January 11, 2006

Is it August yet?

Man, the hate mail is already starting to taper off, and it's only been two and a half weeks since the Huskers had the biggest win in the HISTORY of sports!

Actually, it's kind of funny...because I keep getting comments and e-mails such as, "Boy, your life is going to suck next year when we're (they like to say "we" a lot) so much better than you. You'll probably crawl back into your hole when that happens."

Uhhhhhh, yeah. Whatever you say. Let the record show that being a non-Nebraska nutjob in the middle of Omaha isn't quite as bad as you think. The reason why is a matter of perspective. You may think that when the Huskers win, it's all doom and gloom in my world. I mope around the house...kick the dog a few times and try to start rumors about current players and their white-hot lust for farm animals. Well, it doesn't quite work that way.

For one, next year is a long long long long way off. We have so many hours, days and months of Husker propaganda to look forward to, that it's completely pointless to look at next year already...even though dozens of Husker fans have already sent me top 25 polls (for next year) and asked, "Where is Missouri?". Secondly, as any hater of my stature knows....the business of hating another team is cyclical. Hell, even shitty teams have moments of greatness. Even horrible teams have times where they can be proud.

I'm not stupid enough to think Husker football was THAT horrible that they wouldn't catch a lucky break now and then. And yes, by "lucky" I mean beating a Colorado team that completely quit on their coach and each other, and then "beat" ( I use that term loosely) a Michigan team in front of 50,000 combine driving Husker fans in what Kirk Herbstreet called, "the worst officiated game I've ever seen". Yes...Instead of mopping over the Huskers and their faintest sign of life, I now see them falling right into the trap.

The trap of over-confidence.

Losses this year just weren't the same when 1/2 the Red Nation was boycotting the games anyway. Watching people FREAK OUT on the airwaves and in the newspaper was getting old. In fact...it made me a little uncomfortable, even if I enjoyed every second of it. No, what is coming now is FAR better...and that is a fan base that now EXPECTS to be good. For example, how many people do you know bash on Baylor football? Next to nobody. Why? Because they suck, and they know they suck. Same true for Husker fan the past few years. What fun is it to bash a team, and have 1/2 of them come back with, "Yeah, I know..we do suck." I'd MUCH rather stick the knife in them when they're sitting on their high horse....something about the bigger they are, the harder they fall perhaps?

Oh well, as I said...we have PLENTY of time to talk about it..both here and in real life. Please do not stop sending hate mail and posting this to Husker message boards. Without the attention, I'd die a shriveled up and lonely death. Please continue to stop by and remember: If you don't care what other people think...why do you keep coming here?

You come here because you're hooked and you know I'm right.

Have a great week everybody.


PS - Props to the Husker basketball team and their fan for their big win over Oklahoma. Not that anybody noticed, or at least will do so when the Creighton bandwagon comes to a screeching halt. Up next week... COLLEGE BASEBALL VIDEO GAMES and the evil scum that is the NCAA.



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