August 10, 2008

The 2008 Game by Game Preview Column big of a softball can get lobbed to me than some of your athletes getting busted for being on a gay porn website? I mean...unless members of the blackshirts dressed in drag as vollyball players, I couldn't ask for a fatter pitch right? Christmas in August.... go with the hate inducing hissy fit that you people threw with my official North prediction a few weeks ago, behold my game by game preview for your upcoming season. For some of you, this may be difficult to swallow. (Perhaps you should be an NU wrestler?) However, as I stated in the previous prediction really need to see what reality looks like. There is no way to sugarcoat it. There is no way to make it pretty. Just honest, harsh reality.

You've been warned and I take no responsibility for your upcoming stroke.

Week 1 – Vs. Western Michigan
Probable odds: Nebraska (-15 to -19)
Probable excuses: First game of the Bo era, “it’s early”

What may happen: The last time a lower tier MAC program strolled into Memorial Stadium, a spunky Ball State program nearly waltzed out with a victory. Pretty amazing to think the panic and mayhem that would have broken out around here had that guy actually CAUGHT the ball that hit him in the facemask with under :30 to play. But alas, the Big Red hung on, and yet another MAC team bit the dust. With that in mind, remember the name Jamarko Simmons. Before struggling with injuries, dude had games of 14 catches for 144 yards, 14 catches for 158 yards and 10 catches for 98 yards. Oh, and that wasn’t against MAC teams, that was 3 bowl teams in West Virginia, Indiana and Missouri. But you’re better than those three right?

What will happen: SURELY you can beat a team that finished 68th in the nation in total defense right? I mean, sure they gave up 34 or more points 5 times…but the entire defense is back and insiders in Kalamazoo are cautiously optimistic that they have one of the MAC’s best. Regardless, surely Bo, Barney and company will have your fans in a frenzy as the lamest and whitest tradition in football…the thrown bones…will continue. Surely right? Right?

Official BEL prediction: Nebraska 31 Western Michigan 23

Week 2 – Vs. San Jose State
Probable odds: Nebraska (-11 to -14)
Probable excuses: “Noncon games don’t count”, “SJSU uniforms too ugly to concentrate”.

What may happen: I’m not going to lie to you guys…the Spartans lost a lot of players from a fairly bad team last year. Oh sure, they nearly beat Hawaii and finished their year winning 2 of 3…but come on; even YOU guys beat Nevada. They do have a nice wide out in Kevin Jurovich and one of the conferences best DB’s in Coye Francies….but still. Bo’s 3 page offensive playbook should be starting to cement into your players brains by this time, and the chance of your egos flying out of control starting 2-0 becomes a very real possibility.

What will happen: Granted, you led MAINE by one score late in the 4th quarter during Bill Callahan’s first season…I don’t expect too much trouble for the Hicks here. SJSU struggled on the road last year, and I don’t really see the sight of 85,000 soybean farmers in the same t-shirt as something that will buck that trend. Soak it up folks…because right about here…you’ll be feeling pretty good about yourselves.

Official BEL prediction: Nebraska 41 San Jose State 21

Week 3 – Vs. New Mexico State
Probable Odds: Nebraska (-21 to -24)
Probable excuses: Thinking about Va Tech, ____ player arrested, “Still learning Bo’s system”.

What may happen: Nebraska’s march through the WAC conference continues with an easy win. The Aggies aren’t exactly juggernauts, but do have actual uniforms, coaches and travel by airplane. (I think) Granted playing a team around your own skill level will be fun, I really would be shocked if the “Marlon Lucky” for Heisman bandwagon isn’t rolling full-steam downhill by the end of this one. (Much like Kevin Kuglar’s 1 week campaign last season after the Nevada win.)

What will happen: Remember how bad I said San Jose was? Yeah, NMSU lost to them 51-17 and don’t return nearly as many players. You lose this one, there won’t be a nuclear bomb…the universe will cease to exist, as the galaxy implodes upon itself into a small ball of black nothingness.

Official BEL prediction: Nebraska 45 New Mexico State 13

Week 4 – Vs. Virginia Tech
Probable odds: Virginia Tech (-7 to -10)
Probable excuses: The color orange, thinking about Big 12 play. Refs love the ACC

What may happen: Normally I would completely write off an alleged “National Power” after a pathetic performance against mediocre Kansas on National TV (worst Orange Bowl TV ratings in history btw). However, how good is their offense going to be when they kick off one of their best offensive weapons and have to replace all of your best wide receivers? Sean Glennon is a senior, and having an experienced guy back there surly will help, but when you have ZERO offensive weapons back from a team that struggled on offense, you know you’re in trouble. On the other side, the defense isn’t much better..losing most of their D-linemen and their best linebacker.

