October 7, 2008

V-N Day

A couple of things before this week’s power poll, in the wake of yet another 5-step drop kick to the junk of Husker nation.

I wasn’t really going to mention this, because to me it’s stating the obvious, but it seems this whole spitting thing just won’t die. Whether it’s the national media, Traitor Tom Shatel the “big Mizzou fan" or even some of my favorite Husker bloggers…the post-destruction conversation has drifted completely to Chase Daniel’s 5 second accusation that somebody from Bo Callahan’s team spit on him.

This whole thing is irrelevant and stupid for two reaons: First, is it supposed to shock and surprise me that somebody playing under Bo Pelini is being accused of playing dirty? This is the same team that is 115th in the nation in penalties. This is the same team who has piled up a very Oakland-like 8 personal fouls in five whopping games. This is the same team led by a coach who threw a 5 minute hissy fit during the Va Tech game over a call that he admitted he didn’t see. This is as shocking as walking into the shower yet somehow getting wet. Second, The mere discussion of this takes away from the fact of just how big of an atomic beatdown your team got to the side of it’s head on Saturday.

Look, I realize getting your brains beat in on a now-consistent basis is maddening. Hell, why do you think this blog started in the first place? But is it really necessary to soil your already dingy reputation even further by going after a guy who owns three wins over you in his career? (Averaging 45 points a game over those games.)

Now that you find yourself a perennial non-factor in the world of college football, it’s high time you figure out that what you’re feeling is completely normal. The sense of helplessness and the ability to constantly avoid reality is simply a symptom of flat-out sucking for an extended period of time. None of this should be shocking to you or me or anybody. It’s the natural ebb and flow of becoming a conference doormat. If you don't understand this now, you most certainly will in the coming weeks.

But ARE you really a dirty team? Are you in fact taking on the undisciplined and over-simplified idiot nature of your new leader?

Many of you are already bitching about the number of mistakes and penalties your team is making and yet have failed to connect the dots leading to the arrogant hothead jackass that now calls the shots? And while your coach is throwing tantrums over correct calls….your players are yucking it up…talking trash after they get a two yard gain up the middle. Does this alarm any of you? Any of you at all?

I told many of you last season after the nuclear bomb was dropped on the Husker program that rock bottom was still a ways away. Although you were lead by an aloof NFL snob and his hyper-active lunatic boss…you are now heading down the path of not only sucking…but sucking and looking like a-holes while doing it. Late hits, talking trash while giving up 5000 yards, undisciplined tantrums…it’s all a sign that Tom Osborne made yet another patented miscalculation in judgement: He brought in who you wanted instead of a guy who was ready for the job.

Meanwhile, while the Pelini Brothers and Barnum and Baily circus screams at players and officials alike up and down the sidelines…bringing to light that all-wanted “passion” you crave….Turner Gill is bringing Buffalo to life by playing hard nosed, mistake free football. When he is rightly named a BCS conference coach soon, your first pick will be spending his post game press conferences the way the pattern goes this season; explaining personal fouls, dumb mistakes and accusations of dirty play. How will that taste?

If you didn’t know what rock bottom meant before…perhaps look no further than your student section starting the wave in the wake of an apathetic 35 point home loss. No, trust me. You aint seen nothing yet. Chase Daniel may be hated by the Hick Nation, and that’s fine. It’s expected. But even the accusation brings to light a not-so-startling trend that will lead you even further into the quicksand of perpetual suckitude.


Speaking of rock bottom….if the writing hadn’t been written on the wall this past Saturday night in bright florescent orange paint…I may have been able to brush it off. However, after witnessing the complete and total destruction of Husker Nation in person, I really don’t have a whole lot more choice.

This war against Husker nation, this four year journey into the black dark center of the soul….has come to an end. After four years of fighting the enemy behind enemy lines, I am going to call off the dogs…pack up my things and declare ultimate victory.
Sunday, January 11th…following the BCS Championship game, I will throw the championship belt over my shoulder and step out of the ring victorious to cheers and boos alike.

