November 28, 2008

"I've Paid my Dues...Time After Time"

Wow, what a thriller.

Mega props to my Husker readers for restoring order on National TV this afternoon. Oh sure you gave up 31 points at home to the #91 ranked offense in the nation...and who cares if you needed a miracle field goal to make up from yet another boneheaded mistake by your senior QB? It was a huge win! And mostly…huge props to Suh the spitter on making the most of his opportunity at the end of the game with his brilliant interception. Other than gouging somebody's eyeballs between his fingers at the bottom of a pile…that’s probably the biggest thrill he’s had all year.

Regardless, Husker nation is in a tizzy tonight…celebrating the Big Red Revolution of 2008. Well...kinda..except for that other North team in front of you that beat you by 5 TD’s in Lincoln and oh yeah..also beat that team you just squeaked by 58-0. But besides all that, you’ve taken mediocrity to an entirely new level and shown the world you are back. You have now surpassed the other juggernauts of the north, and parlayed you’re your “tradition” and “name” into an amazing 8 win season; highlighted by having only one win over a team with a winning record. Bravo!

In all seriousness though….

This whole thing is funny to me, because the standard retort to those first few paragraphs is for sure going to be…”oh yeah…do you know how awful we were last year! 8 wins is a miracle!”

Ok, 8 wins might be a miracle, but just how much of that last year was a result of your “talent”, “work ethic” and most of all…your ridiculous expectations? If you recall, you guys beat Wake Forest last year on the road. (Granted, Wake was starting a 9th string QB and nearly won at the end..but still.) You also beat the hell out of Nevada…which went on to have a damn good season.

The point is…you did suck last year and you certainly deserved every single bit of mocking laughter you received from both me..and others around the league. But just how much of an “improvement” are you talking here? Are you REALLY that much better than the team that whipped Nevada and squeaked by Wake on the road? Are you REALLY that much better now that you’ve beaten Colorado by 9 at home, rather than losing by 14 on the road? Are you that much better beating Kansas State by 28 on the road rather than 42 at home? Are you really that much better beating Kansas….ok…Kansas has gone into the toilet, and you’ve passed them completely. But still.

In the end, the difference in your team from this year to last is two fold: First, your players haven’t quit on a dime like Eric Crouch at the first day of the combine. For that, I will give you limited credit. Not because Bo Pelini has done some sort of miracle work here…but that last year’s mental disaster was well beyond anything most teams have ever seen.

And second, your season changed this season because of three things: Kansas, Colorado and Texas A&M. Of those three losses on your schedule from 2007, these are the losses that were turned into wins for 2008. So when we look at those three extra wins in more detail: We all know what sort of problems Kansas has. Colorado…as we saw tonight…isn’t exactly head and shoulders below you…coming within 1:34 and a miracle field goal away from winning on the road. And A&M was basically swapped on the schedule this year by Baylor..who won a whopping 4 games this season.

Your defense is still crappy at best (ranked 91st in scoring). You still can’t get a turnover to save your life (110th in the country in turnover margin), although apparently your lineman can hold onto the ball when it hits them in the gut. The only thing that has really changed was tonight's game was in Lincoln rather than Boulder...Kansas has completely gone into the toilet…and A&M was swapped out on the schedule with Baylor.

Other than that…I really don’t see that much of a difference.

But regardless, 8 win seasons are now something to celebrate around here..and celebrate you will! I honestly hope this magic carpet ride of 5 yard gains and constant mediocrity have been as much of a thrill for you as they have for me. Next up is a mid-level ACC team that is probably about as over-valued as you are. Granted, we will see how the chips fall…but for this one moment in time…you have taken that great big mythical step “back” to where you once never really were.

As for the game itself…a couple of thoughts:

- That fake field goal might have been the worst call I’ve ever seen in my life in any sport, at any level. (And to think you people used to bash the GRF for that stuff) I understand your coach isn’t exactly an offensive/special teams genius…but there are JV teams in North Dakota that wouldn’t have been stupid enough to run that.

- Hell of a kick by Henry in a clutch situation. Dude is going to be so popular tonight, he may actually get to kiss a girl. Dude looks like the love child of Bill Gates and Tina props to him.

