October 22, 2008


“Are the Huskers back?”

This was the whimsical semi-rhetorical question coming out of my radio as I listened to KOZN’s afternoon Husker slobber hour last week. Apparently a big Husker victory over a team that is 10th or worse in the conference in every single offensive and defensive category is enough to get you jumping half-way out of your overalls. Or perhaps it was the big moral victory/choke job against the nation’s most overrated top 10 team the week before that caused such a spike in Husker pride?

Regardless, most of you are feeling pretty damn good about yourselves. And don’t get me wrong…I don’t really blame you. Oh sure, you haven’t beaten a top 20 team in nearly 7 seasons. (You and...Duke? was it?) Oh sure, you still are two wins away from being bowl eligible…but damnit…why not answer the question anyway?

Hell yes you are back!

Oh sure you used to fight for conference titles every single year and AVERAGED 9 wins a season for like 30 years; but you beat Iowa State! ON THE ROAD!!! How could you not get good vibrations rolling up and down your spine after such a dominating performance? Damnit, this isn't a win over some nobody...the Clones DESTROYED South Dakota State earlier this year.

I for one could not be happier for you. You’ve been through hell and people like me have made you feel inferior, helpless and pathetic. But perhaps before you take to the streets of Shreveport later this year and proclaim your throne back on top of the college football world...you should take a little longer look around to confirm exactly what restored order you are indeed celebrating. After a home game with Baylor (which last time I checked…was always a gimme back when you were winning…but not now), you are still looking at two ranked teams the following two weekends to smack you upside the head with a big 'ol reality club. Only then, will you be looking at 5-5…ready to make or break your season with two huge games to end your year. (Assuming you do beat Baylor at home…)

I've said it before, and I"ll say it again: The biggest games of the year for the Huskers are the two at the end. Kansas and Missouri have (or will) distance themselves from the rest of the pack. Iowa State has solidified their place as divisional bottom-feeder. It is the trifecta of KSU, Colorado and Nebraska that will make up the last few bowl spots out of the Big 12. And lucky for us...both of those two programs hate your guts almost as much as I do.

So are the Huskers “back”? as some are starting to think?

If you think a two week sample size…one of which was a crushing choke in OT..then sure.
If you think those losses to Va Tech and Missouri were flukes..then sure.
If you think you have a gimmie at K-State and at home vs. CU...then sure.

Most importantly, if you’ve completely and totally forgotten how your program used to be (which I find interesting, considering 5,000 former players walk your sidelines every week)…then sure. Hell yes you are back. You are right back into the thick of the 3rd tier bowl race, where ½ filled stadiums, cold temps, Pam Hall and a 3:45pm start time on a Thursday awaits. Nevermind that anything less than 9 wins used to be not only considered a failure..but an impossibility. You have now restored a new order, where mediocrity is celebrated, and crushing home losses (Worst defeat in 50+ years by the way) are completely and totally forgotten.

You are indeed back.

It’s good to see you again.

Did I just see the Tampa Bay Rays in the World Series? What the hell….

Part of me is glad the whole class-system in baseball has been destroyed. Granted, the Rays will probably be forced to deal away their entire franchise in the next year or two…but hey. At least they got to enjoy a World Series once before dropping back into the toilet? And if anything, this goes to show that instead of a bad economic system keeping down the Royals…us longtime fans now can conclude that it was just shitty management that has destroyed a once proud franchise. Thanks again David Glass.

Sorry about the delay this week, but the posts are going to be a bit thin this week. I’ll pick it back up on Monday with a full report from my adventures in Columbia. Buff fans, stop on by and say hi. The Ribs and Sam Adams are on me.

Power Poll:

1) Missouri (5-2, 1-2) vs. Colorado – Mizzou’s National title hopes have gone out the window, but the North is still in complete control…barring some sort of screw up in the next four games. Media reports this week are hinting that Mizzou is a jumbled mess of disappointment, bad leadership and pouting. Lose to the Buffs here…or hell, even struggle…and the whole thing could unravel. Bigger game than most realize coming up on Saturday.

