October 9, 2008

Going Out of Business Sale

OK, I was not ready for the outpouring of support and depression from cyberspace when I announced the self-destruction of this blog earlier this week. Part of the reason I feel it’s not prudent to continue this blog is the pressure to keep the quality at an acceptable level. (insert wise ass joke here, although the more people that read this...the more I care what it looks like) When I first started this blog, a few personal friends and some folks on a college hockey website were really the only ones who were reading it. Now, my hits have never been higher as I’m linked to sites like CNNSI.com and ESPN.com. Hell, I even contributed to a book about Husker football and became a published author, as the entire state of Nebraska has sunk to unimaginable depths not seen since before the Kennedy administration.

Is there really much more to do after that?

But seriously, I thank you for your support and your occasional kind words. Hell, I even thank you for your not-so-kind words because let’s face it….I wouldn’t author this blog if it didn’t tickle me somewhat to see Husker fans lose their minds and fire off verbal gibberish that I can swat down like a fly against a window screen. Yes, your tears are the blood that flows through my veins.

However, I don’t want this to be some sort of indication that I’m disappearing from cyberspace all together. I’m quite certain I will someday find the strength to start a new blog about a new subject matter…and when it does, I’m sure you’ll somehow find out about it. However, just so we’re clear…this particular blog has served its purpose and done what it set out to do. Hell, to some…this blog may have even helped contribute to the now white-hot hatred between Missouri and Nebraska fans as a whole. Regardless, it took me 23 years to fight it …but I finally won the war. That is the ultimate goal for any combatant, and when you reach your goal, it’s time to claim victory and do something else.

Meanwhile…the season continues and the Nebraska football program continues plummet into the abyss at ever-quickening speed.


Lots of great games around the league of course, and I can hopefully take in as much as possible.

Oklahoma and Texas of course is the sexiest game of the week, showcasing one of the country’s best rivalry between two teams with annoying fight songs that share the same division. Always a good show, it seems in the past that Oklahoma or Texas has always pulled through when they hold the edge in overall talent. In other words, it doesn’t seem like the underdog wins this matchup very often.

Now Texas of course is no ordinary underdog, but they definitely don’t have the firepower that Bob Stoops has at his disposal this season. Colt McCoy looks pretty damn good to this point, but somehow is his team’s leading rusher. Even Tim Tebow couldn’t pull that off in big games…as I look for the OU defense to completely force McCoy to the air..which is a bad sign when facing that pass rush. I don’t think it’s unfathomable that Texas could win…OU has a bad habit of taking weeks off at bad times…but never in this game. I think OU wins and wins rather easily.

Meanwhile in Lubbock, Gum-chompin Bo and his merry band of yellow-flagged misfits (spitfits?) travel to Lubbock for their annual presidential year prairie beatdown on National TV. Now I’m going to be honest here, I only saw a little bit of Tech’s game with SMU earlier…but if you can give me one reason why the Husker defense can remotely slow down Michael Crabtree, I’ll give you a yummy red frosted cookie.

Tech makes a living praying off of slow and undersized defensive backs and well…..ahem. Yeah. This season, it seems that they’ve been running a bit more…but if you saw the size of the holes being opened up for Derrick Washington last week…you’ll know that’s probably not keeping Mike Leach up at nights this week.

The great thing about this game is the complete and total lack of any sort of buzz from the Hick nation. Husker pundits, media and douchebag columnists who claim to be “huge” fans of their alma mater seem to be a bit more worried about last week’s 3 second sound byte from a QB light years better than them, than they do worrying about the searing unlubricated pain they’re about to suffer at the hands of another top 10 team. (more on that in a bit.)

A great end to the day will be the clash between Oklahoma State in the gold swirling ball of hate in Columbia. Poke fans are feeling pretty good about their chances, as their team looks to catch Mizzou between two huge games. Perhaps they’re looking even ahead to next week where a win in Austin will ensure Mizzou can waltz to the finish line undefeated with a date with OU at a rather loud Arrowhead in December. (most likely lopsided with black and gold)

However, Okie State has won just 4 of their last 8 on the road….with their biggest win being a 2006 triumph over then even-more-doormat Kansas. OSU’s option/draw rushing offense plays right into the hands of Mizzou…who has actually been pretty good against the run this year. Unless Missouri fails to score in the first few drives…OSU will be forced to throw..and with crowd noise, bright lights and a less effective run game…I think it will be too much.


