October 16, 2007

Tom Foolery

With all the pageantry, flair and electricity of a rock concert, Tom Osborne burst back onto the public stage in Lincoln today, with every bit of the charisma and flamboyance that followed him throughout his 36 year career at Nebraska. Like a great prizefighter strutting out of retirement one last time, TO took on the media and public with a zeal and moxy that would cause the finest gunslinger to blink.

“Harvey called me on Sunday, and I said yeah sure”

And so Tom-mapalooza part II begins.

I’m going to warn you guys now. I know in dealing with many of you for quite some time, that some of you simply cannot mentally handle what I’m about to explain. In most cases, I fear that if you read through this entire column, your eyes will begin to bulge, your skull will swell, and eventually your brain matter will be splattered across your cubicle walls.

I don’t need that kind of guilt..and because of that..if you are a Husker fan who takes offense at these sort of things….you might want to click the X right about now. As for the rest of you....

First off, let me be frank. I believe Tom Osborne dedicated his life to teaching and coaching young men. I believe he’s a relatively honest guy, with conservative values, who honors commitments and knows the game of football. But unfortunately for you, Tom is very very good at making very very bad decisions.

Now, in your time of greatest need, you have turned to Dr. Tom to save you from the pain and agony of living with that nuclear fallout. Instead of finding a solid sports administrative personality to lead you out of the bowels of hell, you bought time, and took the easy way out. Instead of going to the cardiologist, you decided to pop a couple of Tums, and let the sharp pain in your chest ease itself away. I’m here to tell you now…the pain isn’t going anywhere.

Osborne is the face of the university, and for many of you idiots..the entire state. But unfortunately, this is the guy who is going to have to make some MAJOR decisions regarding your future. And as we’ve seen in the past…Dr. Tom is absolutely horrible at making decisions, especially when he has you in the palm of his hand.

Don’t believe me?

How smart do you think a guy is who..with the National Title on the line…goes for the two point conversion for the win instead of a tie. Sounds like the rock-solid, noble Dr. Tom you’ve grown to love right? Yeah, that’s fine..except the idiot decided to roll out Turner Gill and have him throw on the run in triple coverage. Meanwhile, he has a Heisman caliber running back…a great fullback and averaged about 11 yards a rush during the regular season.

Bad decision.

Or how about the time when the media spotlight shined on Lincoln for different reasons. Dr. Tom was getting his brains beat in during the late 80s and early 90s by quicker, more athletic teams from down south. Apparently playing in the horrible Big 8 wasn’t preparing you for the speed that was going to school in other places. So what happens to the honorable program that has always done things “the right way”? They win some ½ national titles by heading to the back of a police car 26 times in 5 years. Meanwhile, Osborne makes all of Nebraska proud by having all-round thug and a-hole Lawrence Phillips stick around…just in time for the Colorado game. “Lawrence needs football in his life.” No. Lawrence needed an orange jumpsuit in his life.

Bad decision.

And finally, who can forget Dr. Tom’s seemingly unstoppable run at the governorship a couple years ago. TO decided that ignoring real problems and going after sports bookies, agents and steroids (ironic) would better serve the people who elected him to congress..instead of tackling drought relief, farm stimulus packages and help for the unemployed. Regardless, I’m sure his fellow congressmen had a great time on the golf course listening to TO recall fond memories of Hula Bowls and Spring drills. So what does Tom do when he wants to be governor? Decides not to take a position on anything and basically run on the platform of, “Hey…you know me. Elect me. Thanks”

Bad decision.

From saying no to porn, to helping thugs like Christian Peter through college..Tom Osborne has always been about doing the wrong thing, if even for the right reasons. As I stated yesterday, you simply had to get rid of Pederson. I know that. I stated that long ago. But throwing a band-aid at your severed jugular vein isn’t going to help you pull yourself out of the deep shit you find yourself in today. He did it when he chose Frank Solich. He did it when he backed Steve Pederson. He will certainly do it again, now that he’s 10 years closer to senility.

Once more..step out of your body and think for a moment…

Do you think TO is going to be ruthless and start whacking unfit coaches and staff in order to do what’s best for the university? Or is Dr. Tom going to be fair and steady, while being loyal to those who have been loyal to him? Once again, not the worst trait on earth to have..but certainly not one I would want as the guy who has to pick my leaders…especially when my last one was a douche.