What will happen: This is still the defending ACC champions, and you gave up 76 points to Kansas. Granted, I don’t see this as being some kind of blowout, you’re still looking at a team with an experienced guy under center, and some decent talent on the defensive side of the ball. Virginia Tech isn’t anywhere NEAR the power they once were, and this could be their worst team in years. But let’s face it…Joey Ganz is your quarterback and Okie State destroyed you in 20 minutes last season. Maybe in another lifetime..but not this year.

Official BEL prediction: Virginia Tech 27 Nebraska 14

Week 5 – Vs. Missouri
Probable odds: Missouri (-15 to -19)
Probable excuses: Unlimited

What may happen: There is a very good chance that October 4th will see the largest home underdog in Memorial Stadium history. After last season’s nuclear blast, the hicks will be out in force and looking for payback. But when rooting behind a first year starter and a brand new scheme…how much success are you really banking on when playing a Heisman finalist and one of the best all-purpose runners in the last 10 years? I could see the Hicks getting an early score, and the joint…as it does once every 5-10 years or so…get pretty loud. But in the end, talent always trumps “trying hard” and this is no exception.

What will happen: Every Missouri fan I know can picture the wheels coming off in Lincoln. We’ve seen it in 1998 when the better team didn’t win. (You had MONTE CRISTO for Christ’s sake playing). We saw it in 2004. We saw it in 2006. And we certainly all know this is the last major hurdle for Mizzou to leap short of a conference championship. However, all that happened before games against Colorado and Kansas State last season. The whole “woe is us” attitude is pretty much gone (no matter what Tom Shatel wrote in the paper this morning) and talent alone should be the factor here. Let’s be real here…with the talent gap and hell…even the coaching gap that is in place today between the two teams…it would take God himself to knock a ball off of some dude’s feet into the hands of some other dude who was 100 feet away from the play. And that would be just silly.

Official BEL prediction: Missouri 48 Nebraska 17

Week 6 – At Texas Tech
Probable odds: Texas Tech (-31 to -36.5)
Probable excuses: “Nobody wins at Tech”, still mad at Mizzou fans

What may happen: You could have seven turnovers and get blasted up the ass again by 60 points on National television. But who am I kidding? That could never happen to a National power such as yourself. This isn’t like you’re breaking in a brand new coach again like you were……uhh….back in...uhhh. Nevermind.

What will happen: Have you seen what Tech has coming back? Have you seen how God-awful you are at stopping Ball State’s offense..let alone the #1 offense in the country the past few years? IN Lubbock? Seriously…what’s the worst that could happen?

Official BEL prediction: Texas Tech 73 Nebraska 14

Week 7 – At Iowa State
Probable odds: Pick em to Iowa State (-1.5 to -3)
Probable excuses: ISU is a great team. Fire Bo, Refs

What may happen: I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…Iowa State isn’t NEARLY as bad as you people think they are. They played the North and Champs tough last season, and beat the 3rd and 4th best teams in the North last season. Give a new coach a second season to put his guys together, and you’ve some hope. This team averaged 28 or more points in 3 of their last 4 games…and let’s face it; You aren’t exactly the ’78 Steelers out there.

What will happen: Iowa State is going to want to put the wood to you to climb out of the North cellar. Couple that with lopsided losses the previous two weeks, and you can see the “upset” (in name only) brewing a mile away. Don’t say I didn’t warn you way back in August that Iowa State is going to kick you in the forehead as you fall helplessly down the ladder…suddenly stopping at rock flipping bottom.

Official BEL prediction: Iowa State 27 Nebraska 21

Week 8 – Vs. Baylor
Probable odds: Nebraska (-4.5 to -8)
Probable excuses: “Baylor has really improved”, Steve Pederson still meddling.

What may happen: Baylor…a year behind Iowa State, is breaking in a new coach while trying to change an entire school’s mindset. Unfortunately for them, the Bears kept getting worse last year…while the Clones improved all the way til a big ole flop on National TV against fluky KU. However, even as close as these two teams are on paper, I can’t imagine you losing to a team that finished 112th in the nation in total defense. But then again…that’s two spots better than….you were.

What will happen: As bad as going 5-7 was…as bad as going 4-8 will be…as bad as ALL of those things combined…losing to Baylor would be the quintessential bottom of the barrel moment for all of you. Oh sure, you were pounded by Kansas, Okie State and Texas A&M last season; but at least those teams had SOME semblance of talent. I’m sure there will be more than a few of you who can not possibly fathom losing to the lowly Bears…but mind you, it could happen. I just don’t think your luck is quite that bad.

Official BEL prediction: Nebraska 36 Baylor 21

Week 9 – At. Oklahoma
Probable odds: Oklahoma (-41 to -43.5)
Probable excuses: “Nobody has beaten OU in 53 years.” OU fans are so great, we just gave them the win.”

