November 12, 2006

Wasting Away Again in Mediocreville

Congratulations Nebraska Fans

No, seriously...I mean it. You douche bags deserve to feel pretty good thing morning for a whole bunch of reasons. First of all, it's tough to win on the road in the big 12, especially against a team that isn't Iowa State or Baylor. Winning the conference is a fairly big deal, even when it is as boring and talentless as this one is. I'm not going to lie to you either...I watched maybe 10 minutes of the 1st quarter and then headed to the mall. (Which I'll talk about in a second.) Sorry if I slipped in my Husker hating duty, but I really needed some dress shirts.

Anyway, let's get some thing straight however. First of all, I like how when Missouri lost to A&M a few weeks back, it was ridicule because the North's 2nd best team lost to a team that barely beat Army. This is a team that BARELY beat Kansas. This is a team that pissed away a game at home against Texas Tech...yet another team who a majority of Husker fans will tell you suck this year.

Yet, one look at the paper this morning, and you would have thought it was 1994 all over again. Uhhhh...correct me if I'm wrong..but did you people REALLY think you were going to lose to Colorado at home the day after Thanksgiving? The North was won last weekend in Lincoln when Gary Pinkel decided to play conservative. This game every single sense of the word...completely and totally meaningless in a conference as watered down as any in history.

Take a look...unless you were scared of the Buffs in two weeks, what was there to play for? A&M was knocked out of contention with a loss to Oklahoma last week. Hell, if Will Franklin would hold onto the fucking ball, even Missouri would have won down in College Station. Again, don't get me wrong...a win is a win...but a one point almost-choked-but-didn't-thanks-to-a-dumb-penalty win over a team like A&M doesn't exactly wow me. Seriously, other than a POSSIBLE change in bowl game, this game meant absolutely, positively nothing. Zero.

But those of you outside the Corn Nation will notice something coming back. Something that hasn't been seen since last year's Alamo Bowl....that swagger and arrogance that only the Huskers and their lame ass portly fans can bring to a game. After every tackle, a chest thump. After every catch, some wild celebration. After every 5 yard run, a fist pump or a teammate comes rushing into to congratulate Brandon Jackson on winning the NFL rushing title.

The fact of the matter is, the Big 12 is so watered down, so mediocre this year, you can't help but roll your eyes when Tom Shatel writes his standard Norman Rockwell comparison to a meaningless November Husker game, and the snapshot of our lives, where we will all remember where we were. You already won the fucking north ya knobs. Don't get me wrong..I didn't think you'd win..and if not for a stupid roughing call, you wouldn't. If not for the dreaded prevent wouldn't. If not for Dennis Franchione being every bit the dolt that Clownahan wouldn't.

But you props. Now you got something to tell the hogs when you are out slopping them this morning. I'm sure they'll care more than everybody else around the league.

Speaking of people who shouldn't care, nice to see the barrage of "Husker won..what are you gonna say now asshole" e-mails and comments. I'm not sure how many times I have to say this...but hating the Huskers is NOT a one game movement. I don't care if you go 14-0, beat USC, Texas, LSU and Florida to win the title in some playoff someday, there will always...ALWAYS be a reason to call you out for being complete myopic dipshits. This will never ever ever ever change. Would I rather have had NU fall on their face yesterday? Of course. Does it really change anything as far as how I vew them?

Your coach is still a buffoon, your secondary still reeks of cowshit, your "history" and "order" is as over inflated and overrated as any team in the history of college football. So does it really matter to me that much that you've had a nice little season? Not really. Just look at your defense and schedule next year, and you'll see just how much "order" is restored. Look at your precious recruiting rankings, and you'll see the peak has probably been reached.

So no. I'm not at a "loss for words" and no, I don't have to "think long and hard" about bashing a shitty, overrated program followed by jackoffs wearing the same sweatshirt. This blog is easier to write than a column about what the weather was like yesterday. You'll ALWAYS say something stupid. You'll ALWAYS think of yourselves better than you really are. And you'll ALWAYS ALWAYS be the most annoying, most arrogant, most uninformed, most pompous, most bored fans of any team on earth.

