October 7, 2005

Blame it on Wild Cherry

Blame it on Wild Cherry.

Hear me out here. As I’ve said before…I hold no real grudges toward the Omaha Red Cross/AkSarBen/Salvation Army/Child Saving Institute Knights. The folks involved with that team and the fans who choose to go to their games are just doing their jobs and fulfilling an American’s right to choose their own entertainment…whether that be AHL hockey, frisbie golf in the park, or being tied up with dog collars and smothered with Italian dressing. WHATEVER you want to do is cool with me…doesn’t mean I have to go do it or follow it, but whatever.

What I DO have a problem is the evil entity that somehow, somewhere, won a reality show or Bingo card or pull-tab contest or whatever and was named Entertainment Czar’s of Omaha. I’m talking about the arrogant, money grubbing jackasses known as MECA and their ringleader, Roger “Wild Cherry” Dixon.

MECA was created by the Daub administration when the Qwest Center was in it’s planning stages. Nevermind now that Hal actually SITS on the board or that it’s a HUGE ethical conflict-of-interest. Again..whatever Hal wants to do…go do it. The problem is, whomever from that group who pulled the sword out of the boulder is now so drunk with power….so into their own perception that they have single-handedly killed hockey in Omaha. The addition of the Red Cross Knights oversaturates an already plateau-ing market, and pretty much puts the preverbial slug into the brain of the Lancers…who once were the flagship franchise of all things that were good in the Omaha sporting community.

What Wild Cherry has done is used a platform of “more is better” to not only pad his resume but also to turn the masses against each other. Case in point…when the Humane Society Knights were announced, it was noted that they were not in direct competition with UNO hockey. No sir-ree bob. They were there to serve as a natural progression to hockey fans so that they could go to MORE games and watch their own former players and opponents skate at a higher level on a more constant basis. Well what that lasted about 2 seconds.

Now we see the Audoban Society Knights advertising specificly against the Mavericks in and effort to lure away fans. If UNO actually HAD a marketing department or people who knew how to draw an ad that didn’t compare to something out of a 5th graders Art Class….they would counter by pushing their own Anti-Cancer Society Knights ad series. The two teams would end up battling out for the hearts and minds of about 12,000 core hockey fans in Omaha. Meanwhile, Roger Dixon counts his bonus money on his $500,000 chery desk, under his chandelier, surrounded by Gerbels, Ghering and the rest of the MECA board. Are you getting what I’m telling you? We got played for suckers in this town, because somebody (who now works for him COUGHHALCOUGH) gave Wild Cherry Dixon more power than Donald Rumsfeldt.

So he got a wrestling tourney? So he got the Rolling Stones? So he got Brittney, Paul, Green Day and about 50 rodeos?

YOU don’t think that building ALONE couldn’t pull those acts in? 291 million dollars for the place, surrounded by a population base of 800k with the nearest big city 3-6 hours away…yeah..I”m guessing a few concerts may have found their way here earlier.

Ask Roger how many conventions he’s booked? Ask Roger why nobody but the Doctors-without-borders Knights show up at the civic because it’s a freaking DIVE? Ask Roger why the Knights and Mavs are going to advertise against each other in a bloody battle Royale that is sure to leave one or both of the teams dead in the water? Roger doesn’t care. Roger makes money. Period.

Screw you Roger. And thanks a lot for turning the people against each other while you laugh all the way to the bank.



Anonymous Roger Dixon* said...

Why do you hate America?


2:14 PM  
Blogger AJ said...


2:47 PM  
Anonymous roger dixon's wife said...

You know, ever since Roger took that job with MECA, he spends all his time at work, and hardly any at home with me. It gets pretty lonely around here when Roger's not home, so we hired Javier The Pool Boy to maintain our lavish pool and tend to the garden. Javier and I became VERY close - if you know what I mean - until that fateful day last July when the INS came calling to Roger's office, and demanded to see Javier's W-4 form. Well, since we were paying Javier in cash, that ditz of a husband of mine couldn't produce the W-4 form, and poor Javier was deported back to El Salvador. I was devastated.

But, things are looking up again. We've brought in a nice young man named Eric Nystrom to stay in our guest room. He's VERY handy...hehehe. He keeps muttering something incoherent, something like "go go UNO". I haven't figured that one out yet.

But, all paperwork is in order with young Eric, and my winter is looking to be MUCH warmer than it has been. Too bad he has to go on those silly road trips with some hockey team he plays for.


5:21 PM  
Blogger AJ said...

That's the most brilliant...yet disturbing reply I've ever gotten.


8:33 AM  
Blogger Sam said...

I'm calling bullshit, Roger Dixon has no family. I think he ate them several years ago.

7:08 PM  

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