October 2, 2008


OK, that’s it.

I can’t take anymore. There comes an uncomfortable time during all Hate Weeks where you have to shake out the cobwebs, step away from the fray for a moment…and re-adjust your thinking. From a taunting standpoint, look no further than my comments section to realize that Missouri fans are ready to get on with the bloodletting, while Husker fans are simply flailing away verbally, hoping to strike anything that moves; Most everything that can be said has been said. Booger smack, history lessons you name it…and now it’s come down to four words posted on Blaine Gabbert’s Myspace page. What’s next, you get all fired up about a term paper Chase Coffman wrote while in 8th grade? When does it all end?

As you know, we here at BEL find ourselves on the front lines of this little tussle on the plains. With 50+ hours left to go til kickoff, there are only so many ways I can describe the death blow about to be delivered to a once mighty, and now extremely frail fan base. Two days prior to the game, I can only remind you so many times of your past superciliousness that toyed with you like college football bloggers and Erin Andrews pictures. But the giant elephant is still in the room, and because the floors are about to cave in, we must spend another post or two regarding the best week of the year.

With that being said, in terms of Hate Week, I understand that you expect more when visiting this corner of cyberspace. I know you are looking for unique perspective and are either waiting for me to pile on God’s favorite football team just a little bit more….or your head is about to explode as I push the boundaries of your consciousness and explain to you in not-so-many-words that your team is a fraud and a sham. You are looking for direction, as the world tries to figure out just what the hell happened to the Nebraska football team…and what…if anything…can be done to save your soul? What could you possibly do at this point to make it all just go away? If Missouri rolls, as many think they will…will true order be restored? Will Hate Week as we know it cease to exist? Is Baylor involved in any do-or-die epic clashes between civilizations? I’m guessing no.

So if this actually is in fact the last hate week for the foreseeable future, what will the lasting legacy be of a “rivalry” between two fan bases who I think it is safe to say…don’t particularly like each other very much? How exactly did we get to this point and why did it take 30 years?

As is the case with many complex questions, the answers for this particular case is simple and straightforward. I’ve stated this many times to many people, and predictably, you either have refused to listen, or have pushed the truth to the back of your brain. Stop me if you've heard this before from me once, twice or five thousand times.

You did this to yourselves.

Your arrogant attitude and holier than thou mantra over the years should have been your first clue that when…not if…your program came back to earth..there would be hell to pay. You should have known that 30 years of pity claps, campus invasions, unbridled loyalty and an all out annoying persona that would make the most dedicated nun stick a pistol to her head… would lead to retribution of the most vengeful kind.

This weekend, 5,000 or so Missouri fans will decend upon your sacred cathedral of egotism and demand payback for a generation of sand being kicked in his preverbial face. These 5,000 or men and women dressed in gold will be expecting that their team take not lightly the responsibility of retribution for every single moment you’ve bestowed upon them in your ominous road to perdition.

The players themselves may not see the game for what it truly is….nor would coaches, trainers or university personnel. But you and I both know what is at stake here. You and I both know that your program can either take one last gasp of air from under 10 feet of endothermic radioactive ash….or you can be driven back to the bowels of hell from which you crawled out of so many decades ago, led by Satan's minions named Devaney and Osborne. You may not like it, you may not agree with it…but for those of us who have put up with your exhausted act for so long…we know better.

To answer your question...yes. Yours truly will be in attendance, ready to take the battle to you…the greatest fans in college football. Perhaps you will walk by me during the second half, heading to your ’94 Ford F150 as you prepare to head back to Cozad, Wisner or whatever humble po-dunk burg you reside from. Perhaps you will ignore my light applause as I wish you safe travels and a successful rest of the season? Perhaps you will simply stare through me as I proudly salute your team’s valliant effort as they trudge back through those huge ugly glass doors that make you look like a 3rd rate Arena League team? Or Perhaps you will be doing 75mph on the interstate when the clock hits :00 and I, and my fellow fans, truly celebrate the termination of pure evil? Perhaps you will be watching the Discovery Channel at home while I shout to down to your players below, “It’s OK Huskers…you played well.”