So enjoy your "barely better than participant" ribbon. Enjoy being the most talented Backstreet Boy. Enjoy making the World's most tasty Lima-Bean salad. Enjoy having the fanciest shack in the slum. Keep preaching to me how your Hyundai is just as good as a Ferrari. It's not, and you're not going to change my mind anytime soon.



PS - MAD MAD PROPS to my K-State friends for their victory last night. If there was any sort of damper on the Husker fans as they made their way to 72nd and Dodge last night, it was watching their boy Josh Freeman, tear up the Longhorns on National TV. Very well done. (And yet another example of how closely matched the top 10 teams in this league really are.)

Photo Thanks Lincoln Journal Star


Anonymous bart said...

Now that's what I'm talking about AJ...
But the Backstreet Boy comment was a little too much. You really should apologize.
And personally, I'm glad that Zac pulled Can't-a-han's butt out of the fire. Now the king of the nubbies will give him a contract extension. And as long he's there, the nubbies will never crack the top 10.
JP made my earlier point, when you are rooting against K-State, your goals are WAY TOO LOW.
Long live the KING!!!!

12:25 PM  
Anonymous bart said...

It is funny how we view ourselves.... Staff predictions

Geoff Ketchum
There are social classes in college football and right now the Longhorns and Wildcats hang out in different circles. This game can be broken down into a lot of different manners, but the bottom line is that if you look at the two-deep line-ups on Saturday night for both teams, the Longhorns over-match KSU at essentially every position.
Sure the Wildcats will come out fired up, but that buzz should last for about a quarter and then I expect the Longhorns to dismantle the home team from that point on.
Look for the Longhorns to work very hard to establish the running game this weekend because they've averaged less than four yards per carry in four of their last six games. That has Mack Brown concerned. As for the defense, they should be able to confuse and rattle Josh Freeman over four quarters.
Texas 38 - Kansas State 6

Jason Suchomel
There's been some talk this week about how Kansas State has been better than people expected and there's even been some discussion on whether or not the Wildcats can play Texas close in Manhattan.
Umm … no.
This is a simple matter of talent, and Texas and Kansas State are on two entirely different levels. In doing my positional breakdown, K-State really wasn't that close to having an edge in a single area, and that talent gap will be reflected early and often in Saturday's game.
Mack Brown mentioned this week that the team is really going to try to get the run game going, and my gut tells me this is the week it happens. If Kansas State plays an "honest" defense and doesn't go overboard in stacking the line, I fully expect Jamaal Charles to pop at least big one.
Texas wins every phase of the game in this one.
Texas 45 – Kansas State 10

Sean Adams
The Texas Longhorns are going to come out and flex their muscle on the offensive line and the run game. This might not be as big of score as some would predict because I think the Texas style of play is going to create a shortened game. After watching upsets after near upsets, Texas will be ready to play and play well.
Texas 38 – Kansas State 10

Matt Cotcher
I am still so humbled by the Louisville Cardinals losing that I don't even know what to expect out of Saturday night! Okay, so that is taking it a couple of steps too far...
The Little Apple is going to be rocking at the start of Saturday night's contest between Texas and Kansas State unfortunately for fans clad in purple only a few of the burnt orange faithful will still be rocking by halftime. KSU is one of the bigger Big 12 surprises this season, but the Wildcats are fortunate they play in the Northern division of the conference. This game will be close at the end of the first quarter ... maybe.
Texas 41- Kansas State 7

2:02 PM  
Blogger AJ said...

I've always thought Taylor was a tough ass kid and a pretty good QB. Granted, I don't think he's the Heisman cantidate many Hickster fans thought he would be back in July..but a fine QB nonetheless.

One thing I forgot to mention...NU's entire defense is gone next year, except for the DB's...who suck.

3:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

NU D line loses Carriker and Moore.

But Suh and Turner are studs.

