October 1, 2007

Judgment Day Cometh

As I sat down to write to write yet another entry describing you hanging on the edge of a cliff, something hit me. My original draft was to focus on the complete mismatch you are facing on Saturday. However, my mind begin to shift a bit. Since Steve Pederson got back from his woodshop with your Big 12 North Trophy, you’ve been humiliated in the Big 12 title game. You pissed away a Cotton Bowl win against an underachieving Auburn team who didn’t even appear to want to be there. You were gutted by USC on national TV. You squeaked by Wake, who was starting a 3rd grader at QB. You gave up 85,000 yards to a MAC team (at home) who hasn’t’ had a winning record since 1996. And this past weekend, you proclaimed that all is well, since you held the 102nd ranked offense in the country to only 415 total yards. No Bill Callahan team has won a game where they were trailing at halftime.

But as we gloss over all of that, it really dawned on me that none of this matters. As I’ve said from the day I started writing this blog, no one game will ever change my hatred for you or your team. If you get crushed by 80 points, or if you win by 1, the passion to witness your demise will still burn strong. I will always mock your troubles. I will always laugh at your inability to get anywhere CLOSE to where you once were.

None of this matters, because we truly are in uncharted territory. Missouri takes the field this Saturday ranked higher than Nebraska for the first time since 1969. The Huskers are now behind both Missouri AND Kansas State in the polls, and of the two teams right behind them, one has beaten their opponents by 60 points a game, and the other just knocked off the #3 team in the country.

What I’m getting at, is that there is no retreat from here. If JC and company don’t reach the ridiculously high bar you’ve set, you’ll have not only surrendered to Texas and Oklahoma, but about 4 other teams…all of whom share your same division.

And the best part? There aint a G*d damn thing you can do about it. The GRF™ just signed a 5 year extension. If you can him, not only will you suck, but you’ll be broke to boot. Regardless, Steve Pederson’s destruction of your entire program remains the center of giggles and finger pointing across the nation. Even if somehow Old Man Pearlman stopped banging Bowl Officials and fired Steve Pederson, you’d be back to square one. If you thought bouncing back from Frank Solich was hard, try rebuilding anything from the ashes left behind.

This is what is most satisfying to me. If and when you finally do burst into flames, it will be years, possibly even decades before you even come close to formidable again. And as I’ve said for years now, no group of jackasses deserves this more than you.

Nobody deserves to be ridiculed by others than you.
Nobody deserves to be kicked while they’re down more than you.
Nobody deserves to be completely irrelevant more than you.
Nobody deserves to be hated to your rotten, slime coated core more than you.

From your hypocritical claims of superiority, to your butt-ass stupid made up names for positions that don’t exist….NOBODY in this division will feel sorry for you. Will you remember those 66-3 games while the rest of the conference kicks you, spits on you, bludgeons you with baseball bats, covered with cockroaches and rolled up into the moldy piss-stained mat that covered the back bathroom at the old Ranch Bowl before you are really see where I’m coming from?

When the track meet is over on Saturday, and the goalposts come crashing down yet again, I hope this sticks in the back of your mind. I hope you finally realize that selling your soul all those years would eventually lead to your program’s demise. I hope for a fleeting instant you remember how foolish you feel being swindled by a grey-haired madman who was hired because he told you what you wanted to hear.

Your program’s demise hasn’t been avoided, only delayed.

On Saturday night, just another milestone in a series of events will kick into motion the greatest mass panic of individuals since War of the Worlds. Dishes will be smashed. Walls punctured. Dogs will be kicked and closed fists will be broken, as you once again realize that crazy blog guy has you pegged dead on.

This week is not about analyzing your performance, but celebrating your complete and total destruction. As your coal-black heart cracks in two, do not ever forget that those you’ve punished over the years will have their retribution. Not just in the short term, but for many years to come. Fake clapping, 25,000 fans invading the stadium, kicked balls, Rose Bowls you didn’t deserve all of it will appear on a laundry list of items that we as your enemy will be quick to recall.

Judgment Day has come.

I hope you are prepared.


