October 5, 2008

Everything Changes - Yet Nothing is Different

How do you hold a funeral for somebody who is already dead? How do you shovel dirt on the grave of someone long since buried? How do you mock the downtrodden or taunt the defenseless? If a program falls dead in the woods, does it make a sound if nobody is there to hear it?

Last evening on a stage of green, surrounded by dull grey walls and even duller fans in red, the Missouri Tigers delivered the unnecessary final death blow to the anti-Husker movement. Three whopping plays into the game, much of the world learned what the readers of this blog have known for quite some time. Predictions of 10-3 seasons are as ridiculous now as they were in May. Shouts of “Bo will get them to play harder and that is all that matters” are no more kool-aid stained and delusional than they were during the off-season.

I know many of you are visiting today to read fire and brimstone rain down verbally upon the quintessential bullies of the Big 12. And although they certainly deserve every bit of venom and then some, I simply find it difficult to really care that much. Seriously, did anything you saw last night really shock you?

For you see, your once great program is no more worse off than it was last year. Your pathetic defense and ridiculous lack of anything resembling speed is just as prevalent today as it was 364 days ago on a night much like last night in a swirling cauldron of hate in Mid-Missouri. If anything however, you should be at peace with the big steaming pile of reality that has become your program. In other words...you asked for this.

Everything is as you requested. Your beloved Tom Osborne sat on his throne high atop the stadium last night. Your former thugs and criminals roamed the sidelines without restraint as they witnessed today’s version of themselves trudging back to the sidelines gasping for breath after giving up yet another 80 yard Missouri drive. Leading your effort is your beloved defensive mastermind, who despite his ability to restrain his precious “passion”, still looks like an out-manned and out-classed high school equivalent.

But in the big grand scheme of things, besides all that, the world is really no different than it was last season, or really much after the season before that. However, your indifference and growing apathy does hide the fact well that you truly are further up the proverbial creek than you realize for one reason and one reason only:

There is nobody left to fire and nothing more you can do.

The team in red and white and the fans who cheered for them that surrounded me last night did not look like the machine that once dominated the college football landscape. What I saw was a pathetic facsimile of a storied program in love with itself and completely unable to turn the page into the 21st century. If you people spent half as much time worrying about your complete and total lack of talent and coaching as you did worrying about when Chuck Liddell was going to make an appearance, you’d probably be in far less of a hole today than you are.

The man you entrusted to (and then bragged to the world about) is a complete joke. The sloppy and inconsistent play I saw last night rivaled that of an Xbox game set against the Computer with the sliders set to zero. The whole “mystery defense” that Husker linebacker coach and head douchebag Mike Eckler was bragging about on Friday morning now seems even more hysterical than it was at the time. (Unless the plan was to simply let Missouri score at will...in which case they did a great job). But even worse than the multitude of mental mistakes, the blown assignments and late hits (nice helmet to helmet cheap shot by the way) is the complete and total inability of these men to lead.

If all you wanted to do was “pump your team up” and get them to "play hard" before every game…why the hell didn’t you save the money and just rent a copy of Rocky II? Why not play some AC-DC in the locker room if all you wanted was some clown in a four dollar sweatshirt to yell and look like a fool for 60 minutes? At least then you wouldn’t have to answer questions about an unproven hothead who’s team is very quickly taking on the personality and tempo of an undisciplined and erratic underachiever.

Come to think of it...are you sure it was your LAST coach that came from the Raiders organization?

But most pathetic in all of this is you, the fans who apparently are too ignorant or naive to realize that you’ve been sold a lemon by smiling Tom the car salesman. Then again, perhaps you had plenty of time to realize this when your student section was trying to start the wave while your team was down 45-10 in the 3rd quarter?

Now I will admit, there were several Nebraska fans who greeted me with a “welcome to Lincoln” or a nice smile. But for the most part, your overrated and self-indulgent reputation has worked against you all these years. Gone are the days of swarming conference foes within a sea of intimidation and kindness. Here are the days of half-empty stadiums, players spitting on the opposition and entire sections of your stadium being overrun by enemy fans who let’s face it…never really liked you that much to begin with.

So where does this lead us? What does this complete and total blind miscalculation do to the evolution of the Anti-Husker movement?

The correct answer is nothing, because the movement began to die a long time ago.

Like a carnival tent packing up and leaving town, the husker hating movement and eventually this blog will match your tradition and simply cease to exist. The glorious events of last night, culminating with 60 minutes of piper paying simply solidifies every single little thing that I’ve said about you in the past two years. (Go to my game-by-game preview back in August, and tell me what I said the score would be) Do you really think we as Husker haters can be any more right? Are you ever going to understand and comprehend the fact that what you had and held so dear is long gone like a whisper in the wind?

I actually somewhat felt a bit sad sitting in my 10 inch slab of wood in section 15 last night. As I looked around, I saw a confused, desperate and beaten people. One by one, as they shuffled past by me, I lightly clapped…told them to keep their chin up, and that they will soon be back in contention to fight another day.

Of course all of this was a lie.

There will never be another day and you will never ever be what you once were, let alone what you have built up in your own mind. Because of your complete and total inability to think outside of the big red box, your world will look like this for years, as other programs and other fan bases race by…not really caring whether or not you’re able to get back up and dust yourself off.

You are a complete and total afterthought that has been knocked from your perch and beaten to a unrecognizable pulp. Your condescending ways and your gigantic egos have surpassed your previous reputation, and there simply is no going back now.