So what does this mean for you and me?

Well, most likely, many of you will head back in Doc’s Delorean and go back to 1997 where the good times live under some rock under a shrub. You’ll break out your old newspaper clippings, see Tom’s smiling face on TV, and get that warm fuzzy feeling that all is right with the world. Meanwhile, coaches with 1/100th the scruples and ethics will brutalize and pillage him and his 1980’s ways….and that goes for whatever former-Husker retread he ends up hiring as coach down the road as well.

The whole thing is sad actually. It’s like going back to your childhood home, and finding your basketball hoop fallen over and your favorite swing set from your childhood sitting in ruins. Yeah, it’s nice to see it again, but there’s no way it will ever be the same. You chose TO because you needed to feel better. You chose TO because it was the easy way out. You chose TO, because you don’t know any better, and you don’t know where to turn.

But then again, how bad of a choice could he really make?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

love your wit & history

10:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Couldnt agree more AJ. With all the talk of the walk-on program and all the other old traditions, is there any chance he will re-hire Solich?

10:31 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Right. The guy who let George Darlington keep his job for 25 years. He's going to clear out the Callahan Cosgrove mess. Great.

11:45 PM  
Anonymous b-man from Iowa said...

Posted: 1:08 AM by subnoize

"I really find it hard to read some of the people's posts regarding how Nebraska is getting what it deserves. I don't understand this line of thinking... Nebraska, Texas, and Oklahoma MADE the Big 12 what it is... Iowa State, Kansas, Missouri, Kansas State, Oklahoma State, etc. all need to be EXTREMELY thankful that Nebraska, Oklahoma, and Texas even exist, or else those schools wouldn't be involved in the level of football they are. Sad, maybe for non OU, UT, NEB fans, but true. The bottom line is that Nebraska football has a history of being dominant and just because we routed your team, or because we put up 70 points on you at home, on your homecoming, during our championship years, doesn't mean you should bash this historically strong program. Nebraska ranks 3rd all time in total wins behind Michigan and Notre Dame (Texas is creeping up wayyyyyy close)... how is that a program that should simply sit back and let itself mire in despair? It may SEEM like Nebraska fans feel it's their God-given right to win, but the TRUTH is Nebraska fans simply expect their team to be competitive. If the teams are competitiv and "leave it all on the field", I see no reason why Nebraska fans wouldn't accept a 6-6 season... if it means playing superior opponents. However, face the music, only Oklahoma and Texas have talent, facilities, and history equal to that of Nebraska, so those are the only two teams Nebraska should ever have a "problem" with. Bottom line..."


So I guess THANKS are in order to the Inbred Red for making the Big XII what it is today.

Are you kidding me you conceited, haughty, egotistical, bigheaded, over-confident, supercilious, condescending two-big-mac eatin' corn-cob wearing sack of horse shit??


div conf natl
OU 5 4 1
UT 4 2 1
UNL 4 2
CU 4 1
KSU 3 1
A&M 2 1

wins losses
UT 69 22 76%
OU 64 27 70%
UNL 63 28 69%
KSU 59 32 65%
CU 52 39 57%
TxTech 52 39 57%
A&M 51 40 56%

- There are a lot of great Nebraska fans and there are just as many complete frickin' idiots (case in point, see above slobber knocker). And it seems that the latter are a lot louder.
- Colorado has the worst fans in the world but that is because they are spoiled little drunkards. Last season when the Buffs were struggling I didn't want them to fall under a gas truck and drink their own blood. I actually wanted them to do better, even though I got my car keyed there.
- When OU was on probation (for Hart Lee Dykes) and had their subsequent down turn I didn't want to see them get ass-raped by a bunch of Inbred Red necrophilia-ites. Even though I got my car keyed there too.
- And if Texas ever falls on hard times I don't want those golf-clappers to stay down for long.
- So why is that I want Nubbie to experience what Jeffrey Lionel Dahmer did back in 1994. I think 'subnoize' said it best, "Face the music, only Oklahoma and Texas have talent, facilities, and history equal to that of Nebraska, so those are the only two teams Nebraska should ever have a 'problem' with."

