October 24, 2007


So just in passing the other day, I mentioned that I was ½ tempted to shut this blog down, now that order is not only destroyed, but was incinerated for 8 hours moments before the ashes were shot via rocket into deep space. When I mentioned this, I had absolutely no idea that things would actually get much much worse for the Huskers and their fans.

I mean, it’s bad enough that Callahan is so pissed off at you people that he’s actually holding out on purpose, trying to make you drag him out of office kicking and screaming. With that being said, I’d be lying if I didn’t admit I like him more and more every minute. But despite that, the guy has a point. You gave him 5 million bucks just a couple months ago. You sang his praises for the past three years. You worshiped the ground he walked on, as you pleasured yourselves to rival stars and Athlon season preview magazines. And now you’re offended that dude is a little bit ticked off that at the first sign of major trouble, you throw a complete fit and “demand” that he “do the right thing” and resign?

What would you do? Now of course to complete this scenario, you would have to forget that you are from (insert small town Nebraska here) and spent your childhood (insert random farm chore here) as you listened to Lyle Bremser lose his mind on the radio. Wouldn’t you be a tad bit pissed off that you were being blasted 24/7 on local media..especially when you took a job in the middle of nowhere to get away from idiot media members with no ability to report fairly?

“But crazy blog guy, how can he be mad? We’re giving him millions of dollars to just leave.” This is all the more reason for him not to leave. Most NORMAL college programs don’t give that kind of money to a coach unless they’ve actually done something. I’m sure in his mind, that fictional Big 12 North title was exactly what you asked for, and now he’s pissed off that ½ through the next season, you’re ready to come at him with pitchforks (most of you literally).

All of that would be funny enough, if not for the events of yesterday. It seems that somebody didn’t send your players the memo that you care deeply about their personal well being and ability to thrive as a student athlete. For those of you that missed it, yesterday’s press conference was highlighted with Mo Purify and several other players stating that “classiest fans in the nation” were basically huge hypocrites (hmmm..sounds familiar) and have serenaded the players with cries of “you suck” and “loser” during the past few weeks. A few of the players even went on to state that some of the players have even considered fighting some of them.

Think about that for a second.

This is not Philadelphia, raining down boos and death threats from the upper deck of the vet onto Randal Cunningham and his band of underperforming professional brethren during the early 1990’s. Regardless for my feelings for the team they play for, these are still COLLEGE KIDS, who work hard (probably not in the classroom..but still) to represent you hicks every Saturday. Think about that. I can SOMEWHAT see the anger raining down on Callahan, but to rail on the PLAYERS? And no, this is not a new development (I reported this to you a few weeks ago), but it’s quite the escalation to hear it directly from players.

Think about all that for a second.

Haven’t you clowns spent the last 40 years telling the world how classy and wonderful you are? Haven’t you gone out of your way on nearly every occasion to convince the college football world of your superiority over every other lowly form of fan? And now players are telling the MEDIA straight up in a press-conference that some of the players want to fight the fans for being critical of them?

What planet is this? Is this really happening?

So again, let’s recap: Now that your season has gone to crap, (which is somewhat relative considering you aren’t even below .500 yet) you’ve now ran the AD out on a rail and publicly ridiculed a coach you just gave 5 million bucks to. And to top it off, you’ve now publicly been acknowledged to verbally harass the same players that you depend on to sustain your identity and self worth.
Everybody else got it?

Which brings me back to the thought of shutting this blog down. How in the holy hell could this POSSIBLY get worse? Is there ANYTHING else short of an NCAA investigation or steroid scandal (oops, already happened but got pushed under the rug by Nebraska’s crack media members) that could make this any worse? And yes, I’m well aware that Texas could beat Nebraska by 75 points this weekend. I’m also aware that that Josh Freeman may throw for 900 yards and parade around the grandstands with an outstretched middle finger to the 3 dozen die-hard fans who actually stick around to the end of that game. But even then…can it get worse?

I have spent a great deal of time pondering the destruction of this program, and now that it’s suddenly here, I can not possibly phantom anything else. So with that being said, isn’t this the end game? Doesn’t this mean that I win? Doesn’t this mean that I’ve actually driven a stake through the heart of the beast and sent it’s soul straight to hell?