Anonymous ohf said...

what happens if nebraska beats the 96th ranked defense in the land and the goalposts dont come down? will you commit suicide? sounds like YOU "huskerh8er" AJ, have alot riding on this game. hmmm....

be weary of putting all your hopes and dreams in the hands of a man named gary pinkel and the only defense in the land more shitty than a defense led by a man named cosgrove...

RED 42 Pinkel's mighty Tigers 28

1:19 PM  
Blogger AJ said...


Have you SEEN your defense? Did you realize the game isn't in Lincoln?

You're dumber than I thought you were.

1:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just have a question for you crazy blog guy...
Why, if Mizzou is that much better than NU, are the goal posts going to be torn down? (again)
At this point the win really wouldn't be that big. Imo. I mean, I know that most Tiger fans have years worth of frsutration that even after a few HUGE wins against NU, is still lightyears away from being completely taken out against Nebraska. Couple that with the fact that it doesn't look like any North game this year is a gimme. So, I could see how it is a big game but certainly not anything of an upset. So, why tear um down? I am just curious...
Or did I answer my own question?


1:33 PM  
Anonymous ohf said...

i go to every game. ive also seen missery's defense, oh wait i havent because they havent played anyone worth a shit so they havent been on tv yet except for the first game. are you serious, the game isnt in lincoln? and missery has the 96th ranked d against which opponents again? but youre right, ill change my prediction.

BECAUSE its not in lincoln...

pig brown will have 4 ints, 12 sacks, 3 forced fumbles, 2 recoveries, and 3 touchdowns. why even play the game???

can we agree on something now?

1:37 PM  
Blogger AJ said...

I don't agree with teh goalposts coming down. I just know Mizzou students will be drunk off their ass and do it anyway.

1:39 PM  
Anonymous ohf said...


why dont you answer my last post, seems like youd enjoy it. piggy says only 3 touchdowns, i saw around 25 touchdowns, give or take...

1:44 PM  
Blogger AJ said...

Mizzou is 6th in the nation in takeaways.

You are 77th

Regardless of yards, the defense is able, or at least HAS been able to make big plays. NU's offense has been steady, but CERTAINLY not steady enough to keep pace with the 700+ yards or so awaiting you on Saturday.

Why are you even trying?


1:52 PM  
Anonymous ohf said...

you got nothing. what are you going to say when missery loses? just curious, here on the beginning of "hate week". also, "hate week" has been EXTREMELY LAME so far... im just trying to spice it up.

Pinkel 145 NUB -17
piggy for MVP!

1:56 PM  
Blogger Joshua said...

That Illinois game where we dominated for 50 minutes is looking pretty good.

1:56 PM  
Anonymous Illiterate said...

I picture OHF sitting in his room, surrounded by his Tom Osborne, Tommy Frazier, and Eric Crouch dolls. He's talking to the dolls about how terrible your posts are, and asking them for suggestions on what to post in your comments section.

1:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ohf---- If we lose, we will not be all that surprised. Drunk? yes Pissed? yes, but not surprised. This is the sort of opportunity for success that Missouri can't stand. But you, on the other hand, were pre-season 13th in the nation. You are "restoring the order", you were using USC as a measuring stick.

Missouri fans do not act like we are some sort of deity to whom success is owed. We are authentic fans, not myopic idiots who buy whatever our athletic department is selling. No, AJ will not commit suicide, he will continue to rail agaist the biggest frauds in college sports until you have the intestinal fortitude to look in the mirror.......

even then, he will likely continue.

2:19 PM  
Blogger Jamie Wachter said...

So beating a 4-1 Illinois team that is sitting pretty well in the Big 10 race isn't playing anybody. I'm sure Wake Forest playing without a QB was better.

Beating Ole Miss, who then put a huge scare into Florida, on the road isn't playing anybody. I'm sure beating Ball State was better.

The sad thing is, even after Mizzou wins Saturday, the Tigers still won't have played anybody.

2:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

AJ...I for one would have loved the post on how this Saturday's game is a huge mismatch. I guess I view this as two teams, that thus far, seem eerily similar - good offense and poor defense (I know, I know, MU forces turnovers, so that makes it okay to give up 435 yds. game).

