November 10, 2007

Instant Analysis - One Step From the Prize

I know what you’re thinking.

“Woo hoo! 73!!!! Our boys proved they could win despite Callahan and send their fans off for the year with a huge win”. Or, "I'm sure these guys finally realized they're Cornhuskers, and that pride means more than anything else."


I tell you just about every other week that it’s always easier to write this blog when Nebraska is winning. And actually…this is just about the absolute perfect scenario.


Because I know you. I know the way you think. I know what’s truly important to you. I know your thoughts. I know your opinions. I know your fears. I know your goals. And I know that going to the Bell Helicopter Fort Worth Bowl would be absolutely humiliating for you; even more so than if you went 5-7.

And don’t get me wrong either…I’m kinda happy for the Husker seniors who went out big…despite 85,000+ quitting on them for the better part of a complete season. The same people that bashed Joey Ganz for sucking and as 1620’s Kevin Kuglar put it back in August “Perhaps could go QB a nice D2 or NAIA team”…just set a school record for your dumb ass. Make no mistake about it…they beat the shit out of K-State not for you…but to spite you.

You booed them. You called out their play. One guy on the radio even used the ultra-sophisticated adjective “turd” to describe the blackshirts this season. And yet now…all of that energy you used to bag on them….distance yourself from them and basically turn on them…will now need to stop suddenly, so you can pretend you were with them all along. Quite the quagmire you find yourself in isn't it?

But even better than all of that is a realization that IF you were to beat Colorado next week. IF you were to pull off some other miracle of miracles…you will not only be toilet bowl worthy…but you will earn the right to call Bill Callahan your coach for another 4 weeks most likely...which in turn will put your coaching search that much further behind. (Unless of course Turner Gill decides to hold some sort of early spring workout clinic for his team in Buffalo in December.)

For the second time this season, I will not openly root against the Nebraska Cornhuskers on the 23rd. I apologize to my good friends in Colorado, whom I easily consider my favorite Big 12 fan base aside from my own. But for this one time…I want to see the uncomfortable and polite applause when you realize that not only did you fire a 9-3 coach once…you’re about to fire a possible BOWL coach as well.

My God, I can hear the local hacks and their veins popping right now as they try and figure out just how in the hell they’re going to spin all of this. It’s anarchy. It’s drama. And it makes for very good blog writing material. So good luck to you Husker Football team, as you fight…drive...push and simply will your way to that ultimate prize that each and every college football team strives for…works for…and gives gallons of blood, sweat and tears for….

Fort Worth.......
in early December.....
against a Conference USA opponent.

My friends….it simply doesn’t get any better than that.


Anonymous We snapped the fucking ball before the clock ran out dickheads!!!! said...

Damn AJ, turning on us just before we take on the scurge, that hurts. I wouldnt wish that on my worst enemy (unless he was a husker fan) I hope we can disappoint you on the 23rd. Now go beat the Jayhawks and bring the Big XII championship back to the North where it started and belongs.

6:07 PM  
Blogger HBF said...

aj,hope your kids are full-up rounds again.

break break

NU beat a poor KSU team that is going backwards. Big deal.

As a Husker fan, I was smiling, enjoying it, and dare I admit, reminiscing. What I wasn't doing was thinking was aj accuses us all of thinking. If anyone is seriously thinking and expressing those thoughts that aj accuses all of, shame on you and you are rather foolish. NU simply beat a team today that isn't that capable, from the overall talent of both the players and coaching staff.

My alma mater won today, though!! Illini 28
Ohio State 21

6:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

From a proud Jayhawk to you, a mewling Tiger: Maybe you best get your house in order for a KU beatdown in Arrowhead rather than expending all of your energy on bashing Nebraska.

6:30 PM  
Anonymous Mighty Huskers Fan said...

Hey numb nutz we don't play Colorado next week.

It must have pained you to write this article today. It must be excrutiating to get a glimps of the future and know you can't do a damn thing about it! It must hurt to realize that my Mighty Huskers have the potential to be great not in 5 years but next year!

To all you bandwagon jumping mother fuckers otherwise know as great Husker fans stay the fuck off my bandwagon! The destruction of K-State was not done for you pathetic boing bastards, hell it was not done for those great fans like myself who have demonstrated unconditional love for our Huskers through these trying times. It was for the team and the coaches so don't sit there reading this blog feeling good about the devastation unleashed in Lincoln today because you don't deserve it.

AJ, good win today by your wussie cats! They do need to shore the D up a bit or they will have a bit of trouble with OU in the championship.