Like most retirements, this is not an easy decision. I have very much enjoyed taking my struggle to cyberspace, because I think it was a story that needed to be told. Despite my ongoing 23 years of oppression, I felt that it was important that the fans of college football and citizens of the world in general…needed to know what kind of idiotic theology flowed through the veins of the citizens of this state. It has been a long war….it at times has been an ugly war. But like all wars, this one has come to it’s end. Nebraska football has been destroyed. The program lies in complete and total ruins in a Dresden-like state. There is no one left to accept surrender but the cockroaches. Apathy has moved in and taken the place of pride and relevance.

In the next few months, we will continue to chronicle the downfall of Husker nation and dance triumphantly among rotting corpses of successful seasons gone by. We will not waste one second laughing at Husker fans…because as you and I both know…they deserve it.

But in the end, my struggle has simply ceased to exist. After returning to work this week after a once-in-30-year ass-pounding of the Huskers…not one single person even mentioned the game to me. No front page story. No breakdown of stats or discussion of what the key plays to the game were. Deafening silence has filled my world, and trust me when I say that nothing could sound more sweet.

More to come on this as the season goes on…but I wanted to make sure you have been warned. (nothing I hate more than visiting my favorite blog, only to have the author say at the end of a 3 page column, “Oh yeah..this is it…thanks. Goodbye.”) Screw that…if we’re going out…we’re going out with a bang and a party representative of the victory we as Husker haters have won. Thank you for taking that journey with me, and I hope you stick around to witness then 3 month funeral that is to come.

Power Poll Time

1) Missouri (5-0) vs. Oklahoma State: Mizzou looked deadly on Saturday night, although against Junior High type competition. The regular season comes down to the next two games. Environment at Faurot on Saturday should be electric.

2) Colorado (3-2) at Kansas: Battle for second in the North and a ½ decent test for Colorado. Their schedule has been brutal so far this season, and you’d think it should serve them well. A win would be huge for CU’s bowl hopes later this season.

3) Kansas (4-1) vs. Colorado: KU is going to have to find somebody…anybody to run the ball. Colorado will never be confused with USC, but they do have the ability to jump up and bite you if you’re not careful. Reesing’s ability to not throw INT’s will be key here.

4) Kansas State (3-2) at Texas A&M: A must win for Ron Prince, as the JUCO experiment is running out of time. A&M is absolutely awful, and KSU sometimes seems to play better on the road. Freeman should have a field day scrambling against a hapless A&M wacking crew.

5) Iowa State (2-3) at Baylor: Good match up here of teams who make make some noise in the past couple of hears. Gene Chizek’s teams always seem to improve as the year goes along, and should pull through here over a Baylor team that is still a year or two away from .500.

6) Nebraska (3-2) at Texas Tech: Unzip. Bend over. Enjoy.

1) Oklahoma (5-0) vs. Texas: Huge game that may not necessarily decide the south with Tech and Okie State looking strong. OU always seems to be up for this game, and you gotta give Stoops the edge over Mack Brown on a neutral field.

2) Texas (5-0) vs. Oklahoma: A win here for the horns would be the biggest for UT since the National Title win a few years ago. A date with Missouri looms next week, and victories over #1 and #2 in consecutive weeks might look pretty damn good on a resume. Just a guess though.

3) Texas Tech (5-0) vs. Nebraska: Tech continues to bury putrid competition, and this is no exception. This could be even worse than the 60 point bloodbath from four years ago. Thank God it’s on TV so we can all enjoy the carnage.

4) Oklahoma State (5-0) at Missouri: Okie State fans seem pretty confident going into Columbia. Most of the Pokes’ yardage this season has come off the ground (300+ ypg) but Mizzou is 15th in the nation against the run. Lack of depth may hurt them later in the game..especially against a rabid and hostile crowd.

5) Baylor (2-3) vs. Iowa State: Baylor somehow doesn’t seem like such a pushover anymore. A win over ISU here would help them take one more step past the dregs of the conference in ISU, Nebraska and A&M. Griffin reminds me a lot of Brad Smith only in an uglier uniform.

