October 18, 2007

The Indictment of Husker Fan

This week, as with most weeks, I get to see the absolute worst of human sociology. Somewhere, in some laboratory, there is a study going on dealing with obsessive compulsive, dementia and obsession issues that is costing somebody hundreds of thousands of dollars. Yet in my own little world here in this place called Huskerland, is an experiment that never ends.

I’ve spent the better part of 20 years telling people about what kind of myopia and arrogance oozes from the soil of this state. Over that time, I thought I’d seen it all and heard it all.

But this week provided me the opportunity to view Husker fan in a different light. This week, during a week like no other, I was lucky enough to witness the smoking gun; the final piece of evidence that I needed to slam the door on this case once and for all. OK, maybe not once and for all, but I can prove in the most graphic examples yet, that Husker fans are every bit the fraud... every bit the worldwide sham I’ve claimed.

How so you ask?

Take the aftermath of the Steve Pederson firing. Granted, before this man was relieved of his duties, radio hosts, columnists and sports anchors all had their doubts about what was wrong with the team. Some sat around in a daze. Others whined that somebody had to pay and this just “doesn’t happen to Nebraska.” However, throughout it all, Husker fan at least kept a shred of dignity. Well, then again..I’m not sure how many fans of major programs would walk out of a game by halftime when sitting on a 4-2 season, but that’s besides the point.

No, what has happened since the firing, is nothing short of a bandwagon hypocrisy unlike anything the world has ever seen. What has transpired has defied logic, puzzled scholars and memorized the curious.

“Hey crazy blog guy, what could be so bad with wanting your program to succeed?”

That would be fine, if in fact that was your final purpose. If your ultimate goal was to support the university..to support the state and most of all your precious standing in the eyes of others…that would be fine. But it didn’t turn out that way.

Just before the season, I wrote a precursor to this. Back then, I gave you a slight glimpse into the minds of the hypocritical and into the very soul of the ungrateful. The column was written just prior to the season, and was critical of the Nebraska media’s handling of Joey Ganz shortly after being delegated to second string. In that opinion piece, I explained to you that the very young man who busted his ass off, just to play for you and make his team..the very same guy who held a special hard-nosed, never-say-die attitude of Nebraska football..was ridiculed.

Afternoon talk shows mocked his abilities. Columnist chuckled at the fact that Bill Callahan was simply using the quarterback “controversy” to motivate JC Keller in playing better. The very media that slobbered all over Joey Ganz just days before, instantly attacked him. Yes, these EXACT same individuals who once stated, “Wow, Joe Ganz is really making some progress” one minute…were then claiming, ”He can go to an NAIA school and have a very nice career. He's just not a D1 QB.”

College Football…Lord of the Flies style.

Fast forward to the past month. Enter the same media that has been slobbering all over Bill Callahan for years. Enter the radio shows and columnists praising the brilliance of the West Coast offense. Does anybody remember the snide disdain that was given to anyone who dared SUGGEST that a team other than Nebraska could challenge for the Big 12 North? (Ironically, it was 4 teams..and none wore red. But I digress).

And in the snap of a finger…with the flicker of a camera, the sharks rose again. Once Tom Osborne was back in the fold, Husker media and Husker fans instantly turned against their own.

Suddenly, Bill Callahan was an idiot. An offensive scheme, which just four weeks earlier was unstoppable and ahead of it’s time, was suddenly deemed “too NFL” and “too big city.” Suddenly, Ralph Callahan found himself sprinting through the underbrush, looking to hide under any nook and cranny from the angry tribe that once adored him.

Just as in Lord of the flies, the forest is ablaze with hypocrisy. Imagine a daycare left unsupervised for a few hours. During that that time, the oldest child breaks toys, shatters windows, lights the carpet on fire and stabs the cat with a steak knife. Suddenly, the babysitter walks back through door, as the oldest child rushes to her leg screaming and crying, “I’m so glad you’re here…Look what they did!” That's about the only way I can explain it.

