September 14, 2006

You know what's missing this week? Trev

Was there a bigger A-hole in all of western media than Trev Alberts? No paticular reason for this rant, rather than the fact that as I was sitting at home tonight watching college football, it dawned on me just how glad I am I don't have to deal with his myopic horseshit during this gigantic weekend for the Husker nation. Is there a SINGLE non-Husker fan who actually enjoyed Trev's commentary or snotty and arrogant propaganda stained banter with Mark May?

Sure....Trev was a great player (before he pioneered the fine art of quitting by high Husker draft picks) and sure....dude looks like an overstuffed Ken doll on the set of college football scoreboard. But his constant, continuous, pompous, "I-know-more-than-you-because-I-played-for-the-Colts-for-one-year" attitude still lingers on long after his abrupt firing from ESPN last season. (I'm guessing he was fired because nobody else could stand him either..but that's just a guess.)

No, I think I started to try and figure out what was missing this week as I was making my 50 minute commute home tonight through the urban maze that is west Omaha traffic. As I normally do to catch up on my Husker myopia, I tuned into one of the 50 or so sports-talk shows during the evening drive, and caffeine-addicted Husker fan after Husker fan called in their timid prediction. It sort of went like this:

"Hi, Red Dawg, you're on the air"

"Yeah thanks for taking my call. I think all this respect by the media is a good thing. I think we're (they ALWAYS say "we") going to show the National Media that we're for real. I say Huskers 41, USC 38."

On and on and on and on it went. All I could think of is just who in the media is against you? ESPECIALLY when everybody BUT TREV are picking against you. Sure, I think may have picked the upset, but they picked Pitt to win a National Title a few years ago too.

Now that Trev is selling copier equipment with Harold Reynolds, you have lost your only mouthpiece to the outside world, and it's eating you alive.

Memo to all of you...the media is NOT out to get you. The media doesn't give a rats fat ass about you. The media sees what the rest of us sees: An overrated, if slightly improving football team that is about to have their asses kicked from here to Huntington Beach on National TV in 48 hours. Perhaps this goes back to the 60 Minutes story back in 1995 that blasted you for Lawrence Phillips. Or perhaps, you're just sick of me bashing you all the time. Whatever it is...please stop it. It's absolutely pathetic.

You're a faded reminder of what college football was before moderate parody. Because of a win over a young and mediocre Michigan team last season, you've convinced yourself that you can stay on the field with USC. You can't. And now that everybody doesn't agree with you...they must all be against you. Right.

No matter, just take care of your own business on the field. As long as one of your players doesn't open his mouth and say something stupid, you'll be OK.



Blogger Husker Mike said...

You gotta admit that Mark May's prediction that USC would hang 50 on the Huskers tomorrow would play a lot better with Trev by his side instead of Lou Holtz.

I don't know what Trev's prediction is for Saturday since I don't get CSTV.

10:14 AM  
Blogger Adam said...

Caught Trev doing the Pack-Bears debacle for Westwood One on Sunday, not too bad...

10:45 AM  
Blogger JP Anderson said...

I actually thought Trev Alberts was terrible. He was a homer and had ridiculous arguments about nonsensical topics with Mark May, who is also terrible. Now Lou Holtz, there's a real pro. You should do a piece on how great he is as a replacement for Trev. His lisping, troll-like delivery is really great. Really.

Incidentally, Trev was forced to "quit" by a chronic injury. That's a little different than say Eric Crouch, for instance, who quit the Nebraska team and was begged to come back by Frank Solich, and then quit again and again at the next level.

11:38 AM  
Blogger Dr. Buffenstien said...

CSTV can now be caught on OLN 231 Cox. Last week they carried the dismal CU vs. CSU game, he was a goon on TV when I watched the DVR after the long road home.
This week Texas Tech @ TCU @4:30 chnl 231

1:26 PM  
Anonymous said...

I normally love your rants because even as a husker fan, I agree with you alot. Your funny as hell and don't hold anything back. But...On this you are a complete moron. Watching ESPN with Mark "I don't know my ass from a hole in the ground" May and Lou "where's my scotch?" Holtz makes my stomach turn. Trev at least knew what he was talking about and even if he was a homer, he was not any worse than May is about pounding the big 12 24/7. He had a personality that made the show fun and I actually would have liked him to move up to gameday when Corso retires. I will still follow your blog, but on this subject, you don't know shit.

4:06 PM  
Blogger AJ said...

Wait a agree with me EXCEPT the stuff about Trev?

EVERYBODY hates Trev. (aside from you guys)

Seriously..that's for reading and I appreciate the comments. Trev is a complete tool and deserves to be mocked...but I guess we'll agree to you being wrong.


8:12 PM  

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