2) Kansas (5-2, 2-1) vs. Texas Tech – Who is the bigger fraud? KU and Tech…to me seem somewhat similar to each other. Both have plenty of weapons…but not nearly enough to vault themselves into the upper echelon of the conference. KU is riding high after a moral victory against Oklahoma…which could serve them well. Can they find a running game? Can the fat man out coach slimeball Leach? As much as it kills me, I think the Squaks could finally see a home win over a "top 10" (chuckle) team. We shall see.

3) Colorado (4-3, 1-2) at Missouri – CU clings to a bowl game opportunity with an decent shot at smacking Mizzou on homecoming in Columbia. Oh sure, they don’t have a quarterback and can hardly move the ball, but the Buff defense has been playing rather well of late. Not that I think Colorado wins this game…but the longer they stay in it, the more frustrated Mizzou will become. This game is decided truly in the first 2 possessions. If it goes late...look out.

4) Kansas State (4-3, 1-2) vs. Oklahoma – KSU almost always upsets somebody they have no business playing with. Last year it was Texas. This weekend, is it the Cat's turn to come out of nowhere and shock the world? Ummmm…no, but it's a nice thought.

5) Nebraska (4-3, 1-2) vs. Baylor – Now that order is restored, the Huskers will pretend it’s the mid 90’s all over again and shoot for a big win over Baylor. Oh sure in the old days that would mean a 60 point thumping…but these days, you’ll take what you can get. Could this be the last Husker win of the season? Hmmmmm. King Bo's defense NEVER plays well against mobile QB's.

6) Iowa State (2-5, 0-3) vs. Texas A&M – How do you only score 7 points against Nebraska? At home? Seriously, that takes some skill. This weekend’s matchup of toilet dwellers will decide who becomes the first Big 12 team to be mathematically eliminated from bowl contention. Why this shootout isn’t on TV, I’ll never know.

1) Texas (7-0, 3-0) vs. Oklahoma State – OK, I’m a believer now. UT’s front four are as nasty as they come. Hell, who needs linebackers when you can just bypass lineman and get to the QB. Okie State is about all that lies between UT and a date with most likely Mizzou on the frozen tundra of Arrowhead later this season. After last week, I’m guessing that doesn’t exactly strike fear into the heart of Mack Brown’s players. UT rolls in this one. Consider it my lock of the weekend.

2) Oklahoma (6-1, 2-1) at Kansas State – I had no idea OU’s defense sucked as bad as it has the past few weeks. Granted, UT has a pretty decent signal caller, and Todd Reesing played pretty well last week, Josh Freeman is going to need a once-in-a-lifetime effort to pull this one out. OU, like Texas has taken weeks off in the past and been upended. This one may be closer than people think, but KSU simply doesn’t have the horses offensively.

3) Oklahoma State (7-0, 3-0) at Texas – The undefeated run comes to an end in Austin as Cowboy dreams go down the toilet faster than Boone Pickens' fortune. Mike Gundy has a nice little outfit that will be pretty good for the next few years. But after watching both teams up close the past couple weeks, I’d be shocked to see the Cowboys in the game at halftime.

4) Texas Tech (7-0, 3-0) at Kansas – I never thought I’d say this…but the North might get one over on the south Saturday in Lawrence. KU found their vertical game against the Sooners, but Tech still is giving up lots of points. Throw in a horrible road record over the past few years, and all signs are pointing to a Redleg victory. (Ugh, that hurt to type)

5) Baylor (3-4, 1-2) at Nebraska – The Huskers…for some reason…are feeling awfully good this week. The normal apathy is still in the air, but talk is now of winning the Big 12 North. (Yes, they actually think they can win the North.) Can a team like Nebraska overlook Baylor of all teams? It’s possible. But then again, Robert Griffin right now is a one man team, and I’m not sure Baylor has ever won a Big 12 road game. The Bears could make a major statement over a bad team if they pull out a victory. Don’t snicker Husker fans…it’s possible.

