January 21, 2008

Shake Yourself

Oh calm down.

Like any open ended story, I simply opened the door to leave, because let’s be honest here…there really is nothing left to bash you people about. That I wasn’t joking about. I would not lose a whole lot of sleep if I didn’t have a way to express my frustration with having to deal 24/7 with the most myopic and idiotic form of fan I god ever put on earth.

Regardless, I do take an ounce of pride in my writing, and certainly will quit the day I stoop to embarrassing myself just to throw stuff out there. It would be one thing if it were like the old days, and 5-10 random google users found my blog. However, you don’t deserve to read stuff like that…and if you do, there are certainly 9,000,000 other places on the internet to find it.

No, I work better when I sit down to the keyboard and just let it rip. In fact, it kind of works to the opposite, the more I sit and think about something. (Like how in the hell can any person in their right mind find any ounce of humor in watching 2.1 million people’s lives turn instantly meaningless in the span of 6 weeks this past fall? If that’s not sad, nothing is.)

So with that being said, you’re going to have to be resigned to the fact, that I’m going to have to branch out a bit more than I would like during the off-season. As much as I’d love to run a Husker-hating operation that goes 24/7/365….there just isn’t enough of you who care. Well, you (like me) CARE about watching these people get what’s coming to them….but there’s only so many times you stomp on somebody’s grave. I will leave this subject with this however: When I’m ready to drop this whole operation…you will know it. There will be no open door or innuendo involved. People will get one final goodbye…which was a word that was never typed in this past weekend’s column.

And no you jackasses…don’t’ give yourself so much credit. When I said you “won” I wasn’t being literal…I was simply stating that it would be a ‘victory’ for you to not have to deal with my snotty comments 3 times a week during your darkest hours. Pretty funny to me however that as soon as some of my longtime Husker readers thought I was leaving, they jumped right back into the fray of the comments section and tried to get in one last jab.

Where were you guys in Mid October? Hell, where the hell have you been SINCE Mid-October? I at least admire some of my more insane Husker friends, who at the very least TRY and talk smack, despite them losing every single shred of ammunition, hope and most of all..dignity. If you simply go silent for months on end, only to hop back into the fray when something…anything goes your way…….

Well, let’s just say that’s not very manly of you .

* Was it just me, or did Doc Sadler nearly break down in tears this weekend after getting beat (at home) by mighty Baylor? Don’t get me wrong…it’s hard to hate on the guy too bad (other than the fact that he looks like coach Lubbock on Growing Pains)…but dude..you lost to Baylor at home…you’ve got some work to do. Double suck for you, knowing that 17,000 a night, just up the highway, pack a brand new arena to watch a small Jesuit school play Montana Poly-Tech on a Tuesday night. I guess I’d be a tad bit upset as well, so it’s hard to blame the guy.

Anyway, rumors are flying now that Sadler isn’t too happy at Nebraska ,and may be looking to get out. I really don’t have too much comment on that…but I’d say it would be hard to blame the guy for looking elsewhere. The BEST part of that scenario (should it happen) would be the inevitable freak-out Creighton “fan” (Same guy as Fall Husker fan) would have with the prospect of King Yawn (Dana Altman) leaving Omaha for the Star City. Personally, I could give a rats ass less, because I hope both crappy schools sink into the ocean…but a little winter version of the Nebraska civil-war would be nice to watch from a distance.

* The Patriots will not cover the 14. Mark it in blood. Stone cold lock. Too many times in pro sports, people look at a teams’ overall body of work, and not at who is playing better at the time of the game. The Giants have won ten straight on the road, and barely lost at home in week 17. Granted, the Patriots are good and MOST of all…lucky…but if you think the game is going to be some sort of blowout…well, you’re wrong.

* Isn’t it right about now where we start to see and hear about the mighty Husker baseball team is getting ready for another gift trip to the CWS. Hmmm…whatever happened to those guys? Seemed to disappear pretty quickly.

Maybe Shawn Watson will quit this week, and we’ll have all sorts of new stuff to talk about.

We can only speculate.


Anonymous Billybear said...

thank God for bugeater b-ball, just might keep my buffies out of last place...

8:35 PM  
Anonymous AJ's a hump!! said...

WAIY A MINUTE...wasn't it just a few blogs ago that the mighty A.J said something like "the patriots won't go all the way" (or something like that??? Wasn't it also followed or preceded by "mark my word"???? Like anyone gives a shit about your word??? Careful, it's a long fall off that tall horse!!

Just because you can write doesn't mean your not an asshole A.J.

11:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did you just say that the Pats are more lucky then good? C'mon AJ, I hate the Patriots as well, but to call them lucky is just downright ignorant. Every good team is going to get some breaks along the way, but the Pats are just more emphasized since everyone is watching there every move.

5:24 AM  
Blogger AJ said...

Let the record show that I already knew I was an asshole.


And I never said the Patriots were going to win the Super bowl. I said they wouldn't win it all. (Go look).

They've been lucky the last few weeks of the season, because they have been far from unbeatable. Brady threw three picks against an average San Diego D. Randy Moss was taken completely out of the game..and their linebackers look extremely slow against the run.

If the Giants can stay in it during the first 20 minutes of the game...they've got a shot.

And one last thing...1,200 people a day care about my word. I'm not saying it's right..just saying that's how it is.

8:11 AM  
Anonymous Brad Burgess said...

Nebraska fans are the Britney Spears of college football. Just when you think they have embarrassed themselves as much as they possibly can, they show you that it can get worse. The material will ALWAYS be there, AJ. Why? Not because Nebraska sucks at football, and will continue to struggle for at least a few more years. No. It's because the fans (the subject of your blog, after all) have shown the ability to live their lives in complete denial.

9:15 AM  
Blogger NE-Jhawk said...

You think that's funny. Check out the number of 'no way in hell' comments were made about the KU football squad this last year.

7:34 PM  
Anonymous davepowers said...

I think you should definitely branch out.

You're wasting your talent on Nebraska, Nebraska, Nebraska. Even they don't provide enough material to write about day after day.

it's a wide world.


11:08 PM  
Blogger MCPieper said...


I just read the last 3 editions and I teared up (from the laughter).

I spend my time here in Indiana hating on notre dame ... Some call it shooting fish in a barrel. I call it fun!

I may just have to come to lincoln this fall. 2 years ago, I sat in Club Level right on the 50 yard lind. Bought the ticket on the street for face value, a few hours before the game.

10:25 AM  

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