Watching the nuclear destruction of your program first hand last season in a swirling ball of golden hate in was indeed enjoyable. Walking into your living room and distributing 30 years of payback….ripping the pictures off your walls and defecating on your furniture…will be indeed priceless, and most likely…the end of a movement literally decades in the making.

Buckle up and hold on.

The end game is very very near.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't think your giving your team enough credit, AJ. I would hope that vile Red Sea parts at least as early as it did in their Okie St game last year.

My team will be playing another obnoxious, whiny team (although good in this case) in Texas. I don't expect they'll fare as well as Mizzou should, but given the typical Buff schizophrenia, who knows?

Hope all Mizzou fans have fun in seeing the demons exorcised.

4:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I can't help but be excited for you. As a Buffs fan, and the witness of a few mortal wounds inflicted upon the Big Red Machine (see 62-36, 65-51) by my own team, I humbly bestow upon you the honor of having your own Tigers pull out the sword, poised to thrust it into the cavity of Cornhusker Nation.

I have been amused by Husker fans this week. I've read such statements as "I remember the last time Mizzou won in Memorial Stadium - that loss still hurts more than any Tiger fan shall know." They don't and may never get it, but that doesn't diminish the fun of mutilating them. Colorado may not score 60 on them (I think Mizzou will score 66 in this one) this year, but it will still make my year when we beat them.

Husker fans are even pondering the question this week if Missouri is Nebraska's biggest rival - self-delusion at its best. Because, at this point, it would raise their program to be your rival (this year at least).

My advice... Take pictures. Lots of them. Enjoy every moment. Golf clap every Husker fan who leaves early. Storm the field. Tear down the goal posts. Write a journal. Hug your fellow Tiger fans.

I will be cheering your Tigers to run up the score.


4:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

AJ. You have a gift my friend.

You capture the fusker-fan hatred that all Buff and Mizzou fans share.

The pity claps, the nose-in-the-air arrogance, the stadium invasion totally nails the assholishness of fusker fan.

At the root of all this? Because they've wrapped their entire lives up in the fuskers, they're inherently better than the rest of us when their team beats our "lesser" programs.

The only thing I enjoy more than HATE WEEK (Capitalized out of respect) is the Buffs kicking knebraska's sorry ass.

It is a tribute to Mizzou fans and Buff fans everywhere that we haven't slashed any fusker tires.

Buffalo Phil -- A huge fan of the Big XI.

p.s. fuck knebraska

4:34 PM  
Blogger AJ said...

Goddamn I love the Buff fans.

I'll be in Columbia for the MU-CU game on the 25th.

Hope to see you guys there.

4:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's about time you Inbred fucks fielded a decent team. Fortunately for you, it comes at this moment in Husker history, otherwise you would have received your birthright, the biennial pity clap. You still might, you are still Mizzouri afterall, but I doubt it. Enjoy a real football stadium on Saturday and by all means gloat. If you don't you'll regret it when everything returns to normal.

Nebraska 24
Inbreds 45


4:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


You are really showing lots of class.

Are you going to drive to the game with your old pickup with the couch in the back too.

5:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Go easy on Shatel. There's an old saying that goes something like: "You don't shit where you eat". That's all Shatel is doing. He's trying to keep his readership happy. He doesn't have the balls (or stupidity) to do what Whitlock does, and that's to piss off your readership so much that they love to hate you.

Come to think of it, maybe that's what you like to do as well.

Go Tigers!

5:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Holy shi. Did you just call Tom Osborne and Bob Devaney the sons of Satan?

That's hard core

5:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

AJ - excellent work at the Tribune and at correctly identifying Bob Devaney and Tom Osborne as being like the gatekeepr and keymaster (those two devil dogs) in Ghostbusters.

7:20 PM  
Blogger colo4nu said...

Since the Buffs fans are bringing up history, how about Montana State a few years back. 19-10 at Folsom Prison.

7:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


As my fellow CU posters have stated, I have really enjoyed HATE WEEK and it is so nice that someone else truly comprehends the depths of hatred and contempt I, and so many other CU fans, have for the Nbreds.

I will be at the CU/UT game but will Tivo the Lincoln Massacre. All I can imagine is that it will be like the sacking of Rome but sprinkled with pity claps from the MU conquerors.

