February 18, 2008

The Beginning of the End

Boy, if this isn’t the year of karma, I’m not sure what is.

First, I predict the fall of the Husker empire. After a mediocre 8-4 campaign in 2006, Husker fans far and wide predict everything from another North title to a BCS Championship. After pounding their chest like a gorilla at the National Zoo, the hick nation is treated to a 5-7 season, complete with a coaching search and the and total collapse of life as they know it.

A few months later, after Creighton AD and head a-hole Bruce Rasmussen saves me from the opportunity of having to wait for NCAA regional basketball tickets by having his season ticket holders have not one shot at tickets, but TWO to finish off the supply (Thanks again Bill)....so what happens to the Blue Jays? Well, I’m not sure if you’ve been following them much, but all you need to know was that they were colon pounded by nearly 30 points to a team named after CBS Newsman Ed Bradley. (OK, maybe not…but still…Bradley?) NIT anyone? (if that)

Hell even the mighty Husker men’s basketball team had a bit of a spark earlier this year by beating a ranked team in Oregon. (Who is only 15-10 now by the way) Then…the bottom fell out of yet another outstanding year by losing three of their last four and falling to such Big 12 power programs as Iowa State and Colorado. Hell, even the once mighty Husker baseball team has hit the skids, and the goddamn season hasn’t even started yet.

So what else can go wrong you ask? What else can just cap off Joe Husker fan’s perfect year? (OK, it’s February..but work with me here.)

Today, the Metropolitan Entertainment and Convention Authority decided that it would be fun to join forces with the goofy-ass bumpkins at the “Save Rosenblatt” club and threaten a lawsuit toward the city of Omaha. Apparently the same group that was created to better bring entertainment and big time events to Omaha..is going to be directly responsible for single-handedly destroying the one thing that Omaha actually DOES have going for it…the “Dig us and our town” festival that is also known as the College World Series.

Yes, the Huskers are in the shitter…the Blue Jays suck gigantic donkey balls and Husker baseball has gone retro back to 1989 (Last in the Big 8)…and now the one great thing Husker fan has too look forward to prior to fall practice is about to crumble before his very eyes.

Wow….I hate your guts and wish you all the worst, but holy Christ…even I didn’t think it would get THIS bad for you.

So what’s the big deal you might be saying? (Especially if you’re not from these parts, or have never been to Omaha.) Losing the College World Series would be a near death blow to the psyche of an entire city. Oh sure, the Huskers are theirs by proxy…and let’s face it…no matter how many petitions I start…the state will not dissolve the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and pave it as a giant parking lot for the State Fairgrounds. So with that in mind, losing their diamond event would be city equivalent of William Floyd crossing the Orange Bowl goal line in 1993 all over again. (And yes save it Husker crybabies…he scored. It wasn’t fumble)

So my point?

Point is…even in my wildest dreams, did I ever contemplate a year this horrendously bad for Nebraska and the sports fans who live here? I mean hell….you would have thought 5-7 would have killed most of you…but apparently 40 years of myopia is hard to cut through. But this latest fiasco…or what is about to become an even bigger fiasco, is simply another way karma has of biting you in the ass.

Perhaps these things don’t happen if you kick Lawrence Phillips off the team? Perhaps these things don’t happen if your place holder doesn’t punch a Mizzou student in the face? Perhaps these things don’t happen if you act like complete and total idiots for two generations, and pretend that you have some sort of supernatural ability to keep bad things from possibly happening to you? Perhaps you shouldn’t have accepted that Rose Bowl bid back in 2001?

That karma is a bitch huh?

Regardless of why your life sucks…just trust me that it does. Regardless of how you feel you are the beacon of everything good and pure in sports…trust me, you aren’t. And if the powers that be in this town continue to act in this manner, you will be even more miserable…and I will be right once again.

