January 31, 2008

Pot - Kettle - Husker Fan

A couple of notes before Super Bowl (I used the word..am I going to get sued?) madness takes over my TV for 12 hours on Sunday.

First, I will be the first to admit it…Doc Sadler owns Mike Anderson. Oh sure, the Tigers were starting basically a JV team with only 1 starter on the floor at all times…and oh sure their trademark press was reduced to a pussified 2-3 zone all night to stop Sloth Maric…but damnit, that bald man can flat out get it done. (At least against teams coached by Mike Anderson)

Speaking of Nebraska and Missouri…let’s get to a little dangerous game some of you are playing this week. More than once this week, I got text messages and e-mails from Husker fans that tried to throw out the “renegade program" label on the Tigers. In case you missed it, Mizzou point gaurd Stefhon Hannah is out 4-6 weeks with a broken jaw. Details still aren’t fully known, but by some accounts, Hannah (who was out after curfew) was “jumped” while leaving a Columbia pizza parlor with some teammates. I will say this, if it is found that Hannah instigated anything, had a weapon, was drunk etc…then he should be at the mercy of his coach, who by the way boasts of a zero-tolerance policy toward unacceptable behavior.

If it is found that ANY of these guys are guilty of punching a girl, starting a small riot etc…then I say boot them. Not in a month. Not after playing 3 games. Now.

However, here’s where you and I are VERRRRRY different. While the facts are coming out in this case, I am not instantly going on every radio show and message board proclaiming their innocence. I am not making up stories that a “friend of my brother’s roommate’s dentist’s mom was there and saw that nothing happened and you're just an idiot and a liar for thinking otherwise” I don’t walk around with some fake aura of superiority that somehow…may favorite teams’ players are better people than yours. They might be. They might not be. College kids make mistakes. Sometimes you get pissed and chuck a paper cup at some skank who stole your parking spot. It happens.

What shouldn’t happen is an incident where a player shoves his hands down Miss Nebraska’s pants. (And keeps on playing) What shouldn’t happen is a running back smashing a girl’s head in (And keeps on playing). What’s that you say? Ricky Clemmons smacked a girl? Yup, and Ricky was gone in 2 seconds as soon as the facts came out. You’ll also notice that at NO TIME did Quin Snyder have a press conference, and allow Clemmons to stay after (until the KU game) because he really “needs basketball in his life”. (Of course, the president and his wife took him in, where he nearly killed himself and some kid with an ATV...but that's another story).

For ANY of you to even remotely THINK about comparing incidents and overall thug-status of the programs is laughable. Even more so when you consider that the same hayseeds who applaud the post-game assault on a defenseless fan by a player in full pads (granted, he wasn’t really a player....just a lowly holder)…are now crying “hypocrite” when all the Missouri players have been found guilty of so far is missing curfew.

Should be interesting to see how this turns out. It will almost be as interesting as the first time King Beau has to head down to the county lockup and bail out one of his star players for jacking some girl in the face at a bar. Seems it happens every year or so, and damnit…I got a feeling you’re due.


Kudos and props to my K-State friends for getting the flaming multi-colored chicken off their backs last night. (So to speak). Although many of you live in one of the most God-awful states in the union…I hold no ill will toward my purple friends to south, even though there are many on our sides who hate each other. Regardless, our shared hatred of all things Husker and Jayhawk unites us as one at certain times…and this is certainly one of those.

It was great to see after a crappy end to the football season. I was certainly pulling for you.


Nebraska announced that they’re going to have a “pre-sale” on 25,000 tickets for the NU spring game. Now, I’m not going to lie to you…I like college football..and watching any sort of football in the off-season is better than another night of Yankees vs. Red Sox crap on ESPN. However, at what point however are you going to realize that you have no talent and no real players to speak of? And you're going to PAY to see them trip over each other?

Seriously…you were 5-7, you lost your QB (remember him?), your best wide receiver and several key defensive players. What are you so damn excited to see? Pelini in a red polo? Lil red? That fat-ass guy in the white smock that shoots hot dogs into the stands?

Again, I don’t get it. I’ll never get it. It’s dumb.


Finally, pretty funny to watch the three-way slap fight erupt between Matt Perrault and Travis Justice of 590am and former Husker play by play wanker Jim Rose. There’s just something about being universally disliked by thousands of people that brings out the best in some guys.

Truth be told…why does anybody care if Rose left and what his motives were? He’s not calling your games anymore..isn’t that reason enough to just drop it? Granted, I don’t know the man personally…maybe he’s swell…I dunno…but the guy sounded like cats being neutered on the radio for years. (Dude was HORRIBLE) But then to have Perrault call him out and Justice to chime in is just hysterical.

Here’s what Perrault needs to worry about before first:
1) Making his show better and increase his audience
2) His lame-yet-typical-East-coaster-esque affair with New England sports
3) Getting a nice Valentine’s Day gift for Dana Altman and hope he notices
4) Everything else on earth
5) The price of goat bladder juice on the black market in the Philippines
6) Jim Rose

Seriously…all you’re doing is getting Jim Rose BACK on the sports page and BACK into conversation. Now I realize sports radio is all about creating controversy, or at the very least…stirring the pot enough to get people to call in. But holy hell Matt and Travis, do some expose on some Creighton slug on the end of the bench of the 1978 NIT team. Don’t feed the troll by inviting him back to a microphone.

Or at the very least you could chug Husker Kool-Aid, make fun of Bill Callahan (even though he’s gone) and pick fights with me on the air. It seems to work for your competition just fine for some reason.
(Photo thanks Columbia Tribune and Kansas State Collegian)


Anonymous Anonymous said...


Curious if you watched the Omaha episode of American Idol. I'd love your thoughts/reaction to it if you did. That should be a column.

10:31 PM  
Blogger midzman said...

Classic quote from Neil Woelk in today's Boulder Daily Camera,

"Years ago, when Nebraska football was relevant, NU fans used to purchase season tickets at other schools just for the chance to watch their beloved Huskers. ..."

8:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello, AJ--I've written to you a few times. I'm a die-hard Jayhawk, but love your blog. I've been on the KUSports.com message boards under the name 91Hawk for the last couple of days saying two things I wanted to say here as well.

1.) The refs aren't to blame for Kansas State beating Kansas on Wednesday. K-State just kicked our asses and we stood there and took it. Our team needs to get a whole hell of a lot tougher if we're going to do anything special in March.

2.) Mike Anderson deserves admiration from everybody who calls themselves a sports fan. He didn't wait for the legal process to work out or any of that crap. The kids broke the rules, so he punished them. I hope all the ones that were hurt get well soon. I know they'll all be better men for playing for a man like Mike Anderson.

Keep it going, AJ. I love it all.


5:48 PM  
Blogger AJ said...

Thanks Bob. For a Beaker..you're all right.


PS - Stop back anytime.

8:31 PM  

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