But wait...that’s not the crime. People become discontent with current staffs all the time. There is certainly nothing wrong with wanting change, especially in light of difficult circumstances. But where was the demand for change a month ago? Where were the assault Steve Pederson jokes? Where was the hatred and anger for Bill Callahan? Sure, there were some who disliked the regime from the beginning…but suddenly, as if the babysitter bolts into the room, you all (at once mind you), turn the spear on your own. And by “on your own”, I don’t even mean the coaches.

This Saturday, a team with ugly white helmets is going to play in front of 85,000 of their own fans…many of them hoping and begging for a poor performance. Out of the crowd, thousands will be on hand, simply to display their hatred toward their head coach. Players who were once cheered and adored for their “gutty outspokenness” like Corey McKeon, will be openly mocked..perhaps even booed. JC Keller will stand under center, in front of the entire state…a vast majority of them looking forward to the day where he no longer runs their team.

I have always found you to be phony and fraudulent. But now, you have sunk even lower than I imagined. Booing your own team? “Bill, you’re next” signs? Walkouts? Mocking and slandering players for their performance..despite the fact that they still have nearly ½ a season to play?

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I ask you to consider this thought: Did you ever think the “Greatest Fans in College Football” would collectively, abruptly and without malice turn on the very players to whom they cheered just weeks before? Is there anything more pathetic?

So to you, I ask that you spare leniency and convict the fans formerly known as “Husker Nation” for treason and contempt. Despite years of deceit, you have the power to convict. You have the ability to see through their veil charade that has lasted nearly four decades. For you see…if you can’t see the sickening hypocrisy of the “Classiest” fans in the nation…then you have no soul.

The prosecution rests.

Power Poll

1) Missouri (5-1) vs. Texas Tech
Mizzou tip toes through the minefield before the schedule eases up a bit. The Red Raiders may even be the Tigers toughest task prior to a couple of road contests at Colorado and K-State.

2) Kansas State (4-2) at. Oklahoma State
KSU walks into a pretty tough environment against a team feeling the after-effects of dealing a death blow to Nebraska. A win in Stillwater, and the Wildcats can brush off the KU loss for what it was…a complete fluke.

3) Colorado (4-3) vs. Kansas
The schizophrenic Buffs have the honor of pounding Kansas into submission, proving once again that it’s not very smart to play nothing but home games well into late October. Didn’t the Buffs do this to some over overrated and outmatched North “power” who didn't believe in road games in 2001?

4) Kansas (6-0) at. Colorado
Say goodbye to any such notion that Mark Mangino’s nationwide charade will continue. The magic number is 92. As in the probable margin of victory for CU and the Jayhawk’s current strength of schedule.

5) Iowa State (1-6) vs. Oklahoma
The Clones continue their tradition of getting bludgeoned by South teams with a matchup against the Sooners. No word yet if Bob Stoops will stick to playing only players who’s name starts with the letters A through F.

6) Nebraska (4-3) vs. Who cares
So the ENTIRE fan base hates the players, wants the coaching staff dead and can’t wait for them all to get the hell out of town? I smell a winning streak comin!!!

1) Oklahoma (6-1) at Iowa State
Who the hell put this game on TV? Nice going Big 12 TV contract.

2) Texas Tech (6-1) at Missouri
The weekend’s best game features nearly identical teams. The only problem is, one of them is 12-19 on the road under their current coach. Last time the Red Raiders came to Columbia, Brad Smith ran for 835 yards.

3) Texas (5-2) at Baylor
Texas has only played 2 half-decent teams all season, and lost to them both. Luckily for Mack Brown, the two worst teams in the conference lie ahead in Baylor and Nebraska. (Not that there’s much difference there)

4) Texas A&M (5-2) at Some crappy North team
How the hell do you only score 7 points on Texas Tech? What is it with teams with coaches on the hot seat playing like ass? Luckily, A&M has a JV game this week to get ready for Kansas.