So what does the future hold for those who hold such disdain toward you?

Nothing. The clock has struck 0:00 and the band has packed up and gone home. The movement is over and nature has once again set things right with the world.

The Big Red is truly dead.

Let freedom ring throughout the land.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Excellent as always.

With Peliahan tossing the ball around for a garbage TD against our 3rd teamers, it validated my thought that GP shouldn't have let off the pedal. Bullshit, but I didn't expect anything less.

1:24 PM  
Anonymous Art VD said...

A lot of us could see this coming, knowing it was inevitable. Can we really sustain the level of hate against perennial roadkill which is what the nub program has become? I obviously enjoyed the total destruction, but it doesn't mean as much to me as I thought it would. My question is: will Huskerh8er cease to exist? I know I could still be entertained by your weekly insights into the turmoil going on in the state you now call home. I for one say stick with it for at least a few more weeks. The TTech game review could be a doozy.

By the way, when will we see a literate Nbred fan living in Missouri start up Tigerh8er.com?

1:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pure poetic genuis AJ. I have been reading some of the Nebraska boards, and I am seeing a little bit of reality seeping into their collective consiousness. They played worse at home last night than they had in Columbia last year, and a few Husker fans have soberly noticed that. I actually saw a thread on Huskerpedia asking to shut it down for a few days, and was laughing my ass off. Why? Because they have completely and utterly hit rock bottom, and don't have a fucking clue as to what to do.

Ding Dong Big Red is Dead!

Can't wait to see what Mike Leach the pirate is going to do to the corpse. It won't be pretty...if you are a husker fan.

AJ, how about you keep the blog through the end of the season. While the corpse is still cooling there should be some truly great theatre to provide some very interesting material.


2:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Missour fans or this one in particular are so fricking delusional it's scary. To devote a whole website to the fans of a college football team is not only ridicoulous but a fucking waste of time. I'm not a Nebraska fan but the Nebraska faithful cannot be as bad as this clown says they are or could it just be a very lonely man (or could be a woman for all we know). Is this person reaching out for attention? Did his parents neglect him as a child. I would guess, Yes!

3:05 PM  
Anonymous Andy P said...

Nice win for you and the Tigers

I will congratulate you, just as I congratulated other Missou fans as I left the stadium.

NU will be fine in time. Dude, I really hope that some day you lose this hate.

Hate is not healthy for the sould bud!

Best of luck

3:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I (MU Fan) took my first trip to Lincoln this weekend for the game, and have to admit that it was, for the most part, pleasant. Outside the game, everyone was what I would call neighborly and nice. Had lunch at Lazlo's in the Haymarket, which had incredible food. Even on the way to the game, people were nice, stopping to offer directions without prompting when I looked confused (although those ramps to the upper decks SUCK). Nice people who mostly lived up to the reputation.

I do have to say, though, that after the game began you could see definite cracks in the fasade, through which you could see many Husker fans starting to feel the frustration and become the very thing they hate:

The girl two rows in front of me who spent 3 quarters flailing her arms, screaming profanity, and groaning like she was in need of an exorcism, and then abruptly leaving in a huff.

The guy who walked up and down the aisle screaming "five rings" (which I assume means national championships) several times during the game.

The guy who yelled out that no player at Missouri will ever win the Heisman.

Showing a cheap-shot hit on Daniel that drew a penalty on the big screen as one of the "hits of the game."

The guy that told me on the way out that the only reason we won was that the refs "gave us" a bunch of penalties.

The fans in the hotel lobby this morning bitching about Chase Daniel's comments to the media about the player spitting on him and calling him a liar.

What happened to sportsmanship and respect? Does that rule only apply when you are winning? Isn't it possible that Mizzou won because they have a good team and good coaches?

Now I do have to admit that there were some Husker fans that stood and clapped when the clock hit 0:00, and I respect them for doing their thing. However, what about the other 60-70% bitter, sore losers who pissed and moaned for 3 quarters and then left the stadium? Does the "best fans" in college football encompass only a subset of NU's fan base?

To be fair...I'm an MU fan and I have done my share of trash talking. I have exhibited poor sportsmanship during my of years of frustration. IMO, it happens to everyone. BUT, at what point do the NU fans admit that it can happen to them, and that they aren't really better than everyone else?

One other thing that I think is beyond excuse by the way: Calling Chase a liar. Chase is one of the best QBs in the country. He had just finished mopping the floor with what is, on the national stage, an irrelevant team this year. He is under a lot of scrutiny in the Heisman race. Why the HELL would he LIE about a player spitting on him? What possible reason could he have?

Totally ridiculous! If I had read in the paper that an MU player had spit on an opposing player, my first reaction would be that Pinkel should bust his ass and suspend him. On what alternate universe do people lie to the media about someone spitting on them to defame an unranked, non-contender team that they just trounced? Are these Husker fans for real? Shouldn't they be a little outraged that THEIR players might be taking actions that defamed their beloved program?

4:29 PM  
Anonymous Tigrrrr! said...

No, the Nub faithful are as bad as protrayed. Flocking en masse to road games and the sense of entitlement to take over an opponent's stadium. The history of coaches running up the score by leaving starters in for as long as possible. The track record of turning a blind eye to thugs getting protection from the system instead of being accountable by it. The golf claps and condescending "You boys played so hard" to the victims of steroid driven glory.

4:45 PM  
Blogger AJ said...


Daniel and the Tigers didn't say a word all week...despite the bitching and chirping from NU players and fans.