- Also nice to see the Spitter get a great pick to end the game and send farm nation into a frenzy. I’ll give that thug some credit..he sure knows how to get his hands up when the ball is coming right at his face. That really takes some talent.

- Finally, I get into it with some friends of mine often about the value of Joe Ganz. Now I will readily admit, I have more than my share of criticism of Joe Ganz over the past 18 months or so, but he really does do a nice job of keeping the game in front of him, and simply making simple passes. Nothing fancy..never does he thread a needle or put a 50 yard bomb into somebody outstretched arms…just a nice solid QB.

But that kid needs to get his head out of his ass when he’s running backwards on 3rd and 10 from the 30 with time running out. Both his fumble earlier in the quarter and the horrible decision to run backwards late in the game nearly cost his team a huge win over a sub-mediocre team. I will fully admit he is exactly the type of guy who can run your vanilla offense with precision and confidence. But those of you who are trying to convince me that he is in the same conversation as Harrell, Bradford, McCoy, Daniel and Robinson are absolutely stoned. Had he started as a freshman, he would have had a shot…but with only 15 games of experience…he’s still fully capable of making a killer mistake at any time.

And with’s time for the bowl lull. Time for a full 3-4 weeks of nothingness before any meaningful football games take place to occupy the time during cold December nights. The quiet early winter air will be light, as deafening silence fills the airwaves. Gone will be the sounds of cracking shoulder pads, the squeeling voice of Ron Franklin and the giddy anticipation that greets each and every Saturday morning.

Well, I actually only meant you. My team is playing for the conference title next week.

Tah tah for now.


(Photo Credit AP and Lincoln Journal Star)


Anonymous Mr. Bump said...

That win was pure luck...but I'll gladly take a lucky win over a loss any day of the week.

7:28 PM  
Anonymous SDHusker said...

Good to see your bullshit keeps dripping down your leg fuckstick!

8-4 vs 5-7, the numbers alone say enough!

A team that is playing as a team instead of a bunch of guys waiting for a nightmare to end.

You are really a sorry fuck AJ! You know that life in the North is changing in front of yours eyes and you just can't handle it! You know a win over a weak KU team will be followed by and ass ripping in the title game and it hurts! You know that your pussy cats will follow that up with another ass basting in the Holiday bowl to another no name school.

Yes AJ, we are on our way and your going in another direction, it sure sucks to be you!

Now about these refs!

8:11 PM  
Blogger AJ said...

Actually, you guys are kinda right. That is the WORST kind of game to discuss/breakdown/talk shit about afterward.

If I bash you, you can go back and say.."a W is a W". Which it certainly is.

If you start bragging on it, you have to realize you barely beat a shitty CU team at home.

Nobody really wins here.

8:11 PM  
Blogger AJ said...

"Yes AJ, we are on our way and your going in another direction, it sure sucks to be you! "

I nearly burst my lungs laughing at that line. You realize the irony of that right?

You're like the Stephen Colbert of my blog.

8:24 PM  
Blogger bornred said...

Totally agree with Bump... pure luck. However, as a fan (whether you're a Buff or a Husker), it was an exciting emotional roller coaster ride that last 2 minutes. After the Ganz sack and subsequent incompletion on 3rd down, I was pretty much resigned to coming back here and taking my lumps, but Henry's kick was sensational.

Not here to gloat, just appreciated the effort by both teams.

9:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Nice blogging tonight. Blah, Blah, Blah. Why don't you write about Missouri's quality wins this season. (There is Nebraska and um Nebraska and let's see the win against Nebraska)

8-4 Fuck you!

Go Jayhawks!

I can't wait to watch Missouri get ass fucked in the B12 championship game and cheer when your FUPA quarterback crys on TV.

Missouri will NEVER win a N/C or have a player win the Heisman.

9:28 PM  
Anonymous Runralphierun said...

Well first things first,

As much as I've razzed your team and over-the-top fanatacism all year (and all my life to be honest), today my hat's off to you. You played hard til the last whistle and pulled out a hard fought victory. Well done.

As I look back on the season, I can sit here and curse all the bad breaks, the injuries...the 57 yard field goals, but I'm not gonna do that. My Buffs brought their hearts into Lincoln today and fought valiently to the very end...and sure, it wasn't enough. Considering the injuries and circumstances, what more can a man truly ask? We fought to the death and gave great promise for the years to come.