Nubbie, take a look back at your record against teams that were above .500 (for that season) during the last 40 years. Yeah that's right, you don't get to count Northern Illinois, K-State, KU, Iowa State, and Missouri.
I think it is you, the great Corn-Hole-ios, that should be thanking Iowa State, KU, Misery, K-State, and Okie State. Yep, they allow you to be mentioned in the same sentence as Michigan and Notre Dame.
Oh by the way, what was your record against Barry Switzer??

FINAL THOUGHT (thankfully):
'subnoize' said, "I don't understand this line of thinking..."
EXACTLY. You have no f'ing clue.

p.s. It was with a broom stick in the gymnasium. Can you feel it??

12:42 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I usually like to listen to your rants because most of the time they are reasonable arguments to balance out the optimism of huskernation, but...honestly, you're discounting TO's ability as an ad because he went for a two point conversion? And, it doesn't really matter, it seems the regents and boosters have more of a say in choosing the next coach or the future of Callahan where Dr. Tom is just the lovable figurehead the majority of Nebraska has a hard time disagreeing with. Personally, if I had to guess who the next coach was going to be...I'd say it's Bo Pelini. Seeing as Pedersens decision to ignore him regardless of the large support he had from the fans and players was part of the beginning of his unpopularity, he would be a safe choice in all aspects which would save the person that chose this next guy from criticism. Regardless of the outcome, the majority of the populous can at least be happy with as they understand the decision and the fans and boosters would be the nearest they've been to the same page in a long time. I was hoping for some decent criticism...not a list of questionable analogies

1:38 AM  
Blogger NEBforOSU said...

From a nubbie,
"if we lost Gabbert I wouldnt be bummed"


And so it starts, they drool over this kid, now he wants to look around , and he is trash.

The best fans in the land---only if their team is winning.

2:30 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lawrence Phillips did not suit up against Colorado.

5:01 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dr. Tom cooked up a lot of illegal things and got out when his gettin' was good; and he knew it. No more Prop 48, drastic reductions in JUCO admissions, parity, no more "Husker Power", removal of the illegal walk-on program...yeah, it was time to go.


7:15 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Other than a some factual details of the past being wrong, I tend to think your overall argument is pretty good. There is no need to point out the factual errors because it really has little relevance to the overall argument.

If T.O. is here longer than a relatively short (1-2yr most) interim basis, there could be problems. It is good for the short term in that most Nebraska fans, myself included, want someone who they feel is being honest with them. Didn't have that before. I just hope people don't bet the farm on being being back to the days of beating teams consistantly 77-7, because the old man is back. Its not going to happen soon, or ever.

9:04 AM  
Blogger AJ said...

It only took 11 hours to get a TO induced death threat.

Classiest fans in the nation yet again.

9:21 AM  
Anonymous bhg said...


Still waiting for the stats on your statements. As AJ knows the arguement is only as good as the facts and logic that back it up.

Given the facts we have about you (FR)is based solely on your comments, and you've made statements NOT PROVEN by FACTS, we can safely assume you're an idiot, and your high school diploma is about as useful to you as a roll of Charmin. AJ, now you, have drawn a correlation between the two, but offered no facts to back it up. (Apparently your parents didn't check to see if you were doing well in school.)

Just because you want things to be true in order to make you FEEL better doesn't make it so. Apparently this is foreign to you, so we can safely assume that you have little knowledge and understanding about college athletics, to assume otherwise would be folly.

AJ is always ripping on the kool-aid drinkers that supported Callahan and Pedersen no questions asked. Yet how do you differ? That's right, you don't, and for that reason, I am entertained making fun of your arguements as I was with the kool-aid drinkers that swallowed everything Rose & Co. spewed through the media.

(Hell, Rose & Co. had JP following the Rivals #'s religiously.)

The folly of the statements made by AJ and FR show that they have a limited understanding of the game of football, yet somehow you felt compelled to share this with the rest of us, interesting. I'll bet with a couple of beers, you become the smartest guy on the planet, funny how no one else has realized it.

AJ, still waiting for the stats you used to come up with THUGS=HAPPY FANS is a universal truth (I think we are approaching a year, must be having trouble crunching the numbers, tell you what, get me your numbers, I'll send them to my sister who has her doctorate in stats, ironically from Mizzou, if there's a correlation she'll find it.)

What does that say about the people that hit this site, are they checking in because they think AJ is right, or for reasons similiar to mine, which is seeing how many retards will line up to drink a different type of kool-aid.

(AJ, I'm still waiting for you to really lay into me.)

9:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ESPN Bottom 10 rank #5...gas on the fire...tee hee hee...burn baby burn...Billy Bear

10:35 AM  
Blogger bornred said...


Only 11 hours? I would have bet the under at 15 minutes, what the hell was I thinking?

Seriously, are these the "I'm so mad at you that I'm going to threaten you with my keyboard" threats or are they the "I'd like to make a dress out of your skin" threats?

Either way, it's fucking stupid, but one you can just chuckle at, the other is just plain creepy...


11:12 AM  
Blogger AJ said...

bhg....you want facts? 2 things.

1) How am i NOT right? Do you not have the archives button on your page?

2) What facts do you want? My dog can tell you that there is a direct connection between your run-ins with the law in the 90's, and the success of your program. For some reason, you must have either been overseas or in a coma.

I give you stats CONSTANTLY, but you choose to ignore them. (Lucky's yards per rush..defensive rankings..strength of schedule etc)

Fact is..you read what you want to read, and gloss over the rest. I learned long ago that I can't make sense for you..so I just let you go.

11:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

AJ, I blame the leadership vacuum caused by the departures of Harrison Beck and Joe Dailey for the position the Huskers find themselves in. What a pair of disloyal losers. Why'd NU even recruit those guys anyway? They suck.

But I could be wrong. Because I have no HuskerBlood and therefore am a dumbshit that could never understand Nebraskans, HuskerPride, HuskerTradition, HuskerBall, the HuskerWalk, HuskerVision, or even football in general.

12:31 PM  
Blogger AJ said...

OK, that was funny.

12:37 PM  
Anonymous bhg said...


So that's a NO! You have NO numbers, you want people to take you seriously just because you said so. Hmmmmm, and you find good standing to brng into questions someone else's reasoning.

You pointed to a time frame and incidents in that time frame, and then made a general statement. I asked you to provide stats showing that there was at least one standard deviations difference. I am not aware that ANY #'s have been provided to prove your UNIVERSAL TRUTH. If you have provided the analysis other than "I said so", please reference it.

So what does that make the people that log on and agree with you? Probably no better than the kool-aid drinkers that you make fun of. Of course if they agree with you "hook, line and sinker", then the reference to one standard deviation is more than likely lost on them, which would give us some more insight into an audience you brag about.

I find it funny that AJ makes a point that I'm just skimming things and then making comments, would that be anything like just taking a small bit of information and then making THUGS=HAPPY FANS a universal truth? Ironic that you would criticize someone for doing what you did, but for them to do it is wrong, but when you do it, it's UNIVERSAL LAW. (Amazing, AJ utilizes the same logic on his Universal Law of THUGS=HAPPY FANS, the kool-aid drinkers did with Callahan and Cosgrove, yet somehow AJ's thoery mysteriously works in his world, and probably a great number of you that log in (FR).)

I do have to give you credit, you at least post what I write, but then again, you weren't smart enough to figure out that your analysis was flawed, so you probably don't understand 10% of what I write.

(For those that have been through graduate school and written a thesis involving #'s, remember it's your job to defend your thesis and analysis is correct, so somehow me thinks AJ never wrote a thesis he had to defend.)

1:02 PM  
Anonymous bhg said...


To maybe help you out, (kindergarten rendition) your arguement on THUGS=HAPPY FANS is a universal law, holds the same water as JP's did on the correlation of Rivals.com and national championships.

(But yeah, you're real smart, you sure showed me.)

1:11 PM  
Blogger AJ said...

BHG, I look forward to reading your own blog...Huskerh8erh8er sometime very soon.

This is why I don't respond to you.

1:37 PM  
Blogger bornred said...


Not sure if you've picked up on this or not, but you really, I mean, really go out of your way to tell everyone how educated and athletically gifted you are...

Which is just reinforcing the mental image I have of you sitting in your mom's basement, surrounded by a collage of Boy George pictures, putting on lipstick in your sister's prom dress..

Please, tell me I'm wrong.

1:54 PM  
Anonymous Husker in Gator Country said...

Man AJ, you're becoming as predictable as the sun coming up each morning.

2:02 PM  
Blogger AJ said...

I'm "predictable" now?

Just now?

3 years later?

Wow, you're sharp.

3:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Osborne’s biggest contribution will not be in the actual decisions he makes (although he’s a pretty darn smart football guy), but in the calm and confidence he brings to the system. Calm at the top brings out the best in everyone, and makes more likely a better outcome.

Every word is the previous sentence counts. There is nothing in that sentence about percentages of likely success, or guarantees. I just think that the odds of eventual success just went up, more so with this move than any other. Even if the next few years are terrible in terms of record, Osborne’s hire makes it more likely that the “terrible” will be handled relatively well.

4:00 PM  
Blogger HucktheFuskers said...


The grocery stores are all completely out of red Kool-Aid.

They couldn't give the shit away a week ago.

4:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

AJ just curious

I've never blogged before, but is there any way that you can tell how many hits your blog has taken in the last 2 weeks or so? I imagine it's huge.

6:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I'm a two year letterman at NU who hasn't rooted for the team to win for 4 years. I recently discovered your site, and I must say...I love. I guess when Turner Gill becomes head coach, and I start rooting for the team again, I have to start getting my feelings hurt by the things you write, but I think I'll still love it. There is a fair amount of painful truth in your hate.

Now I guess I have to start reading through the archives..

6:25 PM  
Blogger AJ said...

1) If that is a former or current player commenting..and I don't really have a way to know if it was...that's pretty funny, because I always figured that if a player did see it...they'd get a kick out of it. The people who play the sports know who is the enemy and who is trying to get a rise out of people. It's not that hard to see. And by the way...I respect Tuner Gill and will find it much more difficult to rip him than the current staff. (including TO)

2) There's a thing called "sitemeter" that you can install onto your blog that tells you how many hits you get in a certain amount of time, and where they come from. This week has been pretty good...although the biggest week I ever had was right after the USC game.

Still I'm sitting at about 2100-2200 per day (since August 1st) with a two week total of about 38,000. Pretty good, considering tha the first year I did this, I was lucky to get 30 hits a month.

I'm guessing the PRO (ie- not anti) Husker bloggers are getting good hit rates..especially over at billmustgo.com and others.

6:46 PM  
Blogger AJ said...

Yes, I realize 14x22 is 308,000 hits, but the day after USC was nearly 8,000.

6:47 PM  
Anonymous Scott said...

Get your facts straight.

You make a comment about Lawrence Phillips and the Colorado game. If you are going to bash NU football, know NU football. Phillips did not play in the Colorado game. The controversy was that TO brought Phillips back in the championship game against Florida.

This is the easiest shot for critics to take, at least get it right.

Now if you want to look at the situation a little further. Phillips was sat down the season for domestic violence. A season he was the front runner to win the Heisman.

After this he was hospitalized for psychiatric treatment at the Menninger Clinic (a well respected hospital not in Nebraska). I can't imagine that a poor kid from LA had the insurance to pay for that hospitalization. (Obviously, it didn't take...but it gave the kid a chance)

He was brought in to start the Nat. Champ. game (he was a Junior), and didn't play an entire half. Anyone who thinks that Lawrence Phillips play was pivotal in that route is smoking crack.

Now my opinion, Lawrence Phillips was never going to play at Nebraska after the domestic violence incident. Tom Osborne gave him the best chance at life he could (let him excel once more in the public spotlight, and turned him loose on the NFL.) Phillips failed. That is not Tom Osborne's fault or responsibility.

Tom Osborne neither needs me to defend his decisions, nor will I. Just take a look at life a little deeper than "that lousy Lawrence Phillips is a crack smokin', girlfriend beaten jerk that Tom Osborne let loose on society."

Whew! That was fun. Flames Welcome!

6:59 PM  
Blogger AJ said...

Lawrence Phillips was reinstated the Tuesday BEFORE the Colorado game, but did not make the trip.

Stick those facts up your ass Kool Aid man.

8:53 PM  
Blogger AJ said...

To the guy who asked that I not publish his name and discussed Turner Gill. I got your comments.

Thanks. Good to hear you enjoy the blog. I'm sure many feel the same pissedoffness (word?) that you do.

(EDIT NOTE - In the time I typed these two paragraphs, I realize I could have cut and pasted your comments without using your name. My bad)

10:00 PM  
Anonymous bhg said...


So we shouldn't expect those numbers any time soon? So you're sticking with, "because I said so".

(it's not that you don't want to respond, it's that you can't.)


Never once said I was a gifted athlete, never have, never will, because to say that would be a lie, at best I was average.

