January 2, 2008

Hawaii Fraud-O!

Man do I need a vacation. Not since I strolled through the back streets of Tijuana last Summer have I left the comfy confines of the Midwest. (I'm not kidding. Remind me to tell you the story sometime.) And quite frankly…I need to get the hell out of here. So before I hop on a plane, and leave you with nothing to read for a few days…let me hit on some key points.

* One thing I hate to do is pile on a subject that EVERY other sports hack in America is railing on. However, this whole BCS fiasco this year is a flippin joke. I’m not talking about the games themselves, but the system that runs it. Boise State last year, may have killed your New Years Day for generations to come by DARING the pollsters not to rank the Football Mid-Major Du Jour in the top 12 of the BCS so they can get ass-railed on national TV.

Fine, Hawaii was undefeated. Fine, Hawaii had a quarterback with a cool name and a rad pair of crocs to go with his surfer shorts. But is there any reason on God’s green earth to reward a team for having the 138th rated schedule in the nation, and needing OT not once but TWICE to get through it unscathed? Did people even WATCH this team against Boise or Washington?

It’s bad enough the Orange Bowl committee did as much as admit on KC radio last month that they didn’t know that Kansas failed to win their own division, yet picked them because they only had one loss. But these two blunders coupled with the complete and total prison raping of Illinois by USC tells you all you need to know about the slime that run college football. Nobody gives a shit about good games as long as the money keeps flowing.

I’m not about to go off on some playoff rant here because a) I don’t feel you need to go that route, although it would be nice and b) I think there would be some sort of luster lost on some of the earlier season games. Regardless of what you or I think about the whole mess…the truth is that as long as people are still watching games on TV, and advertisers are spending big bucks to sponsor bowls…NOTHING will change. Since you can’t change it…all you can do is bitch.

* Oklahoma players acted like jackasses after the Big 12 title game in San Antonio. Tonight they get pummeled by a very beatable West Virginia team. Hmmmm…that Karma sucks doesn’t it Bob? Too bad your team quit. They're probably quite talented when they aren't stealing coats or working at car lots for free.

* Does Nebraska even play basketball anymore? I’m not kidding. Ever since that one game against Oregon in Omaha, I haven’t heard or read anything about them. Do you think Doc Sadler has a problem when the media outlets in his home state complete ignore him? Then again, playing a home slate filled with such high powered programs as Alabama A&M, IPFW and N.Carolina (Central) don’t exactly stir up excitement. I at least have to give them credit for the Oregon game..which is exactly one tougher game this year than Creighton will play out of conference.

* The Patriots will not win the Super Bowl this year. Mark my words and go visit your bookie.

* The frozen grey sand that used to be snow in front of my house is starting to annoy me. Is just one minute above 32 degrees over the past 6 weeks too much to ask? Up yours Al Gore.

* Coming up on Tuesday, the annual Big 12 season in review. With Oklahoma getting a giant West Virginia enema and Kansas set to embarrass themselves on national TV, it should be a lot of fun whipping that one up.

Until then, sorry you won’t see any comments approved until early next week. Perhaps I’ll make it up to you next week with some new USC song girl pictures? Either way..have a super weekend. Only less than 9 months til opening weekend and the dawn of the Bo Pelini decade of dominance. ™

Can't wait.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Oklahoma players acted like jackasses after the Big 12 title game in San Antonio.."

Funny, I thought you said ONLY Nebraska fans bitched about the classiness of other programs.

We're bubble gum and you're glue...

9:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey don't give the Fuskers too much credit for playing Oregon. I believe that was part of the Big 12/Pac 10 Hardwood Series, which means they were forced to play them. It's kind of like discussing strength of schedule in the NFL.


3:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey AJ, how did that KU embarrassment work out for you? Nice prediction, Notsradamus.

10:43 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


"The frozen grey sand that used to be snow in front of my house is starting to annoy me. Is just one minute above 32 degrees over the past 6 weeks too much to ask? Up yours Al Gore."


Congrats on the bowl win, your Tigers looked sharp.
Happy New Year to you and your family.

Go Big Red!


9:08 AM  
Anonymous John said...

Hey, AJ, ref: your OU comments -- are you still stinging from the pounding administered to you and that booger-eater Chase Daniel? Good. Your hatred of anything better than you is the only thing that gives your life meaning. How sad. Enjoy your one year of success.


7:05 PM  
Anonymous John said...

AJ --

You might want to rewind the video on the games Mizzou won. It was the first and last year you guys will win the North. I'm sure you're beating off to that.

5:04 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Holy Shit.........I think AJ has died.........Not much to say for the last week...........

Just wait till the LSU OSU game is over.............

Then we will read lots of crap again.


9:13 PM  
Blogger AJ said...

The quality of anonymous insluts has dropped significantly since Nebraska has hit the shitter in the past year or so.

couple of things:

1) Kansas still sucks. Va Tech may have the worst offense I've ever seen.

2) OU fans are pricks as are their players and coaches.

3) Husker fan is still mad nobody is paying attention to him.

4) The number is there in the name because I'm lazy..not because it's funny or cool. Go fuck yourself.

9:16 AM  
Blogger bornred said...

Jesus H Christ...I'm so sick of the little 10 conference. What a bunch of fucking posers. tOSU, after thrilling victories over powerhouses like Youngstown State, Akron (go Zips), and Moeller High, once again get blown off the field by the SEC champs... What a shitty ass, over-hyped conference and they along with the PAC-10 are a big reason we aren't going to see a playoff or even an "and 1" anytime soon. tOSU, congrats on being the biggest, toughest minnow in that little rain puddle conference of yours

2:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Ben, the Oregon game was the return favor for the game we played in Portland last year against the Ducks. The Huskers Pac10/Big 12 Showdown match up was with ASU in Lincoln. Not sure if your a Husker b-ball fan at all (probably not) but just FYI.

P.S. Did the Big 12 break even on that series or what? Games were all over the place and on different networks over like a 3 week span.

8:44 PM  
Anonymous Jeff Foxworthy said...

Anonymous said ....

We're bubble gum and you're glue...

How old are you anyway, five?

7:24 AM  

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