Go Buffs and Go Tigers!

7:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I said I would check back in, and here I am.

My GUT feeling on this game reminds me of when I was a kid and broke out a window with a baseball or got chased down by the police for hitting their cruiser with snowballs in the winter.

I would run in the house get my ASS CHEWED by Mother and the last words out of her mouth was "Wait till your Father gets home."

I never knew how bad of a beating I would get but I knew it was coming, and looking back it was not all that bad.

So how does this fit into football?

I know we will get beat, but how bad will the beating be?

All good things come to and end.

I will be at the game and pray that it will not end and be as loud as I can be, for what that is worth.

If you want to meet up before the game let me know!

As always,
You Can Eat A Mile Of My Corn Ridden Shit And Kiss My Husker....

8:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Good luck this week to your Tigers. As a Buff, I proudly remember 2001 when Colorado unleashed the decades of pain and frustration of all of the Big 12 North on Nebraska, and in the space of 60 minutes of pure ecstasy, beat the ever living shit out of Nebraska at the peak of their dominance and arrogance, when they marched into Boulder 11-0 and ranked #1 in the BCS. I like to think we gave a little back that day to every fan who had to put up with decades of "maybe next year...Ah who are we kidding." comments from the Bugeater faithful. They have never been the same since.

I remember standing in memorial stadium in Lincoln in 2004 as Colorado walked off the field victorious again, eliminating Nebraska from a winning season and sending Nebraska and it's red neck nation into the cold, dark oblivion of an offseason with no bowl game for the first time in over 4 decades. As a gesture of good will, a Nebraska fan confronted me and screamed obscenities at me and my girlfriend as we were applauding CU as they left the field. Classy indeed!

As a fan who also bleeds black and gold, although for a different team, I will be fully in your team's corner as they march into Lincoln to exorcise the demons of 30 years, and further remind the overall wearing corn hole fans that retribution has finally come...and it is only the beginning.


8:00 PM  
Blogger AJ said...

Good to have Corn-Ridden-Shit guy back.

8:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"colo4nu said...
Since the Buffs fans are bringing up history, how about Montana State a few years back. 19-10 at Folsom Prison."

I'm sorry. You have me confused. Do you root for Montana State or Nebraska? Because, last I checked, YOUR team just endured another ass-raping in Folsom Prison in the last meeting. Way to stick it to us CU fans dumbass!

Scoreboard! Bitch!


8:30 PM  
Anonymous Bob Coufal said...

AJ ever the since the fall of the "Orange Delay Renwewall" you have been jealous as hell of us born BIG RED. Admit it, you are like a giant catfish that has no gills, LMAO. Seriously man the Renwewall started this all and I guarantee you even drank hot cum before that. The Big Red will rise again AJ, you know, I know, it starts Saturday night with Coach BO pulling off the upset.

Idiot. ROTFL

10:30 PM  
Anonymous Runralphierun said...

Oh we're bringing up Montana St are we? Cute. Are we so desperate that we've resulted to low blows? Sure, we hit our low point, and nobody in or around the Colorado football program are even going to deny it. But, unlike you dipshits, we bounce back. Correct me if I'm wrong, did we not beat a #3 Oklahoma last year? Get three 4 interceptions off of one of the most dangerous QB-WR combos in the country in Graham Harrell and Michael Crabtree on the road last year? Beat an impressive 1-2 running combo in Noel Devine and Pat White this year? Not to mention, tattoo a fat 65 points on your miserable D? Because, that's what teams on the rise do, hit rock bottom and climb up. What do you have to show for yourselves? Really, what have you possible accomplished since 2001? 1 big XII north title? Enjoy the slide down the mountain...I hope you pieces of shit hit every rock on the way down.
2001: CU-62 NU-36
*ouch!* it starts...
2003: K-State-38 NU-9
2004: Tech-70 NU-10
2004: Chokelahoma-30 NU-3
and of course...the lowest of the absolute low, you got your asses Rocked, Chalked...fuckin JAYHAWKED!
2007: Kansas-76 NU-39
Nuf' said...