5) Oklahoma State (4-3) vs. Kansas State
The OSU defense has played much better of late..but then again, it was against A&M and Nebraska. K-State isn’t a huge offensive juggernaut, but they play well on the road.

6) Baylor (3-4) vs. Texas
The Bears are giving up 45 points per game over their last three games. Texas comes to town scoring 56 last week. Ummmm….that’s not a good sign.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I really don't know where you get your info. Most of the fans I've talked to, who were mostly Callahan must go people, are now thinking that Dr. Tom can suddenly cure this guys coaching problems.

I think that's just crazy talk, but I don't see as much anti-Callahan stuff as I was before.

Are the 'billmustgo' guys really starting to lay it on thick? Yep, but you can hardly say they've had a 'sudden' change of heart. They've been calling for his head since day one.

I see what you're going for here, but you're mixing up the Husker fans in your head and your logic fails.

I think you should take a mulligan on this post.

9:10 PM  
Anonymous bhg said...


The sports media in this state, were some of the useful idiots I referenced on Monday. Those retards couldn't wait to get rid of Frank, now Pedersen and likely Callahan, but the end result is that they have more stories to file and topics to talk about on Sports Nightly. The fans were told we needed to change by the sports media, and they believed, the sport media told them that Callahan was great and they believed, the sports media told them that Callahan needed time, and they believed. (Hell, I have a friend who believed for two years before the kool-aid turned sour.) The fault of the fans was believing without question, or drinking the kool-aid without asking, "what's in it?"

Summarize my point, just because someone says it and has a platform doesn't make it so, for example THUGS=HAPPY FANS, the universal law.

(Wouldn't it be interesting to see what Missouri sports media had to say while Norm was going through before his abrupt departure?)

9:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm a Missouri fan, but I have to admit that if anything else happens in Lincoln, they will continue to creep towards the Missouri/Arkansas inept administration standard that we've seen during the last few years (although I think they are still one giant kick in the nuts away. Personally, I'm hoping for "Larry the Cable Guy Memorial Stadium", but even that's been done). Obviously, there are some parallels between Alden and Pederson (arrogant, sell their first born for the almighty dollar, better suited to selling used cars, etc.). Maybe Nebraska is interested in Mike. Is there a fake, exaggerated way to pronounce Nebraska for a guy from Chicago?

9:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

aj, again, you're correct: every single NU football fan is a pathetic, mindless, moronic ass! They are now mediocre, joining the likes of Missouri and Colorado fans, for example. Husker fans have proven they are sub-human after all. Pride cometh before the fall.

7:12 AM  
Blogger AJ said...

bhg's veiled and lame attempt to bring Norm Stewart into the fold is funny to me.


Because no Missouri fan gives a shit if Norm cheated or not..brought in thugs or not or pretty much did anything short of commit genocide against the Serbs. Why? Because Missouri fans aren't obsessed with being viewed as the classiest and most amazingly noble fans on earth.

That's you.

Nice try. Here's some lovely parting gifts.

8:03 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I heard it all this week but the topper was..."Thank God we've saved the sell-out record through all of this...we can't afford to lose that"

Then I asked my self...Who is #2 in sell-outs? #3? What the hell does sell-outs have to do with the game of football?

9:22 AM  
Anonymous bhg said...


Not a veiled attmept, just looking further into the THUGS=HAPPY FANS, a universal law theory, to discover Norm Stewart fits the mold, and a scan of newspaper articles would put a great many basketball coaches on that list as well. (You tried to make a point with too broad of a brush, or you tried to take a specific set of incidents and make a specific statement, much like the idiots that say all Husker fans are sub-human because some drunk retard yelled at a grandpa at an away game seven years ago.) All I pointed out was the evidence you tried and convicted T.O. with, would convict Norm of a greater offense. (I know I probably lost you.)

The statement that no Missouri fans cares if Norm cheated or not, doesn't that speak well to the character of Missouri fans. You stated that Missourians knew that Norm was cheating and didn't even care (otherwise there should have been outrage among the fans), you have proved by your own statements that Nebraska fans are classier than the segment of Missouri fans of which you represent.