Just as I predicted a Nebraska win today I predict a Kansas loss tonight at OSU. Yes my southern beak faced bastard friends your time in the light will be extinguished tonight just as Ohio States was today by Illinois. Your nothing more than pretenders in a place you don't deserve or belong to be. After OSU takes you out tonight you will all gasp as you fall like a rock in the rankings, this happens to all pretenders so don't be shocked.

To all of you who are shocked at my post, kiss my Big Red Ass!

Go Mighty Huskers!

6:41 PM  
Blogger AJ said...

"It must have pained you to write this article today. It must be excrutiating to get a glimps of the future and know you can't do a damn thing about it!"

Are you fucking kidding me? Seriously..did you actually write this? Is this what you've been reduced to? It was idiotic weakass shit like this that got you in this mess in the first place.

Not a damn thing you can do about it? What the hell does that even mean? Am I supposed to suit up at middle linebacker for Oklahoma next year? Seriously..that sounded stupid.

Oh, and by the're still team is 9-1 and returns all but 5 guys on both sides of the ball.

But whatever gets you through the winter....that's fine.


PS - Where did that Gabbert guy end up? I heard he was going to be really good?

6:52 PM  
Anonymous Mighty Huskers Fan said...

Gabbert who? Oh you mean that QB who had a stellar senior year? Man I sure as hell hope that future bench warmer ends up on your wussie cats roster! Hell he would have one year to pick that midget fuck of a QB you guys have this years ass while he picks his nose.

The bottom line is my Husker showed today what they will show at CU and all of next year. The Big 12 North will be like it is destined to be, NU and the 5 trailor park trash wanna be's!

And to the so called Husker fan called HBF, you pathetic bastard!

7:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I applaud the return of the Hindenburg/Crying Kid background for the site. It brings back fond memories of AJ rants from days gone by.

7:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Because I know you. I know the way you think."

Translation: "I make up all the Husker fan 'quotes' from my jealous, frustrated mind."

nuff said

7:25 PM  
Blogger Big Head said...

Order Restored. Don't get it confused AJ. Order fucking Restored. Save Callahan!

7:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So now everyone who hated Callahan wants him to stay.... what kind of dysfunctional idiots live in NE anyway?

8:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"For the second time this season, I will not openly root against the Nebraska Cornhuskers on the 23rd. I apologize to my good friends in Colorado"

??? Please allow yourself to introduce...yourself. Sucktrulescent. Bravo.

11:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

AJ--I really enjoy your blog. I'll come clean and admit that I'm a Jayhawk alum right off the bat. I'm having a great time this year, and am really looking forward to the game on November 24. Missouri is a dynamite team. I'm hoping it's a game for the ages.

I think you have NU fans pegged dead on. Most of my family is from Lincoln and I grew up in Omaha. I was on the Journal-Star's "Life in the Red" message board earlier today suggesting that the Husker Nation was heading for a catastrophe if they happen to beat CU next week. If they let Callahan stay for the bowl, and they win, I think they'll be trapped. Do you think they can afford to fire another coach that got them to a bowl? I'm sure the fans are that stupid, but I'm not sure Osborne is.

Anyway, keep up the blog. I really enjoy it. I hope both the Jayhawks and Tigers can get through one more week unscathed so that our game will be as big as possible. Have a nice day.

11:34 PM  
Anonymous davepowers said...


that was very funny.

12:54 AM  
Blogger itsacoaster said...

Hey, AJ. Interesting blog.

Just letting you know that there's at least one Husker fan out there (me) who doesn't want any excuses for Bill Callahan to be a coach here for any longer. If that means not going to a bowl game, so be it. I honestly think that Bill is done after the Colorado game regardless of the outcome this year (he DID lose five straight). But I don't want to take any chances. I will be ready as I am every week to watch the Huskers play should they make a bowl game, but if they don't, you're not going to get a complaint from me.

Ideally, we beat CU, Cally gets fired, Shawn Watson is named interim head coach, and we go to some toilet bowl. Which, yes, is embarrassing in its own way. Then the coaching search can commence.

1:04 AM  
Blogger TGRLVR said...


Wait until Will Compton joins him - that's the daily double I'm hoping for.

As for the anonymous beaker - Thank you for the kind thouht: "Maybe you best get your house in order for a KU beatdown in Arrowhead". Our house IS in order and that's precisely what we're looking forward to. You punks are truly going to get worked.

1:14 AM  
Anonymous fact said...

Well got dag it.
We put K-State right were they were suppose to be in dealing with Nebraska.

Know put Colorado in there rightful place,then take you seniors to this bull shit bowl,
And put them motherfuckers in there place fucking with Nebraska.

Know the Tigers are having a good year, it just happens to be a year that Kansas is playing hard ball.
Thats a battle thats going go down, So Hard and will take both teams down with that physical contact.

