September 6, 2006

Week 2 Predictions

Last week: 17-3 Straight up

With the annual roadtrip about to swallow up my entire weekend, I thought I'd better get these in early. I would have had an outstanding week 1, but those idiots from Bowling Green let me down.

UNLV @ Iowa State (-14)
The Big 12 North's best offense takes on another decent test in the UNLV Rebels, who put up huge numbers in a 54-10 assthumping of mighty Idaho State. The much maligned ISU defense took some hits from critics (especially jealous and threatened hicks from west of the Missouri River. However, Toledo is a pretty tough foe, and about as good as it gets in the MAC. Should be a rather high-scoring affair (as many are predicting), however tough to see the visitors from the desert doing anything to stop ISU on their side of the ball.
Huskerh8er Pick - UNLV 35 Iowa State 45

Louisiana Monroe @ Kansas (-21 1/2)
Mark Mangino and his soon-to-be-on-probation Jayhawks "get fat" on mighty Monroe. Frankly, I thought he sucked on that show with Ted Knight, but at least his two roommates were hot. Props to the Beakers for at least playing a division 1 opponent. ULM was tested by mighty Alcorn State on Saturday, putting up a 24-6 win...which is impressive considering Steve McNair doesn't play for them anymore. Look for KU to cruise in front of dozens of blue "Muck Fizzou" t-shirt wearing, Zima sipping frat boys.
Huskerh8er Pick - ULM 10 Kansas 42

Florida Atlantic @ Kansas State (-22 1/2)
Somebody who runs this website told you guys last week that Illinois State would give Ron Prince all he could handle. Lucky for KSU, the Illinois State coach didn't understand basic D1 rules, or things might have gone very very bad for Purple Nation. The fighting owls went 2-9 in the Sun Belt last year, and can't exactly look forward to their trip to the midwest. (too bad it's not snowing). SURELY KSU has more pride this week. If they don't....the EMAW is gonig to hit the fan.
Huskerh8er Pick - Florida Atlantic 13 Kansas State 35

Mississippi @ Missouri (-8 1/2)
Arguably the 2nd best game of the week involving a big 12 team. Yours truly will have a front row seat as the world will find out a WHOLE lot more about Gary Pinkel's team. Not that Murray State sucks...they do...but rather interesting to see Mizzou leading the nation in total offense..if even after one week. These are the games that Mizzou fan has grown to hate...favored, at home against a big conference opponent with little fanfare. Everything in my head says that Mizzou should win this game and take another step forward, but the Mizzou fan in me knows not to even think about winning games like these til I see it. Should be a great game, considering the play of Brent Shaeffer was rather scary from an opposing standpoint. I have no idea how this is gonna go..but it's going to be fun being trashed while watching.
Huskerh8er Pick - Mississippi 24 Missouri 27

Washington @ Oklahoma (-17)
This would have been a great game in the early 90's and it still might be a good game today. Too bad the Huskies barely beat San Jose State last week...although their offense made some decent noise. Unfortunately for them, the OU defense isn't really the problem. Look for OU to pull away in the battle of the underachiving former National Champions.
Huskerh8er Pick - Washington 17 Oklahoma 28

Oklahoma State (-14 1/2) @ Arkansas State
Who scheduled this? Oklahoma State bitchslapped Southwest "don't call me that anymore" Missouri State last week...however, nothing spells trouble like a trip to Arkansas in the late Summertime. Arkansas State barely beat Army last week, but held the Black Knights to under 200 total yards. I'm THIS CLOSE to calling the upset...but remembering how bad Army sucks...I just can't do it.
Huskerh8er Pick - Oklahoma State 21 Arkansas State 10

Ohio State @ Texas (-2) only regret is that I'll be too hung over and tired to watch. Both teams looked pretty damn sharp in their openers. Ohio State looked a bit more complete to me, and Texas is going to be under pressure in front of the home folks. Something tells me this is the springboard that Ohio State needs...just as Texas did in the Horseshoe last September.
Huskerh8er Pick - Ohio State 31 Texas 28

Louisiana Lafayette @ Texas A*M (-21)
Meh. ULL got beat 45-3 last week. Next.
Huskerh8er Pick - Louisiana Lafayette 10 Texas A&M 45

Texas Tech (-7) @ UTEP
Props to the Raiders for stepping into this snakepit. UTEP survived a scare against San Diego State, but doesn't have the defensive horses to keep up with Tech. Shouldn't be a bad game to watch if you have ESPN 7
Huskerh8er Pick - Texas Tech 49 UTEP 17

Colorado State (-2) vs. Colorado @ Denver
Hmmmmm...There is no way the Buffs go out and lay an egg this week is there? Getting caught off gaurd during game 1 of a new coaching era is one thing...falling flat in effort against one of your biggest rivals is another. The Rams looked fairly good in a 30-6 over Weber State. My faith in CU has gotten me burned already this year however.
Huskerh8er Pick - Colorado State 17 Colorado 13

Nicholls State @ Nebraska (NL)
I can't even imagine what would happen to this blog if NSU hangs with the Huskers for even a half. Hopefully, the team is as focused on USC as the fans are...because it's all I've heard on the radio and TV all week. Even more ironic would be if NU struggled with a triple option team...considering their defense doesn't see it at all now during the week. KSU and Missouri ran option on Nebraska last year at times...with pretty good success. Hmmmmmmmm
Huskerh8er Pick - Nicholls State 17 Nebraska 49

Northwestern State @ Baylor (NL)
Baylor looked much improved to me. Northwestern State...uhhh.....yeah.
Huskerh8er Pick - Northwestern State 0 Baylor 2

Other Picks

LSU 31 Arizona 14
Penn State 24 Notre Dame 22
Va Tech 36 North Carolina 10
Clemson 10 Boston College 17
Boise State 41 Oregon State 24
Iowa 51 Syracuse 13


Blogger Adam said...

Is Ohio at Mizzou next weekend or the week after?

2:16 PM  
Blogger JP Anderson said...

Washington @ Oklahoma (-17)
"This would have been a great game in the early 90's .."


OU was 34-19-2 from 1990-1994.

3:16 PM  
Blogger AJ said...

Fair enough...meant mid-80's/late 80's Jamel Holloway OU vs. Bill Joe Hobart/Don James Washington Huskies.

Very astute of you.

3:36 PM  
Blogger Adam said...

...and how many Texas players get arrested this weekend?

4:56 PM  
Blogger Husker Mike said...

Ohio goes to Mizzou on Sept 23rd at 1 pm...

10:11 PM  
Anonymous Billy Bear said...

hilarious once again..afraid that you are right about my buffs and the sheep (CSU)though...gonna be a long year in boulder...too bad I gave up on the bong!

4:13 PM  

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