I want to applaud you all, you're all great fans and have helped make the Big XII the best and most exciting conference in the country. Our rivalries prove time and time again to be some of the fiercest and most hard fought in the country. Although, Nebraska takes it a step further than I think most rational people should, I truly envy your passion. In my years of following CU, I have always wished more than anything that we had more.

For the most part, you haven't been through the seasons CU and Mizzou (amongst others) have had to put up with; hopeless onlookers watching with hope running thin as the Big Red machine sends us home with our tail between our legs. That's why we love to beat you so much, because it pisses you off more than anything. That's how AJ finally beat you, for the first time in most of your lives you had to sit back and watch as the tables finally turned and you had to sit and watch...hopeless. It's been a great season for football, and still miles from the finish line and as much as what happened today broke my heart...I realize it's all just a game, in good fun. Good luck ya hicks. This is your loud, foul mouth CU asshole signing off...

Stay classy haters...

I'm going snowboarding.

Chris in Boulder

And...before you start gritting your teeth and talking shit, remember that it took a school record 57 yard field goal to beat an injury plagued team full of freshmen and sophomores...not exactly the onslaught of offense and domination you all predicted...

9:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This season restored some pride. It built character. Those 2 words you know nothing about. Why not stop the blog now, slither back into your hole, never to be heard from again. God knows you won`t have much to cheer next year with the tiggers.

9:49 PM  
Anonymous SDHusker said...

Why thank you!

10:34 PM  
Blogger AJ said...

The fact that some anonymous poster just threw "8-4" smack at me is hilarious.

Do you idiots realize where you are? Do you realize what you used to be about? Do you have any idea about anything I've been preaching about for the past 4-5 years or however I've been ranting or raving here?

The point is not that you went 8-4. Seriously, I gave you your are improved. What more do you want, considering the name of the blog?

But the fact remains, you are still...just that...bragging about 8-4...something that would have absolutely devestated you just 6-7 years ago. This is the behavior and the mindset I'm talking about. This is the blind idiotic nature I describe in some Husker fans who have gone their whole life thinking they are better than other people..yet completely missing who they're trying to represent.

I'm well aware of my team's misfortunes in life...very well aware. I've grown to live with them and other negative aspects of watching sports in probably each and every season with every team I follow.

But what I don't get is how that is supposed to negatively impact me. How can some people not get the divide between sports and life? Just like when some idiot every 3-4 days goes, "hey asshole, why don't you move?"

Because it's just a fucking game and these are fucking words you dumbass. I respect SD, Internet Tough Guy, JP and everybody else who has come through here and called me every name in the book. I respect creativity, and the ability to argue for your matter how shitty they are.

But posts like that are exactly why I love to write. I've turned a fan of a once great powerhouse, into a vindictive and self-concious worm...simply by making him take the time to pop off to brag about an 8 win season.

Missouri may not win a National title...hell...I would be shocked if they did in my grandkid's lifetime. But what you'll never get is the thrill of watching a long-time bully lose his mind, simply because he's a spec of what he once was.

You sir/madam are my inspiration, and the exact reason I work so hard to piss not just you off..but your entire fan base.

This is why I do it.
This is why I keep going.

And this is why I said it's so much easier to write after Husker wins than it is during Husker losing spells. It brings out the very best in a fan base that really really loves itself..even if it doesn't recognize the reflection in the mirror.

Enjoy the games next week.

11:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If I remember right you were dead set that you had Nebraska's season pegged with a 4-8 record at the beginning of the season... and you were asking us to come back at the end of the season to tell you that you were the man?

8-4, take that Husker H8er!!!

Now I know that Mizzou kicked our ass 52-17 (that was expected), OU blew us away (that was also expected)... but take away a couple of plays in the VT and TT games and that record would have looked just a little bit better... so I will give it to you that you had last year pegged to a tee almost, but you missed it this year A.J. and for that, I can usually count on you, I am glad you are throwing in the towel on the Huskerh8er site after the bowl game.

As a Husker fan, there is a lot that you have written that is true about some of the Husker faithful (every fan base has its dip shits, hell look at CU, KSucks, or MU, there are plenty of them too, and even Texas and Oklahoma have their share of idiot fans).