1:35 AM  
Anonymous California Nebraskan said...

Hey A.J., I'm loving your blog posts this winter. I do consider myself a Husker fan and am a Nebraska native, but you hit the nail on the head on what most Husker fans are like. I've always been shocked when people brag about the fans in Nebraska. Honestly, they are so out in left field it's not even funny. Luckily, now that I moved out of Nebraska I don't have to endure the sights and sounds anymore. Anyways, good luck to your Tigers against KU at Arrowhead. Should be one hell of a game.

4:25 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To the ku fans on this board. Enjoy your time in the light. Your day of reckoning is coming. The 24th will be a battle of epic proportions and your dream season will come to and end.

8:17 AM  
Blogger James said...

"We snapped the fucking ball before the clock ran out dickheads!!!!"

Sigh, couldn't agree more with the name.

AJ, CU's hate week just isn't going to be the same without your support.

10:40 AM  
Blogger AJ said...

I am willing to support Colorado this week.

CU fans...please convince me why I should root for 5-7 NU over 6-6 and Ft. Worth bound NU?

You see where I'm coming from can't you?

8:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

for what it's worth, NU fired Solich before the bowl game, nothing says Callahan is going to stay

but with that said, i think it'd be sweet if NU wasn't bowl eligible for the 2nd time in 4 years

9:54 PM  
Anonymous We snapped the fucking ball before the clock ran out dickheads!! said...

OH, it finally comes to light. The low life ref with the Stevie Wonder (no diss to Stevie intended)eyesight that made that lame ass call is a FUCKING HUSKER GRAD!!!! Not to mention, a member of the football team the year the Buffs snapped their fucking winning streak. I dont know why I hate everything that teams stands for. It seems like every year, theres a new kick in the balls and the person wearing the shoes is also wearing red. Fuck you Huskers, and everything you stand for. I hope you dont win another game until Baylor wins the National Championship.

P.S. AJ, we understand why you want them to win and go to a pathetic bowl, but they wont get it. They could end up on the smurf turf and just look at it as the first game in their comeback. Fuck them.

2:27 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I felt "unclean" on Saturday night after cheering for Kansas. Had to get get up and take another shower. Assuming that there is no let down next week against Kansas State it will make the game in KC all the more interesting.

I don't share your hate for Nebraska, but I do not have to live there. The Jayhawks are a different story. Just an opinion, but I had a lot of respect for Nebraska and Tom Osborn until he played Lawrence Phillips.


8:50 AM  
Anonymous Mighty Huskers Fan said...

Hey AJ it don't look like your getting much love from the pollsters! That ain't good bud, you need that love if those wussie cats are to climb up in the BCS rankings.

It looks like the rock salt jay squaks are getting all the love. They did manage to beat a poor OSU team Saturday so I guess they deserve it. I must say it is funny as hell listening to all the bandwagon sympathy that is being cast on KU this year, they are doing so great it is just a feel good story that has to be told. I guess spending over a decade in the crapper like they have we should give them their brief moment in the spotlight.

Brief Moment.........

Ok now that thats over with lets talk about the beat down in KC. What ios so hard about this is I have both of these sub par wanna be teams but I hate KU worse than I hate MU. "Probably has something to do with a set of tires getting cut while the poor defenseless van sat in the motel parking lot in Lawrence." Class fans at KU is all I can say!

MU will rip your worthless beaks off and shit down your throats on the 24th Jaysqwaks! Your team of no name over achievers will lay a great big shit filled egg that the wussie cats will promptly bury in kitty litter. Your toast beakers, you can't win the big one because you have never been in the big one and won't know how to handle the pressure. Your spectacular Rudy like season will end in the Holiday bowl!

Then OU will take the wussie cats out in the big 12 championship and all order will be restored for this year.

8:59 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

AJ, think of it this way as a reason to root for CU. Aside from the embarrasment of not even making a worthless bowl game and potentially finishing dead last in the North, NU fans would trapped on their own state with no where to go. Think about it, NU fans travel so well not because they are the "greatest fans"...its to get out of the wasteland they call home and tell everyone how great they are (were) and no one is as classy as them. It's like the Mormons who leave the compound in UT that travel everywhere and show up to your front door again and again no matter how many times you tell them your soul is not on the market. Think of how miserable they will be not being able to fire the trailer up for one last game and have nothing else to do than smoke more meth than they already do. We need your hate for this game AJ.

11:39 AM  
Blogger HBF said...

M2HF (Mighty Moronic Huskers Fan), is that kool-aid colored red that you drink? That shit isn't working because it just makes you stupid vice dead. Good job on that prediction: OSU over KU. If you're going post here, at least bring some semblance of logic and coherence; it's not too much to ask.