6) Texas A&M (2-3) vs. Kansas State: Seriously…Mike Sherman? WTF were you people thinking? That’s the BEST you could do?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Liked the blog entry. My only editorial suggestion would be to add the conference records to the power poll next to the overall records. I'd like to see Nebraska's conference "suckitude" without having to think. (I'm even thinking Nebraska now! Or is it not thinking Nebraska? Wow, being Nebraskan is tough....)

1:17 PM  
Anonymous ohf said...

i have a question for you aj. please answer honestly. did you ever think you would live to see the day where the huskers suck this bad and mizzou kicks their ass by 42 (the other TD pissed me off)? i sat through that entire game in the stadium almost laughing at how humorous this has become. i think we may be able to go to a bowl this year (barely), and mizzou is actually legit(wow, never thought that would happen). anyway aj, all sarcasm, hate, etc aside, did you ever think this would happen? i mean, i knew we couldnt win conference titles every year, but losing to mizzou by 42 at home? that is just beyond what i ever imagined. im still a husker even if we go 0-12 for the next whenever until i die, but right now, im not even in shock, we've sucked for almost a decade now, but wow, this is low. just wanted your honest opinion. also, is it even fun to bash maybe the 9th best team in the big 12? its got to be losing its luster...

2:05 PM  
Blogger huskerhater7 said...

The husker player who did the spitting should just come forward and admit it was a bad thing. If anyone thinks Pelini is going to make this public, they are crazy. The "internal discipline" is they route huskers take. It preserves the image of their national championship team. Wouldn't want to do anything to stop the money flowing from the boosters.

2:06 PM  
Blogger huskerhater7 said...

Mission accomplished AJ. Maybe you can change to hating Kansas?

2:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't get Coach Pelini and the fans getting upset about all the penalties. When Bo threw his tantrum he talked about how it was a good thing because it showed he didn't want to lose.

You see, all those teams that play disciplined football are just learning how to lose. We all depend on Nebraska to show us how to achieve excellence through being all thuggy and stuff.

Honestly, Pelini can't excuse his foul and still decry the fouls his team is piling up.

Hang on, Huskers. Somebody is going to hang a hundred on you. I can just feel it. Maybe this week . . . .


2:23 PM  
Anonymous Dan said...

Your comment in regards to the Knebraska v. TTU game: "Thank God it’s on TV so we can all enjoy the carnage." THANK YOU! This echos my sentiments exactly... and definitely made me chuckle.

After going to the CU v. UT game, the only solace I got for the weekend was grabbing some beers and sitting in front of the TV watching Mizzou kick the snot out of NU. Was priceless... almost made me forget about my own team's drubbing! ;)

2:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This game is now as much history as any other so,

63-36-3..........V-N Day my ass!

3:13 PM  
Blogger AJ said...

OHF...appreciate the candid question and I'm right there with ya.

No...I didn't think I would live to see the day where not only NU took a giant dive off of a cliff, but that Mizzou would ever be remotely relevant. To be fair, I think the two are connected in many ways. There are so many good players in the region to go around, and Missouri/Kansas are now keeping players that used to go to Nebraska or KSU.

Coaching is important and x's and o's are a huge part of things...but the influx of talent is so key. Missouri could run this offense til they were blue in teh face, but without Daniel, Maclin etc....it would have peaked. I think that plays a huge part of it.

The whole thing has a strange, alternate universe feeling to it.

And to answer your next question...no. I don't think Missouri is going to start some kidn of dynasty, although I do think they will be pretty good for a while. They'll most likely never ever be THIS good again...but at least we as fans don't have to go through the pain of getting worked over 77-0, 66-0, 63-6 etc anymore. (At least I hope not.)

In terms of Nebraska, I don't think this should be too shocking, because lets face it...every major power goes through a downturn in luck, talent and success. The streak Nebraska had of winning seasons etc was amazing, and will look even more amazing as the years go by. Unfortunately though, it makes even mediocre seasons afterward seem dreadful and horrid.

Strange times we live in...strange times.

3:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

A suitable next step....what made it so funny is going away...and now there's only the long goodbye.