Speaking of too much, I’m really kind of disappointed I have to address this…but you asked for it.

Can you people let this whole Chase Daniel thing go? Look, I understand the kid has punked you people more than any single player in recent memory. (Do you know many players with three career lopsided wins over Nebraska?) I understand you’re angry that this caliber of player these days simply thumbs his nose at you (HA! GET IT!?!) instead of joining your ranks. However, sooner or later you’re going to have to stop your crying…dry your eyes..and realize that just because you’re not thinking about it doesn’t mean your program is in any less trouble.

You know what I’m talking about, so don’t pretend you don’t. Your little “2-3 year plan” that started with Bill Callahan is now in year 5 …and there is no end that even the bottom is in sight. Do you think it’s going to get that much better next season with a brand new QB (whom your idiot coach hasn’t even allowed more than 6 whopping attempts ½ through the year.)? Have you noticed the raised eyebrows regarding the complete lack of recruiting strength Pelini has shown so far?

Seriously, from Traitor Tom Shatel, to every Husker blogger I know…the theme ever since Saturday night's massacre has been nothing but “Daniel sucks” this and “Daniel’s a whiney bitch” that. Meanwhile, this “problem” that doesn’t seem to go away was the result of a tiny sound byte and the deafening roar of silence from the Missouri camp…whom lets face it…has way more to worry about right now than your precious little feelings or your shitty has-been program.

Look, I understand why you’re pissed about it. I did the same thing when my team sucked. I looked to focus on just about anything aside from the fact that my own team was horrible and there was nothing I could do about it. Do I expect the local media to talk about how Pelini’s teams undisciplined and unfocused? Do I expect them to do an exclusive interview with Tom Osborne to see how he enjoys watching a perennial conference doormat beat the holy shit out of his team without so much as trying last weekend? Of course not.

Your actions and your inexhaustible crying about a complete non-issue has screamed inaudibly exactly the way I predicted. So the guy hates you? Big deal. You definitely don’t have to tell me twice how easy it is to hate your guts. Perhaps you should have thought about the repercussions of your actions when you made endless booger jokes and claims regarding his ability. In the end, he basically kicked your ass, called you out for what you are and have become..and walked away to his model girlfriend...his multiple award ceremonies and his undefeated team.

Kids, you can’t give a great big middle finger much more effectively than that.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Beautiful! I'm speechless..

2:28 PM  
Blogger Husker_Engineer said...


I do appreciate you not ending this in the classic...PS, last post...kind of way.

I also appreciate the fact that I will continue to hope your claims of victory are similar to another, relative recent, claim:

Mission Accomplished

So, you have the last 2 battles won...and have won a total of 4 of the 23 battles, but claim victory now? It cool. There was this kid in my neighborhood that would take his ball and go home when he was was winning too. I hope you at least make an appearance at some of the other blogs so we can trade some barbs....because I think, like Bush, you are gonna find your mission is not nearly accomplished.

About Chance McDanielson. He basically has two wins (I don't count his mop up duty as him beating us)...and those two wins came against the worst Husker defenses since Ike was nailing Mamie in the Lincoln bedroom. So kudos to him and his teammates.

We beat OU 73-21 and 69-7 in 1996/97....but I don't think much of those wins as they came at historic lows for that program...

So, Chase can get a DVD of his Nebraska highlights and let them keep him warm while he is playing for the Iowa Barnstormers next year.

2:39 PM  
Anonymous ohf said...

dammit aj. please dont stop writing this! i enjoy the banter and viewpoints, you understand its just a game, just like i do, and its all in fun. i understand big red is "dead" for awhile (who knows how long), but i will always come read and banter back at you. i get it though, good luck in your future writings, i truly do enjoy your style.

2:45 PM  
Blogger AJ said...

H/E you had a nice post going til you went to the, "Hope he enjoyed beating the worst Husker defense ever" card.

