September 19, 2007

Midweek Ramblings - The Excuses Edition

Right on cue, Hick nation slowly pulls themselves up off of the mat this week. Once again, yours truly calls the shot and once again I am correct. Like you people could build yourselves up SO much over the summer, only to be knocked down by 40 bad minutes against the #1 in the country.


For those of you out of state, let me give you a list of some of my favorite excuses that are slowly permeating from Husker fan's mouth and keyboard over the past couple of days.

- "USC is far and away the best team in the country. They would crush anybody"
Well....USC is definitely a cut above the rest in terms of talent. However, I think it might be a tinge over-the-top to instantly declare them an NFL caliber team playing in a college man's game. USC isn't even as good as last year, especially considering they lost their best two receivers. Granted, the 9-star guys they have out there now are solid, I find it hard to buy that this is the greatest team ever assembled by God. (ie - Pete Carroll)

- "Kevin Cosgrove sucks. He's the reason we got crushed."
I agree Kevin Cosgrove does suck and you did get crushed. Please don't get rid of him.

- "That 20 minute injury timeout really killed the Huskers' momentum."
Unless USC secretly sent a hypnotist over to the NU sideline and convinced the entire defensive line that USC players were actually covered in fire ants, I really don't think that had much of a difference. I guess they could have spiked the Gatorade on the Husker sideline, but even the most smashed college kid could tackle a 5'10" running back at least ONCE in 40 minutes.

- "JC Keller had a great game"
JC Keller got big numbers throwing 5 yard slant passes against a nickel and dime defense. It's all about making adjustments, and Pete Carroll coached circles, squares, triangles and pentagons around the GRF©. After letting JC go down the field a bit early, the USC defensive scheme changed to include all sorts of blitz packages and schemes. Hmmm..perhaps it was some other hate-filled blog author who said all you have to do is blitz JC and he runs screaming like a little girl at a Hannah Montana show? By the time SC was up 42-10, they simply sat back in nickle and made sure DUI Purify stayed in front of them. Not exactly rocket science.

As you can tell by our lovely red decorations, Ball State is the next team to challenge Nebraska for the MAC West title. Yeah, I know they hung with Michigan blah blah blah. But just looking out across the MAC this season, they're not exactly putting the fear of God in anybody. Missouri disemboweled the previous MAC West champion, Ohio ran out of gas against Va Tech. Bowling Green beat Minnesota earlier, but then again..who doesn't smack around Minnesota?

I expect a big Husker rebound, and the return of all the things that make me love you guys so much in the first place.

It must be Wednesday, and that means Big 12 Power Poll time!!!!

1) Missouri - (3-0) vs. Illinois State
Same old same old for the Tigers. Another explosive performance by the Tiger offense, another mini-panic attack on defense. Don't get me wrong, Western Michigan isn't going to be confused with the Colts..but they put 24 up on West Virginia earlier this season. Freshman All-American to-be Jeremy Maclin continues to shine, as Mizzou doesn't skip a beat with Denario Alexander out til 10/6. Remember when you people used to argue that JC Keller was a better QB than Chase Daniel? Silly corn people.

2) Kansas State: (2-1) Idle
The Cat's got to work over Branson's favorite college football team in a 61-10 thumping. We're gonna know a whole hell of a lot more about Ron Prince's team when K-State takes on Texas in two weeks. Granted, I'm not expecting any repeat of last season's upset. Playing with a vastly overrated Auburn team is going to be a cakewalk compared to taking on the Horns. We shall see.

3) Kansas: (3-0) vs. Florida International
Apparently ITT Tech wasn't available for Mark Mangino to take on, as the Jayhawks flexed their muscles against one of the MAC's finest. The Jaychickens finish up their house arrest this weekend and strip off the ankle bracelet against K-State on 10/6. KU fans are already in Mid-December form, bitching and moaning between sips of Zima that they're not ranked. Ummmm…yeah. You're KU. What do you expect?

4) Nebraska: (2-1) vs. Ball State
Remember when you were on top of the world? Bragging about your vicious running game and spectacular defense? Yeah, 2 weeks seems a long time ago. Remember a week ago when you made fun of Missouri's defense for sucking? I'll take irony for $500 Alex.

