December 14, 2007

2007 Bowl Preview Spectacular (100% HGH Free)


Did ANYBODY in the media actually think there were major leaguers NOT taking steroids? I mean, how stupid are some of you people? LOOK AT THEM! Not that it’s not a big story, but the shock and outrage? Wow, Roger Clemens is throwing 96mph when he’s 43 years old and is twice as big. Hmmmm…wonder why? (And no, unlike Nolan Ryan…Clemens didn’t own a cattle ranch and go out wrestling steers in the off season.)

Whatever. The whole thing bores me to tears. Yes, it’s a stain on the game. Yes, Nobody should be let into the Hall-of-Fame because of this. I got over this a long time ago. Either do something about it, or move on.

Now, back to things that are important. I just realized we haven’t had our 2nd annual bowl extravaganza, where I get to ridicule Nebraska and mock the rest of the Big 12 conference. Hmmmm…well, since the first part of that is a moot point, let’s take a look at some of the bowl matchups, and the Big 12 games in particular.

HOLIDAY BOWL - #11 Arizona State vs. #19 Texas
* Let’s put it this way…Texas gave up 38 points TO TEXAS A&M. This is the same Texas A&M team that put up a whopping 7 whole points against defensive juggernaut Texas Tech, and 11 against the steel curtain that is powerhouse Kansas. How in the hell has Texas pissed away this much talent? I mean, at first it was a joke, but now it’s just stupid. If not for Vince Young, Mack Brown would be far and away the most ridiculed coach on the face of the earth. Sam Keller’s team has tried to move on without him by beating a whopping 2 decent teams (Cal and UCLA).

BEL pick: Texas 30 Arizona State 23

ALAMO BOWL – Texas A&M vs. Penn State
* Usually when you look at a Big 10 team against pretty much’s safe to say that a team from the most overrated conference on earth will fold like a t-shirt on laundry day against anyone. But despite A&M looking pretty good over the last couple of weeks, Penn State actually played fairly well before pissing away a game at Michigan State. I thought for sure the Aggies were going to be the dark horse in the Big 12 this year. But who knows…now that Fran is gone, perhaps that potential can be reached? Probably not in this case.

BEL pick: Penn State 24 Texas A&M 19

INDEPENDENCE BOWL – Colorado vs. Alabama
* Hey Nick Saban, you just lost to Louisiana-Monroe and now you’re in Shreveport…how does that taste ya worm? Pay attention Husker fan, because this very well could be you and your “name” program some day. Unfortunately for you though..the Independence Bowl is probably looking pretty good to you about now. Unfortunately, who knows how bad Colorado would beat you this time on a neutral field. Somehow, I have a feeling Hawkins is going to make Saban’s crappy year complete. Go Buffs.

BEL pick: Colorado 27 Alabama 13

INSIGHT BOWL – Oklahoma State vs. Indiana
* Indiana is playing in their first bowl game since Christ was in diapers, and Oklahoma State played like absolute crap in the only two big games they played in this year. Did I mention they lost to Troy early in the year? Then again, Indiana may be a good story, but they lost to Northwestern a few weeks ago, and were blown out by Wisconsin 33-3. Okie State isn’t that great..but they’re certainly better than Northwestern. (or any other over hyped Big 10 team you can think of.)

BEL pick: Oklahoma State 45 Indiana 31 (zzzzzzzzzzzzzz)

COTTON BOWL – #6 Missouri vs. Arkansas
* There is no doubt Arkansas can put up points…even against King Quin Pelini and the LSU Tigers. In fact, they’ve scored 30 or more 9 times this year. On the flip side, they gave up 30 or more times 6 times. (including such SEC offensive juggernauts as South Carolina and Mississippi State). I’m really not sure how Mizzou is going to come out in this game. Wouldn’t shock me if they came out rolling, nor would it shock me to see them lay an egg. I’m very happy with the job Gary Pinkel has done this season, but I think a pissed off Darren McFadden is going to prove to be a bit too much. This may prove to be more exciting than most of the BCS games. Just doesn't look like a great matchup for Mizzou when you break it down.

