March 1, 2008

Me, You and the Lunatics Between Us

Wow, a break in the new ice age, and I almost forgot to write something up for the weekend. Oh well, with a few more weeks until the spring version of BoMopia begins, may as well cover a couple of things going on here or there.

* So today at 2pm the “Kill the College World Series” rally is going on down at Rosenblatt. Kinda ironic that the same morons who are fighting to save their $300 a day jobs for two weeks (parking cars on their lawn) are actually going out of their way to kill the only real event the city has that means anything.
I really don’t understand people and nostalgia. And yes, I realize it runs wild like the flu through a kindergarten class in this state, but at what point is enough enough? I’m all for history and tradition and blah blah blah…but wouldn’t it be awful nice to actually go to a CWS game and not have to walk through the raging kegger that has cropped up outside the park over the past decade or so. I mean, don’t you Nebraska fans love to go to bars before games anyway? That’s why Lincoln has no tailgating scene before Husker games…you’re all at some dive bar, singing “The Colorado Pecker” or whatever lame ass song with some 80 year old foul-mouth broad and her keyboard. (Those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about…trust me…it’s as idiotic as it sounds.)

But regardless of all that, I too would miss Rosenblatt. I have more connections there than many of you know, and it would be sad to see it get bulldozed over. But good lord people, it’s the 21st century. In less than two years, it will be 2010. Think about that for a second. I mean, sure a whole neighborhood would lose their summer disposable income…but tough shit. How do you think vendors and workers think in real cities when actual teams that play 80+ games a year leave? Boo hoo for you.

So enjoy your “Let’s kill the entire city” party today. I hope you make lots of signs, get lots of news coverage, and I hope just ONE of you realizes just how much damage to the city you are doing.

* As I’ve mentioned dozens if not hundreds of times….I never go on Husker message boards...ever. Not just because I’d have to douse myself in Clorox bleach afterwards, but quite frankly..during the season the Husker freaks come to me. They’re lame. They’re predictable and they’re almost all…to a T... everyone of them…the same.

However, I do enjoy from time to time checking out various Husker bloggers that are out there. Mostly because I respect what it takes to keep up one of these little verbal venues, but also because some of them are rather creative.

So I’m poking around the other day…checking out to see if they’re struggling to come up with ideas as I am, and I came across a particular one. Now, I won’t mention the name…(I don’t mind those guys, but I’m not going to do them a favor by directing traffic to them), but they actually had a pretty good idea. They asked the readers to give them feedback. Kinda like, “What do you want to see us write about?” “What other blogs do you go to?” etc etc.

Now that’s not the funny part. It’s actually a good idea if you’re trying to build readership and unlike me…really give a shit what anybody does. I have absolutely no problem with it, and give them credit for being creative.

No, the funny part was the “What other blogs do you visit” category. It was funny, that almost every single person…in some way or another 1) mentioned me. 2) mentioned that I suck and I’m no longer readable. And 3) mentioned me again.

Now, I’m not about to tell you where to spend your quality productivity-wasting football reading time at work. Where you go is your business. But don’t you find it odd, that despite nearly every Husker fan’s claim that they hate me, I suck, I have no idea what I’m doing, Mizzou fans are terrible (like that means anything to me, I already know we’re terrible) blah blah blah; they still…almost all of them…mention me like clockwork.


I’ve often wondered why they flock here like they do. I mean, there are dozens of websites and such dedicated to KU and their hatred toward Missouri. Do I like to go there and read about how much my team sucks etc? I mean seriously, unless you either like pain, or seriously feel like you can verbally jab me somehow, what’s the point?

I’ll tell you what the point is, and it’s very very simple. You know I’m right. You know I’ve been right this whole time. You’ know I’ve nailed pretty much every prediction on NU football I’ve ever made here. (For the most part.) Now, whether or not you enjoy my rantings…whether or not you come back again etc is neither here nor there to me. Don’t get me wrong…I appreciate you stopping by and all the actual nice things people have to say about this place. But Husker fans….what the hell is wrong with you? What do you get out of it?

Again, you get out of it the truth. I’m right so your conscious soul doesn’t have to be. And that’s OK.

So in the meantime, say what you want about it. Bitch and moan, yell to the mountaintops that I’m just some lunatic scumbag who simply likes to see his own words in print. Scream at the top of your lungs that I’m no longer funny…never was funny…try to hard to be funny…whatever.

But rest assured, I know the truth. I know why you stop by. I know why you come back. And’s OK to admit it. It’s OK to realize to yourself, “Damnit, that bastard is right again.”

Of course I’m right again. I spend more time studying your team and analyzing your fans than 99% of you do. I do it because you need it, and I do it because the rest of the world needs to know about you. So take that as a compliment. Take that as a testament to your past success. But whatever you do, just take that as a solid indicator that you enjoy reading about your demise more than you really think.

