November 6, 2008


I can’t get away from you Husker freaks here, so I’m going to try my luck at the bottom of the sea. See ya in about 10 days or so... or never again…if I do in fact get eaten by a large shark or stabbed in the chest by a stingray.

I may be able to check in and approve comments, (And I'll approve through Thursday night) but I can’t guarantee anything. You aren’t exactly on the top of my list.

Enjoy the games, the snow and the 35mph winds. Time to hit the home stretch of the season when I return.



Blogger KSTATER said...

The Ron Prince era is over!

Thank God!

7:05 AM  
Anonymous Voluntourism said...

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12:06 AM  
Blogger daddyact said...

Hey, idiot-stick? Where you gonna rank the Huskers in the North this week??????

I suppose you could move Kansas down to the bottom and that will make our win look worse. But then how the heck are you going to justify putting Colorado or KSU in second place?

Neither CU nor KSU will win a sixth game and therefore not be bowl eligible.

hey, ralphie! Are you still going to try to make an argument for winning in Lincoln????? ROTFLMAO!

Oh, and buffnut, The Huskers do not need another program to raise our prestige or the perception of our program. Five NC, 800+ wins and 43 conference titles, not to mention the number of big bowl victories, alone, cements Nebraska's reputation as one of the top cfb programs of all time.

On the contrary, Colorado needed to beat the Huskers before anyone would have acknowledged that they even play football.

You and I both know without your victories over us in '89 and in 2001, Colorado would be perceived as just another lousy Big 12 wannabe.

While I'll admit the CU-NU game has turned into a rivalry, it can't equal in prestige what the NU-OU rivalry accomplished.

But I realize you little buffie fans need to see us as your rival, and you'll forever be living off a single victory as proof that your team actually accomplished something once upon a time. What amazes me is that you idiots actually perceive that win over the Huskers, SEVEN YEARS AGO, as the greatest thing the program has ever done, diminishing even the second rate national title you stole back in 1990.

It is to laugh. Ha Ha

7:10 PM  
Blogger Husker_Engineer said...

Big 12 North Power Poll:

1. Mizzou
2. NU
3. KU
4. CU
5. KSU
6. ISU

7:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Let me be the first to say AJ, go eat a fat dick. Looks like your predictions are wrong again. Now you have to rank us number 2 in the North. Like I said, go eat a fat one.

8:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hope you're having fun swimming, good luck!

4:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You managed to go on vacation the week the eric crouch New Kids video comes out on youtube. I'm so disappointed.

4:25 AM  
Blogger AJ said...

I did see sharks, but was not eaten by them. Appreciate the travel tips.

Congrats for being the best shitty team in the north. :)

9:04 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Daddyact calling out CU fans for living in the past while reeling off all those MNCs and bowl games.

It is to laugh.

Unlike some of my CU brethren, I don't see the Nubs as any great rivals. I could care less if they ran and went off to the Big Ten or somewhere else tomorrow. I would much rather see Colorado somehow substitute and reestablish the series with Air Force; who most years has a competitive, albeit not great team and has been known to throw an upset or two around. The Colorado State series is a little too media manufactured and I, by far, would rather have the Zoomies around each year than a bunch of pompous, red-clad hicks. Best of all the road trip to the Springs beats hell out of having to travel to that god forsaken state.

But as long as we're stuck with having to deal with this program and their arrogant fanbase, I'll hate them as much as MU-KU hate each other. I just would rather not have to see them at all for a good long while.


2:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I was thinking: "How funny it would be if AJ came back all bit up by sharks or any fish for that matter, and then finds out his Tigers blew up and lost big time".

Oh well, it didn't happen.

AJ, welcome back to hell!


5:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You have to check out that tool Sammy Vegas and his post on DXP. I would just love to hear your take on this. He is the PERFECT example of why people hate husker fan. PERFECT!


7:06 PM  
Anonymous SDHusker said...

Congrats on the North Title!

9:47 PM  
Blogger bornred said...

You have to check out that tool Sammy Vegas and his post on DXP. I would just love to hear your take on this. He is the PERFECT example of why people hate husker fan. PERFECT!


I love how all of you haters are constantly checking in on Husker bloggers, reading Husker news, and watching Husker games. I couldn't name a single blog for any of your shitty ass teams, let alone one of the authors.

Just curious, are any of you stopping by BuffaloH8ter, JayhawkH8ter, WildcatH8ter, or TigerH8ter? What? Those don't exist? I'm sure that has everything to do with all of your friendly fans and nothing to do with the fact that your teams haven't done shit.

Remember, nobody hates Baylor (or Rhode Island or Marist or CU or ...), so keep the hate coming, we've earned it.


2:36 AM  
Blogger Damien said...

"Congrats for being the best shitty team in the north."

Thanks but we are the second best shitty team in the North. The best shitty team in the North would go to the Mizzou Tigers considering your only legit win is against the 2nd best shitty team in the North, NU.

8:18 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I see you are approving posts again. I was kind of hoping you were swimming with a few box jellyfish. Oh well, welcome back.

Congratulations to Missouri the champions of the watered down North. I find it ironic that Missouri's BEST win this year is against Nebraska. The same team you trash talk. Missouri's previous best win was Illinois, until they lost to Western Michigan.

Rock Chawk Jayhawk!

I am looking forward to the Big 12 Championship game. I love watching Chase Daniel cry like a pussy.

9:31 AM  
Blogger Damien said...

Everyone hates a winner Randy. I guess we should feel honored that we have earned that much hatred.

11:43 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's sad that this fluke season from Nebraska will be short-lived. Bye bye Ganz! Bye bye Lucky!

12:23 PM  
Blogger bornred said...

Damn straight, Damien...

I love the fact that other fans hate us. I love the fact that we have a history of donkey stompin' their teams. I love how on one hand, they giggle because they claim we have no talent on the field or in the coaches offices, but on the other hand, get excited when they get a win against our talent-less, coach-less team.

I love how they can't stand us, yet they can't stand not to read about us, talk about us, listen to our talk radio and even watch us.

I love how it drives them absolutely bat shit crazy if a Husker fan talks about history or tradition. I love how they will frequently discuss the occasions, in the past, where their teams have managed a win, because that kind of history is okay, but then, when it would seem that in rebuttal, it's okay to reference history, it's considered off limits again and that we are just living in the past.

I love how, whenever a mention of 5 National Championships is made, that there are immediately corrections that 2 of them were shared, yet most of them don't have even 1, shared or outright.

I love how they argue that the only way we were able to win those was with criminals. I love how their teams have rapists and murderers among them, yet they have no National Championships to go with them.

I love how they also hate Oklahoma and Texas (and USC, LSU, etc.), but claim it's for different reasons.

Yes, in the college football world, it's much, much better to be hated than not discussed at all.


PS. I think the thing I love most of all is the idiot that posted above me about this being a fluke season for the Huskers

1:38 PM  

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