Nu also returns:
Cory McKeon
Steve Octavien
Bo Ruud

As for the secondary, Zac Bowman returns. He is probably better than anyone else back there right now, even with the knee.

Major Culbert and Ricky Thernase are major upgrades from Shanle and GREEN. The D doesnt lose nearly what you think it does.

4:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If your going to talk shit, know what your talking about. Next year, we do lose our D-line and one saftey. Not a genius at math, but last I checked 5 isn't the same as 11.

4:47 PM  
Blogger JP Anderson said...

Wrong! Again.

NU loses Carriker and Moore at DE, but Turner returns from the three man rotation. NU loses two of its top three DTs. NU returns five out of six of its top LBs, and returns all DBs except the worst one.

4:47 PM  
Blogger AJ said...

You fucking morons. I "talk shit" because you care so much. I "talk shit" because I know if I make one wrong fucking idiots will be all over me with "oh yeah, well so and so is a hardship so we'll actually have a rover back who sometimes starts and sometimes doesn't..blah blah blah fucking blah."

Leave it to you guys to be everything I say you are.

PS - You're still going to suck next year.

5:14 PM  
Blogger JP Anderson said...

nice try AJ

open mouth and insert foot.. once again you spout w/o knowing what the hell you're talking about

oh and by the way.. thanks for the hanging curve ball

7:08 PM  
Blogger AJ said...

I've thrown hanging curves my whole life. Give me some help here..what are you talking about?

Returning seniors? Leave it to you people to take one remark and just run with it. Don't rebuke anything else..just stick to one thing and go.

You better hope Wonderboy QB is as good as you think he's gonna be next year. That schedule's a bitch, and the rest of the league is getting better quickly.

PS - SIU Ewardsville? What the FUCK?!?!?

8:11 PM  
Anonymous bhg said...

Bart, I liked your comments.

Sounds like some kool-aid drinkers are impressed that the Huskers are returning players on a defense that gave up 41 points to an OSU team, big yardage to Kansas, and shall we go on? I hope we get more the same, I was tired of the defenses in the past going out there and actually playing defense and causing turnovers.

I think the way Cosgrove doesn't make any adjustments is just brilliant. As every loyal to Stinky P./Callahan apologists Husker fan knows, adjustments are a thing of the past, they are way over rated and besides no one is as smart as Cosgrove in the first place.

This is not a good Husker team, and the college football season should be telling the Stinky P loyalists fans as much. The "moral victories", primarily after K-State takes down Texas with a first year coach, first year quarterback and another coaches recruits, doesn't make the job Callahan and company have done look so good.

(Amazing that a first year head coach could take his team to a bowl game, and beat a team ranked in the top 10 all in one season. I'd say that something afowl is going on because we have Callahan and everyone knows Prince didn't coach in a superbowl, so Prince must somehow have cheated. We all know that it takes SEASONS to learn the college game, even if you have coached in college before.)

10:11 AM  
Anonymous bart said...

2007 Big XII North

It looks like there will be a 3-way tie next year. They will all end up with 2 losses.

NU will lose at UT and at MU.
MU will lose at OU and at KSU.
KSU will lose at UT and at NU.

And NU will likely lose at Wake and at home to USC. That leaves the Nubbies at 8-4. Again....

Don't count CU out in Lincoln this year.

10:35 AM  
Anonymous bart said...

AJ - I'm with you regarding Zac. That kid is a ball player!!! He just goes out there and plays hard. He is hard to root against.

BHG - You are way too level headed, knowledgable (JP, that means football IQ), and realistic. You are a disgrace to all 'true' Nubbie fans.... ;)
Did you see the "24 Hours and a Pile of No-Doz" comments. JP thinks that we should go bowling. Ha ha. I guess he is amazed that two people from completely different view points can come to the same conclusion. Blind faith is an amazing thing.
I disagree with you a little bit regarding the King (aka Stinky P). They brought him in to make changes and that is what he is doing. It was the Admin that wanted the changes, SP is just executing that vision. On top of that, he did have a proven track record at Pitt.