5) Colorado: (1-2) vs. Miami (OH)
The Buffs seem to be just a couple of players away from being a 1/2 decent team. Gotta give them credit though…everybody else in the league should take their lead in scheduling Florida State, Arizona State and the like. I still think that shit is going to payoff in the long run. Luckily, Miami is a bad bad team. Then again, so was Montana State.

6) Iowa State: (1-2) at Toledo
Much props to my ISU fans for a huge win over Iowa. Regardless of the Big 10 sucking gigantic monkey balls this year, a huge huge boost for the Clones as they try to find some semblance of a football team. Memo to everybody else…never take any rivalry game lightly. Ever.

1) Oklahoma: (3-0) at* Tulsa
Talk about humming offenses. How does 79, 51 and 54 sound for ya? Then again, Stoops is a prick and wants to make a statement. Point taken. Look at their schedule, and you'll see: They get by Texas, There's nothing standing in their way except Missouri and Texas Tech. You wanna take Gary Pinkel and Mike Leach on those odds?

2) Texas: (3-0) vs Rice
The Horns have looked relatively mediocre over the past few weeks, although you gotta admire their toughness at Central Florida. On paper, they're clearly a ways behind OU…but they always seem to play at the level of their competition. By the way, Rice gave up 42 points to Baylor 2 weeks ago. Enjoy.

3) Texas Tech (3-0) at Oklahoma State
The Red Raiders open Big 12 play this weekend with a huge game at Okie State. Can somebody tell ESPN Radio's Colin Cowherd to shut his flippin hole please. WE KNOW the Big 12 defenses suck. However, Tech is right up there with OU and Missouri for the league's best offense. Graham Harrell is putting up a ridiculous 432 yards a game in total offense. You can have a defense full of elderly Frenchmen and still win some games putting up those numbers.

4) Texas A&M (3-0) at Miami
The Aggies face a rather large test in the ghettos of Little Havana this Thursday night. They can pound the ball on anybody, but are sitting a robust 107th in the nation in passing offense. That may be good enough to beat La-Monroe and Montana State, but a good defense is going to exploit the hell out of it. After Baylor next week, they play, Okie State, Tech, Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, Missouri and Texas. Good luck with that.
5) Oklahoma State (1-2) vs. Texas Tech
I told you not to go to Troy. I told you they would jump you. Do you listen to me? Nope. If the Pokes gave up 35 to Georgia and 41 to Troy…how many are they going to give up to Tech? Can Adarius Bowman play defense? I'm not kidding.

6) Baylor (2-1) at Buffalo
Who the hell plays AT Buffalo? Have you ever been to Buffalo? Now the Bears are not only bad, they're apparently dumb too. Here's a note to Baylor Athletic Department officials: You will never turn the corner playing AT Buffalo. Can somebody just cut these guys loose so we can pick up Arkansas?


Anonymous Anonymous said...


Thanks for taking time to write today's entry. It must be tough given your busy schedule of jacking off to Chase Daniel's latest stat sheet and/or decorating the new Chase Daniel "wing" (i.e. hallway leading to the bathroom/meth lab) of your "pre-owned" double wide mobile home.

First, there is no excuse for any team to give up 300+ yards of rushing - even Mizzou plays slightly better defense than that.

I do think Keller and NU's WRs played much better than previous games, but they hadn't performed very well yet, so that may/may not be very telling for the remainder of the year.

USC is very good - OL and Defense are exceptional - although, it has been only two games, I would put them in the top two with LSU (OU and FL close behind IMHO).

I enjoy your weekly rankings - I assume these are designed to elicit laughs because you can't possibly be labeling these as factual/reality based...can you?

Mizzou #1 - maybe, although your spin on giving up 24 to 0-3 W. Michigan is pretty funny. WVU's defense is giving up over 20pts per game to the likes of Maryland who has only beaten FIU and Villanova (I didn't even know Villanova had a team) and 0-3 Marshall, which actually lost to New Hampshire, which fields a co-ed intramural squad composed of the chess amd glee clubs.

KSU - speechless

KU - You must really hate NU to put KU #3 or you are mentally challenged. To your own point...they are still KU.

NU - October 6th will sort everything out for you.

CU and ISU - can't argue with their rankings.

B12 South - Might only switch A&M and TT, but otherwise pretty good assessment.

P.S. May the fleas of a thousand camels infest your crotch.


2:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just curious, where do you get your 'Husker Fan' opinions? How about some links? You quote people saying x or y, but I don't hear Husker fans saying x or y. (I'm not saying some don't, but I'll bet I talk to more fans than you do.)

Some of the stuff in this current column is straight from the DN and the LJS, but what about the '20 minute injury time out' business?

I think you make most of this stuff up, late at night, while staring at the ceiling. "Those damn Husker fans think they're so great. I'll bet they're saying...."

I know that's what most Missouri fans do. They say it all the time.

2:30 PM  
Blogger AJ said...

Now ya'all are starting to come around.

PS - I find it pretty funny that you question my ability to gague Husker fans and their thoughts. Especially considering I FLIPPIN LIVE HERE and anybody under the age of 105 is bombarded with this crap 24/7. Pick up a teh news...sit in a fuckin meeting. IT IS EVERYWHERE.

That's the stupidest damn thing I've heard all week.

2:33 PM  
Blogger NEBforOSU said...

JH, is that JP cousin?

2:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Holy shit...clicking on the comments link and coming to this bright white page from your red front page about made me pass out and fall over. I have a headache and my eyes I know how the 'sker D-line and LBs felt at the snap of the ball last Saturday....

3:08 PM  
Blogger AJ said...

You only have to put up with red for 10 more days. At that time, we will be back to your regular black with gold.

I think there is a pattern going on.


3:10 PM  
Blogger Commish CH said...

Mangino should be ashamed of himself for those games. Florida International? He must've thought it said International House of Pancakes.

4:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

KU will roll both Nebraska and Missouri.

Book it.

4:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The crowd for the USC game was... Note to husker fans:

The crowd for the USC game was impressive...the world's largest jizz mopper convention on record. Congrats!

You are all imbred, sheep f*cking, c**trags. LICK MIZZOU'S SACK


(EDIT NOTE - this post has been mildly edited for content. ie - it was too funny not to at least post. Also please note I never claimed we had the classiest fans in the nation...that was you)

6:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your "Fleas of a thousand camels" post is right on.

I will make a deal with you. "If" the Huskers defeat the Tigers in a few weeks, I will never post to this site "ever" again, if you post a picture of you eating a mile of the "Corn Ridden Shit Guy's" shit.

What about it?


It really must suck to be you!


7:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here's a thought AJ. If you come across some Husker info/news via the television, radio, or newspaper...FUCKIN' IGNORE IT! Yeah there's going to be a lot of stuff on Nebraska Football...when your in Nebraska numbnuts. No one is holding a gun to your head to see/listen/read it. You'd get this same scenario if you lived in State College, PA, Athens, GA, or hell, even Boise, ID. Get over it and quit being a whiny little bitch.

Oh, and we're all a bunch of inbred sheep impregnators huh? Coming seemingly from a Missouri resident? Riiiiiiiiight.

Pot, meet Kettle.
Kettle, meet Pot

8:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"KU fans are already in Mid-December form, bitching and moaning between sips of Zima that they're not ranked."

You've got to be kidding me, AJ?!?! The KU fans I know are bitching that it's still almost 2 months until basketball practice starts.

9:52 PM  
Blogger AJ said...

Couple of things here:

1) I don't care if you post in the comments section or not. Seriously, you won't hurt my feelings. If Missouri wins...I'll keep doing this. If Nebraska wins..I'll keep doing this. It's all pretty small scale if you really think about it.

2) It's been almost 4 days before some idiot jumps on and give me the "why don't you just move" or "why don't you just ignore it". you guys want me to unload on this guy? or does one of you want to tell him? I'm cool either way. I guess that FAQ section wasn't such a bad least then I woulnd't have to address this idiotic shit every other day.

Advice to you: Sit back...don't for a few weeks....then either leave or stay. If you think you know all about me by your first impression, then God love ya.

Wait til JP comes back for the 8th time. He'll tell ya.


PS - Still love the Corn Ridden shit guy. Wish he'd come back by.

10:19 PM  
Anonymous MS said...

Dear Anonymous NU fan,

Of course there will be "local" sports talk on the radio and even on the news, and quite possibly, the newspaper of every college town. However, having lived in Nebraska once before, I couldn't help but notice that the "sker's"..(whatever the hell that is) are ALL over. I'm not just talking the news, radio, and some TV. I mean all over.