Nothing has been proven this year except that teams that play good defense (CU and KSU thus far in the B12N) give themselves a chance in every game. MU and NU need to be concerned about finding a defense or Saturday's game will be completely meaningless no matter who wins.

So, that aside and given that everyone else has pointed out how stupid it is, drunk or not, to tear down golposts after beating a lower ranked team on your home turf...wait a minute - Mizzou fans really are that pathetic, huh?

It seems that your favorite thing is to mock NU's ability to reclaim its past success and significance in the world of college football - I just wonder what you will do if (a big if, I know) by some miracle (likely starting with the de-Cosgroving of the NU defense) NU does return to the elite of college football?

Also, doesn't Notre Dame at least belong in the discussion about which team should be hated most?

I assume the 700 yards is just CD's passing stats in the first half - and then Pinkel will inexplicably go to the running game that nets exactly no yards and points in the second half; NU comes from behind for Callahan's first win when trailing at the half.



2:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Win or lose, nothing really changes. We'll always be Nebraska, and you'll always be Missouri. Why even play the game?

2:57 PM  
Blogger AJ said...

Cincinnati is ranked higher than you.

You can be "Nebraska" if you want.

2:59 PM  
Blogger Husker4Yankees said...

There is no way to polish that pasty soft turd of a defense called the Misery Tigers. The Huskers D may be a turd, but at least they are a hard, corn-infused turd. If Misery manages 700 yards, NU gets 750, but only because it is in Misery.

Look, I know you guys have won the last two down there. So what, we are like 8-2 in the last 20 years in Misery. Columbia has been the site of some great Husker moments. My favorite is not "The Catch", but rather the time that Eric Crouch went 95 yards, broke several Tiger ankles, and pretty much won the Heisman. Anyway, I digress

Ah yes, shitty defenses. Nebraska's is bad. Something like 77th in Total Defense. That's bad. So, with Misery at 93rd, they are better? Hmmm. What is even more telling is the strength of schedule. Nebraska has a better defense while playing a MUCH better lineup thus far. Nebraska has the 33rd ranked strength of schedule, while Misery's SOS is 95th.

You might say, "Hey, Misery has played some good offensive teams. That is why their defensive numbers look bad." Hmmm, the best offensive team you have faced is Illinois, which is 48th in Total Offense. NU has faced the 14, 21, and 31 offenses.

If the 48th ranked offense hung 34 on you and gained more yards that that vaunted Misery Offense, I feel pretty good about the chances of our 18th ranked Huskers hanging 70 on ya.

I know you want so bad for the Tigers to win that you delude yourself into thinking that:

a) Misery is better than they really are; and
b) NU is not as good as they really are.

However, regardless of what Lenin says, Misery loses this game, and loses it big. NU will be rolling on offense. The defense will get a few more picks in this game--Chase will undoubtedly make a few picks of his own.


Have fun in the Independence Bowl Tiger fans....and GFY

3:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gotta love the "inbreeds" and "hicks" blasts coming from a guy that lives in a state where I first hand witnessed the following at a diner....

A screaming and diaper-only-clad infant crawling around a greasy kitchen floor, while three adults, with two teeth between them, cooked up fixins for the lunch rush. Some fucking fine chicken fried steak though.

You can't even win the "your state sucks worse than our state" argument....and our state sucks.

3:20 PM  
Blogger AJ said...

16? You've got Missouri scoring 16? Against Nebraska? Are you forgetting an extra 1?

You win dude.

I cant answer to that.

3:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Does husker4yankees realize that the reason the offenses Nebraska has played are ranked so high is ... drum roll ... the Nebraska defense? As far as I can tell after seeing the stats from Ball State and Iowa State, the Blackshirts put up about as much fight as a coed drunk on corn likker and three Roofies.

3:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

First, strength of schedule can't really be a complete picture until the end of the year. Second, playing the Nubs = inflation of offensive rank numbers. Third, how do the stats look regarding Scoring Defense? Isn't that what it is really about? Missouri 58, Nebraska 67. Statistics are so easy to manipulate.

3:43 PM  
Blogger AJ said...

bornred..I appreciate your effort. It has not gone unnoticed.

PS - Lots of people read this site.