What may happen: You could lose by 400 points. Seriously…as good as Tech and Mizzou are talent wise this year…Oklahoma has them both beat AND hasn’t been in awe of you since the early 70’s. Even though Mack Brown and Pete Carroll let up on the gas last season…Bob Stoops isn’t quite that nice. OU will be jockeying for National Title contention, and can’t afford to be jacking around with you for more than a quarter.
What will happen: This could be your worst loss of the season…which lets face it…is going to be saying something. I’m not sure..but I’m fairly confident that they are better than you at every single position. (Yes…even running back.) They’re fast at linebacker and Sam Bradford will be able to complete most passes while finishing a Daniel Silva novel. The question here is not whether or not you’ll be able to hang. It’s how pissed off you’ll be after the final whistle. (And my money is on apathy at this point.)

Official BEL prediction: Oklahoma 54 Nebraska 3

Week 10 – Vs. Kansas
Probable odds: Kansas (-9 to -12.5)
Probable excuses: Mangino greatest coach of all time. “ Hate Mizzou so much we want KU to catch them in the standings.”

What may happen: I’ve actually heard some Husker fans calling this game “a cakewalk” in anticipation for the KU bandwagon to come crashing down long before this point. That very well MAY be the case, but the fat man going up against a rookie hothead isn’t much of a challenge. KU may be a complete fraud and have about 35% of the talent their fans think…but they still have enough confidence and thick-headed density to walk into your stadium and walk out with a win.

What will happen: Many have forgotten, but KU nearly beat Bill Callahan’s North Champs in 2006. Had Todd Pederson’s fumble through the end zone been ruled correctly in OT…KU would have come away with their biggest win to that point, and a whole slew of new t-shirt designs to look lame in. Regardless, this will most likely be a do or die game for KU to stay in the hunt for a ½ decent bowl. In the’s Mangino vs. Pelini, and I think even the most idiotic of you would have to know where to put your money here.

Official BEL prediction: Kansas 31 Nebraska 20

Week 11 – At. Kansas State
Probable odds: Kansas State (-3 to -7)
Probable excuses: “Fans are animals”, “Refs love Ron Prince”

What may happen: This was by far my most controversial pick in the North preview, simply because of the schizophrenic nature of the Wildcats. Needless to say KSU had their struggles last year..especially on defense (allowing 31 or more points to every team after October 13th who’s name WASN’T Baylor). However, this if this blog has taught me anything, it’s that the KSU fans hate your guts almost as much as I do. This will be their superbowl and perhaps a game to land bowl eligibility or even a decent trip to San Antonio.

What will happen: You win in Manhattan ONE time in 12 years and now it's a stroll through the park?? I know…hypocrite because of the Mizzou game…blah blah blah. But in that situation, this isn’t a case where the opponent has TONS of talent above your head. It should be a dogfight that comes down to emotion and focus. K-State will be coming off a killer stretch against Tech, A&M, Colorado, OU, KU and Mizzou. You’re going to look like the Millard North JV by the time you stroll into town. I see goalposts coming down…not the easy win many of you are banking on.

Official BEL prediction: Kansas State 35 Nebraska 24

Week 12 – Vs. Colorado
Probable odds: Colorado (-5.5 to -9)
Probable excuses: “Fire Bo now”, “Steve Pederson still meddling”

What may happen: The Buffs ran into the same sort of issues that KSU had late in the year in that their defense decided to take some time off. Granted they played fairly well in their bowl game and still beat your ass at home…the Buffs were far better than the final few games of their season made them appear. By the end of 2008, you’re looking at nearly 3 full years of Hawkins ball in Boulder, and my gut says they’re going to be rolling by the time they get there. The Buffs have some decent defensive talent to work on, and an two full weeks to prepare.

What will happen: Since KSU will knock you from Ft. Worth Bowl contention the week before, look for more empty seats than a Chilliwack reunion concert. The sights will already be looking to 2009, as Colorado looks to nail down a ½ decent bowl. Oh also…last time I checked…they didn’t much motivation against your sorry ass anyway. Would an NU win to end their sorry season shock me? Not really..but the improvement seen in CU and the inability for you to find any sort of playmaker whatsoever via free agency really doesn’t give me much hope for you.

Official BEL prediction: Colorado 24 Nebraska 23

Official BEL predicted record: 4-8
Official pissed off NU fans: 2.1 million
Hate mail to me prior to game 1? Unlimited
E-mails congratulating me on nailing your season again? : Zero

Happy sucking.


Blogger bornred said...

Pretty hard to argue here. I guess I could pick a bone with some of the scores, but who really gives a shit. I have us potentially winning 1 or 2 of the 3 games against ISU, KSU and CU for a 5 or 6 win season, but unless my comfort level changes by the time the conference schedule kicks in, I could just as easily see us booting all 3 of them.