The entire state of Nebraska...every town, church, TV commercial, driveway, every dive bar, old person buffet, gas station sign, jewelry and loan, street sign, nudie bar, silo, barn, flag pole, barber shop, in ANY city/town has SOMETHING "sker" related.

If you were to go to State College, PA...the Nittany Lions WOULD be all over. If you were to go to Athens, GA....the Bulldogs WOULD be all over. And yes, if you went to Boise, ID...the Bronco's WOULD be all over.

However, as soon as you would leave those towns, you would see and hear about other teams such as:
Penn Quakers
Pitt Panthers
Temple Owls
and even the
Villanova Wildcats

And when you leave Athens, GA, you might hear about other teams such as:
Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets
and even the
Georgia Southern Eagles

And even when you leave Boise, ID, you might hear about other teams such as:
Idaho Vandals
and even the
Idaho State Bengals

And EVEN when you leave beautiful Columbia, MO, you might hear about those horrible horrible
Kansas Jayhawks
EW. (But most likely you'll hear about the Kansas City Chiefs) But my point is, Nebraskans need something else to do besides eat, sleep, breathe, scribble, and jerk off to HUSKER HIGHLIGHTS before during and after their local news. So, AJ kinda DOES have a gun to his head.

Living in Nebraska and hating the 'Skers, is like living with matter how hard you try to get rid of them or ignore them, they will ALWAYS be there...constantly annoying the hell out of you and making your life miserable. AJ...i salute you.

Tigers 41
Huskers 10

I will be there, drunk and pissing off every person i see in red. I will be the comb and the spray to those crabs.



11:22 PM  
Blogger NEBforOSU said...

"Here's a thought AJ. If you come across some Husker info/news via the television, radio, or newspaper...FUCKIN' IGNORE IT!"

Same to you, there is a blog about how the skers suck, so Fucken ignor e it.

Yeah there's going to be a lot of stuff on Nebraska Football...when your in Nebraska numbnuts. No one is holding a gun to your head to see/listen/read it. You'd get this same scenario if you lived in State College, PA, Athens, GA, or hell, even Boise, ID.

Very true, but what gets your goat is the fact there are folks who live in the state of Nebraska that hates the skers. Everyone that is born and raised here should just fall in love with the Raider.... I mean the skers, odd their losing ways seem all to familiar.

Get over it and quit being a whiny little bitch.

Oh, and we're all a bunch of inbred sheep impregnators huh? Coming seemingly from a Missouri resident? Riiiiiiiiight.

Pot, meet Kettle.
Kettle, meet Pot

You must be the pot because your doing the same thing you want AJ to quit doing. Bitching about this blog and the writing on it. He can write what ever he feels like. Just makes you want to kick your dog, knowing there are the huskers hater group out there.

1:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Look everyone, AJ not only has a fetish with the Husker team, the Husker fans, but he has a man type crush on the Corn Ridden Guy!

The Corn Ridden Guy must really be a shemale Tiger Fan.

Go Tigers!

1:55 AM  
Blogger AJ said...

MS and N4OSU, that was outstanding.

Well done.

8:12 AM  
Blogger HucktheFuskers said...


While it really wasn't an excuse, the one Cornholer favorite from this week when justifying this loss is "The USC offense would have easily scored over 100 points on ________". (You can fill in the blank with ANY team: KU, MU, KSU, OU, 1985 Bears). My question is, in the 4th quarter, had Pete Carroll not put in the waterboys, cheerleaders and members of the USC Sigma Chi intramural squad, how many points could they had hung on the Cornholer D?

A prediction I had is beginning to come true, albeit just slightly. Instead of squeaking out a win against a weak Wake Forest team, I'm beginning to read about Nebraska's victory against the defending ACC Champion. Give it another few weeks and it'll read how Nebraska steamrolled over a national power.

AJ, thanks for the blog. The KU-Zima line was hilarious. Keep up the good work.

9:02 AM  
Blogger TB said...

Hey AJ, thought you might want to use this picture sometime.

9:54 AM  
Blogger Husker4Yankees said...


Your nipples have been hard ever since the end of the game staurday. Haven't they? If you know Husker fans as well as you claim, you know that we can handle losses. We saw enough big game loses in the past. However, the one thing that makes our nuts hurt is seeing a lack of passion--which I saw defensively Saturday. So, enjoy.