Classes should just about be over so I'm sure JP will be sounding off soon. I think NU just upgraded their bowl game with the A&M win. If they beat CU, I think the Holiday Bowl will be calling for a game against Cal.

12:05 PM  
Blogger AJ said...

Holiday Bowl vs. Cal would be a nice fit for them. (Other than the inevitable beatdown they'd get.)

Taylor has my respect. He's a tough kid. I don't think he's 1/2 as good as many think he is, but I don't think he should take as much flak as he has during the UT-OSU slide last month.

He's a perfect fit for the vanilla offense. (I mean that in a good way)

1:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Every time aj is made to look like the bitter, uninformed pussy that he is ("NUs entire defense is gone next year"...sweet!!), the only comeback he can come up with is "thanks for being exactly who I say you are" or "thanks for fulfilling the husker stereotype". Yeah Cornhusker fans will give much respect to those who deserve it, but if you act like an asshole we'll talk shit and put you in your place. However, that's really easy in aj's case as the very existence of this blog and his negative drivel are constant proof that he's a non-confrontational pussy who leads a depressing & ignorant existence. Maybe he's someone who wishes they could be an espn commentator, reporter, etc but is too goofy looking, angry, and confused by sports that he settles for this pathetic shit. We just call it how we see it.

In person & away from the stadium, if aj had the balls to be such an asshole and bitter pussy at the same time, however, he'd likely get his ass kicked by "Husker Fan". It would be the same story in Manhattan, Ann Arbor, Norman, State College, etc etc etc. Loudmouth pussies get their asses kicked, it's the way it goes. But, we all know aj wouldn't dare do that, he'd just run home to his pc and start crying about how mean those Husker fans are, blah blah blah...

p.s. regarding a recent comment, everyone on here is anonymous. Thats the only reason aj is able to write this shit...pussy bitch!!

p.s.s. WE care so much? Look at aj. Look at this blog. In the psychological profession this is called "projection"; when someone tries to portray others as having the negative tendencies that they, in fact, display.

1:07 PM  
Blogger AJ said...

Anybody else find it ironic that the guy bitching at me for being a "Loudmouth pussy" is posting under an anonymous moniker?

That's amusing to me. Not everybody is anonmyous. Mike isn't. BHF isn't. Even JP isn't. The people who know me and know I write this aren't.

All I know is, you wasted 5-10 minutes at least, telling me all about your thoughts and feelings. You threw in disclaimers to keep me from making my point yet again. The sky isn't blue. Keep telling yourself that.

Is that tough to figure out? Apparently it is.

You can't see the difference between words and reality. You can't see the differnce between sports banter and life. You can't see the difference between football metaphors and your own life. When in doubt, go to the "you pussy, you wouldn't last 5 seconds saying this stuff in person" card.

Guess what Cletus...I do. I do it every fucking time. I do it at football games. I do it at hockey games. I do it at staff meetings.

THAT is why I make fun of douchebags like you and nothing more. People who are either just too damn stupid, or just unsatisfied with their own athletic careers that they have to live vicariously through others. Any other normal person would see right through it. You apparently, do not.

Take that how you want and thanks for stopping by.

1:38 PM  
Blogger AJ said...

By the way...hate to tell you this..but when you log into a web site like aren't exactly anonymous.

Surely you're smart enough to figure that out.

1:40 PM  
Anonymous bhg said...

Mr. Bart,

Thanks for the comments.

My opinion of Stinky P. comes from some players, A.D. staff and a couple boosters that were around the NU program in the 80's & 90's, and a Pitt booster who I did graduate work with, and Stinky P lives in my parents neighborhood.

Here's what I have understood, Steve and Frank got into a tiff and Steve got his feathers ruffled. Which is why it was rumored that he took the Pitt job in the first place. (Apparently Steve made a power play involving Frank, and T.O. stepped in, backed up Frank, and thus Steve's ego was bruised.)