PS. The two rump rangers were from Michigan and Illinois.. it made sense to me

6:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Are you fucking kidding me?

How high are you?


8:00 PM  
Anonymous saunders45 said...

Lolz.... I want some of what you're smoking... seriously...

First, if we don't beat VT, it'll be a miracle. They've lost half their defense, a number of backups to injury, their top 2 RB's, and all receivers with more than 10 career catches.

Second, Iowa State's breaking in a new QB, and we've one the last 3 against them.

Third, K-state was 1-3 against Bill freakin' Callahan, and we won at KSU 21-3 in 2006. Plus, Ron "Grimace" Prince was 0-fer against Callahan, and we've got a three game streak against them too. (Remember AJ, facts, you have them....)

Oh, and your picks suck too...


Nebraska 538,105,303 to 1 chance of winning the North, which we did. (Couldn't find anything else)

6-6 overall
4-4 in the Big 12

So...... you sucked in '05 and '06, and last year you were "close," but as my Grandpa said, "close only counts in Horse shoes and hand grenades."

9:19 PM  
Blogger AJ said...

I know both your "facts" were relying on historical information. "Beating" ISU however many times...Va Tech sucks blah blah blah.

Va Tech won the ACC and STILL has more talent than you can deal with. ISU finished the year on a strong note and has all the confidence in the world that they can beat you at home.

You lost your QB...your only playmaking WR and 7 guys on defense. You also break in a new coach...which of course...just screams great season.

Sorry my "facts" don't compute with your "logic". Funny thing all said the same thing last year.

9:57 PM  
Blogger AJ said...

PS - Do you HONESTLY think I'm going to pick you to win the North pretty much ever?

Read the title of the blog.


We can go through every post last year and go point by point how right I was. I notice you made no mention of JC or your "great" linebackers last season. I supposed that was a one shot wonder too?

And yes...2006 was an abomination held together by the fact that a crappy coach hid your flaws very well. (Not from me..but from everybody else)

10:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Check out the newest photoshop propaganda by the delusional:

While it looks like he got caught peeing in a cornfield, a more appropriate caption would be "Village Idiot Found"

8:01 AM  
Anonymous saunders45 said...

I was never fond of Keller. I compared him to Favre, not in ability mind you, but mentality. A gunslinging qb with 1 year in the system, had no chance to succeed.

As a Buccaneer fan, I felt the same way about Favre coming to Tampa this year, he would have killed this team. If Jeff Garcia played in a 'west coast' system his entire career and said Gruden's system(Callahan's is identical) was only west coast in basic concept, and struggled with it, then Sam Keller was doomed from the start.

All that said, I think Ganz will win us some games. Do I think he is the second coming.... no. However, his familiarity with the system grants him an advantage. Time in the system can help balance out some of his inexperience in games.

Do I think we are gonna win the Big 12, no. But I do think we can win 8 games. If we had even a resemblance of a defense, we could have won 2 more games last year(Texas & CU), just as easily as we could have lost 2 more(WF & Ball State).

8:22 AM  
Anonymous Missouri Husker Fan said...

"it would take God himself to knock a ball off of some dude’s feet into the hands of some other dude who was 100 feet away from the play. And that would be just silly."

It still hurts, doesn't it.


8:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hard to argue with most of the picks....ISU looks better and has more talent than many give them credit....Colorado is not chopped liver....Nubs would have to exceed rational expectations to go .500.


8:37 AM  
Blogger Husker_Engineer said...

Only 3 games I think we lose for sure are MU, TTU, and OU. Five games I think we win for sure are Western Michigan, San Jose, New Mexico St., Baylor, and ISU. Until I see us play a few games, the other 4 are toss ups in my mind, but I would lean towards wins against KSU and KU. I think we go no worse than 7-5 and likely no better than 9-3.

Your picks are about what I expected based on your theme leading into this season. You got most Husker fans beat down to the ground last is your time to put the boots to them. This post might set a record for the most comments containing the phrases:

"What are you smoking?"

...and something with "Grandpa's cough medicine" in it...

You keep beating the drum that we have no talent. I continue to disagree. I will concede that results matter and I have nothing on the defensive side to point to as proof of talent.

P.S. Still patiently awaiting something from Corn Ridden.....

P.P.S. If we go 4-8, I will write you the first 'attaboy' email.

9:03 AM  
Blogger AJ said...

"It still hurts, doesn't it?"

No, not really. Just because it was bullshit doesn't mean it hurts. I've said this before, and I will say this again: I've spoken to Matt Davison about this. He aplogized.

I'm not making that up. Believe what you want.

10:40 AM  
Blogger Husker_Engineer said...