BEL pick: Arkansas 35 Missouri 31

GATOR BOWL - #20 Virginia vs. Texas Tech
Another one of the better bowl games that pits a schizophrenic Red Raider team, and a Virginia team who has won SEVEN games by 5 points or less. I’m not sure if that’s good or that’s bad. But then again, if they’ve never seen an offense like Tech’s before…I’m going to say that’s bad. Gotta go with Leach…especially when the Cavs gave up a whopping 33 to high-powered Virginia Tech on Thanksgiving weekend.

BEL pick: Texas Tech 51 Virginia 24

ROSE BOWL - #7 USC vs. #13 Illinois
USC is playing at home (pretty much) and at their highest level of the season. Illinois is here because they beat a pathetic Ohio State team by 7. (Whoopie Doo) This is going to get ugly quick as the howling demands of “Make USC #1 in the polls” will echo through Bristol, CT…if at least for one night. Oh…and that’s not a yellow pixel problem with your TV…that’s Juice Williams pissing down his leg.

BEL pick: USC 31 Illinois 10

SUGAR BOWL - #5 Georgia vs. #10 Hawaii
Georgia is not San Jose State, and the Superdome is not a Luau on Maui. Hawaii is going to get exposed like the two-bit fraud whores they are in about 3 drives. What’s that? Colt Brennan can pass? OK fine..can he do it against the #19 total defense in the country? (A team that DIDN’T play in the WAC). This is going to be the biggest bloodbath since Custer strolled through eastern Montana looking to set up camp.

BEL pick: Georgia 49 Hawaii 7

FIESTA BOWL - #4 Oklahoma vs. #9 West Virginia
* At first glance, I think this might be one of the best games of the bowl season. West Virginia has weapons aplenty, and God knows Oklahoma can play some ball and has been here a time or two or fifty. But I’m going to just throw this out there…if you can’t beat PITT on your home field with everything on the in the HELL are you going to stop Allen Patrick? Seriously, I know you have a pretty high flying offense..but did you see what happened to that other high-powered offense who went up against OU the last time out? The riot fires will be burning bright in Morgantown on January 2nd.

BEL pick: Oklahoma 42 West Virginia 27

ORANGE BOWL - #3 Virginia Tech vs. Overrated Kansas
* Seriously….midget boy Reesing may not complete a pass. Have you seen Va Tech’s defense? Kansas hasn’t beaten a team with fewer than five losses. Last time I checked, the Hokies and their two losses (one which came in week 2) are much fewer than five. Funny thing is, Tech has been scoring some points lately as well, including 27 or more in each of their past five games. (All against defenses much better than KU) The real question is, what will be higher? The dozens of fans that KU brings to the game? Or the number of angry callers Fox gets from viewers wondering where America’s Next Top Model went?

BEL pick: Virginia Tech 23 Kansas 0

BCS CHAMPIONSHIP GAME - #1 Ohio State vs. #2 LSU
* So let me get this straight…Ohio State..which hasn’t done jack shit other than beating a crappy Michigan team in an underwhelming performance…gets to take on a pissed off LSU team IN New Orleans for the National Title? Sure, makes sense to me. The Buckeyes have about as much chance winning this game as I do winning a Pulitzer Prize next spring for my upcoming column on Tom Osborne’s addiction to bestiality DVD’s.

BEL pick: LSU 27 Ohio State 10

Nebraska – 113 lockers cleaned out, 835 bench press reps, 2 DUI arrests and 1 delusional fan base.

Enjoy the games


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Blogger NE-Jhawk said...

My take on the KU game...'cause I know you care: Looking at VT I can see they are better than KU. I'm not sure how much better. Looking at thier record, the only decent teams they beat are BC (who they went 1 and 2 against) and Clemson. When I look at Clemson I see a team very much like KU, a highly ranked team that beat no top 25 ranked teams who's ranking comes soley from confrence afiliation and overall record.

That is clearly an edge to VT. But not one that KU can't overcome. I just hope they learned that they can't decide to wait until halfway through the 3rd quarter to start playing to thier potential.

In some ways its a perfect end to KU's season. It will either end with complete vindication or complete exposure.