Good for them for waiting til after the game...kicking their ass in their own stadium and then waiting to call them out for what they are.

A college football version of the Raiders.

4:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...



4:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

All the Husker fans want to fire the coach. Again. Yeah, ass clowns. That's going to work. Just like it did with Solich (10-3) and Clownahan.

You people are so fucking stupid, it hurts. It's over. You are Army. You'll never be good again.

5:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

congratulations to mizzoo for winning in lincoln for the first time in 30 years. it must feel good to get the 30 year monkey off your back.
by the way, how many national titles do you guys have? oh.
well, maybe this year will be the first one. the missouri tigers are real. but will they be real enough to beat oklahoma in the Big 12 title match? Could be.

5:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"congratulations to mizzoo for winning in lincoln for the first time in 30 years. it must feel good to get the 30 year monkey off your back.
by the way, how many national titles do you guys have? oh.
well, maybe this year will be the first one."

I love these comments, coming from true, classy cornholer fans.. What exactly are those rings and trophies doing for you this year? Does that make your current team any better? What is the excuse going to be next week?

5:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I believe physicists may want to "rethink" their theory that nothing can exceed the velocity of the speed of light. I suspect they've never seen the Missouri offense.

Good luck to AJ and MU for speaking the truth.

-from a CU Buff fan.

6:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You mizery fans are such assholes. Just like them your blog has become tired and dumb. I used to come here for good discussion, but now it's just stupid.

Take your lying, booger eating players and have fun choking to Texas. Theyre going to kick your asses anyway.

Loser! You're still just Missouri!


6:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

AJ -- I think you're right. It's time to shut this blog down. The rational Husker fans know what they have become. Baiting the delusional morons who have become Oakland Raiders U fans is hardly worth the time and effort.

7:03 PM  
Anonymous Runralphierun said...

If Nebraska is Oakland Raiders U, does that make Dr. Tom Al Davis? They're both angry old bastards, over the hill losers and wear the same ridiculous 1980's polyester jumpsuits...if you ask me, the resemblance is uncanny.

8:06 PM  
Blogger chicklin said...

"You mizery fans are such assholes. Just like them your blog has become tired and dumb. I used to come here for good discussion, but now it's just stupid.

Take your lying, booger eating players and have fun choking to Texas. Theyre going to kick your asses anyway.

Loser! You're still just Missouri!


Sad, so very sad. What will you say when we beat Texas? People have been predicting that we get "exposed" for almost two years now. With the exception of Oklahoma, they have been wrong every time. And it's not like Oklahoma "exposed" anything, they were simply the better team. Hopefully, we'll get a chance at them again this year.

8:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What! Nebraska Lost to Missouri.. in Lincoln Nebraska,,,All shit Somebody must got hurt...

Well Really. I knew this was going to go down.. you can't win with class B receivers and DB against teams with talent..and Nebraska can't seem to recognize the class A kids.. they are dead set on bringing back a walk on program ...Hell,, I think they are starting to hand out scholarships to them.... Bo can't fix this shit...And he will get use to getting throttled without going the fuck off.

9:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Would go out on a limb now and tell us how Missouri will run the table…
Hell no you won’t…
Because you scared it going to break and you’ll fall and bust your mother fucken head…. See from what I tell A.J..
You will sit quietly and admire your team as they proceed thru this season.
You motherfucker,,
A day will come this season were you beloved team will get beat down…. giving you a taste of all the previous years.

In closing I wish Missouri Luck,,
I just won’t feel bad

9:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Daniel needs to stop being a whiny little b*tch and let the scoreboard do the talking. I'm tired of his whining, his crying, and his booger-eating. It's FOOTBALL, I'm sure worse things happen at the bottom of those piles out there....

10:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


NU is quite average, Missouri is damn good, and as a fan, I'm sure you're excited at their prospects of having considerably more than a puncher's chance this year at a National title. However, there is something that doesn't sit right. Daniels...I love seeing Mizzou fans squirm when somebody mistypes Daniels. Anyway, if somebody spit on him, all he needs to do is ID that player privately to his coach and Pinkel should pass than on to Pelini. If Pelini did nothing afterwords, then you go public. Who knows...maybe he Pinkel's already moved forward on it. As an 8th grade BB coach, if one of my players was accused of something like that, the first person I'd reach out to is the opponent's coach, and we'd hash it out. Doing this shit in the press just looks petty.

Just to throw out "they're dirty...they're bush", knowing that he'll never have to see this team again, is indeed bush on his part. Without ID'ing that guilty NU player, he comes off as a whiny tit that loves to talk shit and looks like a poor winner after a game is over. With lukewarm prospects at best in the NFL, sombody who has a keen eye for the game like Daniel shouldn't take the low road to burning bridges by calling programs dirty, especially if he wants to coach at this level someday.

Just thoughts...congrats on the win, and I'll join you in cheering against CU and KSU. Best sign sighted on Saturday...'Two in the Pinkel, one in the Stinkel'.

12:29 AM  
Anonymous ohf said...

im still here aj. i didnt even read the article, but what a shit game. congrats to mizzou, they are legit, and well... we are... um... shit, i dont know, we still kick ku's ass which will be hilarious. good luck the rest of the way, "booger" is a balla.

12:35 AM  
Blogger bornred said...