So, while we rise from the ashes with pride and endless possiblity with a great coach and young talent, we can sit back and watch you wallow in your own shit. 2-10 is a grim memory, but your nightmare is just beginning. Choke on it bitches!

10:43 PM  
Blogger daddyact said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you …

As a representative of every Husker fan I can only thank you for the amount of justification for the pity and disdain we have held for Missouri, Colorado and KSU fans over the years.

Every bit of profanity-laced vitriol only serves to prove to us that you don't know how to be gracious winners and that your overwhelming venality only underscores your lack of class in victory or loss.

We will take our bows gratefully for pissing you all off. We will even revel in the myopia you place on beating the Huskers every year.

When you've learned how to actually focus on winning a championship and not just beating the Huskers you'll actually become a program which has what it takes to win year after year after year.

As yet, i just haven't seen any other program I with the exception of Oklahoma) which has shown that.

Once again, Thank you.

10:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I highly doubt many fans will be left by the 4th quarter. The "5,000" or so fans that made it to Lawrence last year left at halftime.

How do I know?

I gave them shots of Crown.

11:48 PM  
Blogger bornred said...

Well, as a Husker fan, I sure as shit wouldn't waste space on my DVR to record a Buff, Tiger, Jayhawk, or Tamecat game, but that's what I love about all you haters... You all bitch and moan about us, but you can't wait to comment about us on a blog dedicated to us, or watch our games. Fuck, I bet more than half of you assholes plunked down the $29.95 to see our PPV games.

We don't match up well at all on Saturday, but like all of you clowns, I'll still be watching.


PS. Still trying to find a BuffH8ter, TigerH8ter, JayhawkH8ter, or WildcatH8ter blog, but so far, I've found as many of those as I have Marist RedFoxH8ters.... Congratulations, douchebags

1:20 AM  
Blogger AJ said...

You bet Bob...see ya next year.

Mr.Daddyact, I admire your ability to swing wildy at everyone. You are one of the few who are at least going down with the ship, and that is to be commended.

Either that or you're just dumb.

Have a good weekend

8:09 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for all your great perspective on what Husker fans and the program are truly all about. Trying to expose the myth that "Husker fans are the nicest fans in the world" is important work. They're nice as long as they kick the crap out of your team.

Please be merciless in your punishment of their fans after the tremendous ass kicking that Mizzou surely will give them.

I'll be rooting for Mizzou to run up the score, while hopefully my Buffs give Texas a good game and who knows.....


9:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

so much shit written on these posts its hard to sift through it all

Bornred was on the money, you losers bash us and say we need to get a life because all we have is husker footbal. But you are the ones TIVOing our games and hating us on this blog. The only north team i would ever TIVO is KU, and that is to look at their cheerleaders.

Buff fan who called us classy because some guy cursed at him, big whoop. Your entire student section got kicked out. MU's players have been complimenting our fans all week, must be something to it.

I like the guy who picked out 5 games over the last 7 years to show us how bad we are. I'm pretty sure we could do that for every north team.

Which leads me to runninralphie. We hit bottom last year. I think you and i can agree on that. we are supposed to bounce back in 4 fucking games?? Ya you have really bounced back. Apparently 6-7 is bouncing back. A few upsets doens't mean you're back dipshit.

to the guy on the last board. Not going to look at the stats either, but i'm pretty sure we're a helluva lot closer to career wins to Michigan and Notre Dame than army and minnesota. ND hasn't won a bowl in 10 years, 97 was the last time either of us won a title. When was the last time minn and army were relavent? i know you're talking shit, but c'mon.

You can all kiss my ass and proclaim us dead now. Because like OU, USC, and FL - who all had a shitty 5 year run in the last 15 years - we will be back and then I'll never hear from you again.

internet tough guy

10:11 AM  
Blogger Damien said...

I can't take credit for this but,

"To quote Maximus Decimus Meridius, in terms of Booger Boy and the Mizzou Offense: "The time for honoring yourself will soon be at an end."


11:26 AM  
Blogger AJ said...


Nebraska fans telling Missouri fans they should stop "honoring themselves".

You have a fucking sign over your doors that proclaim to teh world that you're the greatest fans in college football.


