December 16, 2006

World's Greatest Fans (Just ask em)

Saturday morning and another day closer to the end of the football season. Is it just me, or up to a few years ago, wasn’t there college bowl games starting the week or so after the Army vs. Navy game? Wasn’t the New Orleans bowl or whatever played on like December 10th? Oh well, just seems like a complete lack of football, and remotely interesting college basketball games. With the mediocre-ness of UNO hockey, the blah-start of Creighton basketball, I’m struggling to find things to complain about.

But I’ll try….

* Thank God all this volleyball shit is almost over. I’m not sure how much more of even the discussions I can take. You can actually tell it’s an overblown Omaha event, when you crack open the World-Herald this morning and there’s a huge article on….bun huggers. Ok, I realize hardly anybody knows anything about volleyball and wants to be a part of all this…but good Lord, at least try and get creative. (Not that that was ever the WH’s strong point.)

* Speaking of volleyball, the Omaha media continues to beat the drum of having the Volleyball Final Four here permanently. The argument for that (aside from absolute blind hysteria of having an ESPNU camera somewhere in the city limits) is “Omaha can support the CWS for 50+ years, why not the volleyball tourney?” Ohhhhh..I dunno…perhaps because the Huskers are a dominant program, and nobody wants to see them have an 17,000 home-court advantage every year? That’s just my guess. That’s like having the basketball Final Four in Durham, NC every year. It’s like having the College World Series in Baton Rogue. It’s like having the BCS Championship game in Austin. See what I’m getting at here? Get the hell over yourselves people. It’s embarrassing.

It’s easy to say, “Let’s have it here all the time”, when your team is in it. I wasn’t there, but didn’t a large majority of the crowd on Thursday night bail out after the Husker game? If “Nebraska sports fans will support their teams no matter what”, how come the Devaney Center is sitting empty most of the time? How come Creighton has a brand new soccer stadium, a great team, and zero fans? How come we still have the Omaha Beef and Knights? How are their crowds?

The point people are fucking crazy. I don’t even blame you though. The real driving force behind this is a disenchanted local media, that thrives on ratings…ratings that step from everybody rooting for the same team. And you wonder why there are people like me out there? I doubt I’m the only one who sees this.

* Since a lot of my Big 12 hits have died down post-football season, I can now go back to talking a bit more local stuff. (Think of me as the anti Todd and Tyler). To start with…I have an observation….since when did North Omaha become South Central East? I mean, it’s always been relatively bad, but did I read correctly that 9 people had been shot since Thursday? Nine? That’s something you want floating out there with so many hicks from Saunders County, uhhhh….I mean “volleyball fans” in town. At what point is the mayor and the powers that be realize that there may be a hint of a problem in that part of town? Nothing you can do, perhaps…but you would think there would be a bit more outcry from the rest of the community. Then again, Biff and Muffin at Village Pointe probably don’t travel to 30th and Ames very often. Sad really.

* You may notice I don’t mention the NFL very often here. Don’t get me wrong…I love watching the NFL, and follow it quite a bit…probably as much as college football or more in some seasons. However, I have a serious handicap. You see, I was born a Kansas City Chiefs fan, and by natural selection, I am not allowed to enjoy a successful season without pissing it away. You see, the Chiefs have fallen into a trap outside of the natural ebb and flow of NFL cycles. While most teams have great cycles, then down cycles (49ers, Cowboys, Steelers, Dolphins, Chargers etc), the Chiefs have been blessed with mediocrity. Never super bad, they are also seldom super good. Their stadium and their fan support is second to none…but the product on the field is often bland and lacking in some major aspect of fundamentals. (Such as tackling, catching or even thinking)

Chiefs owner Lamar Hunt passed away on Thursday, and his loss will be felt throughout the NFL. He was a pioneer who achieved much in his rather long life, and will be missed I’m sure by family, friends and colleagues. However, Mr. Hunt had a shortcoming, and that was settling with high attendance rather than high results. The Chiefs are one of the most successful teams in the NFL in terms of winning % over the past 15-20 years (only 4 seasons since 1988 with a losing record), but have THREE playoff wins since 1969. (1…2…3).

Lamar’s son Clark is now tasked with running the Chiefs, and many believe now is the time to make some long needed changes. Over the past 20 years or so, being a Kansas City football fan has been almost as difficult as being a Royals fan. At least in baseball season, you know you have no shot by about April 30th. But with the Chiefs, the potential and possibilities were all there…year after year. It’s devastating to lose a pioneer, and Lamar Hunt will be greatly missed. But let’s hope his son can bring new ideas and new hope to a team that was always almost good enough.

