September 23, 2006

The Good Ol Days

I woke up this morning in a foul mood...and figure it was either the BBQ pork sandwich from last night...or there is something else bothering me. Actually, a lot is bothering me, so let's get this out in the open.

- First of all...I never thought I'd say this, but I ALMOST miss the days of Tom Osborne, Tommie Frazier, Charlie McBride, Kent Pavelka and the rest. WHY would any Husker hater in his right mind want to go back to the glory days of Nebraska football? Why would anybody want to go back in time to the 5 year stretch where Nebraska lost a grand total 4 football games? Why would anybody want to go back to the days where a tried and true offensive juggernaut would run over teams with 8 to 12 yard runs every play, freezing the clock and crushing other team's will to play because their defense was on the field for so long?

Because now a days you people don't know any better.

It was so much easier to hate, rant and rail on people who were flat out arrogant, stubborn and full of themselves. Now, I have to deal with all of those things, but have to throw in the unwritten, underlying sorrow I feel for most of them, because 90% of them can't tell the difference between then and now. In other words....I'm getting the same arrogant, jackass replies after a 30 point win over La Tech that I used to get with a 60 point win over UCLA or Wyoming or some other major conference team. Husker fan has brainwashed himself to never let go of those glory days, even though their own head coach has a 13-10 record over D1 teams.

Husker fan demands your respect, your attention and most of all your envy because his favorite team not only won a title or two last decade, but also because they lost to USC by ONLY 18 points. Most of all, Husker fan demands that you see what he sees. He makes it his daily goal to see to it that you understand how good Zac Taylor is. He will stop at nothing to show you that a four running back system (of backs who average about 3 yards a rush) is the best way to return to rushing dominance.

See what I'm saying here?

At least back in the T.O. era, you could easily just flat out call them pricks. You could point to the daily police blotter and mock their "Midwestern values" and "we win the right way" bullshit credo that they stuck to every newspaper and TV story that came along. Oh, you can still make fun of their "Academic All-Americans" (I've known several Husker players in my me...some of those are a bit tainted..shall we say), you can make fun of the fact that they are so insecure that they have to be reminded about how great of fans they are by sticking it in concrete as they enter the stadium....JUST in case they forgot.

How I miss the good old days. Back when I could bash these people without feeling sorry for their souls.

- How in the hell can I have 300+ channels of digital cable, yet there is absolutely nothing on TV but Poker, Nascar, Golf, Reality Shows and news exposes on catching online predators? And why in the fuck does ESPN "classic" not show old college and pro football games? Why don't they show old baseball and basketball games from previous years. Do I REALLY need to see some prize fight from 1942? Do I really need to see another SportsCentury documentary on Sammy Sosa? Do I really need to see another rerun of that Dale Earnhardt movie? Fucking horrible. I don't have THAT much time in my day to watch TV...but I can only watch so many South Park reruns on DVR.

- That's not even the worst thing that boils my blood. Here's a suggestion to all you good people...when you go to Subway...and there are 38 people in line behind us all the common courtesy and PHONE AHEAD WHEN YOU HAVE A LIST OF 25 SANDWICHES THAT YOUR CO-WORKERS wanted you to drag your fat ass down and pick up for them. Is there ANYTHING worse than being the 2nd person in person in front of you...and then that fucking list comes out. "For my first sandwich I'd like this with this and this on it. (20 minutes later) for this one I want a 6 inch Turkey ........ JUST GET THE FUCKING PARTY PLATTER!!!! They make those for a reason.

- Is baseball still going on? Am I the only person on earth who hates the Major League Wildcard? Teams have been getting screwed by the system for years, but is that any reason that some barely .500 team should get a chance to play for a title? Any fucking idiot who knows baseball knows that baseball is a long term process. Even 7 games usually isn't enough to decide a better just comes down to who is playing better at the time. Just another shitty ploy by Major League baseball to keep fans interested, when in fact their team has no business playing for anything meaningful in October. Again, I blame stupid fucking ESPN.

- Zebrahead in Lincoln on November 25th at Knickerbockers.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Get your facts straight before you spout off your mouth, fool!

BC is 13-11 vs. I-A foes, not 13-10.


8:42 PM  
Blogger Randy said...

Ahem... AJ, the Twins are NOT "barely above .500". That is all.

3:04 PM  

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