Oh, and hickster fans - your program is finally adjusting to the end of Prop 48, jucos, and so on. These changes are not mere blips or interruptions - they have shifted the very foundations upon which Devaney and "Dr. Tom" built a steroid-fueled pipeline of thugs to play the state's biggest form of entertainment. The record from this period, while impressive, has no relationship to the imminent or further future. Bob and Tom had something to offer thugs whose poor choices had closed other doors; now it's just about like everywhere else, and it's not pretty. Check out how that worked for you when college football was getting more popular in the '50s and early '60s....that's a decent parallel.


3:55 PM  
Anonymous ohf said...

i appreciate the honest reply aj. and i totally agree with you. these are strange times for sure... and i truly believe mizzou can run the table, and daniel, love him or hate him, is one of the best ever at doing what he does best, and thats run that offense to absolute perfection. even though we got ass raped it was in a weird way cool to see one of the all time college greats, and he is with how high he has elevated that program, in person. enjoy the rest of the ride, and let me say something i never thought i would ever say, i am envious of you and mizzou and right now.

3:57 PM  
Blogger AJ said...

OHF, I hear ya brother. You've been here long enough to know I realize it's all just a game, no matter how venomous the words.

I'm simply enjoying the ride...and if they happen to lose this weekend or next weekend or whenever...it was still one hell of a journey.

I'm smart enough to realize that these seasons dont come around that often.

3:59 PM  
Blogger Husker_Engineer said...


I will ride this blog out with you. It has been a fun couple of years trading barbs and funny lines.

You hit the nail on the head with the talent comment. I mean, a shining example of this are the Rucker brothers.

I still maintain some confidence that we will go to a bowl game. We are not far off from where I thought we would be at this point. I thought we would score a few more points on Saturday, but cest la vie. I think it is fun to watch the chicken heads run around freaking out...wtf did you guys expect? At the beginning of the season I said TTU had the potential to hang the most points on us this season. I hope I am wrong, but after last week....

AJ, you know where to send me a message....would like to have an email for ya so we can continue the hate in future years...

I still hate you and your jugband, spit-catching kin....


4:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Tom Shatel is the biggest flip-flopping homer in sports writing. Then again, he writes for the propaganda-filled OWH, so no shock there.

I'm not shocked at all about Nebraska. In fact, I say in four years, after Pelini stays in mediocrity and Turner Gill (who I think is a very classy guy) takes Buffalo to new levels, Nebraska will try to get Gill back. I hope he turns his back and goes to another D-I program instead.

Texas Tech could make the beat down Saturday worse than Missouri even did.

4:53 PM  
Blogger Commish CH said...

Will there be a huge 'Mission Accomplished' ceremony on top of an Navy Aircraft Carrier? Or would a cermeony on top of a local Runza franchise be more appropriate? Kudos on the work.

4:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


A bit early I know, but I hope you'll save a backup of this site and make it available for download somewhere after you shut her down.


5:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm feeling queesy about the Pokes game coming up. Being Mizzou fans, we're waiting for the sky to fall.

5:30 PM  
Blogger bornred said...

Damn, I'm gittin' all teary eyed. Is this thing really going away?


PS. Whatever happens, AJ, in all seriousness, I enjoy your gift for writing and am actually happy for all the Mizzou fans. I'll echo ohf and said this in one of my earlier posts, but it's really a great feeling when you can watch your team do whatever they want to another one. The body language of the Tigers looked very familiar on that field, just not in those colors. Congrats on your team and definitely enjoy the journey.

6:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

6) Nebraska (3-2) at Texas Tech: Unzip. Bend over. Enjoy.

Absolutely fucking hilarious! I was laughing for a good minute. Especially when you imagine the perpetually slightly confused looking Mike Leach as the guy stepping up and doing the honors. The Buffs may have been drilled last week as well by a great Texas team, but at least we can beat Tech. Simply destroyed them in 2006, and beat them in Lubbuck in 2007. The Huskers won't be so lucky.

For a preview of the NU-TTech game go watch the prison shower scene in American History X.

I look forward to your blog for the remainder of the football season...even when it will be CU's turn in Columbia. I have been mentally preparing myself to erase that day from my memory.


6:39 PM  
Blogger bornred said...

big head,

I don't know about the sky falling, but there will be enough balls in the air in that game to poke some serious holes in it...

6:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Looks like a double prescription of Viagra for AJ this week.