I can believe that about Matt D, although I don't think he has anything to apologize for....

11:27 AM  
Blogger AJ said...

Well to be was a wedding, there was a lot of alcohol involved and I kind of tricked him.

But's a dead issue. Bullshit call...but dead nonetheless.

12:42 PM  
Blogger Husker_Engineer said...

Found him well oiled and used the Jedi Mind Trick on him?

"The [Insert Lame Ass Name for that play] was BS.", says AJ.

"Yes.", says glassy eyed Tecumseh Warrior Matt.

1:27 PM  
Blogger NE-Jhawk said...

Of course NU fan is calling the KU game a 'cakewalk'. Because, like you and the other commenters here, they look at the schedule and look to 'gimme' games that don't exist anymore. You have the ability to look at it and call it for what it is.

They have to call the KU and the KSU games wins or time will fold in on itself and negate all existance.

Its like that movie Timecop. Huskerfan and Jayhawkfan can't occupy the same space and NU fan knows it.

2:56 PM  
Blogger Husker_Engineer said...


Had a good laugh today when I was listening to Mike'L on the zone today. They have their 25 teams in 25 days segment and the intro contains audio from the 1997 Mizzou-NU

3:24 PM  
Blogger AJ said...

I'm not gonna lie to ya...dude was lit. But then was I.

Good times were had by all.

3:44 PM  
Blogger KSTATER said...

I love this blog, I read it once a week, and never leave disapointed! Kudos to you AJ for getting so far under the skin of "the greatest fans in college football!" As for your pics, I could see that playing out, especially if VaTech beats them, I think the Nubs can win that one, but if they don't, it is going to be a long year for them, losing that swing game!
And as long as we are going down memory lane, I sure am fond of the picture in 98 when we broke Crouch's neck on that nice face mask call that never got flagged. And when we beat your ass in 03, and Snyder about had to choke a bitch "Pelini" after the game. Pelini has a Solich defense to work with that year, and KSU wasn't near the offensive juggernaut the Big 12 upper halves show now, so be prepared for Bo to blow up a lot, because I bet 70+ gets dropped on you 3 times this year! Better get Lil Red to stand by your coach so he can punch him after every blown play, he will end up assaulting one of your players otherwise! Love that you ran the score up on us for all those years, yet throw a fit when we beat you 38-9 in lincoln.

4:13 PM  
Blogger Husker_Engineer said...

Only NU fans living in...umm...the last century would call KU a cakewalk. So, no shocker that AJ can find some clown to call it a cakewalk....because there are definitely too many Husker Fans with worn out copies of the 1995 Fiesta Bowl in their VCR.

That game comes in the middle of what could be a tough stretch for KU and comes after the KSU game. I don't know, so I am not going to assume, but I would think that is a rivalry game for KU....and depending on how that plays out could be a factor the next week. It also comes a week ahead of Texas and, based on last years NU-KU game, could see KU looking a head (as much as it pains me to say that).

So, not a cakewalk...but I don't see KU coming into Lincoln and repeating last year's beatdown either.

4:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

AJ-Thanks for the analysis. You are spot on about Western Michigan, especially Jammarko Simmons(and Greg Jennings before him). Being a St.Louis native and Tigers fan who goes to WMU for grad. school, the MAC will give some BCS conference teams trouble like they do every year. WMU beat Iowa at home last year, and is there much difference between Iowa of last year and Huskers from this year?.

I say no....


4:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What makes Husker fans unique is the pathetic lives they live. Boring ass lives in a boring ass state, so instead of stretching out and trying to find something to do, they gravitate to Nebraska Football. How fucking pathetic is that! There life revolves around Saturdays in the fall, they live for football, are you kidding me? The Husker state is so far out of touch with reality it just shows how blind and ignorant they are. How about you do something other then talk about Tom Osborne and do something new for a change, like go on vacation somewhere bad ass that isn't a bowl game, or invade South Dakota, you are too fucking boring that the rest of the nation has forgot about you. Your the old prom queen back at a reunion that put on 100 pounds and everyone is enjoying it because you were a bitch 20 years ago, whose laughing now?

5:43 PM  
Blogger AJ said...

OK, that prom queen line made me laugh.

Well said.

7:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Everyone has an opinion. And we know that opinions are like A$$h@!es, everybody has one. So here is another for you.



8:47 PM  
Blogger bornred said...

What makes Husker fans unique is the pathetic lives they live. Boring ass lives in a boring ass state, so instead of stretching out and trying to find something to do, they gravitate to Nebraska Football. How fucking pathetic is that! There life revolves around Saturdays in the fall, they live for football, are you kidding me? The Husker state is so far out of touch with reality it just shows how blind and ignorant they are. How about you do something other then talk about Tom Osborne and do something new for a change, like go on vacation somewhere bad ass that isn't a bowl game, or invade South Dakota, you are too fucking boring that the rest of the nation has forgot about you. Your the old prom queen back at a reunion that put on 100 pounds and everyone is enjoying it because you were a bitch 20 years ago, whose laughing now?