On sitting in my parents basement, "MOM, if I've told you once, I've told you a thousand times, no beans in the cheese dip", where were we.

I wouldn't considered myself educated, but I do like pointing out the flaws in an arguement.

Let's take the one the AJ the super talented dude that has all the answers. He has concluded and defended to his sastifacation the THUGS=HAPPY FANS is a universal law thoery.

If the standard for a corrupt program is as AJ says based on Nebraska, then two players in a basketball program in five years would be similiar. Well, what do you know, ol' Norm Stewart falls into that category. So if T.O. sold his soul to the devil, then Norm Stewart would fall into what category? Quinn Snyder falls into that category as well, although with his record, he's probably closer to the anti-Christ given AJ's scale.

What I find amazing is that many people will fall for AJ's line of reasoning and never question the logic because it fits an agenda.

However, AJ is not going to bash ol' Norm Stewart for apparently the same thing he accuses T.O.

10:35 PM  
Blogger AJ said...

Can you please present your next rant in outline form. I'm having trouble following even a couple of your 626 differnt attempted points.

Slow it down.

One thing at a time.

PS - Norm Stewart owned Nebraska

10:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

why in the HELL can't Husker fans admit Osborne was a joke and sold hid soul???? It bloes my mind...it is clear as the blue sky. A fraking catfish could see that. Oh not to mention the Hukers were pumped full of roids in a large portion of his career.

AJ...you should read the book "Necessary Roughness" by Mike Trope, a former sports agent. It was published in 87' and he has a entire chapter dedicated to the phony Tom Osborne. FACT: Osborne and NU had sports agents on the sidelines for around 2 straight seasons. Finally when Osborne and the AD were asked about it both claimed to have no idea what the reporter was talking about. Big problem...some of those games were on TV and they were busted. Although not muvh ever happened of it. The guy is a phony but the media here and their propaganda, I mean news NEVER reported jack shit about him.

11:10 PM  
Anonymous bhg said...


No suprise you couldn't follow your own arguement. (Kindergarten version, again.) If T.O. sold his soul to the devil, then Norm Stewart showed him how to do it.

Is that simple enough for you, or do I need to get some crayons.

11:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

NU football is dead people..admit it

Texas joined the conf. in 96 or whatever and demanded that prop 48 be gone. Say good bye to the idiots and thugs that littered the Husker rosters of the 90's. Also the NCAA mandated steroid testing in the early to mid 90's. All of a sudden Joe Farm Boy from Brainard Nebraska is no longer playing. Huh, must just be a coincidence. Good bye run game. Why in the hell would a recruit go live in Nebraska with cornfileds when he can go to a school with mountains, beaches, way hotter girls and a waaay better game enbironment, not to mention town. It's over people...save your faded 94' championship shirts cause every thing you had going for you is gone.

11:40 PM  
Anonymous tigerinnc said...

BHG, the local pharmacy there in hayseedville probably has some little pills for whatever form of OCD it is that you have. I would suggest in your case breaking in and stealing them. If you try to see a shrink to get a prescription, they might put you in a little padded room.

8:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"He was brought in to start the Nat. Champ. game (he was a Junior), and didn't play an entire half. Anyone who thinks that Lawrence Phillips play was pivotal in that route is smoking crack."

This is the biggest SPIN job I've seen since the Iraqi prime minister. He didn't play "an entire half?" WHICH HALF??? He score the first two fucking touchdowns of the game. Of course he didn't play in the 2nd half, why would he? He wasn't needed. That wasn't punishment, that was giving other kids (that don't beat women) a chance to enjoy in the game.

Wow that was some complete bullshit right there.

You spin me right round baby right round...

8:02 AM  
Anonymous bhg said...


If T.O. was corrupt then Norm Stewart was the anti-Christ given AJ's standard for corruptness.

We all know why Missouri owned Nebraska now, it was the thugs Norm Stewart brought in.

AJ was smart enough to catch T.O., but had a blind eye when it came to Norm, is that hypocritical or what? But then again, you probably read the blog for the hard hitting facts.

8:20 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Even if it was true and he reinstated him BEFORE colorado, your point is still butt retarded. He didnt make the trip. HOW THE HELL can he be reinstated and not make the trip? And if was reinstated, what is your point. He brought LP back for the biggest game of the year? Except he did not. YOU MAKE NO SENSE.