3:45 PM  
Blogger Husker4Yankees said...

Dear Anonymous 3:33pm:

Please at least get a bag and post a name of some sort. Nebraska held the #22 ranked offense to its second lowest yardage total and the #31 to its lowest. Try telling Phil Dillard that a coed puts up more fight and see how long it takes you to pick your chicklets up off the sidewalk....in conclusion: GFY


I always win. Thanks for noticing.

4:21 PM  
Blogger AJ said...

OK, going to the "our kids are so tough, I dare you to say it to his face" card is lame. It was lame in 4th grade.

In fact, I'm guessing if you went to the same school as Phillip Dillard, he wouldn't hang with your dorky ass for anything. I'm guessing he'd give you a swirly too.

If being a tool is a sport...yes..you've won.

5:00 PM  
Anonymous Missouri Husker Fan said...

woohoo! It's hate week! Bring it kitty boy.....I'm diggin it!

6:18 PM  
Blogger bornred said...

What I hope will happen:

NU comes in to CoMo like a piece of petrified wood and knocks every fucking tooth off of that buzz saw blade (did I just mention toothless and Missouri in the same sentence? That's probably never happened before..). Mizzou fans beat each other to death, leaving 20,000 Husker fans to enjoy the final snap.

What will probably happen:

NU rolls into CoMo like a piece of 1/4 inch pine. CD, while operating the buzz saw with safety glasses and all, shreds NU's D through the air and then finds a running game and pounds out another 150 yards on the ground to boot. Mizzou fans, in their drunken exhuberance, rush the field and accidentally "kellenhoustonize" several Tiger starters, which kicks off a 4 game losing skid and gives up the BTN to KU.

What I wouldn't be surprised to see happen:

NU rolls into CoMo like a piece of 1/4 inch pine, but Mizzou shows up with a butter knife instead of the buzz saw. Neither team can stop the other and we put up a combined 1400 yards and 125 points before OT where one of our defenses stumbles into an accidental stop for a 2 point win (what with history and all, that can't bode well for the Tigers, so I see why you are hoping for the 2nd scenario). NU and Mizzou fans all shake hands, say well done, become best friends and grab a beer and some ribs together (ok, this last part, just ain't gonna happen, but it could be a wacky game)

No matter what happens, I can't wait for this game, nor the next, nor the next, etc. I just wish we played year round.

Go Big Red


6:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Missouri is going to kick some Husker Ass this week.

So what.


6:58 PM  
Blogger AJ said...

A special thank you to you jackasses.

We're approaching 100,000 hits since Mid-summer.

Thank you for all your support. Even though I hate most of you, it's a pleasure writing for you and telling you how much you suck.


7:16 PM  
Blogger AJ said...

Randy, that was damn funny. Well done.

I concur..no matter what happens, this is going to be a fun week. Next week? Maybe not so much. (or it could be REALLY fun)

The buildup is the best part.

7:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

this is a really funny blog, especially considering how much work you put into it. jpg

8:21 PM  
Blogger bornred said...


Either way, I'll be back to talk about the next game. As you said, it's just a game played by 18 - 22 year old kids. Give me an emotion filled college game any day of the week.


PS. Congrats on the 100k (if only each hit were worth a dollar, eh? Would be a great summer no matter what happened to the Tigers or Huskers)

9:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


So, the anti-husker comment about the lack of fight in the blackshirts is poetry? Please. I simply pointed out the relative merit of this comment (i.e. It has none). And my point was much that those who say things like this probably have never seen what a football game looks like between the lines. They have never been hit in the mouth hard on the first play of a game and answered the call. They are either band geeks or, well, just plain geeks, whose internet bravado fails to match their intestinal fortitude. (Memo to you hillfolk from misery: What I just said means that their mouth writes checks their ass can't cash)

AJ, why so visceral a response? Still feeling pain from that hook from Kellen?

Dorky? I do not believe anyone has ever referred to me as dorky. Nice. :-)


10:06 PM  
Blogger TB said...

What is the deal with the massive influx of GFY-filled posts? Is everyone so lazy they can't type out a simple three-word sentence?