11:43 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Two days ago, the biggest Husker fan I know emailed a bet for the game:

"I'll take the Huskers and the points."

So beating the spread counts as a "Victory!!!" in Lincoln nowadays?

Let me get this right. A Nub fan resorting to begging a Tiger fan for the chance (just a chance, mind you) to experience a moral victory?


P.S. -- Fuck him.

11:53 AM  
Blogger AJ said...

Thanks Mike.

Appreciate the comments

12:54 PM  
Blogger colo4nu said...

Hey runralphierun: remember this

2005 Big 12 against Texas: 3-70

ouch, oof, bitch slapped, and shitty all in one game. 14 points isn't a huge beatdown like you seem to think. Great defensive stuggle. That game could have went either way. I have to admit that all Buffs fans aren't bad. We were sitting amongst them and they shared their beer with us. Great tip when you go to Folsom, they don't check you bags and you can bring a 12 pack in and go get more at halftime.

1:22 PM  
Blogger broker0625 said...

I wonder why Texas and OU fans, who would be the other two traditional powers in the Big 12, don't hate Nebraska or it's fans. Weird how most would say the exact opposite about both. If you sit there and say well...well...they are exactly the same as you, well than you are just sore losers. People love to loathe success. And misery loves company. Thats why KSU and KU fans jump on Aj's bandwagon. No pun intended about the misery. Good luck on the game, I hope our fans for the most part treat you good AJ. I know if I saw you I would. For every jackass thing a Neb fan does there is probably 1,000 good gestures from the rest of us. Keep that in mind.


I hope I'm wrong. I hope we keep the streak going against Mizzou.


1:51 PM  
Blogger Alex Quinlan said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

2:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

From Bornred

"PS. Still trying to find a BuffH8ter, TigerH8ter, JayhawkH8ter, or WildcatH8ter blog, but so far, I've found as many of those as I have Marist RedFoxH8ters.... Congratulations, douchebags"

Isn't that a good thing for all of us?

Let me answer your question Bornred.

There aren't those hate sites becuase all of the fan bases you just named aren't anywhere near the arrogant assholes that fusker fans are.

Wow! That was so easy. Anything else I can help you with Bornred, you just let me know.

Buffalo Phil -- A huge fan of the Big XI.

p.s. good luck Tigers and uh . . .
oh yea, fuck knebraska

2:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I thought the point of a contest was to win? Given that, how can you be pissed at Nebraska for what you call 'pity' claps and be angry about beat downs? Would you rather have a pity clap, or pity touchdowns?

The real problem with you haters is that you think the clapping is contrived and insincere, it isn't. If it was just 'pity', why applaud for Va Tech last week?

I know AJ hates hearing it, but you guys just don't get, you never will.

2:37 PM  
Blogger Geoffrey Glaucus Gawain said...

Got to love Buff fans. Besides Mizzou, they are the best in college football. The Mizzou Buffs game is going to be a classic on October 25th.

As for Nebraska, the only thing I enjoy more than watching your football team get fucked, is fucking your women.

3:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think the 30+ years of dominance still haven't worn off on the Cats or the Colorado Clowns. Still trying to swallow the bitter pills, are we?

While walking around NU's campus today: Nice of Mizzou to have a lame ass team bus with the titles "NATIONAL NORTH CHAMPS 2007" and "COTTON BOWL CHAMPS 2007" laminated on the sides. Didn't you make fun of NU for proclaiming the Big 12 North title? Yet, your team just embraced it and stuck it on THEIR SIDE of the bus.

I'll take you guys seriously when you can post NATIONAL CHAMPS in your stadium like the Huskers have. Too bad Oklahoma will jizz on your parade, douchebag.

(Oh, btw, before you drag up history or other bullshit points that CU or MU fans seem to rag on NU fans, I'm referring to when your "team" can close the deal. It's too bad that MU looks like a used prom date whenever they get invited to the Big XII championships.)

Look for NU to stomp all over your parade in the next 5 years. Enjoy your win in Lincoln tomorrow, because it'll be another 30 years before you ever are like this again, Pinky supporters.