Instead of staying around a program where the Asst. A.D. doesn't have as much influence as an asst. coach, Steve goes to Pitt, makes numerous changes, in a one man show. Stays in Pitt until he starts to "think he's bigger than the program", and upsetting some of the more predominant boosters along the way.

Steve comes back as A.D. at Nebraska, but can't have Frank as head coach due to previous head butt. Steve underestimates Frank as he believes Frank will leave before Frank fires his long time friends and coaches. Steve's plan backfires as Frank cleans house and brings in a new staff and team goes 10-3. Steve is left with having to fire Frank, and no coach with anything going on wants anything to do with the Nebraska program.

You say the Steve P. changes were professional, and I believe they were motivated in part by personal events and an ego the size of a Mt. St. Helens eruption, irregardless, Steve P. is the vehicle for the changes.

To those that are Callahan apologists, don't worry I criticized Frank too. I thought that he was too concerned with making Crouch a Heisman canidate, when he should have been developing the next backfield post-Crouch.

2:29 PM  
Anonymous Norfolk Native said...

What football metaphors?? All you do is write ignorant hateful shit. Reality? Please. You actually hate people because they are a Husker fans, regardless of the reality of who they are as people.

You think Nebraska sucks. You ain't very smart now is ya boy. The reality is that other than 2 seasons they have been very good for a very long time. Before that there's plenty more history to be proud of as well. It's unique that NE is a state of only 1.7 million people and their team has been competing with the top programs AND as a top program for over 115 years. Let's hear you spin the fact that NU has over 800 wins. Difficult? And yes, they did beat Notre Dame's 4 Horsemen, more than once.

The reality is that NU has 5 national titles against all odds...or 4.5 as I'm sure you'll note, but they got the "real" tropy in '97 didn't they :) Sorry about bringing that up, I know how much you hate "toothless" NE native Matt Davison for breaking your little hoo!! BTW, I think it's hilarious how that ball was kicked intentionally and we got away with it. Shit like that happens in college ball each and every year. Hilarious!! Which was worse for you, that or CU's 5 downs?

Husker fans love their team and will support them enthusiastically forever. You can't stand it and it makes you look pussy ridiculous! (Wow I just made up "pussy ridiculous" and kind of like it). Currently they are working their ass off & adjusting to the ever-changing college football landscape, and making strides. The controversy in the coaching change gave you plenty of fodder indeed but that will soon run out.

And yes, there is a difference between sports banter and life. However, when someone goes to such lengths to insult people, as you do, that someone crosses the line and it can easily result in an ass whooping. Take all of your hateful hick comments, for example. You live in a state with an agricultural-based economy and constantly slam your neighbors for being farmer-like. YOU live there too asshole.

I have a very hard time believing that you use this hateful, vulgar, insulting language displayed on this blog when at a staff meeting or speaking to a 6'5" Husker fan in person. I'm sure you've noticed that people in Nebraska are bigger than most, and much like the Huskers, the people of Nebraska are hard mother fuckers & will kick your ass if you push it too far. Get real you pussy, that's what your website is for.

p.s. Just for you, I'll post a meaningless "name" so you know where I'm from. Go there and spew this shit verbatim at any local pub and see what happens.

5:51 PM  
Blogger JP Anderson said...

Hey BHG, when is your book coming out? Was it vetted properly or do not give a shit about libel charges? Hire a lawyer now. If your folks live near Pederson, they can afford it.

Really great insight.

6:00 PM  
Anonymous bart said...

(aka Bill H. Gates?? are you friends with Warren Buffet too)

Well thought out and logical response.... How dare you. Move to Boulder, LOSER!!!!

I didn't know all of that about Stinky P (still laughing about that name). Again, as an outsider, he was a known quantity when they hired him. They knew what they were getting and there shouldn't be any surprises. Tom and Frank would have surely voiced their opinions to the Admin, so I still have to believe they (the Admin) wanted this to happen.
But I absolutely agree with you about the Solich wack job. SP didn't want him and was waiting for any excuse during the season to fire him and bring in 'his guy'. After going 10-3 the egg was on SP. And none of 'his guys' wanted to come after what he did. I wonder how far down the list Can't-a-han was....????