Watching you idiots argue over which state is "more redneck" is pretty funny. And by the way Husker fans, Missouri has Nebraska beat on the redneck argument. Missouri has Kansas City and St. Louis. I think Nebraska has a small city, but I can't remember its name. AJ, does the settlement where you live resemble an actual city?

11:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've read your stuff a few times and have just a couple of questions: Do you honestly have this much hatred for a group of people whose only connection is what state they live in or what football team they root for, many of whom you will never meet? Or is all of this simply to get a rise out of people?

Just wondering. There are things I don't like about the athletic department as well, but to spend this much time criticizing a group of people who only cheer for a football team seems pretty ridiculous.

1:03 AM  
Blogger AJ said...

Thanks Randy.

Oh, and it's really not that much work. It takes about 10 minutes to write...30 seconds to post and spellcheck and 3 minutes to find the pictures.

The graphics part is not done by me.

Amazing what computers can do these days huh? ;)

PS - Yankees..you are a dork. Don't fight it. You're also a tool and a nerd.

8:12 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello Captain Douchebag. Win a national title, hell, even a conference title, and then you've got something to talk about. Until then, you've got nothing to do except for whine about the fact that a state cares so much about football. Sure, get excited that you've got a team this year. I would be, especially if it doesn't happen very often. But don't think for a second that we're not going to come into Faurot Field on Saturday night and whoop your Tigers. GBR!

8:13 AM  
Anonymous ohf said...

hey Faj,
i thought the new blog comes out at lunchtime? well???

1:58 PM  
Blogger AJ said...

What if I think about it for more than 2 seconds? Say the amount of time it takes for Andre Jones to chase Jeremy Maclin into the end zone?

I'll think about you "whooping our ass" then.

Sound good?

PS - OHF, I'll get something out tonight. Even if I don't..you'll probably live.

3:07 PM  
Anonymous KC Cat said...

I was flipping through the sports channels and came across the last couple of minutes of the Clownahan show on FSN (or wherever they show it). Did I hear Jim Rose correctly, something along the lines of "Nebraska and Missouri ... have become, really the two prominent powers in the Big 12 North ..."????????

Ummm.... not meaning to knock Mizzou - I think they are headed the right direction. That said, how many championship games have the Shuckers and the Tigers played in lately? Let's see - 600+ yds and a dropped game-winning td pass by Ball Freakin' State... 400 or so yds by the 108th offense in the country (ISU)...skirting by Wake and their scout team's 3rd string qb.... If that's one of the North's "power" teams, we're ALL in trouble.

Granted, my Wildcats have slipped since '03 (I'm not gonna deny that), but in the dictionary next to "delusional," you'll find a picture of Rosey.

3:09 PM  
Anonymous g-man said...

OMG, did HuskerYank really talk about "holding" the 21st offense to its second-lowest offensive output of the season? How 'bout we actually use school names instead of just throwing out arbitrary rankings. NU 'held' No. 21 (oh yeah that was USC) to 457 yards. Oh BTW, its lowest output was against mighty Idaho, and USC just had 460 against Washington. I seem to remember the Trojans calling off the dogs somewhere along the third quarter to keep from rolling up 700 & 70 in Lincoln.

The others: No. 14 (Ball State) and No. 32 Nevada. Ball State amassed 125 more yards than its average against the Pinkskirts and Nevada has played Northwestern, Nicholls State and UNLV since going to Lincoln.

My point is you realize you're making H8ter's point by how average you've become to tout your defense as almost as good as Idaho's, and stout because you held Nevada well below its average. You're average, mediocre, so-so ... five years after Pederson claimed to be unwilling to yield to Texas and OU you've lost not only to them but KU, K-State, Mizzou, Tech, O-State, Maine, Pitt ... oh yeah, you pulled those last two out of the fire.

3:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Man, I sure wish Mizzou had won national titles in the past so it could bring those players back to help it win current and future games.

What's that? Whether you went 10-0 or 2-8 in 1971 has absolutely nothing to do with the games played this season and in the future? Having hall of fame coaches doesn't help on the field for future games, either? Things that do have something to do with this season and the future are current players and current staff?

Paging Husker nation...

4:30 PM  
Anonymous bigredfred said...

