September 29, 2006

Pretty slow week in Husker land

God I miss the good ol days.

I miss the days where every single week, another Husker player would be picked up for driving on four bare rims down the street while 3 times legally drunk. I miss the days when yet another Husker player got thrown in the joint for slapping his girlfriend around...only to have a slick (Ex-Husker and ex-player) lawyer to somehow get the charges dropped. (Most likely by offering the jury free autographs or a kids clinic) you think the Callahan/Peterson regime has actually brought in fine, upstanding young adults who have a higher standard of personality than their predecessors from ten years ago? Has Bill Callahan instilled superior values and morals into his team, so as to not carry on the tradition of 3-5 players per year arrested by the Big Red?

The guy coached the Raiders...what do you think?

More likely, the walls around Lincoln have grown higher, and incidents are reported with less frequency. For most college programs, even those far away from big cities, reporters and media usually are always checking around for the big story....eager to break the big one and further their careers. Think that would happen at NU? Think Tom Shatel or Sean Callahan would risk their free buffet lunch 7 times a year at Memorial Stadium if they knew something crooked was going on? Think Steve Sipple would put his career on the line if it meant throwing the mighty Husker machine under the bus in the name of morality?

Hell no they wouldn't. That's what made the Huskers of old so exciting was...even with these media members turning blind eyes (AhemSteroidScandalahem) It was STILL exciting to see a starting Running back go apeshit and try to run over kids with his car. You have to work hard to keep thugs like that on your roster...even if they "need football in their life."

This is what happens when a Shitty Kansas team comes to Lincoln to play a nearly criminally overrated Nebraska team. No story line. No plot. Just a big fat visiting coach coming to town to get beat down by some NFL reject who has done nothing more than wax a 1-3 Sun Belt team.

Whoopie Fucking Doo. People ask me all the time, "KU is playing NU this week, who on earth do you root for in that one?"

Answer? The Tornado

Perhaps next week Husker land will be more exciting. It's just a matter of time isn't it?


Blogger Sean Weide said...

Good commentary, AJ.

8:58 AM  
Blogger AJ said...

Thanks Sean. I didn't realize KETV took so much flack during that whole thing. I really didn't hear that much about it after the storms...but apparently there are a few crazy yayhoos out there who either want to cause trouble, or really love their Huskers more than they fear Tornados. (Especially when one is on the ground on the Douglas/Sarpy line.)

9:45 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I usaully read your crap for the humor but lately you have missed the mark. Typical of hater...only funny for a little while.

By the way...are you an attorney? Just seeking to understand the depth of your issues.

11:02 AM  
Blogger AJ said...

Go fuck yourself. Don't read it then.

And no.

3:06 PM  

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