I'm a Jayhawk through and through...but I'm not blind and or stupid. I live in Omaha like our host...there's enough of that to go around in this state already when it comes to team evaluation.

6:42 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What is wrong with these people? Check this out:

Are you kidding me? Someone needs to make this into a T-Shirt.

8:32 AM  
Anonymous Sauce said...

Ugh...I think KU's being exposed happened weeks ago against Mizzou. That game could have gotten reallllly ugly. Plus I saw the Chickenhawks play 4-5 times throughout the season. People here in Kansas can't figure out how KU managed to get Orange Bowl bid over Mizzou. One ESPN a hole said he thought it was because they would travel better. I thought that was interesting since the Chokenhawks couldn't even sell through their allowed allotment to their annual game against K-State...and that game was 45 minutes down the road for them! Bottom line is that KU football is well coached, but really not that great of a team against better talent. Hats off to Mangino but KU fans can kiss my ass when they start talking about how good they are. Not that that will stop the pricks from jabbering. I need a drink.

8:39 AM  
Anonymous dave31175 said...

Even as a KU fan, I agree that Kansas is ridiculously overrated and will get squashed like a bug.

That having been said, it seems that MU is almost as overrated. Who have they beaten? An overrated Illinois team? A ridiculously overrated Kansas team? A Big 12 schedule that 30 randomly selected blog commenters could do better than .500 against?

But at least the almighty Hucksters aren't in a bowl game. And the National Popularity Contest will pick another worthy "Champion".

9:26 AM  
Blogger AJ said...

For the record..and not that it matters, but Missouri beat Texas Tech by 31, as well as Illinois. Not sure you can compare those two wins to Central Michigan and Toledo.

9:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Buff fan here,

Your one of the only opposing fans who seems to believe in Hawkins. I hope your Husker loving retard readers remember us next year when we throttle them in Lincoln.

Chip in the Springs

9:46 AM  
Blogger NEBforOSU said...

"Meanwhile, you may have noticed, our defense has improved overnight, without even stepping on the field."
-Nubbie sheep #1

Gotta love the nubbies, and they wonder why we call them myopic.

3:39 AM  
Anonymous dave31175 said...

I said right from the start that KU is very overrated. I agree their schedule was a joke. However, I'm just not sure it's really saying that much if Illinois and Texas Tech are your signature wins. ...It's like trying to say Romeo's is fine dining because it's not Taco Bell! :)

6:53 AM  
Anonymous aj fan said...

dave31175: You may have forgotten or overlooked the fact that Illinois beat #1 Ohio State at Ohio State (yep, the same OS in the national title game) and Tech beat Oklahoma.

9:05 AM  
Anonymous dave31175 said...

AJ: In your post you yourself ridicule both Ohio State and Illinois as basically having nothing to show for their season. To quote: "Illinois is here because they beat a pathetic Ohio State team by 7. (Whoopie Doo)" And I'm supposed to be impressed by MU's 6 point victory over Illinois?

TT may have beaten OU, but also lost to a Texas team that barely scraped by Central Florida, and to a very mediocre OSU team, and to a ridiculously inconsistent Colorado team, and had a KU-like non-conference schedule.

Still sounds like Romeo's to me :)

4:25 PM  
Blogger AJ said...

That's funny...did I ask you to be impressed by Illinois and their loss to mighty Iowa?

Illinois has 3 losses and plays in a vastly overrated conference. Ohio State has ONE good win, which is Michigan.

Whoopie doo.

4:37 PM  
Anonymous dave31175 said...

"Missouri beat Texas Tech by 31, as well as Illinois."

I guess I misinterpreted. I thought this statement was presenting Illinois & TT as quality wins in response to my insinuation that MU hasn't really beaten anyone to speak of.

It sounds like you and I are of the same mind about Illinois, so I guess I'm not sure just what you meant by bringing them up as you did...

And BTW, I'm glad to see you Creighton rants. I thought I was the only one that despised the CU bandwagon!

4:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

VT will beat KU, but it will be a fairly close, low scoring game. 23-0 is just a Mizzou fan's-tasy.

2:26 PM  

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