October 6, 2006

Viva la Weekend!!!

Thought I'd throw out some final thoughts on the upcoming weekend before I head out of town.

* First of all, to my KSU and CU friends who find themselves a little down these days...let me offer you more words of advice from a guy who roots for every sucky team imaginable. (Even the Royals). When your team is playing like crap and your co-workers are on your case...it's best to be carefull when couterattacking. That's one thing that I've learned after living in this town for 20 years is that you have to pick your battles. Do you think it was fun taking lumps during the 90's when NU was beating Mizzou 63-6 on a regular basis? (And everybody else for that matter.) No. It's never easy. But do realize this....what goes down, must comes up.

Take your lumps right now. Agree with everything they throw at you. "Yup, we suck". Or, "You guys are way better than us right now." And then...in a few years when the Huskers are back going 5-6, jump them and their shitty team with everything you have.

Husker fan just doesn't understand why ISU, KU, KSU, CU, Mizzou, and pretty much every other fan base enjoy seeing them kicked in the nuts over the past few years so much. The reason is simple...they deserved it. If you drive your trophies around in a big semi truck so people at road games can see how great you are....you are going to get some retribution when it's time to pay the piper. Please remember this as Husker fan tries to bring up your record or your coaching situations in the near future. They'll get theirs. Write it down. Put it away..and when the time comes, step on their throat and never, ever let them live it down.

After Mizzou beat Nebraska 41-24 on October 11th, 2003...I had a list 3 miles long of people who gave me shit over the years. Many, who were smart, called me that night to just get it over with. But little did they realize that payback is not a one shot thing. It's something that is done slowly over time....day by day...hour by hour. Hell, I'm still going through old e-mails from 2001 and beyond to remind me what complete pricks they were to me. Am I rambling? Maybe.

Point is...keep your cool and pick your battles. When in doubt...there's always Lawrence Phillips to bring up.

* Perhaps Husker Mike or any of the Husker fans who stop by here can chime in, but talk is running roughshod on local talk radio that this is a MUST WIN for coach Bill Callahan. I've been thinking a better part of 45 seconds trying to figure out if that is the case.

Should the Hicks lose, you will most certainly have mass pandemonium. The firebillcallahan websites will fire up again, Steve Pederson will once again be nowhere to be seen, and Husker Hounds will nearly go out of business. However, in the big grand scheme of things, they may not be in so much trouble from a standings standpoint. Fairly safe to say that Mizzou is their biggest threat right now, unless of course ISU learns how to tackle. Mizzou has a tough road game at Tech, where they most likely won't win. (Aren't favored and Tech is nasty at night) From that aspect, even with a Nebraska and a Mizzou loss, things won't be so bad, because MU has to play ISU on the road too.

Where the problem will lie is the confidence aspect. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that Nebraska has a lot of athletes with tremendous potential. I mean Jesus, how fast did that Hardy kid turn on the jets in the 4th quarter on that last TD pass? However, when Kansas scores 72 points on in you 2 years...you have SERIOUS SERIOUS problems from a coaching standpoint.

So will a loss to ISU sink the Huskers' season? Probably not, but the noise and panic will make a bad situation that much worse. Can't wait to read Mike's blog if that happens. (Or this one for that matter.)

* I was going to write a long college hockey rant, but I lost interest and didn't do it. That is NOT a good sign. As some of you know, and some of you may not, I'm a huge hockey fan of our local college team at Nebraska-Omaha. (NO, they are not the Huskers in any way shape or form, so back off) Anyhow, UNO has a lot of young guns returning, including the best player in school history, and I CAN NOT for the life of me get excited about it. I don't know if that's because the season lasts so damn long or what...but distractions caused by this summer's scandal might have something to do with it. (Is it bad when a school's chancellors assistant is dipping into booster money to pay for trips to the Final Four for him and his wife? Probably)

Hell, I don't know..maybe they've sapped my will to fight on. Maybe I'm just not in hockey mode right now. Whatever it is...it's not good, because that team can use all the help it can get.

* Pick up Zebrahead's 'Broadcast to the World' at a record outlet near you, including all Best Buy stores on October 24th. Also catch them in Lincoln at Knickerbockers on November 25th. Rock on.

Have a great weekend. Talk to ya'all Sunday night.

Go Clones.

(Photo thanks Topeka Capitol Journal and Boulder Daily Camera)


Blogger Husker Mike said...

Is this a must-win for Callahan? Not really. Like you said, the NU-Mizzou game is probably the key game for the B12 North title. Iowa State has such a rough schedule, it's unlikely that they'll be in the mix.

So no, it's not a "must win". But in terms of momentum, a win is really important.

11:07 PM  
Blogger JP Anderson said...

mizzou at nu in november is gonna be huge..

12:38 PM  

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