I think it's funny how some of you dipshits complain about how former Husker teams rolled over your pathetic teams like a Panzer division Blitzkrieg and supposedly ran up the score, but now that Mizzou is able to do it, think it's okay. Are any of you Mensa candidates now getting any type of clue why that happens?

Mizzou had way more talent, speed, discipline, confidence and composure than the Huskers and dominated both sides of the ball to the point where NU had their will broken. As a Husker fan, it's difficult to watch, but can appreciate it because this is exactly the same reason that this used to happen when Big Red was Big Red and doing this to all of your teams. You knew what was coming, hell, could have even told what the snap count was and where the play was going and you still couldn't stop them. That's total domination and it feels great when your team is doing it (most of you have no idea what I'm talking about, but just nod your heads and pretend).

I have no issues with the score and don't feel like it was run up on us by any stretch and is pretty much what I expected, given where these two teams are. Just as I said when we were dishing these beatings out, it's not the offense's job to stop scoring, it's the defenses job to keep them out of the endzone.
And tigrrrr!, you are completely and utterly, to the top of your skull, full of shit. Husker coaches did the exact same fucking thing Pinkel did last night. Once the game was in hand, they pulled the starters to give the reserves live game experience to build depth and prevent any type of unnecessary injury to a starter, don't be a dumbass thinking that this is some brand fucking new Pinkel-invented concept... fucking moron. When I was a kid, I used to hate it, but understood why the coaches did it, so no, NU coaches didn't leave the starters in to run up the score, we were really that much better than you.

I've been following this team since I was 5 years old and heard the first sweet sounds of Lyle Bremser calling Cornhusker games across the radio waves in my hometown in Nebraska. I'll still be following them until they spread my ashes.
It was great spending 30+ years at or near the top of the game and if it's truly over and we never come near to reaching the pinnacle again, I can live with that and I'll still throw down my $29.95 for PPV, travel back to Nebraska every year for a game or two and catch every game I can when they are on the West coast, regardless of how they are doing.

This is my team and nothing will ever change that. What's sad about most of you fuckwads is that you have more emotion over a Husker loss than your own teams. CU got drilled by Texas, yet Buff fan is here celebrating a Husker loss (you might want to worry about stuffing some gauze into the cavernous, bloody, trench where your assholes used to be), KSU got whipped by Texas Tech at home (you dickheads don't to get to make any comments, you're in the same fucking boat, in fact, we are rowing harder than you assholes and bailing out more water so pick it up), and KU had their hands full and were 6 inches from some outstretched fingertips away from getting taken down by ISU (you bitches know damn well if he makes that catch with almost a minute to play that ISU gets at least 3 points out of it and leaves no clock left). What cracks me the fuck up is that you are standing in the same line, about to be treated like a first day inmate by Mizzou, and cheering the sodomization of the Huskers, all while your pants are getting pulled down to your ankles as you slowly get bent over the bedrail. That, to me, is fucking hilarious.

Here's the thing. The success that Mizzou fans are getting to enjoy now, I had... and more, my entire childhood and a good portion of my adult life and nothing, absolutely nothing can take that away. No, it won't win us any games now, but likewise, what we do now, will not go back and lose us any of those games, take away any championships, or tarnish any of those great memories. Most of you will never, ever know what it feels like to see your team win 1 National Championship, let alone 5. Many Husker fans, present company included, were lucky enough to be around and have memories of all of those and if that makes me arrogant and you can't handle it, then too fucking bad. It's most likely that no team will ever dominate for that long again... ever.

In closing, fuck you all. I was born red and I'm not going anywhere.

Go Big Red.


PS. I agree that I see no reason for Daniel to lie about getting spit on and hope Pelini finds and punishes whichever player did it.

PPS. I'm calling bullshit on anyone that says that Pelini can't get the Huskers back to competing for the North and eventually the B12. It's too early to say that he will, but also too early to say that he won't. Some of you guys are complete idiots or never played. I never had a head coach that didn't bark if I fucked up the same way more than once and there has been alot of repeat fucking up going on both sides of the ball with this team.

PPPS. AJ, I disagree with you on the part where you said former Huskers roamed the sidelines freely, seeing the current versions of themselves coming off the field gasping for air after another 80 yard scoring drive. Now, I realize that maybe our conditioning isn't up to the level of Mizzou's, but I seriously doubt guys were gasping for air after 3 plays.

12:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I worry that you're going to have to manufacture the hate, now that this deed is done. There's just nothing left. It's like watching Mike Tyson fight Lennox Lewis. At this point, it's more of a sick fascination to see how bad they get their ass beat, instead of watching to see if they can actually win.

I honestly pity them. Not in the mock pity clap way, but I actually pity them. They have no idea how to react to this, and they just hired a petulant 5 year old to try to correct the damage. Their expectation level is so high that even if he is moderately successful, he's going to get run off by a gang of retards in white Levis with pictures of Tom Osborne in their bathroom.

1:27 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'll swallow this pill, we are not a good team this year. No big wins are on the horizon, and a bowl game would be a stretch. However, its quite obvious the real reason that you hint of turning the lights off in here. OU will end the tiger dream season once again, I look forward to another B12 title game letdown when the speed card doesn't play anymore and the tigers run into a good defense and an equally potent offense. Save this historic post and wait until next year, it will read just the same for mizzou when they return to mediocrity for another century. Enjoy it though, these next 3 months will be the best of your life.

1:55 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You know AJ, the lack of Husker retorts to your last post probably shows that either (1) they know you were right and don't have anything else to say, or (2) the win really devastated them and they have given up.