By the way, hopefully your Tigers handle the Gay-Hawks like a $5 hooker, and then bitch slap one of the "South Powers" back to mediocrity (we can all dream right)... either way it's been a fun season!


11:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Don’t you see the humor in 8-4 smack? It should be obvious. Here’s a hint, 1973, 1978, 1980, 1981, stay with me here, how about 1998. Do you know your team's history? If you do, you know that for 37 years, the best record Missouri put together was 8-4. The Tigers actually had an 8-4 record 5 times!

This year’s Nebraska team is 8-4 during a rebuilding year with a first year coach, a coach with his first head coaching job. This Nebraska team equaled the 8-4 record of all of those “amazing” Tiger teams that you rooted for in the past. You and the Tiger faithful are the ones that are pathetic. This year’s Nebraska team has a chance to get to 9 wins, something Missouri has only done three times ever. NU and MU could end up with identical 9-4 records.

I sure hope the Tigers don’t choke against the Jayhawks, or they will be staring 9-4 in the face.

So, 8-4 and fuck you!

Don’t worry AJ, after Missouri gets a Big 12 championship ass pounding you can replay the 2008 Nebraska game and rub one out.

1:06 AM  
Blogger AJ said...

A couple of things ALWAYS make me laugh in the comments section:

1) When some idiot throws out bad Missouri records from the I somehow just started being a fan a couple years ago. This is not only insulting, but it's dumb. I could write 5 blogs about how bad Missouri football and basketball have been over the years. That's not the point of anything I'm getting at during the here and now.

2) People are now going to the, "We're good now and you're throwing in the towel" card. When I first started hating people used to win 10 games pretty much every year. During that time, there were no close home games with Colorado and Baylor. There was no arguing with Missouri fan because it simply wasn't necessary.

You fools have brainwashed yourselves in thinking that you have completed the journey back to redemption. The part that makes me laugh is...the irony involved with all of you actually forgetting where you were.

I'm "throwing in the towel" because of three main reasons:

1) I don't really care that much about Nebraska football anymore. You are an afterthought during many football conversations, and it really doesn't impact my life anymore.

2) There's only so many ways I can document your nose-dive into oblivion. Now I'm not stupid enough to think you're going to fall into SMU/NotreDame/Wyoming sort of oblivion. But compared to where you have may as well be.

3) Even if my team goes back to 3-9 seasons on a regular basis, the curse has been broken. I'm in no way concluding that I'll be the fan of some BCS power for years to come. That's stupid for any fan other than maybe Ohio State, USC, LSU etc.

But what it comes down to team is not just better than yours right now..but head and shoulders better. I fully expect for you to root against them in the Big 12 title that's what happens when you fall behind them. It's the reason I started this blog, and it's the reason I'm quitting.

There is just no further use to fighting this battle. You've already lost..even if you don't know it yet.

8:55 AM  
Anonymous SDHusker said...

It would be easy to start tossing out nasty names and to rant and rave about how stupid AJ and everything he writes is there is reality and that reality is he is right.

I am a life long born and raised Husker fan who has been supporting the program financially for the past 11 years through small donations because I love Husker football. It is my #1 passion and will remain that way until they stuff my big red loving ass in the ground in my big red casket wearing my big red cap and shirt. "Meet me at the pearly gates, I will be the one dressed in red!"

The reality of the college football world today dictates that it will be very hard for teams like Nebraska to dominate year after year like we were able to do for so long. I do believe we have the tradition, facilities and support to be a yearly player in the North and an occasional player for the B-12 title and National Championship. But even this is a few years away at best. For now I can deal with the 8-4 record because it is a hell of an improvement over the disaster of last year. But I miss my 9 win regular seasons!

OK so I got off track a bit! AJ is right and we are so irrelevant on the national scene right now it sucks! A 57 yard field goal to win the game doesn't even make the ESPN highlight reel folks! That's how irrelevant we have become in the college football world! But LSU who has a worse record than we do makes the reel because they were beaten by Arkansas!

LSU at 7-5 and Notre Dame at 6-5 who will get mopped up today by USC are relevant, us at 8-4 simply are just another team with a winning record. Like Ball State sitting undefeated and ranked #15 irrelevant. It is the way of the college football world.