6) Texas A&M (2-5, 0-3) at Iowa State - A&M is starting to score a few points. That’s the good news. The bad news is, they’ve given up 43 points or more in each of their past three games. Iowa State hasn’t scored 43 points all year (Ok, they have..but looked brutal last week against the Hicks.) Who shows more life to stay out of the basement? Who cares. Is this game even on the radio?

(Photo Thanks - Lincoln Journal Star and MLB)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who is the bigger fraud!? You are calling out KU and Tech instead of your Tigers? Not surprising....

As we all know, Mizzou's biggest win in the last 2 and a half seasons was over Kansas in last year's Border War.

With Kansas having only 1 "true" road game left on the schedule and a 1-game lead in the Big 12 North how are they not in control?

11:04 PM  
Blogger daddyact said...

Don't look now, numbnuts, but the Huskers have started the climb back up your rankings. They will also have the second best record in the North after this weekend.

I know you hate us, but let's be honest for once. Neither CU nor KSU has shown any reason to suspect they'll finish any higher than fourth or fifth in the North, despite how much head you continue to give them.

Unless you actually think that 14-13 snore-fest was compelling proof of their quality??????????

Oh, and I said at the beginning of the year that Ku would have six total losses, and from everything I've seen that's exactly how they'll finish.

2:42 AM  
Blogger Husker Mike said...

Colorado's defense has been "playing well"???

Dude...lay off the bong. They gave up 39 points to Florida State. Just because they gave up only 13 points to the completely sucky Wildcats doesn't mean they have been "playing well"

You sound like John McCain when you say the fundamentals of the economy are "strong"...

7:06 AM  
Blogger AJ said...

Mike, I call BS on that one. CU played just fine til they caughed it up a couple times against KU. (I belive KU had 16 or 17 points going into the 4th.), Plus, they also shut down a fairly good West Virginia offense...something you kinda forgot to mention.

I'm not saying they're a defensive juggernaut, I just said they've been playing well.

Oh, and Missouri's a fraud? Possibly if you consider the hype they got. But to say KU was their biggest win was kind of a stretch, considering they beat Texas Tech by 45 (A team that won a New Year's Bowl)..Illinois (Who went to the Rose Bowl) and Arkansas..(A team who the game before beat #1 on their home field.)

Not saying they don't have their own issues..they certainly do...but come on.

And after Nebraska beats Baylor (if they can stop Griffen)...we'll see if they can actually beat KSU or Colorado. They'll have their shot..that's why I said those are their two biggest games of the year.

7:49 AM  
Blogger NE-Jhawk said...

AJ...you love Kansas. Almost as much as you love the look on one of your slave's faces as you sell thier family members down river. And of course....Cracker Barrel.

10:54 AM  
Anonymous Buff Fans said...


10:56 AM  
Blogger AJ said...

NE is on fire of late. Well done.

As for the Buff fans..I appreciate the hate of course. Looking forward to hanging out with you guys at Faurot this weekend.

10:57 AM  
Anonymous runralphierun said...

Thanks for the props AJ. Sure, CU's offense isn't without their problems, but Tyler Hansen gives us a glimmer of hope after many weeks of disappointing play at the position. Expect to see both a lot this weekend. The Nubs had their chance in Lubbock, but that game described everything that's wrong with the program. 1) Complete lack of discipline 2) Joe Ganz will forever hold you back. He is NOT a big game qb. Baylor could be a major trap game, don't overlook this team. It's the best Baylor team I've ever seen.

Anyway, I'm off on the road. I'll see ya in Columbia this weekend AJ. There's something I like about that town, but I can't put my finger on it. Maybe it's the Tiger tails hanging off the back of the cars, or maybe it's because last trip I saw Gary Barnett shitfaced tailgating outside. I don't know, but anyway best of luck to the Tiggers. Barring some sort of miracle, we should be no problem for you.

11:04 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Colorado defense has been playing GREAT. #1 passing defense in the Big 12 - that's kind of a commodity these days. Also held Texas (the #1 team who just beat OU and Mizzou) to fewest yards and points all year. Same with Kansas.