Maybe he’ll get rid of those fucking trumpets during the game as well.


Anonymous Obsessed Husker Fan said...

Who is this Creighton, Omaha Beef, and some other random team you speak of? I cheer for all NEBRASKA teams, not bandwagon on some private school I could care less about. I go to volleyball games, baseball games, hell Ive even been to a wrestling match. I wont tell you how great I am, because thats retarded, but I do enjoy watching all my NEBRASKA teams play. I know you cant understand this, and that is fine. Also, if Nebraska fans say how great they are, what about you babbling about how great Chiefs fans are? I was at the Big 12 title game this year, and Arrowhead is a dump compared to the new NFL stadiums. Also, their fans are known for being very cynical and jumping off the bandwagon 10 games into the season. Husker fans NEVER get off the bandwagon. There are some idiots out there who know nothing, which Im sure you know a few, I know I do, I apologize to you for them, yes, there are idiot "Husker" fans out there, who I dont even claim, most of them from Omaha to be honest. Ive typed too much now, Ill rant more later, have a good one.

1:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

AJ, if KC loses tomorrow at SD and basically pisses away the chance at a wildcard, do you think they should throw Brodie Croyle in those last two games to see what he has. I know he is no "Jay Cutler" but we have got to start thinkin about a young qb in KC. We have always had old dudes. I love Trent, but we need to look in another direction, assuming Huard will get signed as a free agent somewhere this offseason.

2:24 PM  
Blogger AJ said...

OHF - you are a minority. You know damn well there are JayHuskers out there...thousands upon thousands of them. They also support other teams around town..or in the case of the Beef, Knights and Royals..they don't.

As for the Chiefs, I think Trent Green's days are numbered. Croyle isn't the answer, and I think you'd be foolish not to draft a QB or top flight WR in teh first round.

If it were me, I'd draft a QB, make Huard my starter next season, and eat Green's contract. That way, you have a Cutler type situation..only a year too late. And you are correct..the Chiefs haven't had a young QB since Todd Blackledge.

San Diego is going to Munson those guys like there's no tomorrow in San Diego on Sunday.

2:45 PM  
Anonymous Obsessed Husker Fan said...


2:48 AM  
Anonymous billybear said...

Until the chiefs lose the fucking K-State wannabe "and it's another Kansas City FIRST DOWN", I hope they continue to wallow in their mediocrity....It is beyond lame, it takes lame to a new level, did I comment on how lame it is? I cringe everytime it is so bad, I would rather watch from the couch...what's next? A purple headed idiot in shoulder pads? Oh wait the smelly KC Wolf (have you ever been close to him on a hot day?) has already got that covered...KSU and KC do have a lot in common, basically very little real success....

9:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree with OHF. Nebraska fans show support in different ways sometimes, but they are always there for the team. Even though I can't make it to every swim meet, women's basketball game, or tennis match I still am interested in how they are doing and what they have accomplished. Also, about Nebraska fans leaving the Qwest on Thursday. I was there and a lot more stayed than I expected. Granted, it wasn't packed to the roof, but those folks wanted to see good volleyball (and probably to scout the opposing teams).

This leads to me agreeing with you on an issue (amazingly enough). The whole ploy for the Qwest to be the permanent home to NCAA volleyball was silly in that, yes, that would totally be unfair to all those PAC-10 schools and other volleyball powers to just give the Huskers home court advantage for the next billions years. Also, what if Nebraska played the late game on Thursday or didn't even make it to the Qwest? I'm sure it wouldn't be as packed as it was (although a fair amount probably would attend). Anyway, GO BIG RED! 2006 National Champions!

2:23 AM  
Anonymous bhg said...


I enjoy your loyalty, I really do, I hope you're not using the consecutive sell-outs at memorial stadium as your measurement.

The reason is that in the 70's and 80's those strings were propped up primarily by two different sponsors (may have been a collection of sponsors), those two were First National Bank Omaha, and Conagra. When tickets came back from the opposing school, they went on sale at the ticket office, when they didn't sell on Saturday, First National Bank and other sponsors would write a check for the remaining tickets, and an instant sold out stadium. (Go back and look at you attendance 20-30 years ago, not exactly a packed house.)

Congrats women's volleyball!!!

8:24 AM  

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