So according to you, Nebraska fans do have more class than Missouri fans that didn't care if Norm cheated. Did I get that right?

(Absolutely priceless to have AJ admit that Missourians have less class than Husker fans.)

9:35 AM  
Blogger AJ said...


When did I ever say Nebraska was "classy"?

I said Missouri fans aren't arrogant enough to go out of their way to convince others have such.

I'm going to have to put a warning on this blog that if you have below a 4th grade reading level, some of the points may be over your head.

PS - Lord of the Flies is a famous book FYI

9:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congratulations. You finally proved your point. Case closed. What's next for AJ?

11:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

AJ, all I ask is that you somehow incorporate this picture into one of your upcoming posts.

No clue if it's legit (I'm not a cornholer fan, I hate those fuckers) but I found it pretty damn funny.

12:32 PM  
Anonymous bhg said...


THUGS=HAPPY FANS, a universal law, means you likely wouldn't pass your own standard.

Cripes, you string a loose knit of generalities together to produce THUGS=HAPPY FANS, but get very literal when I use "classy" instead of "best". (Wow, do all Missourians experience PMS to this extreme?)

I think what I find funny about all this is the "kool-aid". AJ is complaining that Nebraskans drink too much of it, all the while he's two-fisted drinking his own brand.

Hey those that agree AJ is "right on", and preaching the goog word, how's that kool-aid taste?

2:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Spot on AJ as always.


Lawrence Phillips = Happy Fans
Christian Peter = Happy Fans
Mo Purify = ???

I guess you're right bhg it's not a UNIVERSAL TRUTH.

We'll go with:

Husker Fans = Fans of thugs.

I know, I know it's stupid to encourage him...

2:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Go away AJ. You suck.

2:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


While Missouri fans not caring about Norm Stewart's actions may make them classless, it does nothing to prove that Nebraska fans are classier. In fact, the denial of Husker fans of any wrong doing by Osborne shows them to be delusional. THUGS=HAPPY FANS at Nebraska, but only if

a)Husker fans pretend the thugs aren't really thugs, or

b)Husker fans make some other excuse for why some thug should still be on the team, e.g. "Lawrence needs football in his life"

4:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just moved here and love your blog. Its about time I find someone who thinks like me. Thank you for all your insight,and comments. I played the game in college and 2 years in the pro's AJ you know what you write of.


4:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Reading these comments makes me realize how happy I am not to be a Husker fan.

What a freak show.

D in KC

4:40 PM  
Anonymous bhg said...

So Norm only suspended Jevon Crudup for the first semester, and then lack of instiutional control is what? In Missouri it must be the sign of quality program and class (should really find out where Missouri is spending money because education because apparently it's not on education).

Yeah, I'm really off base, what's the flavor of the kook kool-aid again?

(A reasonable person would have to wonder how T.O. got away with all his so called "thugs", and Missouri seems to get caught by the NCAA. Maybe the Missouri kool-aid conspiracy can answer that for me.)

Jamal Coleman-Theft
Jevon Crudup-DUI
NCAA Probation-199?

AJ, I'm waiting to be slammed and ridiculed.

I wonder if Norm would have made it to the Coaches Hall of Fame without the thugs. Not likely.

What's funny is that Missouri didn't really learn from Norms mistakes, they hired a more crooked coach. (Nebraska has a lot to be embarassed by in comparison to the Missouri basketball program.)

Keep chugging the kool-aid!!

6:24 PM  
Blogger AJ said...

So let me get this straight....you're talking trash, about an incident that happened 18 years ago? Am I getting this right?

I really...really...REALLY don't think you want to get into the whole "let's bring up who got arrested" thing.

You will lose.

Trust me.

PS - Jamal Coleman?!?! What the fuck? Jesus, you didn't google the ball boy's past? Jamal fucking Coleman?

That's like me bashing the Huskers for something Tom Hasse did. Jamal Coleman?