Now about the game yesterday, WOW! I love going to the CU/NU game because it is always a dogfight regardless of records. Kudos to CU for playing to win yesterday, you were close!

I ended up watching the game on TV because I have been ill. But my buddies who sat in my seats had a blast and said it was another fun one. Again hats off to never giving up!

Now here is a real shocker! AJ I hope you guys slaughter KU today and then pull off the big upset in the championship game! It would be nice to see a team from the North with the title!

It is a game folks! I may talk some heavy smack on this blog but reality is I could sit down at a sports bar with each and every one of you and talk smack with you while we had a great time enjoying our passion! Of course if the wife was long I would get slapped for swearing!

Take care!

9:59 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are either not paying attention or just trying to be your usual smart-ass self if you don't believe we're much improved this year on defense. CU scored 41points in the 2nd fucking half last year. Their offense only had 143 yards and 10 points after their first 4 plays friday.

CU D gets some credit, i don't know who your D cordinator is but i would hang on to him. One of the Skers srengths has been our pass protection and that was nowhere to be found yesterday.

I don't give a fuck who we beat for 8 wins this year. We won 9 games for 30 straight years by beating the same cupcakes we beat this year.

I completely agree with your assesment of ganz.

As for 8-4, Go compare that record with other first year head coaches throughout history. Carrol, Stoops, Leach; they all had worse records. With the exception of leach, they also both had 8 winnable games on their schedule.
I'm not saying we will be playing at the level of OU or USC, but I am saying it is a pretty successful season for a frist-year head coach taking over a 5-7 team, no matter what school you're at.

And for the record, I am rooting for Kansas. All of you cousin-fucking mizzou fans can go fuck yourself. Like CU and KSU, you have talked constant shit for a few years and told us how we will never be good again. And like CU and KSU fans, I expect you to disappear in a few years. then we can listen to another North team talk shit like they run the world for a few years, maybe ISU this time?

internet tough guy

10:23 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Have a nice retirement, unless you are going unretire like Farve did.


10:59 AM  
Blogger broker0625 said...

I know you don't claim to be a football guru but I'm pretty sure Nebraska only allowed 24 points to the #91 ranked offense in the country. They scored seven the fake field goal attempt. Which I don't think Pelini will be calling ever again. I'm not a guru either but I'm pretty sure that was a defensive touchdown. It's ok Jesus still loves you, moron.


11:19 AM  
Blogger Damien said...

Man, 1 half away from Co-Big 12 North Champions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1:05 PM  
Blogger broker0625 said...

I know this is isn't a Missouri rah rah page, but according to you Kansas wasn't a quality win. I think you said they are in a toilet. Does that make Mizzou a stinking turd too? Heh.


1:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


3:10 PM  
Anonymous saunders45 said...

KU 40 - MU 37

Love to see you spin the power poll now. Have fun in the CCG...

3:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

NU-45 KU-35

KU-40 MU-37

Hummmmmmm...5-3 conf. record
yes you won heads up but I think these 2 programs are going in different directions. I`ll leave it up to you to figure out which one is going where.

the jayhawks....hahahaha

3:14 PM  
Blogger daddyact said...

Ya know what, jerkoff? You can ridicule all you want. After Mizzou loses to OU next week they will have exactly one more win than the Huskers and just might end up in a lousy bowl game of their own.

Oh, and the Division? Don't look now but that's Missouri and Nebraska tied at the top.

How the hell can the Tigers allow a subpar Kansas squad to embarrass them on national television? The same team we took to the woodshed two weeks ago?

Did you just forget how to play defense?

I would guess that you'd have to rank Kansas as the best team in the North now, based on your past criteria.

I'm laughing my as off right now, you douchebag.

You are staring down the barrel of three straight losses. How happy you must be.

3:15 PM  
Blogger daddyact said...


A very classy post. Are you sure you're a Buff fan?

No, we can't talk shit, but I will give major props to a very gutsy Colorado squad for coming into Lincoln and almost making the HC look like an idiot. Even he admits that.

Just about the stupidest call I'e ever seen. When you have a kicker that can reach from fifty, why bother to fake it. You didn't need it at that point. A FG puts you up by ten and you've had completely control of the game since the second CU series.