I enjoy writing this blog, and I still hate you people more than anything. But I honestly can’t think of any possible way to pile on. This is it…this is rock bottom. Wouldn’t that be the final proverbial nail in the Husker coffin?...to have me just pack up shop, shut the blinds and throw a message on the front page that simply says, “Order Restored”?

I’m not kidding about this, I’m extremely torn. On the flip side, I also know that the second you hire somebody else…whether it be Turner Gill, Bill Parcells or Tom Jawarski (Head coach at Omaha Creighton Prep High School), you’ll be right back on your high horse, proclaiming once again that you are only WEEKS away from taking your rightful place in the sporting universe. Won’t the world need my services at that time as well? But how likely is that, I mean really?

When I started this blog, it was easy to throw out 12 paragraphs about the latest idiotic statements thrown out by the Husker media. But when Husker players are actually speaking about wanting to FIGHT Husker fans? How the hell do you top that?

Would you blame me for just claiming victory? What would you do?

Looking forward to hearing your input.



Blogger JGerardi said...

First of all you cannot quit that is simply out of the question. That being said I think you are leaving out the most compelling reason WHY you cannot quit.
Because this is all going to recycle and start over again the first quarter of next year.
The Huskers will make a hire, sometime shortly after their season ends in Boulder. He will be the messiah. He will have the best recruiting class ever. He will wipe up on some nonconference cupcakes. "We're back!!!!" T shirts will be printed up. The only worry is that they find their Bob Stoops, hopefully they find their..... well, I can't think of a better example then Callahan, so hopefully they find another Callahan. You may be bored and tired of playing with your food right now, but this site will be a necessity in a few months, trust me.

1:00 PM  
Blogger PlusDrew said...

It's not the end of Nebraska football until they stop playing football in Lincoln, NE. They may have 2-10 seasons for the next 3 years, but eventually it will turn around. No program is down forever. It might take 30 years for Nebraska to turn this around, but eventually they will. The law of averages says that eventually they'll have a good season again. Any NU fan who tells you that we're due for another 30-year run in the top 10 is obviously kidding himself, but that doesn't mean that we should close the door on the program.

We're just like everybody else. We get that now. You've been a helpful hand in making sure that we do. Just like everybody else, we'll have good seasons from time to time. To say this is the end is hyperbole, which I *know* you'd never be a part of.

1:02 PM  
Anonymous RockCat said...

Please don't go - someone must act as the gatekeeper to make sure the horse doesn't come back into the barn. I look forward with eager anticipation to another a**-kicking in Lincoln November 10th, followed by a nice steak at Misty's. That's my new tradition.

1:09 PM  
Anonymous ohf said...

Bill? Steve? Is this you? Come clean "A.J."


1:11 PM  
Anonymous Rowdy said...

Not so fast, aj. Remember a week ago when you said it couldn't get any worse? But it did, didn't it? Just be patient....

1:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well I look forward to reading your comments so I obviously don't want it shut down. But you make a compelling argument, I mean Nebraska has made themselves into so easy of a target it is almost like a twist on paint by numbers to insult by numbers. You have my blessing to shut the blog down but if and only if you will restart it once the Nebraska faithfull start to climb out of their grave and all of the Nuclear contamination is gone.

MU Fan in Austin

1:34 PM  
Anonymous MNHusker said...

It doesn't matter if you leave or not aj, someone will take your place in the days/months/years/(decades?) after Nebraska gets good again. I only hope their blog is as enjoyably hateful as yours has been.

That being said, keep up the hate! Don't pull the usual Missouri midseason collapse on us. ;)

1:48 PM  
Anonymous ohf said...


1:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

How can it get worse? If the 3 Nub commitments all verbal to Mizzou and de-commit from NU

oh glory be.

2:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't go. I have just discovered your site and it rocks!! I have hated NU since I was a embreyo and will never stop. Your insight is just what these corn-detasslers need, a shot of reality. I think every team should run the score up on them just like NU has done for years. I am a Hawkeye Fan and always will be. We know we are terrible and am just used to it. Maybe NU and Iowa can play in their own bowl game. The You Suck Bowl. With that said there is no Hawkeye fan worse than a Husker fan and never will be. This chapter is almost closed but there is another book on NU morons left to write.

