November 30, 2006

Thursday in Hateland

Yeah, so I'm late with an update. Don't blame me...blame the damn holidays. Too much crap to do and too little time. Sucks, but that's the way it is. You'll live.

I can't wait for all of this NU-OU "rivalry" talk to end in a few days. You all know my views on this, and watching people slobber all over themselves about something that happened during the Vietnam era is completely idiotic. True, NU and OU were the two best teams in the old Big 8, but rehashing the thing over and over and over again is becoming extremely tiresome. How come you don't hear Tom Shatel or any of the other Nebraska propaganda nazi's talking about things like how tough OU's defense is? How about the near miraculous development of Paul Thompson, who as of mid August was a freaking wide receiver? How about the OU defense, which is better BY FAR than anybody Nebraska has faced all year. (Better than UT, USC and K-State combined) Then again, if my team was using smoke and mirrors to get this far, I'd be changing the subject too if I knew I was out gunned.

Look for Bobby S to coach circles around the NFL flunky, and all will be right with the world as the Huskers and their 800,000 MoorMan hat wearing fans make their way to Dallas on January first in a setting truly meant for them. A cold, 10am game in a shitty stadium against a mediocre SEC team that becomes a 1 hour filler before the good bowl games start.

* You know what I hate most of all about the bowls? (Aside from the fact that only 4 or so are on January first anymore) During the selection process, the entire thing boils down to money and fans. How come nobody else has a problem with this? And yes, I say this became my own team has HORRIBLE fans, and don't travel for shit. Why reward a bunch if inbreads in Nebraska for having nothing better to do than follow a mediocre team 1,500 miles? The bowls are all that is wrong with sports, right up there with rewarding baseball teams with home regionals because they can actually sell 500 tickets more than a team that has won 20 more games than them. The whole thing is completely dumb, and just another of the 15,000 reasons to hate the NCAA to the core. Don't know what I'm talking about? Wait til College World Series time, then you'll see what I'm talking about.

* You know what's funny? Some of you corn stroking idiots accusing me of "Kissing Mangino's ass" and supporting Jon Cornish for Player of the Year. Uhhhh...this just in...he's the best player not named Adrian Pederson. I'm not just pulling this out of my ass...dude is a great running back who ran for nearly 1500 yards. How on earth can you tell me a guy who didn't even lead his own conference in a single statistical category is better than he is? I'll never understand this whole, "he led his team" bullshit either. Last I heard, it's a team game, and awards like this are reserved for players who are...oh I don't know...actually outstanding? I've said it before, Opie Taylor is a fine QB and tough as nails. But he is NOT the best player in the league. To say otherwise is a complete joke. Even if that was the criteria, how could Chase Daniel not be more valuable? (Or Colt McCoy for that matter) Pretty obvious he doesn't have the weapons to work with..including a running back...which is slightly important to a QB.

* I love writing about UNO hockey lately, because I rarely find a subject that pisses ALL of you off at the same time. UNO fans hate it because they don't agree with me. The rest of you hate it because you don't care. Either way...tough shit for you. It's relevant and of interest to me, so I'm going to talk about it a time or two.

* As you may or may not have noticed, one of my passions is music. I love arguing about sports (obviously), and it occupies a lot of my time..both dealing with you people and watching on TV etc. However, as billions of other people have had for various reasons, I sometimes take it too far. Perhaps this hit me as I was hanging out with mid-level rock stars all weekend, but music is something that engulfs your soul, and can change your mood and your way of thinking in an instant. Nothing else on earth allows you to wallow in your own misery, or expel your joy and happiness more than music.

One question I get a lot is, "What's your deal with punk bands?" "I'm guessing you're nowhere near punk nor are you in a band." Although I did play drums for a while in the mid-90's, I do enjoy the venom and the electricity that stems from a Fender or Gibson in front of large or small groups of people who are losing their mind. As many of my friends know as well...I do happen to have a connection or two in the music world.

My FAVORITE part about music however is arguing about it. Ever got into a really deep discussion about a genre or band that somebody else hates? Ever wondered just who in the hell is right in an argument about that? True, there there are bands like Chumbawumba who will suck no matter who's side you are on. But bashing somebody else for the music they like is like bashing somebody for what they put on their plate after visiting the buffet as Golden Coral. Don't believe me? Visit ANY music message board in cyberspace, and you'll find some 19 year old ass clown who doesn't know shit about shit, arguing with some other 19 year old who doesn't know shit about shit about what music "sucks" and what doesn't.

What the hell is my point?

My point is...fuck you if you don't like the music I like and fuck me if I don't like the music you like. People have different tastes and different places in life, and you're a complete fucking knob if you feel that you are superior enough to tell people what to enjoy. Even if a band like Green Day or the Dixie Chicks or whomever stands in front of a microphone and tries to tell you how to think, it's ridiculous to chastise somebody else for enjoying it.

With's a clip of the greatest concert I've ever seen in 1994. I don't care if you like it. I don't care if you do. It kicked ass, and kick started my love of music like no other show has.

Fuck all of you.


Anonymous Obsessed Husker Fan said...

Green Day... BEST. LIVE. BAND. EVER. I agree for once with you AJ, they were the first concert I ever went to, and it was amazing. However, UNO hockey sucks, Jon Cornish is some canadian who you have a man crush on and is not very good... but Im done arguing with you over him and UNO hockey. Also, what line of work are you in? Bowls are about business, and just in case you were ever worried, missouri, will NEVER be in contention for any sort of meaniful bowl EVER, so you wont have to worry about being "shafted" by the ncaa about your beloved tigers bowl position. While, here at Nebraska, we have restored the order and its New Years Days bowls or better from here on out... enjoy watching us every holiday season! ORDER RESTORED INDEED.