Perhaps you should just post your score prediction for next week and take a week or two off to bask in the glory.

What is left to be said that the win didn't already say?

7:57 AM  
Blogger AJ said...

Would go out on a limb now and tell us how Missouri will run the table…
Hell no you won’t… "

Dear douche,

I picked Mizzou to go 12-2 and lose to Oklahoma in the Big 12 title game.

Read the blog before you let shit start oozing out of your keyboard. Your team sucks. The sooner you deal with the fact that, the sooner you'll be able to comment on things like an adult.

8:15 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Mizzou did not run up the score on you. We average 50 a game. We took most of our starters out of the game at the end of the third quarter. We ran our third and fourth string running backs up the middle for most of the 4th quarter to run out the clock...what more do you want?

If we wanted to run up the score, we would have kept our starters in and it would have been 73-17.

What would you have preferred? Us putting in our third team at halftime? That would have been less embarrassing to you?

Moreover, you left your freaking starters in the WHOLE game. You are saying that we should have let your starters beat up on our JV squad a little more so that you could have a couple more opportunities to score?


8:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are exactly right. My sn on Yahoo has been huskerhater7 for the last 2 years. I lived in Omaha for 4 years before escaping to Florida. I actually feel guilty hating a program that is not worth anything now. But karma is a wicked thing husker fans.

8:58 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is over, AJ. Shut it down. The Huskers are irrelevant, as they should be.

There's a lot longer odds against them coming back than Alabama, for instance, which actually produces loads of high school talent.

9:02 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I wrote the previous post about running up the score. I just read the rest of your post and realized that I misread the first part, and should have read the rest before posting. You didn't say that Mizzou ran up the score, and I apologize. I would delete my prior comment if I could.

Sorry, bud...

9:21 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You stupid fucking Nebraska fans. It's fucking spelled MIZZOU. You know, the sound you heard up in Lincoln for a good part of the game...our small group of fans being 10x louder than you! It's stupid and childishly passive aggressive to continually misspell the name. At the end of the day, it's Nebraska's complete lack of respect for others that causes the hatred.

Your team is so slow, it will be YEARS before you are competitive again in the Big 12. Deal with it.

9:28 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

bornred said...

"CU got drilled by Texas, yet Buff fan is here celebrating a Husker loss (you might want to worry about stuffing some gauze into the cavernous, bloody, trench where your assholes used to be)"

Yeah, and if I want to rag on the Whorns, I can go to an OU, Texags, or a Buff board. You seem unable to grasp a very simple concept. This blog is called "Huskerh8er". Does that make any kind of sense to you? It's not Tigerboard, FucktheJayhawks, or Catsblow. When you catch a steaming log of clue on what this blog is about, then discuss. Until then quitcherbitchin.

"What cracks me the fuck up is that you are standing in the same line, about to be treated like a first day inmate by Mizzou, and cheering the sodomization of the Huskers, all while your pants are getting pulled down to your ankles as you slowly get bent over the bedrail. That, to me, is fucking hilarious."

You still don't fucking get it, do you? Are you actually this goddam dense or just blowing off steam? I can't speak of the MU-KU rivalry because that's a different thing, but I have never seen Mizzou fans act condescending toward other fanbases; call themselves the classiest, best, whatever superlative of the day; pity clap, and constantly tell grossly exaggerated stories of other fanbase behavior. The constant refrain of "Oh, they're just jealous of our success" is complete and utter bullshit. Oklahoma has owned most other teams in the old Big 8 at least equal to, if not more, than you self-important gasbags. Are they cheatin' sumbitches? Yes. Do I want to take a chainsaw to their band area because of their annoying Boomer Sooner? Anybody would. But I have never seen Sooner fan be snarky or condescending. (Perhaps toward UT and Ok St but that's in the KU-MU category).

If an old SWC team in the Aggies can figure it out, why the hell can't a lot of Nubs? This from an Aggie on Texags:

"Good for Daniel. I'm sure all those old Big 8 teams have a chip on their shoulder about handing it to Nebraska, and I don't blame them. I bet Mizzou fans would have been completely fine laying a 100 on them."

Maybe later I'll bitch and cry about other teams on other venues, but again since this is Huskerh8er, then:

FOAD Holers!

9:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

No. It is not that AJ's post have left us stunned with his brilliance. We simply don't read them. Missouri has a good team this year. They whipped NU like a red headed step child.
So now Missouri can build towards their own dynasty. They may go undefeated this year. They may get their first National Title. And I'd be the first to congratulate this unlikely event. When you look back over the sea of sub-mediocrity that is Missouri's historical record, the current accomplishments must be hailed as tremendous and significant. And I would bet that the fans will riot and burn cars in the street if they actually do win a National Title. Because, after all, an accomplishment of that sort deserves a righteous and classy celebration. But when you look back over time, and over Missouri's long record in football...it makes you wonder....just what were they doing all of those years? They've played since the 1800s...just like Nebraska. They probably played Notre Dame back when the 4 horsemen were dominating, just like Nebraska. They played in the Big Six and the Big Eight. Their history is long....and unstoried.
But, perhaps, they have finally arrived. They've reached that heady, rarified air that so few have breathed. Perhaps, just maybe. This will be the year. The year that they can stand and proclaim, "We won the Big 12", and "We are champions",...and "nobody can ever take that away from us"....
Maybe, just maybe, this is the year they can do that.

9:59 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Like watching Mike Tyson fight Lennox Lewis? No way. It's like watching Tyson, in his prime, fight Stephen Hawking.