As always, Colorado, don't shit all over yourselves before the season even starts. Make sure Ralphie's good and clean before we screw you guys all over the field.


3:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

daddyact said...

"Every bit of profanity-laced vitriol only serves to prove to us that you don't know how to be gracious winners and that your overwhelming venality only underscores your lack of class in victory or loss."

As opposed to your obvious "class" in telling WVU fans to expect tire slashings, muggings, and couch burnings when they visit Boulder?


"As yet, i just haven't seen any other program I with the exception of Oklahoma) which has shown that."

Well since you've sprouted a woody for the Sooners, here's a link for you:


"Once again, Thank you."

Your welcome.


3:56 PM  
Blogger Mac G said...

AJ, I will grab my nut sack and take the ass rape pounding that is coming Saturday.

Mizzou has more talent, along with most of the Big 12 btw, and a better football program right now than NU. Any Skers fan that disagrees with that is pure delusional.

I enjoyed my youth going to Skers games and rolling up 60 on Mizzou at homecomings. It is Tigers fans time to revel in being superior to NU football and enjoy the celebration.

Your rantings crack me up so I guess that makes me a sane Skers fan. Oh well. Good Luck

4:11 PM  
Blogger Damien said...

Thing is we have actually accomplished something, your Missourah Tigers have not.

Huskers > Tigers, it's science.

4:40 PM  
Blogger bornred said...

Let me answer your question Bornred.

Ummm... there was no question mark.. It was a statement, you gaping ass wad.

There aren't those hate sites becuase all of the fan bases you just named aren't anywhere near the arrogant assholes that fusker fans are.

Keep telling yourself that, skippy. A 30 second search and I found the following...


Red Sox

USC Trojans


Ya, the thing they all have in common is the arrogant asshole fanbase... Fuck, give me a break. If that were the criteria, one of the first blogs launched would have been a BuffaloH8ter.

Now, shut the fuck up and let the adults talk.


5:37 PM  
Blogger AJ said...

Wow, look at Randy coming out swinging.

You go.

5:53 PM  
Blogger daddyact said...

ey, Buffalo Phil, do you even know what the definition of arrogance is?

Let me see if I can help.

arrogance: an exaggerated, unwarranted sense of one's own importance or abilities

In other words, fans can certainly be arrogant about a football program which has not achieved that much in it's history. Kansas State fans are classically arrogant. Their team has one conference title in the past twenty years.

Texas fans may be the most arrogant yet, since they also have a single conference title since 1997. However, UT has won many titles in their history and are almost always in the title hunt.

OU fans can hardly be classified as arrogant. They own the conference since 2000, and are nearly always in the NC hunt.

Now, Husker fans are a bit arrogant, since we've expected the Huskers to rebound from the depths of 2002, 2004, and 2007. Hasn't happened … yet.

However, when you are talking about a program with five NCs, 43 conference titles, and 800 total wins, it can hardly be called arrogance when a Husker fan talks a little smack.

The arrogant fans are those who assume that any recent success automatically translates into championships, of any kind, and prolonged dominance contrary to the history of that program.

That would include fans of Colorado, KSU, and Texas Tech, all of whom talk about their teams as if they are the best in the nation, all evidence to the contrary.

Husker fans are not arrogant by definition. They are perhaps unduly proud of the program and it's history, but that's not arrogance, because it's certainly not unwarranted or exaggerated.

You can argue all you want about it, but then you'd truly show a lack of knowledge of the definition of arrogant.

6:36 PM  
Blogger daddyact said...

Hey, Clownshoe? The truth does hurt doesn't it?

WVU fans were warned because every time the Huskers have come in and beat up your pretentious little program, there've been tire slashings, muggings and couch burnings all over Boulder.

i suspect the Mountaineers had nothing to fear since they actually lost and CU fans don't hate them the way the hate Husker fans.

O, and btw, college grad, it's you're welcome, as in you are, not your, which indicates possession. But then why am I not surprised a CU grad doesn't know the difference?

6:45 PM  
Anonymous SteveM said...