I know at K-State, Bill Snyder wasn't the first choice and neither was Ron Prince. So luck does play a part in this.

6:43 PM  
Blogger AJ said...

Mr. Norfolk guy/person/whatever..

Here is what you don't get. Listen to me very very closely. You sprout off that I don't know what I'm talking about, that I"m hateful yadda yadda yadda. Yet, how do you back it up? But pimping your own team..and how I should "respect" all those wins and all this other crap you went on to name...Sorry..I didn't read it all.

What you don't get is NONE of that means anything. In the big grand scheme of thing, you're no differnt than Kent State or Nevada only have a team with history. That is where your arrogance comes in, and that is where your inability to deal with people like me come in.

Your "history" your stats, your records..none of it matters. The fact that you bring all that up is exactly what I'm talking about. My own team sucks. I can admit that. I don't care what other people think. I don't care what the media thinks. I only care whta I think, and in the end, that's all that matters.

As for the "easily result in an ass whooping", that is really pretty funny. I don't know ANYBODY over 15 years old who would be so enraged by WORDS, from a person they don't know that they would be so affected that they had to "do something about it". You preach all this class and blah blah blah, yet you stoop to the level of the most rudamentary redneck. One you most likely are.

Finally, I think it's funny you just assume I'm some 5'5 guy, living in my parents basement..not able figure out people like you..people who most likely never did anything their athletic career, so they have to superimpose themslves into a lifestyle. Perhaps I'm 6'5? Perhaps I'm bigger than you? Perhaps it doesn't matter, because it's just opinion.

If calling you a hick and making fun of Callahan's name is "insulting", then you've got some serious issues dude. You'd never last 3 seconds in the real world..which is probably why you're trying to drag me into yours.

Won't work. You made an ass of yourself for me. I appreciate it though.

PS - Through your whole internet tough guy forgot one thing. I do vent these things verbatum. I do it all the time.

The fact that this bothers you is absolutely hilarious. I hope all the fans of all the other teams who check this blog catch your act and see what I'm talking about.

Have a gooe evening Elmer.

7:41 PM  
Anonymous bhg said...


Another articulate response, we could not have hoped for less.

Mr. Bart,

Think lowest common denominator when I state people on A.D. staff.

8:09 AM  
Anonymous bhg said...

I was also incorrect, the Pitt student that I talked about was not a booster, his parents were the boosters.


3:19 PM  
Anonymous Norfolk Native said...

You tool. Your efforts to reframe the argument are only effective on the ignorant and your 4 friends who check this blog every day.

I didn't mention anything about you giving "respect" for Nebraska. I pointed out the reality of who Nebraska is and what they've accomplished versus, well, your hatred filled vision of them. I didn't mention anything about respect or class at all. Respect is given towards those who deserve it. Obviously this cannot be included in any discussion about you. I find it hard to believe that anyone in your life respects you. My whole point is about how big of a pussy you, clearly evident in the basis for your blog.

I didn't mention anything about your childish names for Callahan. I wrote about the fact that you would not insult people of Nebraska in person for who many of them are (i.e. farmers) with such vile language. That's what your blog is for.

I was not attempting to prove how tough I am over the internet. No need. I am proving how pathetic you are.

Nebraska fans have no need to prove themselves better than any other fans to your worthless ass. I am just pointing out the obvious about YOU!

3:03 PM  
Blogger AJ said... came back like 6 times to see what I said. You're addicted like Rosie O'Donnell to fudge. Admit it.

It's Ok to have differing opinions and have fun with it. It's OK. I feel like Robin Williams in Good Will Hunting.

It's not your fault. It's not your fault.

PS - Learn how to post correctly. You gave like 3 replies at once and I had to wade through each one to approve it. Take a class or something.

3:15 PM  

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