For the rest of you who come here to laugh at those people…I hope to give you much more good times in the near future, completely and totally at their expense.

Enjoy the nice weekend.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think the reason most Nub fans come to your site is because it's the one place where the unvarnished truth (even though it's with a twist) is being told. No one drinks Kool-Aid on your blog. It's kind of like those of us who tune into the Daily Show because it's a closer version of what is happening in the real world than the 'fair and balanced' views of Fox or the 'liberal spewing' of some of the networks.

11:22 AM  
Blogger AJ said...

Good analogy. Good point.

12:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why do NU fans come here? Who knows. Maybe the same reason you listen to Kevin and Mike'l and shoot them daily emails. Maybe the same reason you then transcribe your email and the response it receives on a Mizzou message board. And we are supposed to believe you when you say you never visit a NEB message board.

As for the new stadium, if you think tailgating in Lincoln is bad, wait untill the downtown ballpark is up and running. There will be no room for those LSU fans to bring up their RVs, etc. Any tailgating the CWS has know will be long gone.

12:57 PM  
Blogger AJ said...

1) I've never been to a Nebraska message board. Not once. Don't care if you believe me.

2) I write e-mails to 1620 because it's just another medium to piss you off. Apparently it works from time to time as well.

3) I transcribe ONE post from three years ago, because one guy couldn't find it and wanted to read it.

Each one of these examples, as pahetic as your attempt to justify your posting on my comment space in March when your team finished 5-7.

And you're wrong about the stadium. There will be tailgating, but only by doctors, lawyers and other friends of the Creighton Athletic department.

6:54 PM  
Blogger PB said...

AJ - at least you know the 2nd anonymous commentator is a loyal reader. He apparently has your bio memorized if not hasn't already built a shrine. (watch your back, I think he wants blood)

I for one get a kick out of your postings considering one shouldn't take anything posted on the internet to heart. I can't understand why the Nub fans take everything so seriously.

10:53 AM  
Blogger nate3580 said...

I know this winter has been tough on you. Not that the nubbs have done anything great but merely because they have done nothing. Which is a microcosm of what the corn fuckers have become which is an afterthought or even better completely irrelevant. Which brings me joy to no end. But I thought maybe I could help during this slow time. How about an article on possibly the biggest douche bag cornfucker in the state. The immortal Matt Davison. I had the "pleasure" of meeting the arrogant sob in a bar a while back. It was great (note: oozing sarcasm). Anyway I was listening to the husker basketball game about a week ago coming home late from the office because I'm an AM radio guy and there wasn't shit on. Anyway, that guy sucks major balls. Listen to him on the KU football game (we suck and need to get back to Nebraska football) and then the K-state game (we are great and I hate KSU) to the colorado game (thank god we are gonna fire callahan). He has no journalistic integrity. I've seen homer's and bandwagon announcers (hell, all you have to do is watch a KU game on ESPN, it's fucking pathetic) but this guy takes the cake. I know you aren't a personal attack kind of guy so spin it as a cornhusker media, radio announcers, pack leader/blind ignorance. whatever. Just trying to do my part. Appreciate all your work.

10:15 AM  
Blogger midzman said...

Dr. Tom is sticking it to the students. I especially like his boldface lie, "(the change) was not done for financial reasons," Osborne said. "We have no idea whether there will be an increase in revenue or not. We're sure the seats will be sold."

He has no idea if there will be an increase in revenue? Did the Doc fail basic math??

1:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pb, I read this because unfortunately it hits so close to home way too often. I will say that there are a large number of NU fans that aren’t like AJ portrays here. Three is a large number correct? I find it very funny that some fans get so worked up with what AJ posts when they know he is just trying to piss us off. And before you say it AJ, I am sure you really feel this way, but the only reason you are maintaining this page is because you love the reactions you get.

AJ – since you don’t read the Husker message boards I will give you a freebie. A guy posted a question on some recruit from 2 seasons ago that went to some PAC 10 school and asked if everyone thought he regretted his decision now that Bo Pelini and Marvin Sanders are here. I honestly doubt the kid even knows who Pelini is let alone Marvin Sanders, but apparently the new Husker staff is the standard to go by before they have even coached a game. I do think they will do well, but before I anoint them the ultimate coaching staff I would like to at least see one full season.

All of you haters keep asking where all of the “Nub” fans are now? Where the crap do you think we are, don’t you realize that any semi coherent fan realizes we can’t spout off when our team is in a ten-year slump? Oh I know there are plenty of complete ass clowns that won’t shut up, but there are some of us smart enough to sit back and wait until we actually have some shit to give. I just hope I can say something before 2015.

So for now screw your Tigers and go Jayha….ok I can’t do it. Screw you all!

2:16 PM  
Blogger AJ said...

Sorry guys, I've really been running behind. I'll get something new up soon.

4:53 PM  

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