All I'm saying, Husker doucebags, is give credit where it's due. We'll see you and your restored order around Thanksgiving.


1:14 PM  
Blogger AJ said...

That Husker-Buff game is going to be huge. The winner might be going to a bowl while the loser is face down and ass up.

Since Mizzou thumped the little Red a few weeks ago, I'd really like the last few months of this blog to be electrified with a little Colorado - Nebraska hatred.

That is my dying wish for the blog...sorta.


4:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Texas has to come down from the clouds sometime.. I like Okie State...


5:00 PM  
Anonymous Dan said...

I'm glad BuffsFan99 pointed out what's obvious to the rest of us that have been paying attention.

I for one can't wait to watch Shitbraska struggle this weekend against Baylor.

...it will make me feel a little bit better about the probable loss against the Tiggers. Not that I'm conceding a loss to Mizzou in anyway, shape, or form.

Knebraska Chodes:
I think we should be able to get some gauge of the better team by watching how the Buffs handle Mizzou in their house this weekend. I've got a feeling it won't quite be the bloody-train-wreck of an ass-pummeling you all received in your suckass stadium.

(Before you go telling me whose stadium sucks the most ass I want you to look at this picture. Got it? Good... now also remember we have Ralphie and you have some backwoods ass red-neck sheep fucker that shucks corn in its spare time. Go BWAT.)

Fuck 'em up Buffs!

6:32 PM  
Blogger colo4nu said...

Great line about the loser of the CU/NU game. Coincidentally, that's the slogan the Buffs have been using to get their recruits to Boulder. "Come to CU and you will always have a stripper "face down and ass up". Hey Ralphie, did you get neutered over the weekend? "Barring some sort of miracle, we should be no problem for you"..WTF..great confidence in your team.

6:45 PM  
Blogger AJ said...

Damn, Dom throwing down the gauntlet. OK, we shall see.

I also agree with the guy who said CU will not struggle as bad as Nebraska did against Mizzou.

I think it's tight..at least for a while.

6:50 PM  
Blogger NEBforCU said...


now the nubbies are trying to bastardize the wildcat offense.


Have they no originality of their own? Wait, their entrance song... no they stole that from the Chicago Bulls, umm.... cant think of one..wait, their the nice fan base in the world (golf clap)
or the fake sell out, and to whom does that matter to??

It's ok nubbies, but you are playing like the nubbies of the 80's beating the weak and losing to the good teams.

Oh the old Big 8!

9:09 PM  
Blogger Husker_Engineer said...


Will the Buffie fans come around after NU stomps a mud hole in their kine smoking, no shower taking, urine bomb throwing, teammate raping asses?


I been reading this blog long enough to understand why AJ has us in his power poll below the worst offense in the Big XII (Colorado) and the worst defense in the Big XII (K-State). Judging by the comments recently, I think it is serving its intended purpose. So kudos AJ....just know that I am on to you.

Its all good because I have a pretty good idea of where we will be on the Saturday after Thanksgiving....won't be first....but it also won't be your predicted last....or 5th....or 4th....and if they continue to improve....might not be 3rd either.

The best thing about these douchebag Buff fans is that they can run their pieholes now...but lets see if they show up for crow on November 28....

Again, I doubt it.

9:17 PM  
Anonymous SDHusker said...

We are back! Are you fucking crazy people! We are far from back and it will be a major accomplishment to pull 7 wins this year. Back, I want some of that kool aid!

CU fans, you all suck the fleas off that wimp buffalo mascots nut sack!

KU fans are screaming at the home games, Mancini's big fat gut is creating so much shade if fucks up the tail gating!

MU, what can I say that hasn't been said on the field lately? You can beat suck ass teams like my Huskers but you can't handle the big boys. Samo samo AJ, when we were at the top we were the ones kicking your ass year in and year out. We will get there again, in 4 or 5 years.

What can I say about KSU, they suck! What I really love is that they have a coach who was born in Nebraska destroying what Bill built.

ISU is ISU, they suck and always will.

So kiss my big red ass you bunch of ass wipes! Go Huskers!