1:10 PM  
Blogger AJ said...

it's not a's a general like. And I'm the first to admit that Missouri's fans suck. I've told you that 500,000 times this weeke even. Awful, horrible, rotten people.

YOU on the other hand are not better than those're just more bored. That's the difference.

Order restored would be beating Big 12 North teams by 60 every week. You are far far far from that.

PS - Green Day are sellouts and they are way too corporate now..but they do put on the greatest live show on earth. If you're looking to get me something for Christmas, pick up Bullet in a Bible at your local Best Buy store.

PPS - UNO hockey is a seperate issue. You either like and and follow it, or you don't. Just one of those things.

2:02 PM  
Anonymous Bart said...

---- OU vs. NU ----

You seem to think the Sooners are for real, a legit Top 10 team.
I don't think they can play with the Top 3 teams but they could hang with 4 thru 25 because of their defense….

With that said, what in the HELL are you going to do if the Nubbies actually win this Saturday in a low scoring game???

I personally think its going to be 23-20 OU but with that close of a game anything can happen.

Look at the games with like opponents this year:

OU @ A&M W 17-16
OU vs CU W 24-3
OU @ OSU W 27-21
OU -- UT L 10-28
OU vs ISU W 34-9
OU @ MU W 26-10

NU @ A&M W 28-27
NU vs CU W 37-14
NU @ OSU L 29-41
NU vs UT L 20-22
NU @ ISU W 28-14
NU vs MU W 34-20

In those games OU's average score was 23 to 14.5. NU's average score was 29.3 to 23 (OSU was the key difference).
There is no way I would take OU and the points (OU -3.5) but I would take the under (47). I would give Nubbie a 40-45% chance to win this game.

So what are you going to do if they win???

"Where does it say that a gun shot wound to the arm requires a rectal exam??? They f--- you in the hospital."

Glove up JP and let the good times roll....

AJ, I'd actually like to see your best Chevy Chase "holy bat shit where's the Tylenol" rant after that happens. Crap, now I’m going to have to root for Nubbie….

But alas, January 1st will come and Bronco Billy will make Nubbie "squeal like a pig, panties too." And don't think that won't get talked about during the other BCS games and on ESPN 24/7 until the title game.

Merry be-lated Christmas.

Nubbie will have to live with that loss for 9 straight months until September 1st when Nevada rolls in and the Wolf Pack start gnawing on the rotting carcass. Nubbie could easily lose that game with a Newbie Nubbie at QB. Followed by a trip to NC to play Wake Forest and then USC…. Holy crap, 4-straight losses and the walls at Memorial will come a tumblin’ on down, right on top of Can’t-a-han.

p.s. JP - If you read this far I love you too... Good luck on finals and Happy Holidays!!

5:50 PM  
Blogger AJ said...

Nebraska will not win. Clownahan has proven he can't win at NFL stadiums. :)

That, and Oklahoma is playing better now that anybody in the conference. If it's stoops against Clownahan...I'll take Stoops everynight of the week, and twice on Sunday.

PS - Watching the Mizzou basketball game right now. Wow, who are these guys?

PPS - "If" Nebraska wins? I'll do what I always do...make fun of you. Duh.

9:54 PM  
Anonymous bart said...

Mizzou -
That Hannah kid is pretty awesome isn't he. I can't believe Huggins let him get away.
You Misery PRICKS really piss me off!!!!!
p.s. UNO this....

10:01 PM  
Anonymous IID said...

Is Green Day even allowed to play in the Bay area anymore? Sellouts!! They used to be really good, but now they suck. At least they have their own label now and are trying to not appear as sellouts. Either way, they are not the Clash.

NU does have a chance this weekend, but I will extremely enjoy watching them get stomped by the Sooners. God I hate both teams. If it were possible, I would cheer for you to both lose. Husker order is not restored, don't fool yourselves. Ron Prince will own that douchebag that coaches the Huskers. Good year Huskers; enjoy it, because next year you will lose to MU, KU, KSU and UT. Does order restored involve losing 4 conference games? In a couple of years add CU to that list; order will only be shortly restored. When NU loses to OU and then gets bitch slapped by Auburn in the Cotton bowl, will that count as order being restored? You guys are so dorky about your football team. AJ, preach the word, happy holidays. Huskers, go to hell. Oh wait, you already live there


11:30 PM  
Blogger Adam said...

Two ablums changed my was Dookie, the other was Goldfinger's 'Goldfinger' record...I had never heard music like that before, and I highly doubt I'd be involved in the music scene today if I didn't buy those two records at Sam Goody at the mall...cubsrule

8:43 AM  
Blogger AJ said...

No. Green Day was shunned by the Berkley punk community after they signed with Reprise in 1994. The song '86' off of the Insomniac album discusses that. (There was also a very good Behind the Music from VH1 that focuses almost completely on the fact that they were literally attacked for selling their souls.

And yes..I agree...their newer stuff..although outstanding music...reeks of corporate America. But hey, every person's goal in this country is to go as far as they can in their career. Can't fault them too much. And they do still kick ass in concert.

* Christopher, I will address your concerns in a seperate post. Thanks for the respectful reply.

* Mizzou is still Mizzou..and they'll choke somewhere..but the defensive display they put on last night was incredible. I'm cautiously optimistic.

9:17 AM  

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