December 2, 2006

INTaylor and Huskers Go Quietly Into the Night

I gotta give it up to you guys. I mean, you did win a "championship". You had a trophy celebration. You made t-shirts. You got to be on National TV. (Even though everybody was watching West Virginia and/or Florida, but's in HD.) You got to watch your team run out onto an NFL field. You got to play for the right to take on perennial power Boise State in the Fiesta Bowl. You beat powerhouses Missouri and Texas A&M to win the crown as best shittiest team out there.

Here are some lovely parting gifts for you, and a nice Seiko watch. Thanks for coming out, and drive home safely.

A couple of thoughts on the conclusion of yet another over-hyped, underwhelming, over-analyzed Husker season.

- If Zac Taylor is the Big 12's offensive player of the year, then I'm the lead singer of Abba. Dude has not performed well against a good defense...pretty much ever. Throwing 240 or so on Missouri or Kansas State is OK I guess..but when a real defense is on the other side of the ball, which is being run by a guy like Brent Venables, it's nice Mr. INTaylor show up. As I've stated before, he's a tough tough tough kid, with some good upside...but that guy is as much the offensive player of the year as I am. I can name 5 QB's that are as good or better than Zac Taylor in the Big 12 this year. (Thompson, McCoy, Daniel, Reid, Harrell and maybe even Josh Freeman by now). Anyway, a horrible, horrible performance by him.

- Did anybody else find it amusing that ABC couldn't even find a Nebraska player to choose as Chevy player of the game? I've been watching college football for a long long time, and I've never seen that. Hell, even in basketball I've never seen that. Props to you guys. That was impressive.

- Say what you want about any other place on earth..but Arrowhead is by far and away, the loudest stadium on the planet. Good lord, was that place loud. (I'll have to confirm from people who were there, but on TV, it was deafening.) Nice to see 60,000 Husker fans can make that much noise with a chaw in their lip. Very impressive.

- The ABC announcers said that they didn't mention Purify's name all night. Not true. He fumbled on the first fucking play of the game and then didn't do jack. The guy may have "NFL" game, but great receivers show up when their team really needs them. (At least once). Did they even throw to him? If I hear Doogie Shanle's name more than Purify on a given're pretty much fucked.

- I counted THREE Nebraska fans in the crowd with overalls on. Not coveralls. Not heavy clothes you go out and work in the garage in on a cold winter night. Fucking OVERALLS. Come on people, you're not doing yourselves any favors here. I understand you relish the whole country bumpkin image, but come on..give yourselves a chance. Even more ironic is that your coach called OU fans a bunch of fucking hillbillies. Pot? Kettle? Funny.

- Florida sucks. As much as I hate them, Michigan should play OSU for the title. Rematches are stupid, but that is the only matchup that makes sense to me.

- Can you guys fucking drop the whole Johnny Rogers punt return thing? Jesus Fucking Christmas is that annoying. It was a big game. It was a great return. We fucking get it. Can't you find another play in 100+ years of Nebraska football to play over and over and over again on TV and radio? Doug Flutie probably doesn't see his hail mary on Boston TV NEARLY as much as that thing plays. Fuck, let it go and turn the page. Old Man Bremser is rolling over in his grave from having to hear that call 100,000 times a night. For the love of God, stop.

- Is there anything more ironic and possibly funny than Houston Nutt handing Steve Pederson's team their ass in the Cotton Bowl on January 1st? I'd like to see that.

- Rutgers is a fraud.

- Kansas Sucks at basketball.

More to come after I get some sleep.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

The life as a perpetual hater! I bet you really enjoy it when your boy friend gives it to you in the a55. The Huskers gave you another week of satisfaction (make that a month). Boy are you in for more good times. Be sure to lube up big guy.

When you die, I hope hell has a place for you where you can bitch and moan about the Huskers for eternity......and if I am there too I will be sure to check in on you from time to time.

9:42 AM  
Blogger AJ said...

Yeah...I get all pissed off when people have differing opinions of my own.


PS - I don't care what you and your loved ones do in the privacy of your own home either. It's been clinicly proven that people who openen accuse others of homosexuality usually have some "issues" of their own. Don't blame me...blame science.

9:51 AM  
Anonymous bart said...

They should have named Cortney Grixby Nubbie player of the game. Holy crap, he had a ton of tackles...
Let's see, Thompson had 19 completions minus the 2 TD passes (which were both on Grixby), that means Cortney had 17 tackles since every single pass was caught by the guy he was coveri... I mean running behind. What an amazing game he had. That's what happens when you practice against Nubbie receivers, you don't get any better.
And speaking of the Nubbie fans, the order is restored!!! With 7 minutes to go in the game and only down by 14 points, Nubbie headed to the exit. With 5 minutes to go there wasn't a Nubbie fan left to be found. Everyone knows that if you can only complete a 4-yard pass the game is over. Nice work Can't-A-Han. Playing for National Championships is going to be best left the the Husker Men's Gymnastics team....