12:20 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Looks like some Hicks have been spending too much time in the chemistry lab concocting god-knows-what kind of concoctions to lure their recruits there instead of attending their "animal husbandry" classes. Otherwise they would have known that Ralphie is female and as such cannot be neutered, nor has a nutsack. So get back to class Nubs, because your pupils miss you baa-aaa-aaa-aaadly.

AJ, wish your team luck all except for this week. Our OL has been beaten up so bad, it neutralizes some of what Cody is used to doing, so taking a redshirt away from Hansen might not be as bad as it seems at first glance, but I think we'll only hang for a quarter and a half at best.

We've heard rumors out here that since Bo isn't giving away Blackshirts, that they've subsituted wifebeaters instead. Any truth to that, AJ?

8:13 AM  
Anonymous Dan said...

Ooooh... big, bad husker_engineer (Isn't that an oxymoron? ...or do they hand out engineering degrees if you're able to build a windmill from an Erector Set?) attacks the Buff fan base with allegations from 7 years ago!! Wow! How original!

(...and what the hell is "kine"?)

I guess it's to be expected though. You tools are used to living in the past... aren't-cha now? DIAF.

...and yah, I'll be here to serve you crow after Thanksgiving. Don't you worry your pretty little head.

sdhusker: Wimp buffalo mascot?! WIMP? Tell that to the Oklahoma players that dove into the stands to get out of HER way (yes dumbass, Ralphie doesn't have a "sack") or the KSU player that was clipped by her because he was too stupid to get out of the way (not that I expect more... I mean, chances are he is a JuCo transfer...)

Fuck 'em up Buffs!

10:59 AM  
Blogger AJ said...

Love the Buff fans.

11:03 AM  
Blogger NE-Jhawk said...

Is my dad posting here?



Whats next? You going to play me in NCAA Football on your 'Intendo' system?

I actually had to stop my dad from calling Mangino 'Mangeli' (I'm guessing confusing Mangio with Mangini in the pros). He did it for 6 straight years until I pointed out that calling a guy 'Man-Jelly' was kind of disgusting.

12:32 PM  
Blogger AJ said...

NE got wind the blog is shutting down, and has shifted it into another gear on the comment pages. Well done.

Damn Redlegger.

12:35 PM  
Blogger Nowledge said...

Hey, "dan":

First of all, fuck you. Stick to sports and don't spew shit out of your mouth when it comes to earning degrees. Do you even have a degree, by that matter? Because, I'm pretty sure I fucking spent the last 4.5 years of my life on full scholarship at UNL, working internships, and gaining experience as an engineer. So what if I didn't go to the School of Mines or whatever out in Colorado. I could have if I wanted, but I'd rather be debt free then up to my ass in loans.

God, I hate it when the Buffs fans insult people earning degrees at other institutions. Seriously, I could care less if you said Herbie Husker was gay or if the team pile drives each other during Unity Councils. But man, bring up insulting someone's degree, and I'll fucking call you out.

And, before you post, I realize the irony as my name is nowledge, which was the only fucking clever thing you people could come up with to insult UNL students.

1:42 PM  
Anonymous Dan said...

Let me see if I can paraphrase nowledge:

"Waaah, waaah, waaah... don't insult me! It gets my panties in a bunch!! Waaah, waaah, waaaah, I'm a student and have worked hard like every other fucking person on the planet who's gotten a degree! Waah waah waaah. Money is the reason I didn't go to a better school!! Yah, that's it! Money! You rich snobby little bitches..."

I think that was about the gist of it... no?? ...oh, and generally we don't insult all other institutions. Just yours. For example, I think Mizzou is a fine institution! One of the best journalism schools in the nation! See?? It's just you and your nowledgeable (hey, you brought it up...) college we don't like!

But, if it makes you feel any better, I'll apologize. I'm so sorry for insulting your precious degree. I am not, however, sorry for getting sand all up in your vag over it. Put some hard thought into it and I'm sure you'll conclude that this was my goal all along.

Now what exactly were you calling me out on? But be careful... that vein in your forehead is showing again!