Oh well, a W is a W and my respect for Hawkins and Colorado could only be greater after your comments. Perhaps this is finally turning into a real rivalry.

Hope you get all your injured guys back and look forward to seeing you in Boulder next year.

3:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey dumbass,

Need a kicker?

Rock Chawk Jayhawk!

9-4 Here we come!

Good thing you locked up PINKEL!

I'll be back after the pussy pounding in the Big 12 championship game.

"Time to drop in the 2008 Missouri vs. Nebraska game and rub one out!"

3:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, how do you spin this one? How ironic Mizz just lost after not capitalizing on the 53 yard field goal...something NU did.

A few points...

1) Before Nebraska played KU you said we would get destroyed by them. Then, after we beat them you said the only reason we won was because, "Kansas was a complete disaster." And of course, "no way does KU have the horses to stick around for a full 60 minutes" with Mizz. Hmmmm...wrong again.

2) You will argue that this was a rivalry game, and anything goes. Well, if you argue that then the same goes for Nebraska / Colorado. Yeah, it was a sloppy win for us, but we won a rivalry game. Something your team couldn't do today.

3) You keep saying Husker fans are proclaiming that we are back after winning 8 games. I don't know anybody that actually is satisfied with 8 wins. That is bull crap. We won't be satisfied until we are consistently going to the Big 12 title game and in the National Title picture. Any Husker fan that declares "we are back" can go f#@k themselves, because it makes us look like idiots. Now, are we making progress? Absolutely. Do we have the right coach in place? I think so. Will we be in a good position to win the North next year and win 10 games? Yes, yes, and yes. Are we back? Not yet.

3) AJ - your predictions this year really are pathetic. You predicted 4 wins for the Huskers - we made 8.

4) You keep arguing the only reason we got to 8 wins is because of who we played. Well, tell me one good victory Mizz. has. Just one AJ. Illinois? You got to be kidding me. Baylor, Iowa State, Colorado? I guess the Nebraska win is it. For that, I give the edge to Mizz. this season in the north, but not by much. I don't think that will be the case next season though.


3:29 PM  
Blogger daddyact said...

aj, aj aj,

Try as you might you really can't make us feel badly about an 8-4 season, when the alternative was the bottom of the division and real mediocrity for the next decade or so.

Yeah, we may never win another NC, but are you going to tell anyone with any sense of honesty that we'll never win the Divison or another Big 12 title?

You can't, because you and I both know that would be a lie.

The unfortunate part of tying your football loyalty to hating a team (rather than supporting your team) is that you can only be happy if they lose week after week.

The fun thing about being a fan of NU is that we can take joy out of winning against KSU, KU, and CU. Just as we'll take joy out of winning a bowl game or the prospects of next year being better than this year.

Where's your joy right now?

3:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There sure is a lot of talk about Kansas going completely into the toilet. You might want to turn on Fox Sports and check out the 'Hawks taking the shine off the best Missouri team ever.

Merry Christmas!


3:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The ridiculous expectations of Husker fans are evidently predictions of a 9-3 regular season. Since we're playing the lucky win theme can we throw a 'what if' in there with one of the Tech losses? Hmmmm, no, that would be madness.

Did you hear the crowd after the last field goal? That wasn't the sound of apathy...

How ironic that this blog is ending with the same whimper that Missouri's season did. Now that we have a taste of losing and you had your shot at winning, let's see how it each other feels when things return to 'normal' with our respective teams. It may take a few more years but we can wait.

Kansas may have gone to the shitter but they came out smelling like a rose.


3:39 PM  
Blogger daddyact said...

You keep talking about some curse, as if Missouri being a horrible team for so long was Nebraska's fault.

Yeah, we used to win ten, eleven, twelve, even thirteen and fourteen in some seasons, but just because you started following your team a mere fifteen years ago doesn't mean Husker fans memories only go that far back.

Nine win seasons were the norm back in the day, but we can remember many losses to Missouri which ruined past seasons. It's happened before and it will happen again. We might even lose to Iowa State again. Nothing new.

What's amusing is that in your mind we're irrelevant and we rarely come up in conversation. In your mind!

But as long as your Tigers have to beat us to win the North and as long as we're the standard by which the division is still being judged, the Huskers will never sink into oblivion.