Having both KSU and KU ahead of us is simply a ploy to piss NU fans off. You analysis of the south is pretty much spot on, so I know you can analyze football. However, like Anakin you have let the hate flow through you and are now blinded by your rage.

Keep up the good work AJ....and GFY

Now to the "Anonymous" ass clown who posted the jizz rag comment. First, GFY. Secondly, jizz rag? Really? Please, do the world a favor. Stop jacking off to Dukes of Hazzards reruns, wash your crusty, Bo Duke inspired jizz rag, get out of your mother's basement, and get out into the real world. You live in Misery.

Best places to Live: Papillion, NE #6 Liberty, MO #67

Healthiest Plave to Live: Nebraska #6, Misery #34

Most dangerous Cities to Live in: St. Louis Mo #11....Nebraska not ranked.

So enjoy the Mizzerable life you have there ass hat. I will take mine over yours anyday loser. I leave you with a hearty GFY

P.S. AJ, you mentioned the FAQ for your site. Is there a link for that?

P.S.S Almost forgot. Hey MS, GFY. Good to know the highlight of your life is getting drunk and pissing off visitors to your state. I bet you masterbate to reruns of Deliverance thinking about Ned Beatty in his tighty whiteys. I am sure you could have been the banjo kid's stunt double. In closing, GFY.

10:01 AM  
Blogger AJ said...

I believe anger is the 9th step in accepting your overall fate.

Husker fans are right on cue.

Love it.

10:02 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Note to Nebraska fans: Get off Keller's nuts already. The guy blows more cock than $2 whore.

I will hand it to Nebraska on academics though. Congrats on finally getting a top rated program. The Tom Osborne School of Jizz Mopping apparently puts out the most competent jizz moppers the adult store industry has ever seen. Really impressive. Perhaps that is what lured Sam "I like dildos in my ass" Keller to NU when he was deciding where to transfer. I mean, he must have been looking at job placement in industries other than the NFL, right?

(EDIT NOTE - The Author of this blog does not condone the use of "dildo in his ass" as a method of expressing displeasure with NU's current QB situation. However, I do find it pretty funny and will publish a large portion of the text.

PS - Try to keep the personal stuff out of it guys. That's my only rule. Unless you want to beat the shit out of JP, in which case it's OK)

10:19 AM  
Anonymous bhg said...

MS and N4OSU,

You guys just got kudos from a guy that who thinks THUGS=HAPPY FANS is a universal truth. I'd hang that "atta boy" on my wall with pride. Like getting a compliment from a retard on how smart you are, (hint: it doesn't mean much).

Apparently MS is stating that the only sports news that a Nebrskan can receive is Nebraska Cornhuskers, all the day, all the time. Is this true? Of course not, but right along with THUGS=HAPPY FANS, MS is trying to make a general statement a "universal truth".

Let's take this line of reasoning and apply it to MS. Since MS line of reasoning is flawed and lacks intelligent thought, it must be true that anyone that has the initials MS must be brain dead. That line of reasoning won't even get you to the front of the class in kindergarten, but somehow MS thought he would give it a whirl. (Right along with the Missourians, Oklahomans, Kansans, etc. that call Nebraskans hicks and inbred without first looking in the mirror.)

10:28 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Huskers4Spankees said "Most dangerous Cities to Live in: St. Louis Mo #11....Nebraska not ranked."

Uhhhhh, Nebraska...a city? Hello Miss Teen South Carolina...

11:13 AM  
Anonymous MS said...

Dear Husker4Yankees,

I appreciate your concern regarding my alcohol consumption and my actions toward visitors at Mizzou games. However, what I am about to say, I say with the utmost sincerity....

I just don't care. Nope. I don't care about the Nebraska fans that I see crying and moaning over some supposed bad call, or the 4 touchdowns that were just given up. Nor do I care about the Nebraska fans that I see driving through the great state of Missouri, 35 mph faster than everyone else on the road..while eating a Casey's pizza and/or Bomb burrito (yeah, they really are good to eat and all, but probably not when speeding on the interstate) Ok, that was just one example. Not EVERY Nebraska fan does that. However, I don't care. I don't. So going along with this theme of I don't care...I don't care about you, the yankees, OR the movie "Deliverance". And for the record, that kid was pretty good at playing the banjo...but being his stunt double would have been ok, because the overalls worn for the part would belong to the production studio and would not have been mine, like most Nebraskans. Thank GOD we do not have a mascot that wears overalls.