Well, it wasn't easy, but I had to go grab someone that speaks imbecile so I could get this interpreted for me, but unfortunately, you confused the shit out of him as well. Nice work there, skippy.

Anytime I see a comment about how "boring" Nebraska is, it's always coming from a CU fan.

First, tell me I'm wrong about you.

Second, if I am, tell me where you live.

I kin hardly weight four the risponse...


9:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

AJ I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say your significant other has a bush. No?

10:55 PM  
Blogger Husker_Engineer said...

Love it when some Captain Anonymous comes on and slams people who live in Nebraska for having boring lives. His life is so bad-ass that he is coming on blog to slam people whose lives he wishes he had. I am sure there were some other dandy slams in that post. However, it reads like it was written by some tweaker on a 3-day binge and I am having trouble following his schizophrenic rant.

Yea, Omaha is soooooo boring. All I have done this year is see several world class bands, Olympic trials, NCAA BBall tourney games, CWS games, etc. etc...wish there was something to do besides NU football.

8:33 AM  
Blogger KSTATER said...


I was the one that made the comments about how boring Nub is. I am also who pointed out that Nub engineer has a superiority complex, decided to not be anonymous anymore. As to where I live, fuck you!

9:29 AM  
Anonymous BuffFan said...

LOVE this blog. So much fun. Definitely keep it up AJ. I love watching the CornSuckers turn all Husker Red when you call them out.

I do, however, have to respectfully disagree about your prediction for the CU vs. NU game. You're right that CU is going to win. But, even though it is in Lincoln, CU is going to win by way more than ONE point! One? Seriously? Come on. CU is gonna be full of steam by that point and NU is going to be a bug on the windshield of the Dan Hawkins Bowl Bus.

SO, I'm going to make the completely irrational and unfounded prediction of CU winning that game 42-17.

10:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can't wait to watch all these Husker fans cry once again when their team doesn't reach expectations. Great blog AJ, I would agree with the record completely. Living in Omaha as well, did you read the OWH when a defensive back made another insane claim. This is the quote. "I think we can set a NCAA record for most forced turnovers with 40."
WOW! Husker Hype Machine is insane!

11:10 AM  
Blogger Husker4Yankees said...

Dear KStater

Yea, and Manhattan Kansas is some fucking megalopolis. It seems like yesterday that I was watching a game in your stadium on a freaking folding chair set up behind the endzone. Woulda thought it was an NU home game.

Still don't understand where the fuck you get me having a superiority complex. I guess I forgot to buy those oranges from you on the freeway.

My bad.

1:01 PM  
Blogger KSTATER said...

Husker engineer,

I am guessing from your response that you must work as a Union Pacific train engineer, who else puts it out there that they are an "engineer" then the RR people. Do you have "PE" on your license plate? Douche! Go play in Microstation for a while and build something cool for us morons to use. Yeah, you did have a few "sporting" events in Omaha, but once again, it is all about sports to you dumb fucks! The worst day of my life was driving on I-80 to Denver, when the most impressive thing to see is a bridge in Kearney you know there is too much fertilizer in the corn fields. I hope my A.D.D is not too crazy for you now, as I am completing better sentences on my rant. And before you start in on KSU, keep this in mind. I know we have no history of being good, we had a nice lil run, its over, and we are now middle of the pack at best. I am okay with this, and if we never win again, I know that I have a great career from the education I received at KSU, and that life goes on. NUB on the other hand.... You guys are just too easy!

1:49 PM  
Blogger AJ said...

Hey! Yankee is back (and he's using F bombs)

Good to see you my friend. You've been missed.

1:54 PM  
Blogger Husker4Yankees said...

Thanks for the shout AJ. I have been posting as Husker_Engineer but was signed into Husker4Yankees. Sorry for any confusion. my Mild Cat friend. I did add something about seeing some good bands too..guess in your tweaky reading you missed that part. Are you seriously going to rag Omaha for enjoying having the Olympic Qualifiers here....for having NCAA basketball (even though it was usurped by those Jay posers)?

Now, to your points:

1. I don't play with trains and I have never used microstation...more of an Altium guy myself.

2. Not a desire to have MSEE does me just fine for my career.

3. Too easy? I am all about the journey not the destination dude. Sue me if I think we will be better this year than last. And you know what, if we go 4-8 I will be the first Husker fan on this blog telling AJ he had it right. Well, if I can beat BornRed.

2:30 PM  
Blogger Husker4Yankees said...