That can be spun 900 different ways including:

- Hope you enjoyed beating Warren Powers, Woody Widenhoffer and Bob Stull

- Hope you enjoyed beating a Missouri team that was having it's worse 3 decades ever

- Hope you enjoyed winning with Prop 48 was still in play

- Hope you enjoyed beating Missouri teams when there was omni turf in columbia.

That stuff is weak...very weak and I would have thought you knew better.

As for McDanielson (you get points for that...always funny)...pretty ironic coming from a fan of a team who's last Heisman Trohpy winner is now sell aluminum bleachers and fencing. I"m quite sure Mr. Crouch would kill for an AFL shot..if he didn't quit during the 1st week of training camp.

Daniel will hold every passing record at Missouri for years...he's nailing a model and even if he doesn't make it in the NFL...has a 3.5 GPA. (There is already a swell of support to have him takeover as QB coach if Dave Christensen goes to Washington and move Yost to OC)

I think he'll be fine.

2:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

think about how much better chase daniel would be if he could keep away from the buffets. Amazing. I guess if his career as a quarterback ever turns south he has a shot at the Chiefs left tackle spot.

4:15 PM  
Blogger Husker_Engineer said...

See, that is my point...I don't think much of beating Warren Powers...I don't even remember when he was your coach. I kind of remember a kid named Farmer....was he good? Like I said in my earlier post, we clubbed the shit out of OU in 96/97....but I did not run smack because I knew they were not that good.

Omniturf I remember :) Worst Turf ever!!!! I think you guys were the only team in America that had it....all that goddamn sand....

I seriously just don't get why he likes to run his pie hole after beating us...because he does not do it after he beats Buffalo (who gave you a better game). I also don't remember him doing it after KU....and they are nominally your rival. But he beats the worst NU team in my lifetime and that is a 'notch in his belt'?

I am asking in all seriousness. Is it the 'booger' stuff? If so, cool...I get that....

I am not saying he should not be happy with his win. I am not saying that just because we are bad it lessens his accomplishments this season. Please understand that. Just don't like a guy taking a shot like that, which I think was completely unwarranted, after his last game against us.

But its all good....if Chase does nothing else....I think he helped us find a rival in the north we can hate....

CU does not cut it...even though I hate hippies.

4:28 PM  
Blogger AJ said...

I got nothing on the Chase Daniel comment.

Dude needs to lay off the buffet, or by the time he's 30, he's going to be pushing 3 bills.

4:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amazing what being a quarterback can do for your dating life. Here is the girl Chase is dating:


I can't hate on that, she sure beats the heck out of anything Nebraska can offer..


5:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


With all due respect, I believe that you are blinded by the Mizzou win last weekend when it comes to your decision to discontinue your blog. I believe that you have prematurely signaled the end of the war - essentially landing on an aircraft and declaring 'Mission Accomplished' with years of bloodshed to go - and (forgive my boldness) may not fully grasp the nature of the war that you have been fighting.

As a Colorado fan, I have been carrying on a similar war over the years against Nebraska folk. Whether it is versus your typical die-hard in a Nerf Corncob hat, some clown in red Osh-Goshs that resembles Lil Red, or just someone who happens to display Nebraska license plates, I have always reserved my most poisonous vitriol for the Big Red Nation. I would venture to say that, given the history of the Colorado-Nebraska rivalry over the last 20 years, that, in comparison to yours, my War has included more victories, more skirmishes, and more general back-and-forth. Not to say that I don't appreciate your situation, being Behind Enemy Lines; but let's just say that I've been in your immediate shoes (coming off of a victory and wanting to kick up my feet) more often. Buff Nation did not quit after 62-36... we became more emboldened. The war continues.

That's my point: the War isn't over. Why? Because the enemy, in this case an entire state of denial, will never surrender. They will never accept what you have come to believe, and what is apparent to the rest of the Big XII family - that Missouri, even after Chase Daniel graduates, has a much bigger upside and can expect more success than the Nebraska program can hope for at this point. Now I have seen Nebraska fans make some huge strides this past week in realizing that they are in for an ass raping for the remainder of this year. But their delusion takes over when they look ahead to next year and beyond. They believe that their Cornhuskers will win the Big XII North next year, and that Missouri will return to their former mid-table repute after Chase Daniel graduates. Just like they believe that my Buffaloes have no future despite fielding, playing, and seasoning a teamfull of talented freshman and sophomores.