This will be my first trip to Faurot field, and I think it will be interesting.

As for a couple of what I think are the key matchups: I am thinking you got us beat in QB with C Daniels, and the game will hinge on whose defense shows up. Remember Sam Kellar is too cocky to get nervous and could pull some real crap out of his butt.

The other matchup to watch is Bill Callahan and your Pinkel. I would take bets we see more trick plays from Bill than you would see in the backroom of Lipstix lounge on a saturday night. Tigers will either be ready, or fall for it. It can be a real momentum changer if they fall for it.

Your coach Pinkel needs to just not shoot himself in the foot.

If Chase has a good night and the Tigers defense doesn't fall for the trick plays, I can see you winning by 2 - 3 touchdowns.

If Sam Kellar has an above average night and Bill Callahan rattles your defense with trick plays, the Huskers might have a chance.

Just remember last year when Big 12 play opened and Bill Callahan found himself in a tight spot, the old trick play and gadget plays of all kinds were his 'bread and butter'. In fact, it made the difference in several games for the huskers last year.

4:37 PM  
Blogger bornred said...

bigredfred's mouth and asshole.. playing Saturday nights in the backroom of the Lipstix lounge...

Honestly, there's no difference between the two. Nothing but hot air, shit, and some dude's baby gravy ever come out of either of them

Fraud, didn't you tell me that you are a true Husker fan and that you "always" support the players? It's fucking pathetic that your hate for Pederson and Callahan has polluted how you feel about the kids that wear the Huskers colors, as if they decide who coaches them, you fucking moron. Is that the loyalty that you claim those of us who still want to see the Huskers do well, regardless of who is coaching lack? I called your lame ass out as a fair weather fan on the first stupid ass post of yours that I read this last summer.

Make sure you wear gold on Saturday night, Fraud. You wouldn't have the balls to wear Red and White in their house anyway, but you might as well be in the colors that you are rooting for. Unfortunately for you, it means a different wardrobe every week.

By the way, who the fuck is Chase Daniels? Are there two Mizzou QBs with the same name that you are referring to collectively?


PS. Oh, and riveting fucking analysis

"Tigers will either be ready, or fall for it".

Hmmmm.. thanks for narrowing it down to the only two fucking choices, you Tiger sperm burbing tool.

Ahh, yes... hate week is fun.

11:52 PM  
Anonymous bigredfred said...


I mention nothing about the Husker players in my post, except for direct reference to Sam Kellar who is to use your word a 'fraud' . Sold his team out at ASU and he would do it in a minute to any husker.

Let me clarify for you since you must have spent most of your time on the floor in alpha school.. I do not consider myself a fan like the new age husker fans such as yourself, or of Steve Pedersonn, OR Bill Callahan. You are too shallow and disloyal to our history and to the past that made the program what it is.

Bill and Steve destroyed the program I knew as the Nebraska CornHuskers.

By the way, I'm just a big ole dumb farm boy who never had the common sense to worry too much about wearing red in someone else's house..

My summation of you and your flappy mouth is that you are one of those internet tough guys whose mouth always overloads their a$$. Bet you were gettin stuffed in a locker way beyond the 6th grade, ehh RAAAAANDY???

Plain enough for you???? Can I be any clearer? Are you stupid or somethin?

2:22 PM  
Blogger bornred said...

Husker fan: an enthusiastic devotee of Cornhusker sports

See how it doesn't say anything about who's coaching/administering them, what their record is, or mention a time period? That would be under the definition of a fair weather fan, which is what I so accurately pegged you for months ago.

bigredfred said..
I do not consider myself a fan

Good, we're finally in agreement then. I don't consider you a fan either, so stop pretending.

You've made derogatory remarks about both Keller and Purify in multiple posts so you're also full of shit when you say that you are just unhappy with Bill and Steve and are still supportive of the players (ummm, last I checked, they are both play for the Huskers - hence, they are players). Sorry that you can't remember what the fuck you've said before, but senility is a bitch.

bigredfred said..

By the way, I'm just a big ole dumb farm boy

Am I supposed to argue this? If you say you are big and dumb, I believe you, although the latter has been pretty easy to diagnose, all on my own.

bigredfred said..