Oh AJ:

I had to look in the archives....but I have dropped an F Bomb was in the epic post after the Salt meeting Wound beat down we got in Columbia last year....

An aside, it was fun reading the after Mizzou game post...knowing now that the worst was yet to come....I mean, it was only like a week later I was sitting in the stands in Lincoln looking at a score board that read halftime....and then KU. Ughhh

2:37 PM  
Blogger KSTATER said...


Unless you are Husker engineer, I didn't say shit to you, but since you think I called you out, I will feed your ego back. Why don't you and Husker engineer get together, and build Joba's dad a better wheel chair in AutoCAD. As for Manhattan, it is a small college town, if the folding chairs hurt your ass so bad, then pull the corn out of your ass, drink heavily, because our group of Juco criminals are going to hood stomp you all the back to dilusional land if they can stay out of jail.

2:39 PM  
Blogger KSTATER said...

Hey, maybe you guys can pay Tommy Lee to come back to Lincoln and show your wrestling team how to make a sex tape! Brilliant!

3:05 PM  
Blogger Husker4Yankees said...

Sorry for the confusion. I have a couple of google accounts and did not pay attention to which one I was logged into. To help with your A.D.D.:

Husker_Engineer = Husker4Yankees

I seriously...seriously have no idea where your idea that I have a superiority complex comes if running Tommy Lee smack is your best shot, I would say you are projecting your inferiority complex into the situation.

Worst Husker Team since John Fucking Kennedy was president beat your team by 42. Bill Callahan owned Grimace. You and your thugs got nothing coming this year.

Kool-Aid strikes again.

4:40 PM  
Anonymous saunders45 said...

Hey Kstater,
do your Juco Criminals do normal criminal stuff, like in the showers and crap??? I heard the coach formerly known as grimace was into that stuff...

7:24 AM  
Blogger KSTATER said...

Yes, there is no question KSU laid down in Lincoln, and Ames for that matter, Prince lost the team after the OKSU game, and had a lot of people on defense quit, especially seniors in the secondary. 2 coaches were trying to fist fight Prince at half time in Ames and have since left the program, and our senior captain Watts was fighting Prince the last game against MU and was benched for a frosh on senior day, so needless to say we had a shitty year. You can understand that. It says something that our 2 best players, Jordy Nelson and Ian Campbell were both walk ons, that pretty much sums it up. But, its a new year, everyone is jacked up and excited for there teams.

AJ, enjoy this year, because take it from a KSU fan, it is amazing to suck for so long and then get good, but as you can see from where my team is, it can quickly go away. I will stop with picking on the EE from Nub when it comes to careers, we are after all in the same field, and get back to the basics of talking shit in sports.

8:04 AM  
Blogger KSTATER said...


I am puzzled by the latest development in your athletic dept. Tom Osborne, has kicked the two wrestlers out of school for there escapades on the internet. This is the same Tom Osborne you may recall that did not kick off Lawrence Phillips or Christian Peter. I guess the message is that it is okay to beat the hell out of someone, as long as it is a woman, but if you bat from the other side of the plate, zero tolerance applies. These kids made bad choices and sure they embarrassed the old NU guard, but did they break the law? They may have broken an "athletes code" of conduct at NU, but didn't Phillips and Peter? This doesn't even mention that kid who had the multiple weapons charges against him whose name escapes me.

yes, it is a different time, but the same guy is running the show in lincoln.

Further, something tells me that if this were a couple of female NU cheerleaders who somehow showed up on "Nebraska Coeds", they wouldn't be off the island.

I am not advocating either scenario, I just find the double standards enlightening to say the least.

9:32 AM  
Blogger Husker_Engineer said...

Fair enough MildCat... :)

I think Grimace has mortgaged the ranch this year with all the JuCo's. If this team does not show some improvement, I have to think -- extension or not -- he is going to get shown the door. If his gamble pays off and he gets the team to play, then he comes off as a genius.

By the time we see each other, many questions about both coaches will be answered.

10:23 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Manhattan = worst Big 12 city by far. What a dump!

10:39 AM  
Blogger Husker_Engineer said...


Nice bait....but there is one huge fallacy in your argument.

Manning dismissed the wrestlers, not Osborne.

You may counter that Osborne is the big boss, yada yada yada, but unless you have a link or something concrete that says Osborne interferred with Manning and made him dismiss the wrestlers, it would only be conjecture.

By the way AJ, seen the latest Fulmer Cup standings? Shit, Mizzou may be on track for a National Championship run with those numbers....

11:10 AM  
Blogger KSTATER said...

