November 17, 2006

Shootout at the No Care Corral

Tomorrow, two powerhouse rivals will take to the field of battle, to the thrill and delight of fans across the area. College-age warriors will compete at the highest level of scholastic sports. One team will go on to glory...the other team will wallow in defeat..falling to their most hated and vicious rivals. Michigan vs. Ohios State? Auburn vs. Alabama? No. Of course, I'm talking about......
Creighton vs. Nebraska in basketball.
Yes, two juggernauts of the hardwood will collide like two Lego trains on the plywood kiddy table of life. Tears will be shed. Heroes will be crowned. Life as we know it will take a back seat to the epic blockbuster that may define a generation. Yawn.
Could these two teams be on any more opposite ends of the Husker hating spectrum? In the Huskers you have the evil empire themselves. Satan's favorite sons. It doesn't matter if it's the women's rifle team or Bill Callahan's thugs...anybody who laces up the nasty boringness of red and white, immediately falls to the bottom of the athletic barrel in my book. Regardless of gender, sport, affiliation or social standing, they will always earn my disdain for simply the school in which they attend.
In the other corner, Creighton... a school who's fans mirror the exact same "dig us" attitude that Husker fan has turned into an art form. While the Hicks in Lincoln play for a new coach in a nearly empty arena, the blue jays are the toast of Omaha. They've nearly sold out every game in a sparkling 18,000 seat arena. They have giant jumbo trons (sounds familiar), a huge student section and a rabid fan base. They are always right for being so good. You are always wrong for questioning their schedule. They are every bit as evil as the Huskers..with their only positive attribute being the color of their uniform.
So who will prevail?
Who will get bragging rights?
Who will step up in their one shining moment?
Who the fuck cares?

In the most over-rated, shameful pseudo-rivalry in all of sports, Creighton vs. Nebraska point out everything that is wrong with Nebraska sports fans. It' bad enough when an over hyped mid-major is considered a "rival" to a program with zero NCAA tournament wins. But it's even worse yet when the fans of the two teams not only pretend to like each other, but actually make out with each other during football season. If it was really a "rivalry", would Creighton fan want anything to do with Husker football? (Even if they don't have their own team?)
After Creighton ass pounds the Huskers into the Devaney Center floor, Creighton will go on to yet another ho-hum 20 win season over Arkansas Pine Bluff and the likes. Nebraska may or may not win another game, as they play out the string up until uniform turn-in day on the Friday of the Big 12 Tourney. Nonetheless, you'll hear nothing but hype about two rivalries tomorrow. One legit. One not. You judge which one is which.

Dealing with Husker fan is bad.
Dealing with Husker fan wearing another team's sweatshirt while his own team rots away in front of 4,000 a night is even worse.


I always try to shoot straight with you guys. I'll tell you when I'm wrong. I'll tell you I suck at picking football games. I'll tell you I suck at simple household chores like replacing a doorknob. I'll also tell you this: I play video games.
I'm not a junkie. I don't play on-line. I don't have 30 games. I don't spend 30+ hours a week making sure that Sonic gets past level 3. I have 3 sports games that I play from time to myself from time to time. I've enjoyed games since I was a kid and enjoy them to this day. For example, when the new 2K sports NCAA basketball game comes out next week, I'll probably drop 20 bucks on it, and play it from time to time after the kids go to bed. Nothing wrong with that I don't think.

Yesterday, there were social security card holding adults, LIVING at Wal-Mart to buy a video game system. These people borrowed or stole or built a bike out of spare parts...rode out to the local Wal Mart, or ToysRUs, or EB Games or wherever...just so they could be the FIRST nerd on their block to own the Playstation 3.

Let me let you in on a little secret. Just as guys who dress as Boba Fett to get Star Wars tickets, just as guys dress up as Han Solo for Halloween....standing in line for more than 10 minutes to buy a video game system is fucking insane. And they say spending 10 minutes a day to rant about a group of fans you dislike is a waste of time. If you wake up in the morning, and you find yourself in the Customer Service line at Best've got fucking issues.

And the only person worse than PS3 camper is PS3 buyer online. WHO IN THE HELL is going to drop $10,000 on a video game system that will be $400 (if that) by spring? Is anybody that fucking stupid? Apparently somebody is. It's gotten so bad, that ebay has decided to curb the sale of these things, because apparently it's ruining the Gross Domesitc Product or something...hell I don't know.

What I do know much as I enjoy casually playing a game of NCAA football....I also enjoy not being a complete and total loser. And again, don't get me wrong...I did some stupid stuff in my younger days. I've left to drive to a tailgate at 11:30pm at night. (Ok..I was in my 30' what?) But still...if you have that much time...that much money to spend on something that may or may not have bugs...that has what? 3 games available right now? You've got serious serious issues.
Take that from a guy who gets that thrown at me each and every day.
Michigan vs. Ohio State
Kansas vs. Kansas State
Mizzou vs. Iowa State
Reports tomorrow night.
Enjoy the games and R.I.P Bo.


Anonymous obsessed husker fan said...

Nebraska 62 Creighton 60

Take it to the bank. HUSKERS win!

8:24 PM  
Blogger AJ said...

I don't know how to respond to that. I'll get back with ya.

(I've never had anybody predict a Nebraska basketball victory before)

11:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am a KSU grad who lived in Bellevue, NE for three I know what you are talking about AJ. Just a little something for you:

This is Jim Rose falling to pieces when Josh Freeman xhanged his committment to KSU. Classic.

11:49 AM  
Blogger satronic said...

Wait, you're in your 30s and your favorite band is Zebrahead?? That's the saddest thing I've ever heard.

7:13 PM  
Blogger AJ said...

What were you expecting? Soft Cell? Chilliwak? Hall and Oats?

10:23 PM  

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