Sorry, aj, it's not my place to lay down rules on your blog. Just venting about the idiots.

2:44 PM  
Anonymous Mighty Huskers Fan said...

Anon if your going to talk shit at least get your facts straight bud. We have more people trying to get into Nebraska than ever try and get out. Just check their green cards bud!

3:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You're still just Missouri

3:09 PM  
Blogger bornred said...

[begin spin cycle] We're so God damn good that our 2nd string QB is the BigXII Offensive Player of the Week [ end spin cycle ]

Seriously, you have to feel good for little Joey Ganz. Guy toils away on the sidelines for most of his career and looked like he wasn't going to get any significant time this year and BAM!... Talk about making the most of your opportunity. This is why I love college football. His 2 game stats (yes, they were against the state of Kansas, but both had, at least statistically, pretty stingy passing defenses) - 54 of 93 for 932 yards, 12 TDs and 4 picks. Now, Callahan surely made up his mind to start Keller this year, even before the start of fall camp, but it sure looks like Ganz (unless he just plays this way on Saturday's) really did make it a competition.


PS. Who's a better #2, Ganz or Patton? ;-P

4:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I haven't been here in a while. I didn't even plan on coming back, but then the 'Skers decided to pull their heads out and lay a whipping on somebody. So, I got bored and decided to check out two things:

1. Is this blog even updated anymore? Is there a point?

2. How is this blowhard going to put negative spin on a big-tim ass-whooping?

I'm not exactly surprised or even offended by the things you wrote this time, AJ, as this whole shtick is a little old now. Husker fans have been dealing with vitriolic jealousy for the last 40 years. However, as one of nearly 85,000 people who attended the game in Lincoln on Saturday, I felt the need to say a couple things in defense of our fan base.

It might have sounded good in your head to say that the players won "in spite of" us, but in reality this is not the state of affairs in Lincoln on game days. The applause for the seniors before the game is all the evidence I need to completely refute that statement (not to mention the applause during/after the game). And what about the fact that 85,000 people showed up despite a 5 game losing streak? I was at the Kansas game, too, and I saw plenty of red. Fans who have "given up" don't pay 65 bucks for a ticket and drive 3 or 4 hours to watch their team get mutilated.

Give us some credit, man. You obviously can tolerate Nebraskans enough to have lived in Omaha all these years. Some of the things you say go beyond good natured "ribbing" or even hilarious shit-talking. The depths to which you will reach for negative generalizations about Nebraskans reveals more about the size of the chip on your shoulder than the size of your wit.

5:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm a Husker fan and always will be. The funny thing about this is I don't claim that NE fans are the best in the nation, although that is what I hear a lot from the media.

I know that there are some shitty bandwagon fans, but most colleges have the same type of fans. I would like to believe that most of the fans from NE are decent people, but even a few can make the majority look bad. I do know from the games I have seen in the past and even this year (yes, I still went to the games), that most NE fans did give standing ovations to the other teams even in loss.

What's that mean, hell if I know. I do know from my past experiences that there are some shitbag fans from all schools based on the out of state games I've been too. Colorado also seemed to be the worst.

I've actually hung out with fans from Texas, Texas Tech, and Oklahoma that were very cordial besides the occasional jab about the Huskers.

I just think that maybe you take a little too much of what some fans are saying. If not, go on an bash the Huskers, bash the fans, and bash the program. I'm sure this is the only way it can make you feel better about having to live in a stae that you hate.

Just out of curiosity, is there a reason keeping you here like your job? I hope you don't hate all NE fans and that you can see the good in some fo us, but some how I doubt that.

Go Huskers, beat CU & go to a bowl game. I could care less what happens with the coaching decisions, I just want to see them back on the rise!

7:00 PM  
Blogger AJ said...

To the dumbass who came up with the whole, "I used to come here, but now I don' here's what I think of you" angle....

1) I get 15x more hits now than I did over the summer...perhaps more. Apparently you may not be coming back..but others have.

2) I find it ironic you come back the ONE time the background is the same. (the crying kid)...yet over the past 3 months, I've had 10 different backgrounds. Not that you just sound like a douchebag when you said it. THat's all.

3) "How are you going to spin that Azz whuppin?"

Are you fucking serious? Are you high?

My team is #5 in the God damn BCS. You're 4-5. You lost to my team 41-6. My team is losing like 5 guys on both offense and defense for next year...while you'll be breaking in a whole new system. (Unless you've already started the Ganz for Heisman campaign...which you probably have).

I love it when idiots fly in here with stuff like that...not even considering how dumb you look.

It amuses me...which is why I post it.

Here's an idea: Leave. Don't come back. Or not. I don't care.


7:03 PM  

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