So grab some popcorn and watch the fireworks fly. And let this be a lesson to you that for every time you throw your nose in the air and act the part of King...Karma will be right there to make sure that bad things happen to bad people. Ok, maybe that was a bit harsh and perhaps it would suck as a city to lose such a marquee event. But have no doubt, your own white-hot love of yourself has as much to do with this as David Sokol's greed or Mayor Mike Fehey's swolen ego.

I only hope karma doesn’t come to it’s senses before it’s too late.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

As a person with a primitive knowledge on the concepts of karma I'll let the other stuff slide. However, I find this statement laughable: "Perhaps you shouldn’t have accepted that Rose Bowl bid back in 2001?"

I believe we've been over this sevearl times before Aj, but FOUR teams lost ahead of us so that we could get there. Why would you pass up an opportunity to play for the title, not to mention the free money that comes along with it. How were we in the wrong on that situation so as to have "karma" come back and bite us in the ass?

10:22 PM  
Blogger Husker Mike said...

I continually shake my head at the misinformation campaign currently underway by MECA and the "Save Rosenblatt" committee. They throw up strawmen arguments and complete lies as facts, and people just eat it up.

They even bring up completely irrelevant topics as part of a campaign to discredit Fahey. My favorite is the new manhole covers. Omaha recently ordered 200 new manhole covers to replace damaged covers and the foundry needed to make a new cast for the covers. So they designed a new cover with a nice design. No additional cost to the city, but it's continually brought up as an example of out of control city finances.

1:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

MECA really is screwing everything up on this one. What are your thoughts on the downtown ballpark, AJ?

7:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's amazing how the city is shitting the bed on the CWS. MECA is supposedly helping the city's best interests, right? What the hell.

If I don't have the chance to see Erin Andrews on a hot Summer's Eve (not the d'bag), I'm going to be pissed.

10:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Still waiting to hear from the NCAA saying a downtown ballpark is the only way to keep the CWS. Relax Chicken Little. CWS doesnt want to leave, and other cities are not prepared to pony up 10s of millions of dollars for a 10 day tourney that no one outside of Omaha and Baton Rouge care about. Rebuild the Blatt, save 100 million, get the 20 year lease, avoid the downtown gridlock that would come with this NODO park.

12:19 PM  
Blogger AJ said...

So downtown would be gridlock as opposed to what it is now?

Have you tried to get out of the stadium when it's packed? That place is insane and I can't possibly think that having bars and restaurants to hang out at around there would hurt. especially when you compare it to drinking beer out of a dixie cup at your car...which is what happens now.

4:21 PM  
Blogger NE-Jhawk said...

So now you find a way to drop Ed Bradley's name into your blog? First Clay Aiken and now Ed Bradley???

Have you no shame? Is there no name you won't drop into your blog just to increase the hit counter?

I can just see all those 60 minutes-'o'philes being disapointed when they come to this blog by accident....

Sly, slaver, real real sly....

5:04 PM  
Blogger AJ said...

I threw in George Plimpton's name not once but TWICE last year. And yes..I actually had a couple of google hits from it.


7:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anon (2nd one), as much as I hate, hate, HATE to agree with Aj, he does have a pretty damn good point on this one (along with Husker Mike).

Now your right, the NCAA didn't come out and blantantly say "Hey, if you don't make this downtown stadium, kiss our ass goodbye." But, they haven't really said no to the idea either (which is kind of a dickish move on their part, but thats another Aj rant). If the NCAA will give us a 20 year deal with a revamped 'Blatt, I , as well as most other CWS fans, are all for it. However, if we do the same thing and only get a 5 to 10 year deal...then why not think of the FUTURE and develop something new and prosperous for the city.

Also, about the other cities not wanting to spend blah blah blah statement. Yes, there are cities in waiting for the CWS. Former Mayor Hal Daub said when he was in office Indiannapolis (sp?) and New Orleans were two he mentioned and more have probably looked into it recently. If we are sloppy on handling this whole endevor then we are in serious jepordy of losing out.

12:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

AJ for all the complaints by ne-hawk that you name drop, I'm betting you get the most hits when you type in asshole husker fans.

9:40 AM  

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