Bet you were gettin stuffed in a locker way beyond the 6th grade, ehh RAAAAANDY???

Seriously Fraud, if it gives you some sense of comfort and makes you feel better about yourself believing that this is the case, then believe away. It really doesn't matter to me one way or the other.

Enjoy your life with balls slapping your chin, while crying about the decline of the good ole days.


3:51 PM  
Anonymous bigredfred said...


I could care less about your ability to cut and paste. Your cute ways to lie about what I said don't interest me. Twist away.

Let me cut to the chase. I have no respect for you. You sold out the real tradition of the Huskers and you spend your days on an anti-husker site playing ki$$-a$$ with the site admin. You are twisted, thereby negating any credibility your comments may have otherwise.

I frequent this site as it is an appropriate forum for my views and distaste of the direction of the Husker program. I have never followed anything in life blindly , something you evidently can't relate to.

Anyone with a viewpoint different from your own, you insult. Your intolerance of others makes you a narrow-small minded miserable human being.

I am exactly what a lot of true Huskers and native Nebraskans are these days: Pissed at the fakes who sold us out and destroyed our program. I loathe what Steve Pederson, Bill Callahan, Harvey Pearlman, and YOU, stand for and represent, in the trashing of the program. I don't question you as a fan or as a person....I simply dislike and completely reject what you stand for.

I despise your slimey insults of other Nebraskans and the sewage you spew forth here in a manner where I can see you think its cute.

Fact is , I love a good football game. The players on both sides are competitors and more than likely great kids, growing up to be great Americans! I love their heart and guts no matter what team they play for.

I would never use the word inbreds or hicks or reference any of these players. I find it distastful to insult good people who live in Missouri let alone someone who lives along side of me in Nebraska in this way either.

Let me make this clear, I have never made a comment on Mo Purify, and, I stand by what I say about Sam Kellar, he is not a Husker in my book.

You however have no mind of your own or loyalty to our history. Your mind is so shallow you can only follow like sheep the very people who trashed our fine program. You stand for nothing other than the desire to refine your ability to spew sewage out of your mouth. You and I are nothing alike. I couldn't be any more happy about that than I already am.

5:03 PM  
Blogger bornred said...


So basically, your latest 2kb contribution to the internet can be summed up like this.

You are the true Husker, but they no longer exist and I am responsible for that, yet I have no credibility. (Damn, I've got some serious juice)

You support and always have supported the players, but you decide which ones are actually Huskers. Some just play for us, but don't get to be called Huskers because you don't think they should be.

I have a potential career in waste management. I'll look into that as soon as I can get myself out of the locker that I'm still getting stuffed into

And.... you attempted to address everything in my last post except

the balls slapping your chin...

Say no more.


9:45 AM  
Anonymous bigredfred said...


Pitiful post. Not worth reading. But then I knew that before I read it.

12:58 PM  
Blogger bornred said...

Hmmmm... so you knew before you read it that it wasn't worth reading, yet you read it anyway?

Admit it Fraud. It's like all those Saturday nights in the backroom of the Lipstix lounge all over again. You know you're gonna get bitch-slapped, but you love the punishment..

I'll leave you with your bloody and bruised carcass now and one final thought for the day. Here's what Charle McBride thinks about your whining..

"The more you complain about something the more the program is going to be beat down. So in essence all the negative feelings are going to tear the program down by continually discrediting Bill and Steve Pederson and all these people. Instead of saying, hey what’s done is done, let’s get going. This is Nebraska and let’s storm ‘em. Negative talk really affects the players. I think that has a lot to do with how they play"

So, I ask you my fraudulent friend, which of us is more responsible for the demise of the program?

This beatdown brought to you by,


2:08 PM  
Anonymous bigredfred said...

Well there you go!!! Simple philosophy, just ignore the screwed up world and pretend it somehow doesn't exist! Why didn't I think of that?? Take the ole Ostrich approach and just stick my head in the sand!?!

Yup, pretend like nothing happened and continue with the current failed approach. This probably sounds just great to idiots like yourself and the 10% of others who are too brain dead to think for yourselves.....