All the NU fans talking about all "we've" done and how "we'll" be back is what makes this so fun. When a group of 20-year olds lose a game, your personal lives are harmed. You need them to validate your existance.

I'm a Kansas alum and had a lot of fun last year watching the school's football and basketball teams have their best seasons. However, I'm not delusional enough to think I had anything to do with it. It was just a group of young men who attend my alma mater that did very well. Good for them. When they lose, well I hope they go practice and get better. If they lose, my world doesn't fall apart. A small minority of NU fans don't collapse into a pool of goo when the Huskers lose. They aren't the target here. It's all of you whose existance is so empty and devoid of meaning that you can't go on if a group of college kids lose a game that is who the enemy fans are targeting. The University's football team is losing so your lives have no meaning.

That is what makes you all so pathetic.

And hysterical.

I loved the pre-season talk that there was no way NU goes any worse than 2-1 against Virginia Tech, Missouri, and Kansas. Kansas isn't playing very well right now, but they're doing a ton better than Nebraska is.

I can't wait to see how badly your egos are bleeding from the rectum by the time the Jayhawks ride into town.

10-3 doesn't seem so unacceptable any more does it?


10:02 AM  
Blogger HucktheFuskers said...

I was debating on whether I was going to post this or not, but I feel I have to just out of sheer Husker arrogance.

Before you click on this link, you have to keep in mind two things:
1) ESPN's Mark May refuses to gorge himself with red Kool-Aid
2) This post began on Friday.

And you wonder why we hate you f-ckers

10:32 AM  
Blogger broker0625 said...

Congrats to Mizzou and their fans. You truly have a shot this year. That was a true ass whooping. I hope we get back to having a team with that much potential sometime soon.

I'd stop crying about the cheapshot because Missouri set the bar for it to happen to them on the 1st Neb drive. Ganz took a way worse cheapshot on the 1st drive of the game. Only he didn't wait to cry about it after the game. He popped back up and got in the face of the player who did it. Don't say you didn't see it, they replayed it.

Your team outplayed, outcoached, outwilled, outeverythinged Nebraska this year. Good luck for the rest of the season. Don't let up AJ I don't think you have to manufacture any level of hate. I just hope the level of entertainment I get out of your blog doesn't drop off. Keep up the hating.


11:19 AM  
Anonymous bigredfred said...

Congratulations to one of the best Mizzou teams of all times..

Thanks for the blog AJ , no reason to keep it up now, so , it's been real.

I am always amazed though how your blog seems to be a magnet for the worst of husker fans, myself excluded of course.:)

Bornred , what kind of idiot is so high on himself , he sits in a corner in a daze, slapping himself while drooling to the past memories of 'husker glory' playing over and over in his head?

There is therapy available for you, you know that don't you?

Some of you were the same husker fans that couldn't wait to cannibalize the program that started all this. Then for four years Bill Callahan was your heartthrob. Now you are on here trading wit with morons who swallowed Kool-aid from the same sidewalk stand you drank from.

I'm sure your rant gave you some release from your lunacy, but you are still an idiot with no clue what makes a great team.

What you don't realize is that, NU not only lost their winning ways back in 2003, they lost their character. Football is about more than just winning. Football is about more than what someone ELSE did back in 1983.

My post isn't about the past, Bill-Frank-Tom-Steve-Bob-Joe or any of that stuff. I am referring to stupid fans who think THEY know something about football that no one else knows.They think they know the real Huskers.... BTW, why do you think fans from other clubs can't have an opinion on NU and the huskers?

If you actuallly ever played the game of football, you must have spent most of your time slapping the water boy instead of absorbing any of the lessons most of us learned.

In case you didn't know, sports are a way for our youth to learn life's lessons, team work, winning and losing with respect and class, competing to be the best you can be, respecting your opponent whether you beat them or they beat you, realizing that the greater lesson is the game of life and that you never quit- for your own good and for others who may be depending on you.

But then again , why try to debate a Rhoades scholar such as yourself?

12:16 PM  
Blogger daddyact said...

I'll only adress one issue:

To tigrrrrr!

The complaint about Husker fans taking over opponent's stadiums?

What the fuck id you expect Husker fans to do? Not support their team when it was winning? I don't know of any fans that do that.

Not buy available tickets for inflated prices because the opponent's fans didn't want to watch their teams get beat up? Hey, if you travel to see a game you will take advantage of that.

Seriously, would you have rather seen half empty stadiums in Boulder, or Columbia or Ames or Lawrence or Manhattan?

This is the stupidest reason for disliking an opponent's fans I've ever heard.

It will be intriguing to see what happens from here on out.

12:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Are Shucker fans staying around (in any significant numbers) for the post game salute/cheer of the visiting squad, in victory or defeat? That was always their trademark. AKA The Golf Clap after laying one on KSU or whomever by 47 points...so anyway I want to know if they're still doing it, and if so, how many actually do it. A scattering of fans doesn't count- I want to know if Shucker fans are honoring their traditions. Because at the end of the day it is ALL about tradition in Lincoln, right?

1:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Changing away from the triple option really killed a unique recruiting tool, and I think that's been overlooked through this entire process. You went to Nebraska to play smash mouth option football. Now you go to play the same shit as everyone else, but with crappy QBs and shit WRs. Not a great draw. Was the option outdated? Yeah, but it wasn't like they were a bottom tier Big 12 team. They are now.

2:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

AJ, another usual funny and insightful rambling from you my friend. I think leaving the State back in April of 2002 was a godsend in retrospect. I was there for the Glory years, but am far away from the decay now. I can look from a distance with a heavy heart, but don't have to get the stench in my nostrils. I hope NU comes back to respectability someday, but that day looks to be a long, long way from now.

Your pal in Indianapolis,
Mark (mrkaline)

3:07 PM  
Anonymous bcs_hater said...

aj -

Let's face it, your beef isn't with their football team, it's with their fan's arrogance. The football team has been dead for several years now. The fans that are still arrogant might number in the 40% range at most. You have a great gift (or maybe we all just like the subject matter) for some entertaining writing. Don't stop the blog just yet, maybe just tone the hate down for a little while.

Don't worry. Two wins in a row (gawd, that may take until next year's OOC schedule) and the arrogance number will shoot up to 75%, and you'll have fresh material to work with.

3:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey AJ, did you see this?

Good whoopin'.


3:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm tired of hearing how Nebraska is "almost their way back to respectability." I think Nebraska is nowhere closer to respectability than they were in 2003. Things have changed. Scholarship rules, recruiting and merging the Texas schools into the Big XII are killing Nebraska right now. With Kansas and Missouri on the rise, the locals there who use to go up north to be with a football powerhouse no longer have to do that. They have it at home. Also, kids from Texas and California no longer care about the tradition. Tradition was 11 years ago, and most of these kids were 10 or younger at that time. Nebraska can continue pounding their chest about the good ol' days, putting pictures back up and hiring an aging former coaching great to make the big decisions, when the ones he has made post-coaching (the promotion of Frank Solich, the recommendation of Steve Pedersen) have been questionable. Nobody cares what championships you won back then. It matters where you are now. Notre Dame has a bunch of championships and tradition, and they also are nowhere closer to where they were. Things change. I'm still unconvinced Bo Pelini is going to do anything to improve this program. Sure, he has passion, but he also has a temper and has admitted himself he hates recruiting. Also, he gives his players unrealistic goals. Shutting out Missouri? I understand motivation, but make it realistic. I have a feeling after a few years, he'll bounce around records of 5-7 to 8-4, and will be released/take an NFL job like Callahan. He'll be a good assistant, not a good head coach. But who knows, it's still early. Also, it's easy to be great fans when you are winning all the time, but after seeing NU fans now, they aren't any different than the rest of college football now that they are on the same level. They still sell out the stadium and many are very nice and friendly, but some are sour apples, just like any other team.

4:17 PM  
Blogger bornred said...

bigredfred said...
Bornred , what kind of idiot is so high on himself , he sits in a corner in a daze, slapping himself while drooling to the past memories of 'husker glory' playing over and over in his head?

Where the fuck does my post suggest that, you senile old bastard? Go grab your pills, put your fucking bi-focals back on and rather than trying to proove to yourself that you are actually capable of performing more than one activity at a time, quit watching Judge Judy and read what I wrote, rather than making up some shit inside your own head and pretending it came from my keyboard.

I'm sure your rant gave you some release from your lunacy, but you are still an idiot with no clue what makes a great team.

Now I'm concerned that you are reading from some other blog and replying to this one. Do yourself a favor and limit yourself to one browser so it doesn't get so damn confusing. If possible, grab one of the interns after they bring your afternoon Jello, and ask them to give you a hand. It's hard to keep all of this stuff straight, but don't be afraid to ask them for help. That's what your kids are paying them for.

What you don't realize is that, NU not only lost their winning ways back in 2003, they lost their character. Football is about more than just winning. Football is about more than what someone ELSE did back in 1983.

Is this meant for me?

I am referring to stupid fans who think THEY know something about football that no one else knows.They think they know the real Huskers.... BTW, why do you think fans from other clubs can't have an opinion on NU and the huskers?

How about this one?

Dude, you are locked in a battle inside your own head and that is some scary ass shit. None of your babble makes any sense relative to my post, yet you specifically call me out. If you can, press the Nurse call button and ask them to adjust the Oxygen, it may be too rich.

But then again , why try to debate a Rhoades scholar such as yourself?

Trust me, you don't need to be a Rhoades scholar (sorry, I'm not an Auburn fan) or, even a Rhodes scholar for that matter, to debate you. A handful of Percocet and a shot of Tequila would be enough to give anyone an advantage over you.


PS. To the anonymous poster at 8:44am and 9:21am, no worries. I probably wouldn't have bothered to read the whole thing myself ;-)

PPS. To the anonymous Buff fan at 9:56am. Wah, fucking wah, bitch. I'm well aware of where the fuck I'm posting this shit. I could give two shits what you think of Holer fans, I still think it's hillarious that you are celebrating the very ass assault that is coming your way, as you were taking one from another team. Glad you got a smile in between strokes as the Horns were laying the lumba to you.


5:52 PM  
Blogger KSTATER said...

Saturday was interesting. NUB fans went from pissed as hell to furious to laughing to having a beer with one another talking about how great it was living in Lincoln in the fall during the 90's. They talked about the good ol' days and it finally occurred to them that they were grieving.

The 5 stages to grieving are typically held as:

1. Shock followed by initial denial
2. Anger, resentment
3. Bargaining
4. Depression
5. Acceptance

You know how I know this, because KSU is going through the same thing right now. My advice is you accept what you have become, and prepare to be middle of the pack at best, that is what we are faced with.

