November 7, 2006

The Dust Starts to Settle

Random thoughts as the dust starts to settle.

Here's Irony for ya. On Sunday night, after the Colts had run past the Patriots, I stopped my channel surfing on one of my favorite channels, History International. If you've been reading this space for a while, you'll know I love history, and I love to compare sports to historic events. So what was the focus on Sunday night? The Cuban Missile Crisis.

Last week, the Husker nation found itself on the brink of extinction. A loss to Missouri would have caused a wave of chaos and anarchy across the barren Nebraska plain like nothing we've ever seen before. The unthinkable was just 60 minutes away. They showed old footage of bomb drills and public service announcements. They showed footage of Russian citizens stockpiling food and water for the months of nuclear winter that was sure to come. They showed the Cuban army, digging in for what was sure to be an all out bloody rampage. But, just as Khrushchev proved in 1962, Gary Pinkel decided that the football world should live in peace...for at least a little while longer, as he stood his troops down.

The cold war still continues however.

Although they may tell you otherwise, I'm not really sure if complete "order" has been restored just yet. The Huskers are staring at a tough road game at A&M this week. Considering Clownahan has doubled his road wins over the last 3 years in the past 4 weeks...there is hope. However, his troops wilted in the face of a small and vocal group of OSU fans a couple weeks ago. What are we to expect when they take on a better A&M team in a stadium that literally rocks back and fourth from the crowd noise? A probable win over CU will take them to Kansas City, where they'll get their precious rematch with Texas.

You may be shocked to hear this, but I would actually give the hicks a shot against the Horns in that game. Don't get me wrong...Mack Brown's team won in Lincoln despite missing 3 field goals and facing snow, wind and freezing temps. But Arrowhead on a December night isn't exactly tropical. The Hick nation will sure to show up in force, considering it's the first time they've actually won their own crappy division in quite some time. Don't get me'll find a way to choke it away again...but I do actually give you a shot to win that. Again. I'm not sure what bowl games are in the picture, although a Holiday Bowl matchup with Oregon would be intriguing.

Then again, if everything falls into place, you're looking at 8-6 after a bowl loss. And is that what Steve Pederson had in mind when he scrapped his entire program to go with a guy who destroyed an NFL power? Probably not. But hey...he won a shitty division by beating a perennial losing program at 14. Props to him.

* Maybe it's the fact that Nebraska hasn't accomplished much in the past few years, but I was disappointed to see nearly every angry member of the Hick nation to come at me with the "Chase ate his booger" angle. Apparently, some of you thought that even though I was not surprised by the outcome, I would be despondent enough to let you drag me down with you. It wouldn't even have been so bad, had not 8 people in a row made the same comments, somehow expecting me to fly off the handle in defense of my team's QB. Here's my official reply: Who fucking cares? It's embarrassing for him. Sucks for him. But quite frankly, I don't pay 45 bucks a ticket to watch him use a Kleenex. I pay 45 bucks a ticket...spend 3 hours a week watching him throw passes and win football games.

And old Husker loving friend of mine used to drive me nuts, when I used to bash him about Lawrence Phillips, Josh Brown and Christian Peter (all of whom did things a bit worse than picking their nose). He would reply to my taunts by saying, "I don't give a shit. I don't pay them to baby-sit my kids." He's exactly right. You people are so deeply emotionally involved with your team, that you ACTUALLY have some sort of bond and connection to your players. Somehow, you thought that I would be the same way, but going to 3rd grade tactics to taunt him. The point is...I don't care. for him. But why should I care? I'm WAY more pissed that the guy couldn't throw a slant pass less than 20 feet off the ground against the shittiest defensive secondary in major college football.

But alas, you got your chuckles. I guess that's fine and dandy when there really isn't that much more to add about two mediocre teams in a horrible division playing for the right to go to a mid-level bowl. You may not see the forest for the trees...but I don't think it's that hard to do so. Once again..they're just college kids playing a game. They're not your family. They're not your buddy from down the street. Stop thinking you have some sort of emotional attachment. In all fairness, even if they were your age, they probably wouldn't hang out with you anyway.

* Here's some cool news. Props to me and Husker Mike for being named one of the top college sports blogs in the country by

It's quite an honor actually, considering many blog authors on that list are professional writers working for actual newspapers. I guess that goes to prove that you CAN live in your parents basement, have no life, be a horrible father and a hate-filled lunatic and still have enough sense to run a half-way popular blog to entertain the masses.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You piss me off, you make me laugh, and its pretty cool i guess to be recognized for it. Congrats to you and Mike.

