January 15, 2006

Random musings on a random Sunday morning

Damn kids getting up at 5:30am. Ugh. Man, there is nothing worse than hearing the kids wake up super early on a Sunday. Oh well...nothing you can do I guess but go on some rambling manefesto:

- One more month til European vacation. On the schedule is a soccer game at the famed Parc de Princes to watch PSG vs. Lens. Then a day on the town with Zebrahead and Reel Big Fish at Neuveau Casino. (The club is in the neighborhood where all the riots took place last month. Sweet!) And then on to Torino via the TGV to catch the Olympics. I'm not quite sure what to expect. I've been watching the Olympics since I can remember, but have never been anywhere near them. I know the Olympic complexes in Barcelona, Lake Placid, Atlanta and Salt Lake are cool (went bobsleding there last year), but I've never seen them in use. I only hope that scalping isn't a jailable offense, because I really don't feel like paying 200 bucks to watch a hockey game. But hey, it's the Olympics and millions of people are watching, so I may as well splurge a bit. Stay tuned to this blog for reports, pictures and maybe a voice blog or two.

- How the hell did it get to be January all of a sudden? Holy shit, did that go by fast. And didn't it used to snow in the winter? I could have sworn in my youth that snow fell from the sky during the winter months. Maybe I just dreamed it.

- Kudos to Mizzou's basketball team for winning a couple of huge games, including a rare win at Oklahoma...only to piss it away to Colorado on their home floor. Don't get me wrong, they shot their ass off and Thomas Gardner was called for a RIDICULOUS traveling call...but still. The Big 12 has suddenly turned into Texas and everybody else. (Followed by Baylor.) I'm not sure if this was the original plan, but it sure seems to have worked out that way. Plus, Mizzou vs. Kansas this Monday. Feel the hate. Oh yeah.

- What in the HELL is up with UNO's hockey team? They get a ONE POINT HOME weekend vs. Notre Dame, who is the college hockey version of Middle Tennessee State, and then go to Columbus to play Ohio State (who is ranked) and then pull off a 3 point weekend? I don't get it. The only thing I can think of is that the team is so young, that they are only flipping the switch when somebody worth a shit is on the other side. This is bad, because you end up getting clubbed like a baby seal against horse-shit teams like Mankato, Bowling Green and the above mentioned Notre Dame. But yet somehow they still have a top 15 PWR rating? What the hell? I give up. This sport is too complicated for me.

- It's HUSKER RECRUITING SEASON!!! Can you feel the excitement? Me neither. Memo to Husker recruiting dorks. If you spend 5 hours a day, staring at an 18 year old boy wearing a tight Under Armor shirt with bulging arms...I think you might have a little homo-erotic issue going on. Not that I don't doubt your passion for your crappy overhyped team, but the obsession and the warship of 18 year old kids...many of whom won't amount to a pile of shit in college...is beyond me. But hey..if that's what you like to do, then have at it. Just don't bother the rest of us who think it's fucking stupid.

- And to all of you fucking nut jobs who continue to fill my inbox with hate mail...please keep it coming. During the off season is when I need your support the most.

Sun's coming up...better call it a day.



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