So I wanted to offer my perspective - essentially that just because Missouri won at Nebraska last Saturday, does not mean that you can leave the trenches. You must hold the line. Nebraska football has not reached rock bottom yet. Not even close. They have not raised the white flag. And you must be among those who tattoo reality on their sorry hides on a consistent and regular basis.


5:45 PM  
Blogger NE-Jhawk said...

I don't know how to reconsile a Husker fan who says that he didn't gloat when he beat MU in 97 when his fanbase goes to the 'history' card every time there is an argument.

You know the teams were shitty, but you tout your life time record all the time anyway.

I realize its not exactly apples and apples. But it smells of douchebaggary.

Oh and MU is not nomminaly KU's rival. Its not even 'normaly' KU's rival (assuming that's what you may have met).

Let me educate you. Kansas is the rival of Missouri. The whole state. The universities happen to be located in states that are already rivals.

The whole NU team could tie Chase Daniel down and shit down his mouth and it wouldn't budge Kansas one inch away from the place of Missouri's top rival.

If you want to be MU's rival, you better find out where Chase Daniel's family lives....and kill everyone who lives in his town. That's how high the bar has been set when it comes to Missouri and Kansas when it comes to 'rivalry'.

8:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well if this is your last post I will make this mine.

It was fun while it lasted but all good things come to an end.

May you and your family be happy, and nothing but good luck to you and may the sun always shine you.

As always,
You Can Eat A Mile Of My Corn Ridden Shit and Kiss My Husker Ass.

P.S. EAT SHIT AND DIE FUCKER May you rot and burn in hell. Other than that have a good life.

8:12 PM  
Blogger AJ said...

Ummm, somebody needs to tell Corn Ridden Shit guy that this isn't the last post. You think I would go out like that?

Come on now.

Oh, and NE99, that was the hardest I've laughed at a comment...mostly because it's dead-on true. Well done.

And to the Buff fan who wants me to keep going...I understand your point...but I'm not sure how I could go out any better than this season. I know they deserve everything they get..but they will eventually win 8 games some year (maybe) and that's as good as they're going to do...pretty much ever.

Trust me..this has been a decision that is 18 months in the making...it was not rushed.

8:43 PM  
Blogger Husker_Engineer said...


I assume your comment was directed at me. A couple of things. Do they require and/or teach reading comprehension in Lawrence? I ask because I did not say anything about beating MU in 1997. I was talking about OU. The relationship being that OU owns the series record against NU, but we beat them in 96/97 by ALOT, but I don't think much of those wins because they had Blake.

I said nominally (not nomminally)...and I meant nominally. In case you need some help with that word, here it is. Its called the English fucking language dude. Try learning it.

8:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"There was this kid in my neighborhood that would take his ball and go home when he was was winning too."


9:07 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nebraska's logic defies reason.
They hate AJ. He can't write. He is delusional. He is a homer. Big Red is better than MU and will be back. BUT -- they are crying because he is shutting down the blog at the end of the season.

2:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

OU, CU, and KSU congratulates MU on helping the Nubbies find a new rival. ;)

5:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tell me this isn't the only encore?

10:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So now that you and your team have shown how over rated you WERE by losing to OSU at home will you keep the site up for something to do?

It is very clear that you guys will be back to nothing after booger boy is gone at the end of the season so you better keep this blog up so we can all watch you squirm!

I also want to thank that guy who gave your name out in an article last week. I plan to stop by for a 1-1 chat for good old times sake the next time I am in Omaha now that I know who too look up. Looking forward to some writing tips from a pro!

11:43 PM  
Anonymous Andy Purvis said...

AJ is a pussy!

I don't think he would ever step out from behind the cloak and anonymity that this provides him.

AJ doesnt have the BALLS to let it be known who he is.



1:20 AM  

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