Good-bye and good riddance.

3:40 PM  
Blogger colo4nu said...

to the Buffs fans:


Now shut the fuck up

3:43 PM  
Anonymous parterburn said...

Somebody has to point this out, so I will:

"Kansas has gone into the toilet".

3:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

And second, your season changed this season because of three things: Kansas, Colorado and Texas A&M. Of those three losses on your schedule from 2007, these are the losses that were turned into wins for 2008. So when we look at those three extra wins in more detail: We all know what sort of problems Kansas has. Colorado…as we saw tonight…isn’t exactly head and shoulders below you…coming within 1:34 and a miracle field goal away from winning on the road. And A&M was basically swapped on the schedule this year by Baylor..who won a whopping 4 games this season.

Your defense is still crappy at best (ranked 91st in scoring). You still can’t get a turnover to save your life (110th in the country in turnover margin), although apparently your lineman can hold onto the ball when it hits them in the gut. The only thing that has really changed was tonight's game was in Lincoln rather than Boulder...Kansas has completely gone into the toilet…and A&M was swapped out on the schedule with Baylor.



3:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

How ironic that this blog is ending on the same whimpered note as Missouri's season. Kansas certainly did go into the toilet but they came out smelling like a rose. Thanks Kansas.

If you heard the crowd after the winning field goal you'll know that that wasn't the sound of the apathy you claim overwhelmed your desire to continue this blog. We learned what losing is and you've had your shot at winning; it may take a few years but things will return to 'normal'. We'll be sure to let you know how we feel; there is no need to return the favor.

PS - What are our 'ridiculous expectations' now? It was predictions of a 9-3 season. Now it's 8-4 and a lucky win; do we get to claim moral victory for playing the Tech teams close? I didn't think so.

3:52 PM  
Anonymous saunders45 said...

All ribbing and insults aside, NU vs CU and KU vs MU were entertaining as hell. That is what college football is all about. Laying it all out on the field, play your guts out for YOUR school.

3:53 PM  
Blogger AJ said...

Great great game.

Gotta give Reesing, Briscoe and Meier all the credit in the world. 4th and 10 and found a seam. That's the way it goes.

Redleggers...enjoy it.

Hick fans...there is nothing to spin. A great football game, in the snow with really nothing on the line but pride. KU came out of the gate quick and beat the Tigers to the punch..hanging on.

Mizzou is in exactly the same boat they were when they woke up this morning. The North champion earns the right to go to the BCS. That's still there, despite whatever the odds may be.

Regardless, the fact that Husker fans are wetting themselves is all the more reason for me to tell the story of a team that used to win National going apeshit over a hard-fought game between two teams that have passed them by.

In the end, only one thing really matters..and that's football itself. Well, that and a 5TD ass kicking in Lincoln that won't go away, no matter how many proxy teams you root for.

It sucks to be on the losing end, but it is what it is. Great great game.

Gotta love rivalry.

PS - "Need a kicker?" Not sure..was it snowing in Lincoln and was Henry kicking out of the mud? Fucking idiot.

3:53 PM  
Blogger AJ said...

Saunders..I hear ya man. Two great games.

PS - If you're going to run your mouth at me this afternoon..for whatever reason you seem might want to at least give a hint as to what team you root for. Kinda hard for me to tell the difference between the KU fans who deserve the credit, and the NU fans who have fallen on times so pathetic, they now take credit for wins they didn't play in.

The management

3:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

PS - "Need a kicker?" Not sure..was it snowing in Lincoln and was Henry kicking out of the mud? Fucking idiot.

Come on a.j.
Excuses??? I thought you were above that. You have turned completely pathetic dude. It`s time to go.
bub bye

4:09 PM  
Blogger AJ said...

Excuses? You fucking idiots still give Byron Bennett shit for missing a 43 yarder in Miami in 1993.

It was fucking snowing. It was 54 yards. The kid is a Groza candidate.

If you really really mean that, you've convinced me that my readership is even dumber than I thought...and trust me...I thought most of you were pretty fucking stupid.

PS - I don't need excuses. I have 52-17. Enjoy your Christmas party next Saturday night.

4:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nebraska fan here. Please make up your mind. Last night Kansas was in the toilet and today they along with Missouri have passed Nebraska by. Pretty impressive turn around in 24 hours. You spin it however you want it's your blog.

I will be back next week so we can talk about PINKEL's record after his contract extension. 0-1 and soon to be 0-2. Missouri's athletic department is going to need a bailout next year when they don't fill the stadium and have to pay PINKEL his salary.

I know, I know you have to compete with the PRO SPORTS teams.

Your blog is old news and so is Missouri. Welcome back to mediocrity muther fucker. To think earlier this year you took the opportunity to brag about your Tiggers. Fuck you AJ and the rest of the Tigger fans, fuck each and every one of you.

Muddy field or not, that field goal was fucking pathetic, just like the Tiggers today.

4:16 PM  
Blogger AJ said...

There..was that so hard to say who you root for, and not be a complete pussy with teh anonymous comments? (Not that I care..but come on)

As for the blog that has passed everyone by blah blah blah. You lost 52-17 when it was head to your own house..with 85,000 gomers looking on and 30 years of your own history in your corner.

You are the ones that pissed it away, because in the end..that's what cost you the North and your restored order.

Don't get all pissy with me because your team pissed it down their leg when the season was on the line.

If you had a true would know that records go out the window in a game like that. It's a war and you only expect your team to play hard..that's all you can do. Reesing played his skinny little ass off and deserved to have his day.

But hey..not that I expect the "classiest fans in teh nation" to say or know anything different.

Thanks for stopping by.

PS - Kicker smack? Wow..I'm almost missing the days you guys quoted volleyball scores.

4:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


As much fun as it is to kick you when your down, I have better things to do.

Till next week.

Props for having the balls to take your medicine.

Sing it with me:
Rock Chawk JayHawk, K---U----!

4:22 PM  
Blogger AJ said...

I'll always be back here to take it, because that's what sports are about. I bash bash me. It all goes in cycles..some just longer than others. If I took any of this THAT seriously (as I may have once at one time in my life), I'd probably had had a stroke by now.

Losing sucks, but unfortunately in my living room..there wasn't much I could do about it.

Still a great great game to watch..despite the redleggers coming out ahead.

Besides..a Mizzou win next week shocking the world, and nobody will remember this outside of Lawrence.

Have a good rest of your weekend.

4:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

NU fan here... I totally couldn't give a shit about KU beating MU or the other way around. That game is one of my favorites every year, as somebody always loses. The only way it would get better is if the earth opened up and swallowed both fan bases in their entirety. I really enjoy how you're already trying to marginalize your defeat...

"Mizzou is in exactly the same boat they were when they woke up this morning. The North champion earns the right to go to the BCS."

No they're not... Missouri just get outplayed all game by a 6-5 team that got thumped by NU, and they are a team that will get beat by 25 at a minimum by OU or UT. The North champ doesn't earn the right to go to the BCS, you earn the right get your head caved by the South champs.

I know...I know... Scoreboard. Well done. 52-17. I get it. Yes, in our house. Nebraska football may be mediocre at best, but when you create hate blogs such as this, you might want to have a team you call your own that doesn't lay giant egg after giant egg in big games. Your best win this year is NU... an unranked team with 4 losses, and a team according to you, is worse than K-State. Eat shit. Get lost and don't let the door hit your ass on the way out. Enjoy the Sun Bowl.


4:59 PM  
Anonymous SDHusker said...

Fuck me, I bet on Missouri....

6:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What...Huskerhater throwing in the towel? What a surprise. Right when your team is going back in the shitter and Nebraska is coming out of the shitter....the pussy takes his ball and goes home. You spineless fuck.

I would bet my bottom dollar that the real reason for you folding up your tent is that someone is getting close to identifying who you are....and being the babbling wuss that you turn tail and hide.

Or it could very well be that your anger over Nebraska making as much progress as we have this year has left you a broken man. Two teams going in opposite directions. One team has the chance to win 9 games, one year removed from winning only 5 (what was your prediction again. te he he), and the other getting beat by....smirk....K..fucking..U. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!

Remind me again...wasn't this Missouri's year? Enjoy the ass-raping that OU will put on your hapless Tigers. And enjoy mediocrity next year. I'll send you a postcard from the Big 12 Title game.

3:47 AM  

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