Let me leave you with a couple thoughts.... first of all, it is because of fans like you , loud mouthed, foul mouthed , brain dead , follow like sheep , shallow minded , disloyal , untraditional , ignorant , new-age Husker fans like you that AJ bases his blog on. You are just too stupid to know it.

Secondly, explain to me again , how you justify the selling the soul and traditions of the original Huskers , the betraying of life long coaches and families , and, the trashing of everything that made us what we are , all that is ok....

but, I and thousands like me , are destroying the program by not supporting a transplanted coach, who failed in the NFL, can not match the recruiting or the record, on and off the field, of the last coaching staff , and can not coach or motivate - but -collects over twice as much as our last vested Head coach??? How can that be??

Bill has skimmed a cool 10 million from us Nebraskans and we have less of a program as a result.

Do you even listen to the crap you sputter?? Whassa matter you stupid or somethin???

3:32 PM  
Blogger bornred said...

Okay, I'll play along.

Let's dump Callahan mid-season and bring in...


Okay, let's pretend somebody wants to come here and manages a 2-10 campaign like Hawkins did for CU last year. How long do you give him to fix it, Fraud?

One season?
How many?

And how much do you pay him?

I'm not a huge Callahan fan, he sometimes says and does things that leave me puzzled, but he didn't fire Solich, he didn't betray coaches and who in their right mind would say 'no, that's too much money' or 'no, don't give me a raise'?

If he fails to get a Big X12 championship this year (unlikely) or next (who knows at this point), he'll be gone, but don't expect his replacement to be a Tom Osborne. He was a once in a lifetime coach that fit our program and state perfectly and Frank wasn't going to be able to meet your expectations either. If he did, then you shouldn't have any problems with Callahan and crew (Callahan = Solich, Coz = Bohl)

[Yawns tiredly] Bored now and you and I are the only ones reading this anyway... I think you are a fair weather fan, you think I'm, oh shit, that list is too damn long to repeat again, so I can live with that...

It's getting late so you should probably be getting back over to


Oh ya, it's hate week so... kiss my tip


PS. Wow, AJ writes this blog for me? I feel pretty stupid for being too stupid to know...

4:34 PM  
Anonymous Brian said...

You are kind of like Inigo Montoya in the Princess Bride. After years and years of searching for the six fingered man who murdered his father, when he finally found and killed him, he didn't know what to do with his life.

The analogy is startling. Perhaps you could be the next Dread Pirate Roberts?

9:47 AM  
Anonymous Dan Johnson said...

I cannot believe that someone would spend this much time on something like this when there is so many other things you can do with your life. Nebraska fans DID NOT name themselves the best in the nation, others have many times. We do not live and die by the team. One thing you have to understand is we have been told by everyone who lives in another state that this state is a hick state and we have nothing to live for. I think people wanted something we could be proud of because we were always told we have nothing. I know lots of Husker fans and when we lose we all go on and the sun comes up and there is so much more to life here than the Football team. I would never try and explain it to someone else as it would be futile. We had a run that NO ONE will ever match and some people can't get that out of their minds, friends and foes alike. But the good thing is, we do not have ANY HATE sites and do not spend time hating other programs. OU used to beat us all the time, but I never hated them or their fans, just losing. No one hates MU because their is nothing there to hate, no National Champs, no winning streaks, few sell outs, but I do not hate their fans, NU Basketball fans could hate MU fans, but do not, we have been bad forever and live with it, but we would never have a site about MU BB because it would be stupid, as this site is. NU will be back some day we had great team in the early nineteen hundreds, twentys, thirtys, and then for close to forty years, so it will come around again, until it does I will not spend my time hating the teams or fans of the teams that are doing well. When you win you are always accused of being rude and arrogant, big deal your site has many truths to it, but they are things I have heard in a bar or between friends and it is not EVER Clever to hate or ridicule anyone or anything, that is easy. The hard part is having some class and getting along with people. I ran a parking lot for NU Football for 24 years and always went out of my way to treat fans from other school better than I did the NU fans, once a CU fan said to me he wished their fans could act the way I did because its just a game and it should be fun, not hatred. The world has so much hate that it is silly to add to it with a game.

4:06 PM  

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