1) Nubbie's defense made Paul Thompson look like Heisman candidate.
2) OU's defense plus Can't-A-Hans play calling equals a mind-numbingly boring game. Just as expected (take the under).
3) The only order that was restored is that instead of Colorado being the South's bitch slap every year, Nubbie ran to the front of the line and will be getting atomic wedgies from now on.
4) Or looking at the returning players, Misery might be getting the wet swirls next year????

9:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Arkansas is headed to Florida.

10:23 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a thing of beauty. Is it just me or is it really embarrasing to see all the shots of the bug eaters with giant ears of corn on their heads or was it the red and white overalls. Make your self and the state look like the bunch of hicks. Order restored, I think not. How much did the faithful have to pony up for taylor to be selected POY. His play was offensive alright. Offensively bad.

The classiest fans would have stayed to the bitter end. The classless fans leave early. Guess we know where the bug eaters lie.

Here's hoping that Arkansas lays a good old fashioned ass whipping in the nubbies.

12:14 PM  
Blogger JP Anderson said...


3:27 PM  
Blogger AJ said...

That's all you got JP?

Come on now. You're better than that.

3:28 PM  
Blogger JP Anderson said...

you're just piling on

what's new here?


3:40 PM  
Anonymous TB said...

so aj, if NU beats Auburn in the Cotton Bowl, and Florida beats Ohio State in the championship game, will husker fan declare his team the best team in the country?

7:26 PM  
Blogger AJ said...

So if they play once in the regular season...and once in the post season....isn't that...


What am I missing here?

PS - I'm not a big fan of the "kool aid" term here..but it's very appropriate.

8:35 PM  
Anonymous tb said...

i meant that, since auburn beat florida, if the huskers can beat auburn and florida wins the national title some delusional husker fans may claim to be the best team in the nation. the argument's just silly enough that i could see some husker fan making it.

of course, i don't think florida will win the title game. and some husker fans are already calling auburn and the sec overrated.

9:10 PM  
Blogger JP Anderson said...

I thought you were implying NU vs. OU in the rematch Orange Bowl meant something..

Last night was a much bigger game, given the nature of the BCS, etc., right or wrong.

OU deserves to be playing Ohio State for the natty as much as Florida does.. They got jobbed.

10:12 PM  
Anonymous Obsessed Husker Fan said...

I agree with JP. Very weak effort AJ, I expect better.

10:49 PM  
Blogger AJ said...

Let me translate for the rest of you.

"Very weak"
"You're right. I got nothing."

The life of a hater is cyclical. You gloat while you can, you take your medicine while you can. Your team sucked. They played like ass, and they aren't as good as you think they are.

Deal with it and don't blame me.

8:09 AM  
Anonymous bhg said...

It's amazing as bad a Grixby is, that Callahan couldn't recruit someone to come and play as poorly as him. (Where's all the players that Jim Rose told us would be flocking to the program merely because Callahan stood on the sideline with a headset in a superbowl?)

Is it me, or did the Oklahoma defense make the Big 12 Offensive player of the year look bad? How many balls did Taylor have to throw away?

Cosgroves' defense couldn't stop a 99 yard drive. Is Cosgrove the poster child for the ARC program or what? Shocker that Cosgrove couldn't pick up on Oklahoma throwing at Grixby.

Callahan apologists are out in force today, talking about the "what if" scenarios. The Callahan apologists that I have talked to are excited about being "on the verge" of success. If a victory over a Texas A & M team is your biggest victory of the season, I wouldn't imagine that your school is on the short list of a lot of recruits. (Losses to Texas and USC lose their moral victory appeal when Kansas State and UCLA actually hand them losses.)

Thanks Stinky P, we couldn't have done it without you.

10:58 AM  
Anonymous bart said...

Way too much common sense in that reply.... How dare you. However, I don't think you can put Zac's performance on him. Where was the O-line. Where were the open receivers. Where was the vaunted running game. And most importantly, OU has done the same thing for years defensively, where in the Hell was the game plan???? Seriously, you converted one turnover into a TD. That was it.
The Huskers are a 'good' team this year. If the 2006 version would have played in the 1990's (or early 2000's) they would have finished 4th in the North behind NU, CU, and KSU. Comparable to where KU, KSU, and Misery is right now.
2006 Nubbie was lucky to be in the game with a 'good' Texas team. They got owned by USC and OU (both really good but not great teams). A&M is average at best, Misery and KU should have both beat them and Nubbie needed a 'once in a career drive' to win that game.
And JP, OU shouldn't be in a title game. Are you kidding me?? Just because they dominated the Nubbies doesn't make them King... OU is a very good team with a solid defense and a predictable offense. There starting QB is a wide receiver for crying out loud.

I am thankful everyday that Can't-A-Han and Peterson are in Nubbieland. Keep talking them up Rosie.... the gift that keeps on giving.

12:35 PM  

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