Hawkeye Rob

2:01 PM  
Anonymous ohf said...


No this HAS to be Bill or Coz, maybe Steve...

2:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Victory is yours AJ. May all these husker losers bow down to your greatness.

2:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'd hate to see you shut the site down. The arrogance of the corn fan is limitless, creating countless future opportunities. Plus the fact that you rightfully hate K-Who makes your inpute even more vital in this day and age.

3:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who could you possibly hand the torch over to? It's your torch, AJ. If someone else got their hands around it, it wouldn't work. Kind of like Frodo and the Ring. You're the only one who can handle the pressure of getting to the top of the mountain and tossing it back into the fiery chasm from whence it came.

3:51 PM  
Anonymous SilkyJohnson said...

Part of me wants you to keep the blog going for our entertainment. But at the same time, what would symbolize the nail in the coffin any better than you closing up shop? I'm with you whatever you decide to do. In case this is the end, it was a great ride man. Thanks for the memories.

P.S You could just keep the archives up as sort of a memorial.

3:51 PM  
Anonymous CCM said...

Keep up the fight man. Your next goal should be to see the NU football program end up at the current Baylor level of ineptness. Oh, and in case you did not see it, check out this article on NU's recruiting class coming apart. The article is also good for a great laugh on how Callahan thinks he is doing an "excellent" job at managing the program currently. "Again, all I would tell you is I have done an excellent job in every area," he said. "It's hard for the media to know. But what we've done off the fiel and what we did on the field, it's well-documented....." Classic stuff. http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/2007/football/ncaa/10/23/callahan.nebraska.ap/

4:34 PM  
Anonymous CCM said...

Article address cut off when I submitted earlier.


4:38 PM  
Anonymous Ron "Strut my stuff" Prince said...

I think you're not giving this collection of goofballs credit. There is plenty of hilarity ahead:

- Hiring their 3rd option as AD

- Firing of Slashahan

- Firing of the rest of the staff

- Grumbling about how the ticket holders are having to absorb BC's buyout.

- The media jabs flung back and forth between the Huskers and departing staff

- Hiring their 4th option as Head Coach

- Hilarity as 'Signing Day' closes in

- The repuffing of the collective Husker Nation's chest.

- The incessant posturing right before the spring game.

- The lowering of the PSI of the collective Husker chest after the spring game

...it goes on and on and on. It will never stop.

Remember those clown punching bags that when you hit it, it simply bobbed over then sprung back up?

4:42 PM  
Anonymous A Legionnaire Caught Behind the Lines said...


I figure this drought is going to last about 5 or 6 years. I see lots of fodder to feed the fire. The myopic herd has yet to rub noses with reality. Look at the spurt of hope and "back in the saddle" mentality that flamed up with the return of Old Crusty...God's chosen one...maybe even God himself as many believe. It's still a long way to the rock bottom truth.

You provide the oasis of reality in this barren desert. You don't turn your back on the few realists left in this state.

4:42 PM  
Blogger HBF said...

What does "AJ" stand for ... Anonymous Jerk?
Could you start backing up your outlandish opinions with facts?
For the record, the fans did not give Callahan "5 million bucks just a couple months ago." If you were truly informed, you would know that plenty of fans did NOT sing "his praises for the past three years" or worship "the ground he walked on." The AD gave him the raise, by the way.
If you believe that the Nebraska media are "idiots," then read Lee Barfknecht at the OWH, or, follow your own advice and don't read or listten to them.
Oh, a question, do you define "idiots" as those who disagree with you?
Please tell us some factual details about the "steroid scandal" that was "pushed under the rug by Nebraska’s crack media members." Proof please, and beyond just "so-and-so and so-and-so used steroids" or "EVERYONE knows that!" - that charge could be laid on any major Div. I school in the 80s & 90s.
Back to those horrible NU fans, the President of the school fired the AD, not the fans. Fans can rail all they want, and again, they didn't give five million bucks to the coach.
As for the minority of fans denigrating the players, we agree, that is completely unsatisfactory as well as Missouri-fan like. Hey, at least Callahan's wife wasn't poormouthing the players like a certain past Missouri head coach's wife.
Finally, stop taking the credit for NU demise, as if you had something to do with it. You're simply the vulture picking at the scraps.
Another one ... AJ: Always Jealous? Not anymore, of course, but you were for a good 20+ years! Get over it.
Thx, AJ, this is fun.