Talk shit all you want on KSU, I know where we stand, maybe some of you assholes will wake up!

6:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am not going to read all 45 posts that are here already.

I will say that Missouri is ONE HELL OF A TEAM this year. I was there to see the ass kicking the Huskers got, I knew it was coming, my score prediction was 52-24, I was not that far off.

I always stop at a bar called WC's before the games and had a chance to have a coke with one of your fellow Tiger fans, very nice fans.

At the game I kept trying to find 1 thing I could bitch about as far as the Missouri fans went, they were great to be around. Hell you all learn well from all the ass kickings you took over the years. You gave us one and the fans I talked to said "You will be back before you know it" Kind of the Pity clap you bitch about so much I guess.

Well now I have to pick between 2 teams that I want to represent the Big 12 in the MNC Game.


I have to go with Oklahoma,just a gut feeling.

As always,
You Can Eat A Mile Of My Corn Ridden Shit......

7:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did AJ say he's thinking about closing down the blog? (I didn't read the article.) I can only assume it's because he's finally realized the truth -- he's become what he hates.

This entire blog is about demonstrating how superior AJ is to anyone else. Now his team is good and he realizes he's a shithead.


7:54 PM  
Blogger AJ said...

Thanks Corn Ridden Shit guy.

I will say this....we (Mizzou fans) are what we are. We don't claim to be great...we don't claim to be rude...we just are fans who are enjoying the moment. If it makes some people mad...oh well. A majority of us have stuck through horrible times and will enjoy our time in the sun, however long that may be.

Right now, I'd say OU is the class of the Big 12 and probably the nation. They beat Mizzou twice last year, and have looked every bit as strong. However, Mizzou...barring disaster will be playing OU in Kansas City in front of a majority of liquored up home-state Mizzou fans who have a 2 months head start on buying tickets. (Plus, 2/5th of all Chiefs season ticket holders are Mizzou fans.)

It's a magic ride that could come crashing down. I think we'll realize it even more when they're back in the pack next season, trying to rebuild a really special year.

Enjoy the ride.

7:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

63-36-3 Two losses does not make or break a team. If it did Missouri would have been left at the side of the road broken and bloody a long time ago. "Mizzou" as the inbreds spell it is only proof that no matter how shitty a team is, there is always hope for a rise to (or back to in the Huskers case), glory. "Every dog has his day."

8:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

AJ, I play for the Tigers.

That win was for you.

Number ??

11:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
63-36-3 Two losses does not make or break a team. If it did Missouri would have been left at the side of the road broken and bloody a long time ago. "Mizzou" as the inbreds spell it is only proof that no matter how shitty a team is, there is always hope for a rise to (or back to in the Huskers case), glory. "Every dog has his day."

8:37 PM

I love the inbred comments. Toss 85,000 lard asses trying to fit into a stadium designed to hold 70 k, toss in the dopiest collection of tee shirts seen on this or any other planet, some foam corncob hats, and cheers on the sidelines led by Chuck Liddell and Larry the Cable guy and it's a wonder recruits aren't flocking to lincoln.

3:02 AM  
Blogger huskerhater7 said...

Regarding Nebraska fans being as bad as AJ says: Yes they are, I lived in Omaha for 4 years. They live and die for husker ball. One bad season they scream to fire the coach. I am imagining they are thinking up reasons to get rid of Pelini already. But what can you expect from a state whose number one attraction is the Omaha Zoo.

3:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear douche,

I picked Mizzou to go 12-2 and lose to Oklahoma in the Big 12 title game.

AJ I hope they go 13 and 1.... And I'm to old to grow up.. fuck... I may never be an adult..You Mother fucker..

The Faceless One

5:24 AM  
Blogger bornred said...

But what can you expect from a state whose number one attraction is the Omaha Zoo.

You forgot about Chimney Rock.

9:52 AM  
Blogger Husker_Engineer said...


I was busy out of town last week and missed much of hate week, which sucks since I am sure it was a tad more competitive that Saturday was.

I looked for you among the Tiger faithful, but it is hard picking out one douchebag among several thousand of them....lol.

All joking and hate aside, as some have said here and in other places, I think for the most, NU fans were decent hosts and MU fans were gracious visitors and winners. I had a fun time with the two MU grads sitting with me.....for about one quarter. Then they had a lot more fun than I did. I have said it time and again that you should enjoy the team you have -- instead of comparing it to the team you had. That is not to say you cannot hope for them to be better....and god do we need some hope right about now.

Rough year for me....

Yanks get rid of Torre and end a 13 yr streak of postseason play

Huskers (Need I say more)

And this is the year I decide to end my exodus from the NFL and begin following the Chiefs

I know I do not need to tell you this, but enjoy this year AJ. Your team looks very very good and [insert all the clichés] will compete for the two titles they have been seeking. Believe me, you never know when those kind of years are gonna come around again.


10:11 AM  
Blogger AJ said...

And the Kearney Arch

10:18 AM  
Blogger Husker_Engineer said...

Don't forget the home of the College World Series, Rosenbl...

Oh yea, well....the Zoo definitely kicks ass.

By the way, I have been all over this country....attractions are generally for tourists...we got enough assholes with digital cameras in this state as it is...we don't need to attract more.

10:32 AM  
Anonymous Andy Purvis said...


You are a real piece of work my man, oops, I meant BOY!

6:38 PM  
Blogger AJ said...


Put me in my place. I got nothin on that.

6:34 PM  

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