Good luck this weekend!


P.S. GFY...Good For You

11:43 AM  
Anonymous bhg said...

Hey anonymous,

So the come back was what?

Don't get me wrong, I like going to St. Louis/Denver/Chicago and the like for baseball games, and travel to metro area to visit historical sites on vacation, but there is no way I'm going to live there.

Why would I want to sit in traffic? Why would I not want to know my neighborhood, not know my mechanic, grocer, pastor, mailman, banker, waitress, etc., etc., personally? Why would I not want to know the people that teach my kids, the parents of my kids friends, etc.?

To many of us, insanity is living in a city of 8 million strangers.

So explain in a little more detail, the downfall of not living in a non-city? (I'll imagine that a remark might be the lack of culture, and my reply, go to East Philly and tell me how much culture there is!!)

12:27 PM  
Blogger Husker4Yankees said...

Dear can figure out which one. I, as a US American, made a typo. Meant to say:

"Nebraska Cities Not Rated"

So Sorry. Love it when 'Anonymous' hurls slings and arrows.

Dear MS:

Thanks for the response. Is Casey's that thick pizza? Seriously, I do care. I had a great slice of pizza once in KC and can never remember where it was from.

Now, some business. Actually, the kid in Deliverance couldn't play the bango. The banjo work was done by a stand-in.

From IMDB "Billy Redden (the boy with the banjo) did not know how to play banjo and was incapable of faking the playing sequence convincingly, and eventually another youngster was hidden behind his chair, with the sole task of providing the hand movements on the banjo."

Finally, I have no problem with bibbers as they are the uniform of many hard working folks who, like my parents and grandparents, worked to make a better life for their kids. My parents did this so I could pull nice bank sitting in an comfortable office designing my robot army to rule you all.

In closing, GFY

1:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Huskers4Yankees...your profile says you are a fan of the Huskers, Yankees and Patriots...WTF? Can you say bandwagon? Pick a side...NY or NE. That is so f-in weak.



4:02 PM  
Blogger Husker4Yankees said...

Husker fan for over 35 years
Yankees fan for almost 30 years
Houston Oiler fan from 1978-1995
NFL Bandwagoner ever since and until the Houston OILERS make their triumphant return.

I have been contemplating jumping on the KC Chiefs bandwagon since the whole tape gate thing ....despite the fact that the Pats will win the Super Bowl this year. I like the KC coach...not that I need to justify myself to some anonymous asshat lacking the sack to put herself out there.

Hey anonymous, thanks for the reply....oh yea, and GFY

4:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Being from St. Louis (and now living in Omaha for the past two years), I'll easily agree with AJ, MS, and all other Husker haters.

If you want to throw stats, Omaha has one of the top teen birthrates and STD rate. I'm sure Lawrence Phillips had something to do with both.

By the way, don't be a pussy and jump off the New England bandwagon. That's shitty. Been a Bears fan since the Cardinals left town as a kid. Imagine how shitty that's been except for the past few years.

7:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You know, I could care less if AJ hates on the Huskers. There have been people like that in Nebraska long before his ass was here.

What I still don't get is that AJ, after living here for so long (what is it 20 years?), still whines like a little girl about all this coverage of Husker football as if things would ever change. Plus he lives in Omaha where I know for a fact that its not 'all Huskers all the time - 24/7'. Other Big 12 teams, including both ISU and Iowa get coverage (although who would care is a mystery to me).

Now if AJ were in the metropolis of Grand Island or Kearney then I'd give him some more simpathy (although not much) since the nearest Div. 1 school (outside of NU) is over 250+ miles away and it probably is 'all Huskers all the time'.

Fact of the matter is that I know AJ wanted to step up his game (per fan request) and nothing pisses him off more than making him re-write his whole crazy mantra all over agian. You all should thank me.

9:30 PM  
Blogger Husker4Yankees said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

11:42 PM  
Anonymous bhg said...

Big head,

How worried are you about getting STD's from an unwed teen?

You really clobbered those punks stinking up for less than St. Louis size cities.

8:22 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Not trying to slam husker4yankee, just stating stats since he brought one out on STL. (By the way, what was the comment that got deleted? Deleted by H4Y or AJ?).

Maybe I'm the smart one, but when I run through a few girls from JP's alma mater of Metro Community College, I always wrap up.

8:14 PM  

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