Anthony Peeler?
Jason Sutherland?
Jeff Warren?
Derrick Grimm?

You don't even know who the fucking thugs were. Hell, Butterfield got arrested LAST NIGHT and you didn't even find it.

Bravo Captain Google.


7:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

BHG got pwned.

8:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Just one question being new around here...........What team do you hate second to the Huskes?


8:13 PM  
Anonymous bhg said...


Wow, AJ, do you work at being this dense, or do you just keep the dunce cap handy when it's works for you?

Maybe you missed the comparison (yeah, you did) Norm and T.O. (evidently that went way over the educated Missourians head, which apparently isn't difficult, maybe you better back down that filter to second grade). Hell, I thought it was legal to go back and pick any time period you wanted, maybe I need to get some of your kool-aid?

(Quinn Snyder era, won't even touch that, I don't think many Missourians were impressed, but then again, Norm characterized the values of Missourians.)

Don't have to Google when my b-i-l is a Missourian and volleyball and basketball booster to boot(apparently one of the few with and education).

Norm has two in one year charged, one with theft, and the other DUI, and to compare apples to apples, T.O. would have to had two dozen kids charged in one year with similiar offenses to keep up.

Where do you find time to mix and drink all that kool-aid?

(I thought Peeler just didn't show up to class, I'll have to e-mail my brother in law.)

Try something else, I know you can do better.

11:31 PM  
Blogger AJ said...

1) Bhg, you missed an arrest that happened 24 hours earlier...instead you mentioned one from 20 years ago. That's lame.

2) Good question Frank. It depends on the sport. In baseball, I absolutely loathe the Red Sox. They've become everything they hated in the Yankees. In fact, they're worse than the Yankees, because Yankee fans know they're pricks. Boston fans act like they're some underdog story still.

Other than that..it's pretty much Kansas, Kansas and Kansas again. When KU and Nebraska play against each other..I root for the terrorists.

8:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Jamal Coleman



NU fans are complete dumbasses

9:24 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I heard there was going to be a "Crusty Must Go" organizational meeting immediately following the pounding by A&M. It was also reported that a crowd was forming outside the Lincoln Memorial Park main gate with intentions of digging up Bob Devaney. Seems Bob's body has been missing for years. Turns out Iowa State fans dug it up in hope of improving their program.

5:23 PM  
Blogger Christopher said...

This Saturday, a team with ugly white helmets is going to play in front of 85,000 of their own fans…many of them hoping and begging for a poor performance. Out of the crowd, thousands will be on hand, simply to display their hatred toward their head coach. Players who were once cheered and adored for their “gutty outspokenness” like Corey McKeon, will be openly mocked..perhaps even booed. JC Keller will stand under center, in front of the entire state…a vast majority of them looking forward to the day where he no longer runs their team...

I'm not a lawyer, but if your critical piece of 'evidence' is a prediction of a future event that doesn't come true, don't you lose your case?

No one booed. Few people left. What's the next prediction?

10:50 PM  
Anonymous bhg said...

How disappointing, the best retort youcould come up with is "lame", what does Missouri spend it's eduation dollars on?

The kool-aid AJ serves up must taste awfully good.

Missourians are quick to point out arrests of T.O. "thugs" from TEN+ years ago, but when you bring up Norms record, also 10+ years ago it's lame. (Can anyone explain what the diffence would be?) How's that kool-aid?

The percentage of kids arrested in Nebraska during a five year period pales in comparison to Norms percentage of players charged in ONE year. Yeah NORM, he's a hall of fame coach, with Missouri values!!! That kool-aid tasting awfully good?

What's hilarious about this, is that AJ set the standard by which he condemned Norm. Not that this hyprocritcal arguement isn't funny enough, but when do you think the next kool-aid conspiracy will be?

(To the guy that played "professional football" for two years, most people would assume that to be the NFL, but agreeing with AJ probably gets you into the played at an NAIA II school, and playing on the local arena team.)

6:23 PM  

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