4:56 PM  
Blogger bornred said...

Shit, I didn't think you were serious about shutting down...

In that case...

The Huskers are BACK, baby!! Woo-hoo.. TO is running things and we will be the pride of the Big X12 by the time Spring ball rolls around (ESPN Gameday is supposed to be there, I heard). Insert new coach here has a huge football brain and will dominate all you other losers. Insert new QB here will be Big XII newcomer of the year, 1st team All BigXII, 1st team All SEC, will win the Heisman and be the runner-up. Our D (we won't get Bo Pelini as our HC, he's not good enough, but he'll gladly come back from that shitty LSU team for a chance to be our co-coordinator (along with Bob Stoops who's going to leave OU to help Bo with the D)). Now fuck off all of you non-Husker bitches, 'cuz Herbie is in the house!!


a classy fan

So, you still think it's a good idea to fold the tent? ;-P


PS. BHG, this was an example of sarcasm...

5:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are truly a prophet. Your visions have come to pass. I sat in KSU stadium too many times watching the huskers score again and again and again... to not want you to pile on. The truth is, the rest of the world has more kindness and sympathy and I would understand if you decided to quit.
I take pleasure knowing that we in Kansas decided to do something about these senseless games and our Northern neighbor. Bill Snyder had much to do with the current state of affairs of NU. He deserves credit for starting the cracks in their tower.
I would ask ,however, if you decide to quit that you could redirect some of your energy and efforts to a new Blog. Your talent should not be wasted. You and I both know that what goes on in Lawrence with basketball parallels your current work. You could continue to do much good for many people in the world.

Topeka Catbacker

5:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Isn't HBF enough to keep going? It's obvious there are still idiots out there that still think the Huskers can win.

8:10 PM  
Blogger TB said...

Just when I was about to agree that maybe the insanity had ended, I discovered a certain picture on a Husker message board. I put it up in my most recent post.

8:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't quit now! These bastards need to be kicked when they are down. They suck. They are just beginning to truly beclown themselves. Just wait.

Actually, I'm not worried. The fact is, the next year will be too fun not to blog about.

3:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There's more than a spark...they're still burning embers waiting to burst into the same mindnumbing "huskerfan mantra" of smugness... (and yeah, hbf, I'll bring facts; I just read your post)

Just wait, Gabbert, Compton, Williams, (hell maybe even that JUCO DE that just reserved a table for one) will soon clear the room, and the kids from McCook, Bellevue and the other burgs up there will be signing on he dotted line....

that's when the embers get fanned,..and the hicks will be in full voice and bravado...

Don't give up....don't ever give up...

Tiger Gary

4:15 AM  
Anonymous bhg said...


I wouldn't want to see you go anywhere either. I mean where the heck would I go find so many to make fun of?

I mean I got the THUGS=HAPPY FANS is a universal law kool-aid conspiracy feaks on one side.

On the other side, I have/had the Nebraska fans that were/was drinking the kool-aid that Pedersen was serving. (i.e. guys like Randy and JP who accepted anything Pedersen dished out.)

10:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't give in AJ. You haven't convinced me yet. I still firmly believe that Husker fans are the classiest fans in the nation. I believe that our storied program is one that should be idolized and emulated. Please continue to firm up my believe by posting your rants and giving all the lesser big twelve fans a place to show what a classless bunch of losers they are.

"Pile it on! Those jerks deserve it!"

Hard NOT to be a better fan than that.

It doesn't matter if my team is 0-10 or 10-0, I'm still a better fan that you.

10:54 AM  
Anonymous Say it ain't so said...


Long-time reader, first-time poster here.

As an NU fan, I considered going bornred's reverse-psychology route. But this is straight from the heart.