It's the best one he has had in a long long time.


7:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

AJ: May I second the suggestion to leave an archives of this blog around after you sign off? Decades from now, when the Nubs climb their way out of the cellar and the arrogance flows again, it will be enjoyable to read your comments.
Looking forward to the rest of the journey my friend.


7:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is so bittersweet.

I understand your work is done AJ, heck you've gone above and beyond.

But I somehow feel nothing can ever make up for all of the arrogance that has come from the husker "faithful" in various ways.

But like a bad horror movie that tiny speck of evil will always exist, and with that we can always simultaneously hope that we will never have to hear from AJ again and that we can see him in action one last time.

Long live AJ.

9:46 PM  
Blogger AJ said...

No reason to feel like this is a downer kids. I didn't want to just cut it off right here...that would be too easy.

The Hicks need to be taunted every second as I ride off into the sunset. We have nearly 10 weeks left to bash them...which lets face it...is it really going to get any better for them?

Victory is a happy time...let's remember the good times and make the most of these last couple of months.

9:53 PM  
Anonymous saunders45 said...

"Look, I realize getting your brains beat in on a now-consistent basis is maddening. Hell, why do you think this blog started in the first place? But is it really necessary to soil your already dingy reputation even further by going after a guy who owns three wins over you in his career? (Averaging 45 points a game over those games.)"

Maybe i'm mistaking your comment, but Daniel has only beaten NU twice, correct? 2007 and 2008?

8:24 AM  
Anonymous kctiger75 said...

I was afraid this was going to happen. An ass-blasting followed by a "We won, it's over, I'm done" blog. Damn. You will be missed. Thanks for the memories.

9:04 AM  
Blogger AJ said...

Daniel was a freshman in 05 when Brad Smith decapitated NU with 9000 yards of total offense.

He played one series and went 3 and out.

9:21 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's good to see Nebraska getting cozy with the likes of Syracuse, UNT, and Washington on the list of the worst 10 teams in College Football...

10:55 AM  
Anonymous saunders45 said...

Ahh, ok. I knew he was a freshman that year, but I didn't know he played a series in that game. Hopefully we get back to respectability soon and we can get a real rivalry going. Good luck the rest of the year.

12:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a cunty move. Get your big win and then quit, so you don't have to deal with what's coming to you when NU gets back to respectable level. What a twat you are.

5:03 PM  
Blogger AJ said...

I feel like Robin Williams in Good Will Hunting.

It's not your fault Husker fans. Say it to yourself. It's not your fault. It's not your fault. It's not your fault.

Oh wait...yes it is.

PS - Scared because I don't want to face what's coming to me?

Riiiiggghhht. That's it.

6:33 PM  
Blogger AJ said...

Name the last time Nebraska beat a top 20 team?

NU over #2 Oklahoma

That's a long ass time.

PS - The only other 1A team to not beat a top 20 team in that period of time?



6:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


When is your retirement party?

I will bring the beer.

Who else will pony up and provide some food?


7:19 PM  
Blogger Husker_Engineer said...

Stop reading the OWH AJ. That rag evidently cannot fact check.....

Top 20 implies all 20 teams, right? Unless the polls were created by programmers and indexed 0-19 for the top 20...lol

Check to see who NU played and beat on 12/28/2005. I believe you will find they played and beat the #20 ranked team that day.

Of course that does not fit the agenda of the OWH...to admit that Darth Callahan was the last NU coach to beat a top 20 team......

I mean, what would they do if they had to give up on their favorite -- and quite easy -- target? They might have to actually do some writing about the current team. God forbid they say a bad word about Bo and incur the wrath of the TomFather...

9:24 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

AJ's gonna pull a Favre. Wait and see.

8:06 AM  
Blogger AJ said...

Let the record show I never said I would stop writing. I said this blog will cease to exist. Obviously I'm going to take some time away from writing...but I would bet I will jump back in using a different format and theme sometime in the future.

But the Husker hating movementis dead. This blog and it's overall theme...will die. That much I can promise you. I hold all the cards and quite frankly, Nebraska fans amuse me more than torment me these days.

8:22 AM  

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