9:27 AM  
Blogger AJ said...

Thanks. That means I'm doing my job.


10:13 AM  
Anonymous Demolition Man said...

If NU makes it to the Big XII championship game (I am not ready to disregard the possibility of NU dropping both their remaining games) it will be interesting to see Pederson's reaction when Callasham surrenders the league to Texas.

10:41 AM  
Blogger JP Anderson said...

HuskerMike is a "Solichista" and a poor respresentative of Cornhusker football. He's still pissed about Solich getting fired and goes out of his way at every opportunity to criticize Callahan. He won't even run my posts on his site. He can't take criticism. The only posts he will take are from people who agree with him. Except of course when you and him have your petty little booger arguments. I know dozens of people who have tried to get posts accepted criticizing HuskerMike, but he just blows them all off.

2:45 PM  
Blogger AJ said...

Maybe I like his blog because I agree with him?


PS - I've only rejected maybe 2 comments in the past two years on this blog. Can't say that about me. I encourage hot-headed and ill tempered replies.

3:34 PM  
Anonymous Obsessed Husker Fan said...

I do hang with some of the team! So dont take down my "coolness" factor! Anyways, you want to go to the CU game with all of us? Ill get you a ticket. You never answered my question in the last blog about my invitation, but it would seriously be pretty sweet to go to a game with you. You could sit with all of us in the student section. Dont worry, we'd all laugh at you, cuz youre funny. Yout bitching would be worth the ticket price anyways... think about it AJ, I serious.

3:39 PM  
Blogger AJ said...

OHF, I appreciate the invite, but I'll be skiing that Colorado ironicly.

Maybe we'll put something together for the basketball game in Lincoln or something. I know this is shocking..but I have friends who are Husker fans.

(Please take a moment to let this sink in)

I'm pretty sure I could handle whatever you guys could come up with. We'll figure something out.

4:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

badass aj, props for gettin on the list.

7:53 PM  
Blogger Husker Mike said...

I think I've only manually rejected a handful of comments over the last 6 months or so. I even posted some criticism that apparantly came from Harrison Beck's family or friends.

I do admit that I do have a filter to automatically delete responses from certain users, so I don't see them anymore.

10:42 PM  
Blogger AJ said...

The only thing I reject is either when somebody starts going racial on people (which has happened) or make a specific death threat. (And that's only because the cybercrimes unit told me I had to.)

It's been a while though...I think the readers of this particular blog are slowly...ever so slowly starting to get it. Or at least accept it.

Hell I dunno. I like debate. Guess I'm funny that way.

11:02 PM  
Anonymous bhg said...

In the interest of debate, let's hear from JP how exactly the NU football program has headed in a new direction.

I already know that Nebraska is throwing the ball, and Herbstreit hasn't called us a high school offense. (I really hated that when the program was winning National Championships.)

How much time is needed to "restore the order"?

If the "order" has been restored, exactly how has it been restored?

When exactly is Nebraska going to get this NFL talent?

What is Callahans record in the Big 12? Against ranked opponents? Record at home and away?

As of now, all I hear and read from the kool-aid drinkers is that the VW their driving is really a Porsche.

8:33 AM  
Blogger Husker Mike said...

I've had a few racist comments as well last year, and that led to the creation of my filter. After a while, if someone just keeps posting garbage, why should I waste my time to even manually delete it. Ignoring them is the best policy.

I do delete the "you suck" messages, though, if that's all they have to say. I'm not trying to run an "angry" blog.

8:37 AM  
Blogger JGerardi said...

First congrats. I cannot tell you how many people I have redirected/turned on to your site. I live in SEC country, so a lot of people are trolling around here who don't even have a dog in this fight and love it.
As for the booger eating....
First, I really wish a Husker would have been caught doing that because, while I understand your spin, you would have had an absolute blast with it.
As for the Husker's picking (hehehe) on Chase for his transgression?
Imagine if there was a mchine like a metal detector that could determine if you had picked your nose in the last two years. Imagine if it was out front of Memorial Stadium and they weren't allowing people in who set it off? Do you think the sellout streak would still be in tact?
Go A&M, PLEASE Buffs pull it together to make a game of it and talk at you later.

10:01 AM  
Blogger JP Anderson said...

answers to BHG:

In the interest of debate, let's hear from JP how exactly the NU football program has headed in a new direction.

I already know that Nebraska is throwing the ball, and Herbstreit hasn't called us a high school offense. (I really hated that when the program was winning National Championships.)

