October 8, 2005

Week #6 predictions

Will the Huskers roll again, squeezing the last ounce of effort from a giant piece of shit? Is Bill Callahan living on borrowed time? Will the "mystique" of 78,000 farmers from Gothenburg and Scottsbluff carry the Huskers to victory? Will OU score? WIll Baylor finally win on the road? Will Mizzou show up? Will OSU get prison-raped by Brad Smith? Is Colorado for real? Can anybody care any less about KU vs. KSU? Will ISU bounce back after a humiliating loss to the worst 4-0 team in the history of sports last week?

We shall see.

BTW, I was 5-1 last week.

* Texas Tech 31 - Nebraska 13
* Missouri 45 - Oklahoma State 14
* Texas 31 - Oklahoma 20
* Texas A&M 16 - Colorado 24
* Kansas 21 - Kansas State 20
* Baylor 17 - Iowa State 21


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