th place finishers they were predicted to be.

Other things we know in no particular order:

- Oklahoma is still a very good football team, despite losing their starting QB before the season.
- Grilled fajitas are 83% more tasty if cooked in tequila on a grill in a parking lot while drunk at 6:30am.
- Bill Callahan still wears those stupid "smart glasses" to make himself look less of an idiot on the sidelines.
- Husker fan still wants to be recognized as being great.
- Husker fan will bash you for playing "nobody", yet a win over a 1-3 Sun Belt team is a prelude to a Championship
- Sam Keller has already won the 2007 Heisman Trophy.
- Marlon Lucky = Reggie Bush (without the cheating)
- Bigger Scoreboard = Better team
- Larry the Cable guy is the perfect ambassador for Husker football, surpassing Herbie Husker.
- Nebraska has the 89th rated SOS (Sagrin rating 9/25), yet played USC on the road?

Join us tomorrow as we talk about how Troy can get into the BCS, despite sucking major ass against the Hicks this past Saturday.


Anonymous Obsessed Husker Fan said...

Hell ya AJ,
Keller has won the heisman and Lucky is Reggie Bush without cheating. Im glad you finally see things clearly. I wouldnt put Troy in the BCS just yet, but I see your point. My point is that Im glad youre coming around and finally see what I see, THE GREATEST PROGRAM OF ALL TIME, NEBRASKA!!!

2:49 AM  
Blogger AJ said... crack me up. Thanks for stopping by. :)

PS - To those who keep leaving the racists and gaybashing comments...I'm not going to post knock it off.

You can call me anything...say whatever you pretty much whomever you want. But I'm not going to tolerate nor promote racism. (Even though it is tempting to show how some fans of the Huskers are indeed uber-rednecks)

You may as well save it, cause I'm not approving it. Everything else? Fire away.

8:27 AM  
Blogger Sam said...

AJ, I think it speaks of the intellect and the nature of Husker fan, that the face of their beloved group performs in front of the Stars and Bars.

To me, that is one and the same with flying a swaztika.

To the people sending such messages to AJ: Both the Civil War and World War II are over-- and both times the racists lost. Get over it.

1:56 AM  

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