As a Husker fan, I will agree that the "we're the greatest fans" business is really lame, and should be abolished. Yes, I'll grant that we have some clueless jerks in our fanbase, and some pompous assholes, as well. I will also concede that 2008 Missouri is a better team than 2008 Nebraska, and that Mizzou will probably win handily tomorrow.
But I can't go along with the contention that life as we know it will end if Missouri wins. Sure, we Huskers would love to beat Missouri, but most of us realize it ain't gonna happen
this Saturday. Even so, Nebraska is not likely to forfeit the rest of the schedule, or shut down the football program. Not because we lost to just another Big XII team, which is what Mizzou represents, no more, no less
One more point: I think you're a talented writer, AJ. The evidence is that your blog is entertaining, even if it has basically only one subject.

7:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Bornred,

I assumed the question mark because fusker fan is so clueless and always in need of answers.

I'll give you this, CU fans are not a group of choir boys. I totally admit that we are assholes sometimes -- especially to fusker fucks like yourself.

Here's the difference between Buff fan (and almost every other fan base for that matter) and fusker fan.

We're honest assholes. You'll never hear a Buff fan try to tell you what great fans we are. We don't patronize and we respect an opposing team's home stadium.

You act like you're above it all when really you're just like the rest of us.

Look how your fans treated Cosgrove's kid last year. I've never heard of Buff fan doing anythng close to that.

Let's do this Webster's dictionary style.

fusker fan: a passive-aggressive, patronizing dickhead who walks with smug superiority -- especially in an oponent's stadium -- this makes him hated by all other fan bases who have to deal with fusker fan on a regular basis

Long live HATE WEEK!

Buffalo Phil -- A huge fan of the Big XI!

9:36 PM  
Anonymous jhawk-in-nc said...

Hey, broker0625,

If Oklahoma and Texas fans don't hate Nebraska, it's only because they're so busy hating each other. That's a full-time job. I think Oklahoma fans save any leftover bile for Nebraska (or at least they used to).

10:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love the smell of Hate in the morning. It smells like Victory.

1:02 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

daddyact said...

"WVU fans were warned because every time the Huskers have come in and beat up your pretentious little program, there've been tire slashings, muggings and couch burnings all over Boulder."

I suppose you have verified proof of that. We wouldn't want facts to get in the way of you're (go ahead and correct that, you anal-retentive blowhard) holier than thou lectures on class. Any Boulder PD reports, newspaper stories? Something other than my friend's third cousin great uncle had his tractor tires slashed in the parking lot?

Speaking of Nub class, have any of Pelini's staff received any death threats yet? Children of any coaches harassed at sporting events?

"and CU fans don't hate them the way the hate Husker fans."

The way "the" hate Husker fans? Who is "the"? Do you mean "they" which indicates a pronoun? See Nub...I can play this game too.

Also wasn't CU supposed to "lose and lose big" to WVU because they "won't be playing flatlanders at an elevated altitude which has them huffing and puffing in the fourth quarter."

It was pointed out that Morgantown has a lower elevation than Lincoln, but once again let's not have facts get in the way of you're (there it is again!) superior NU education.

BTW Verrry convenient of you to ignore the Sooner link.

10:53 AM  
Blogger daddyact said...

You don't need proof numbnuts, when it happens to you. you don't need proof when honest Husker fans tell you about the last time we beat the Puffies in Boulder.

And the couch burnings are well-known dipshit and documented on television and in the newspapers.

Colorado fans are possibly the worst in America.

4:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

AJ I met you at UNO hockey games(Mavpuck)--as a buff fan (we got our arse kicked.) I hope you are at the game and enjoyed it!!!!


11:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


11:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To the fucking asshole cornpoke fan who threw my KU hat across the bar and asked how can they let me work here after boldly prediciting a cornfuck win, "Go fuck your self and all of the rest of you so called best fans." I may live here but I don't have to put up with your ignorant bullshit!

2:04 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It was a true ass raping! I hope the whole stadium burned to the ground as a result of it!

I have never been to a bigger shit hole in my life than was the town of Lincoln and the supposed "sacred" stadium than in 2005 when my Sooners showed up to town and beat their ass. The whole god damn thing is a discrace to college football. There should only be Division II football allowed in Nebraska from here on out!

3:07 AM  

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