You are preaching to the choir about Prince. Most KSU fans feel like he is a snake oil salesman, that always says the right thing, but never seems to deliver. On paper, we are a more talented then we have been in years. Problem is, you just don’t know what you are getting from Juco players. If they deliver, we will have a bounce back year, if not, we will be battling you for the bottom of the Big 12 north for years to come. He looks like a fool or a genius this year, agreed. The heat is way up on him in Manhattan, don’t let the extension fool you, it was for recruiting. He has mortgaged our future for Josh Freemans last two years, so this will decide where our program goes from here.

As for Manhattan being the worst in the Big 12, come on, Ames is so much worse, it is like an extension of Nebraska! Ever been to Lubbock?

Getting off topic…. The reason you guys are so comical is your uncanny ability to buy into every new player and coach you have. Callahan was awful, but a year ago he was walking on water coming off the North title. Now it is Pelini, and since he is coming from a proven winner, you guys are counting on all these wins, seriously? Remember the OKSU game? They went to one of the lowest bowl games for the big 12, tell me honestly how Pelini makes you that much better? You guys are years away from getting competitive, if you even do. At least we know at KSU that we are not going to be expecting much, you guys however are the ultimate kool aid drinkers, too much time in the heat this summer. So you scored 70 on us, last time I checked we packed it in.

How bad will it hurt, losing home games to KU and MU in the same year, after already losing to VT on sacred ground? I know it hurt us losing to KU more then anything, so I can’t imagine what it feels like for you ass clowns with your storied tradition, to lose in football, that badly, to a basketball school. At least we had Beasley to watch for a year!

11:23 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey AJ,

Where's the Olympic hate? It's clear from reading your column over the years that all this US love for the Olympics has to be grinding your gears. Why don't you give those Phelps lovers and gymnastics homers the AJ Hatin' beat down?

You can't have that much husker stuff on your plate.

12:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Pornhuskers,

AJ's got you pegged and that clearly upsets you. Some of your comments are almost as funny as his columns (not a compliment - it's the stupidity that's funny).

As for Manhattan, while it's no metropolis, it's far from the worst Big 12 City. It's a great college town.

Lastly, I don't think your program has even hit bottom yet (no pun intended). Personally, I'll enjoy watching your battle with Iowa State for the cellar.


2:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I find it interesting that this turned into a K State/Nebraska pissing match? Water seeking it's own level?

3:37 PM  
Blogger KSTATER said...

Manning may have dismissed them, and for good reasons. They did break NCAA rules, and were justifiably punished. Osborne has shown in the past that he is incapable of punishing his football players.

It is a biased administration, understandably so. Feed the big boys first. You can’t tell me that if those pictures were of Marlon Lucky that this would not have turned out differently. Lucky could go out right now, get arrested, mushroom stamp the cop on the cheek, and would be playing by the VT game.

Have fun getting over this black eye, christmas in august indeed!

4:01 PM  
Blogger Husker_Engineer said...

I was at the game against the Pokes last year, so I have no problem recalling it. Bet money we are not down 38 at halftime this year at homecoming--we get the Tiggers this year for that game. Not sure if you realized that AJ, but yes, you are homecoming.

MildCat, you are right about many many Husker fans. I mean, I hear some talking about Ganz's running ability like he is the next Tommy Frazier....and his passing ability like he is the next Peyton Manning or something. I have heard someone extrapolate his yardage for an entire year...

"Dude, he could throw for 4000 yards!"

No, he won't....if he throws 7 ints in the first 3 games this year, Witt might get called from the Bullpen.

In summary, you are right about the 'next big thing' phenomena.

4:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You dumb ass hick. We will dominate you in Lincoln just like we always do and we will finish with 11 wins, a north title and likely beat down OU in the title game. And I'm serious with that beat down comment. They are the only team close to us in talent level in the league but not even their offense can score enough to keep up with Air Ganz.

We are reBOrn and taking back what is rightfully ours.

8:51 PM  
Blogger AJ said...

OK, that was fake.

Nobody talks like that.

8:58 PM  
Anonymous 2TESET said...

If that post was serious, I will lose all faith I have in mankind. We're collectively screwed.

12:17 PM  
Blogger AJ said...

Like they tell me...

Move then dipshit

12:44 PM  
Blogger daddyact said...

aj, I don't know where you get your facts, but you sure can't count.

We didn't lose seven starters on defense. We return our entire starting DL, a CB and a Safety. When was the last time 13 guys started?

BTW, does the discrepancy between your pick against WMU and the fianl score matter? I didn't think so.

See you in October.

11:53 PM  
Blogger daddyact said...

aj, the only reason Matt Davison apologized is because you are obviously a raving lunatic and he was afraid you'd go postal if he didn't.

11:55 PM  
Blogger daddyact said...

Hey, kstater!

Anyone from kansas calling Nebraska bring is hilarious. Or have you forgotten that Kansas City is actually in Missouri?

And you live/lived in Manhattan. That must have been thrilling.

12:00 AM  

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