You can't shut down.

Everyone needs to laugh at themselves sometimes and the entertainment value of your blog is one of the few things capable of getting me through this dreadful season without self-inflicted wounds. (Not that I didn't love the blog before this season.)

The way you spew hate is truly an art. As a realist myself, it's almost as though I can live vicariously through you sometimes as you state the things that might get my chest emblazoned with a large 'A' if I uttered them aloud in public.

Please, for the sanity of the pro-Husker and anti-Husker movements alike, don't stop blogging.

Go Big Red.

Torn on the plains

11:02 AM  
Blogger NEBforOSU said...

hell, you can write about the de-commits at nubbieville.

Now they don't need Gray or Gabbert.

Weren't they just drooling over their former 3rd ranked running back and elite 11 qb.

Can we say Josh Freeman anyone.. great when they are part of the nubbie world, worthless and unwanted when they leave.

2:16 PM  
Anonymous bigredfred said...

AJ, I suspect your initial motive for this blog was jealousy. As there is nothing left to be jealous about, there is no need for your blog. Go ahead and shut down.

Or, maybe, you are not motivated to kick somebody while they are 'down'?? Then again, go ahead and shut down.

However , just maybe, your true motivation is found in the deap seated rivalry that has festered between the Tigers and the Huskers for decades. In which case, I think you are toying with us and will continue hating and blogging as usual.

I suspect you are going to relish every minute of every blog for the forseeable future as long as there are huskers and tigers. If you only hate huskers when they are winning, what kind of rivalry is that??? That is not very consistent,but then you are a Tiger at heart, right?

3:14 PM  
Blogger NEBforOSU said...

from the nubbie board:
"I've noticed quite a few fans from opposing teams posting repeatedly or lurking on this message board. At first this upset me, but then I thought about a historical metaphor.

For fans from old Big 8 schools, they are witnessing the football equivalent of the collapse of the Soviet Union. Kansas, Missouri, Kansas St, Iowa State, Oklahoma State, and even Colorado were like tiny nations in the Eastern Bloc--under our thumb for the past 40 years. Oklahoma was more like a rival superpower.

Several years ago we began showing signs of collapse, but few dared to dream that total disintegration would actually occur. And then we got our Gorbachev (Comrade Callahan) who couldn't hold things together.

So forgive our friends from rival schools. This is for them a historic event. They are glued to their televisions and computers soaking in every moment of it. But like the Polish, they watch with both excitement and a hint of anxiety. They hope this will be permanent but fear that we will return.

There has been a military coup in Huskerland, and thankfully the old regime is now back in power."

Oh and we were worried about the egos of the nubbie faithful.

see this blog cant die, to many nubbies with their heads up their collective asses

3:56 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


You are acting just like a classic Missouri fan. Go ahead, shut down.

Just like the Tigers do, they quit and choke when things just get interesting


8:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've been following the Nub meltdown for months now -- reading the hate mail from the "classiest fans in the natinon" to their team and they slams against Callahan. What I don't get is why they think a 70 year old man who has been out of football for years can bring in recruits or keep the recruits that wanted to play for BC. Can you explain please?

1:50 AM  
Anonymous TheShadow said...

As a western Iowa native who was force-fed Big Red news, I can't help but laugh when I think of this:

Rudy Carpenter: 7-0, 4-0 Pac-10, BCS #4
Sam Keller: 4-4, 1-3 Big 12, B12N #5

1:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You sound like one sorry pice of Kansas shit. I bet you would fuck oyourself if you had a dick...dick!

11:48 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's no wonder these folks are so full of Husker hatred.....when's the last time any Wildcat, Jayhawk, or Tiger team as beaten a GOOD Cornhusker team? Hmmmm? 1978, that when. I won't begrudge any of you your time to dance on NU's grave, but remember this, because we here in Huskerland know this to be true......a victory over a really bad team like Nebraska is this year, or KSU has been for most of the last 40 or 60 years, or ....EVER, for that matter, just really doesn't mean that much. Celebrate when they knock off NU when they are in the top 5 again. Have fun while you can boys............ ;)

12:28 PM  

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