How much time is needed to "restore the order"?

If the "order" has been restored, exactly how has it been restored?

When exactly is Nebraska going to get this NFL talent?

What is Callahans record in the Big 12? Against ranked opponents? Record at home and away?

As of now, all I hear and read from the kool-aid drinkers is that the VW their driving is really a Porsche.NICE GRAMMAR, ACE. THEY'RE DRIVING TO THE GAMES EVERY WEEK. ARE YOU?

4:15 PM  
Anonymous bhg said...

Man JP, you really educated a number of people, how enlighted you must be. You've admitted that you don't know anything about the "new" direction of the program, so as far you know, this may just be as good as it gets.

"Time will tell", I believe that same words were uttered by the Titantic crew when they first hit the iceberg. Kool-aid drinkers and their playground logic. Kool-aid drinkers, depsite having no clue where the program is headed, will defend everything to the death, with arguements very similiar to that, full of promise, but no substance. (i.e. the arguement, passing yardage arguement,etc., etc.) They all sound good, but the real difference between the program now and pre-Callahan is that we are losing in a different way.

In regards to NFL talent those are players that would play in the National Football League, suprised that you didn't have a laundry list of players that are ready for prime time since Callahan has done such an excellent job recruiting, (referencing your past comments concerning the all knowing

Don't worry JP, I know you missed every point that was made, and you'll be left with scrutinixing my grammar which I have admitted on several occassions is poor. (Intersting that instead of trying to defend your arguements, you focus on grammar, is it because you don't have much of an arguement, krap, you probably missed that point to, or had you already stopped reading.)

9:55 AM  
Blogger JP Anderson said...


Potential Callahan NFL Players:

Sam Keller
Matt Slauson
Keith Williams
Andy Christensen
Jacob Hickman
Carl Nicks
Nate Swift
Maurice Purify
Terrence Nunn
Menelik Holt
Kenny Wilson
Brandon Jackson
Barry Turner
Barry Cryer
Ndamkuong Suh
Ola Dagunduro
Steve Octavian
Zakary Bowman
Ricky Thenarse
Major Culbert

It's a little hard to judge at this point, you pathetic excuse for a Solichista, because Callahan has only had TWO AND HALF recruiting classes. None of his players have graduated or gone pro yet.

Stupid Husker fans such as yourself really piss me off. Turn the fucking page and quit crying in your Milwaukee's Best about Frank getting fired.

You don't know dick about college football. You expect Callahan to have won a national championship already. He hasn't even had a 2nd full year with his own QB in the system.

Do us all a favor and move to Boulder. Except I doubt you could afford to live there and they don't have any trailer parks.


2:10 PM  
Anonymous bhg said...


How many of your NFL projects are they talking about "playing on Sunday" during gamecasts?

Two and a half recruiting seasons, typical kool-aid drinker comment, "hey the first year didn't count", or as known on the playground, "do over". So either he's not the recruiter we were told by Jim Rose and Steve P., or he's unable to evaluate talent, or as kool-aid drinkers say, "time will tell".

In your arguement, Callahan threw the team under the bus because he didn't have his quarterback. That gave him more than a full year to find, who? Zac Taylor. I also see that he is not on your list of kids playing on Sunday. You'd think he would have gone for a kid that could really move the program along, instead he went for a Juco transfer, brilliant move.

This will be Callahans 4th recruiting class, and we have a one year quarterback coming in, or Sam Keller, (which you qualify as a Callahan recruit, or a Pac-10 throw away in other circles). You'd think we'd have a quarterback in the system by his fourth year, but again that must be another brilliant move on Callahans part. What a tricky guy Callahan is.

Let me see, if Callahan had any idea that Brandon Jackson was as talented as he is, why has he not been more focused upon until after half the season is over. Maybe Callahan is hiding Jackson as some secret weapon, another brilliant move that I have seen practiced over and over. You're right, all the great running backs have been used sparingly.

Yeah, you sure know college football. You should be doing this professionally, why limit your scope to a mere website when the whole world should be hearing this thought process. I'll bet people would pay big to get this type of insight into a college program.

I am blind, how could I have not seen how brilliant Callahans tenure has been. You really put up a convincing arguement, I just can't believe I hadn't seen this until now.

Do you have any insight on peace in the Middle East, because I bet Washington could use you. You're wasting all that knowledge on us. You should have been running for senator, hopefully you run for President.

10:12 AM  
Blogger JP Anderson said...


Nice try.

2:02 PM  

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