Last bit... Herbie Husker is gay and the team pile drives each other during Unity Councils.

Fuck 'em up Buffs!

3:46 PM  
Blogger colo4nu said...

AJ Loves the Buff Fans How bout a new name for the blog "BUFFL8TER"

5:07 PM  
Blogger NEBforCU said...

lets see, where did I say the buffs will beat the nubbies, oh no where. Where did I say the buff are better than the Nubbies? oh now where.

Do I hate the nubbies, yes. Is this web site for hating the Nubbies, yes.

Do you get it now?

Even if the nubs win against the Buffs, ill still be here hating the nubbie nation. Why dont you nubsters get it?

6:13 PM  
Blogger NEBforCU said...


Ralphie has never been neutered, and will never be neutered. Ralphie has always been a girl.

((golf clap nubbies)) ((golf clap))


6:20 PM  
Blogger NEBforCU said...

Husker Mike,

Do you really want to throw stones in your glass house?

6:23 PM  
Blogger daddyact said...


10:04 PM  
Blogger Husker_Engineer said...

Nowledge beat me to the punch...and he pretty much said what needed to be said.

Oh yea, like you freaking Boulder hippies don't know what kine is...

Checking the power poll

1. Mizzou - beat CU 58-0. Kudos for getting off the schnide. Props to Pinkel for putting starters back in up 58 to preserve shutout.

2. KU - Loses by 42 at home. Yea, better get that win next week with K-State or bowl prospects might be dim.

3. CU - Vaunted Buffie defense really showed up today. This game was not as close as 58 point spread would indicate. New QB...same suck-ass offense.

4. KSU - OU toyed with the mildcats....hung half a hundred on them in one half. Oh sure, they fell asleep at the wheel in the first half a little...woke up...and raked 27 points on the KSU in 8 minutes.....let that sink in....4 TD's in 8 minutes.

5. Nebraska - Struggled with a mobile QB for a half...made some adjustments, and won by 12. Mistakes made this game much closer than it really needed to be. However, the most important part is that NU now has 5 wins....and based on what we saw today...should be bowling this year. Progress? Yes.

ISU - still in freefall since 2nd half of KU game...

Where oh where will we be in AJ's power poll this week?

11:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

aj ur fnny

1:29 AM  
Blogger Nowledge said...

Let me see if I can paraphrase nowledge:

"Waaah, waaah, waaah... don't insult me! It gets my panties in a bunch!! Waaah, waaah, waaaah...


And that was a whole lotta nothing.

Congrats on Tiger stomping the Buffs, A.J. Looks like dan needs to do some waah waahs over that and quit scouting the FAQs on colleges he never could attend.

6:59 PM  
Anonymous ohf said...


1:01 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


You are a genius! KU looked terrific!


Too bad we never got to know you. I'm sure after your Buffs were ass pounded 58-0, we will never see your dumb ass post here again.

PS fuck you AJ

10:25 AM  
Anonymous Dan said...

I'll admit... I didn't see that coming. What a pathetic showing in Columbia... seriously pathetic. I was way, way wrong. Here to eat crow.

Hopefully CU can turn it around and end up on the positive end of a momentum swing to walk into Lincoln with a little confidence and come out of there with a W. If the Buffs take care of business against A&M and ISU then we should be playing for a better bowl game after ThxGiving.

nowledge: Yeah, it took me forever to find those college stats... and not that I feel any need to defend my education (*cough*), but I received my degree from CU's engineering school and as such, it didn't take me long to pull up what you referred to as "FAQs". But thanks for trying.

...and to anonymous, I didn't go anywhere. Sorry to disappoint. I'm still here even though, yes, we did get "ass pounded." Though I like to call it a thorough ass raping... with no lube... and we didn't get cuddled afterward.

AJ, congrats on the W... Although I saw a win coming, I didn't think it would've been that bad. (...I do, however, want to punch Gary Pinkle in the cock for putting the Mizzou starting D back in the game to preserve the shutout...)

Fuck 'em up Buffs!

10:17 AM  

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