Of course, you were the guy who complained about the tying NEB drive against Mizzou in 97, saying it was aided by multiple pass interference calls.

8:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


"The reinstatement of Phillips has been a source of controversy
for Osborne, who held Phillips out of last week's game against
nationally-ranked Colorado but allowed him to return this week.
Phillips, who missed six games, rushed for 359 yards in the
first two games of the season. "

8:50 AM  
Blogger AJ said...

Re-read what I wrote. I said he was reinstated before the Colorado game.

He was.

The fact that he was even allowed back on the team...let alone you 12 years later defending it...is a complete and total joke.

It also makes my point for me.

9:57 AM  
Anonymous bhg said...


Didn't Norm Stewart suspend a guy arrested by the cops for just the first semester of a season? Not a lot of conference games played in the first semester is there. (Phillips was suspended for a greater percentage of the season, than Norm Stewarts thug.)

T.O. must have been watching that crafty Norm Stewart.

I know why you picked up on T.O. practice of thugs, it's because you recognized it from Norm Stewart.

11:43 AM  
Anonymous bhg said...

To Tiger fans that believe T.O. recruited thugs.

What year was it that the NCAA slapped Norm Stewart on the writst for recruiting irregularities? What year did the NCAA use the phrase, "lack of institutional control" with Missouri (don't recall that title anytime at Nebraska)? (Hint it was right before Missouri fired Norm Stewart, or as my b-i-l says, "reworked" his contract with a smile on his face.)

(Yeah, that T.O. sold his soul to the devil, while Norm was as pure as the wind driven snow, is looking more like Norm was pile of crap, that should have been kicked to corner. Let's see, and Norm never even made it to a final four with all those violations, shows the retard couldn't recruit even being crooked.)

If Norm was in charge of all those bad acts, he was probably molesting kids on campus at the same time.

(See Randy, this is type of fun I like, these Missourians want to wag a finger at the program, what's hilarious is that the finger their wagging has crap all over it.)

12:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The fact Osborne didn't kcik off LP was a complete and total joke. J-O-K-E joke. If I was the father of one of th girls LP victimized I swear to God I would have went right down there and kickd Osbornes ass for that BS he let go on.

12:40 PM  
Anonymous b-man from Iowa said...

Please watch this YouTube video and replace the words "Notre Dame" with "Nebraska"....



12:49 PM  
Anonymous tigerinnc said...


I read the blog but not for hard hitting facts. It is purely for entertainment value. While AJ is pretty damn funny, it is the comments section that the truely priceless material flies. I mean, all AJ has to do in order to find new supposed comedy genius is do a comment search with "bhg" or "jp" and he suddenly has the next seinfield. I know the majority of fans of any team are ordinary level headed people with a sense of purpose in life other than sports. It is the completely possessed, infatuated, kneeling at the alter of herbie huskers such as yourself that feed the machine that is your overhyped fanbase. You claim to be educated and that may be. Most educated men would be willing to put things in perspective. You have officially become intelligent in a Uni-bomber kind of way.

1:27 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

All the media gets on TO about bringing LP back just to win the National Championship. I think they probably could have squeeked by without him. Wasn't one his backups a freshman named Ahman Green. LP should have kicked off the team immediately. Yes, I am still wearing my 1995 faded national champions T-shirt. I think I still have a 1983 Orange Bowl shirt. Red Kool-Aid is pretty good if you mix a little bit of Everclear in it.


2:06 PM  
Blogger AJ said...

Look up the word "desperate" in the dictionary, and you'll see an example of BHG trying to bash Norm Stewart to piss me and Missouri fans off.

Not even a decent effort.

2:53 PM  
Blogger bornred said...

(See Randy, this is type of fun I like, these Missourians want to wag a finger at the program, what's hilarious is that the finger their wagging has crap all over it.)

If you say so... I'm not really getting much out of it. It's when they stop doing it that you need to worry...

3:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I read lots of your shit and usually enjoy it. I do not agree with much of what you write but hell it is a good read. Even what you ramble on concerning Coach T.O. is interesting. BUT you apparently have not met the man. I have, many times in fact and find him to true to his word, honest and very respectable.

Really you need to back of the Coach and attack someone else Husker related.

Until next time, you can kiss the ass of the horse you rode in on!

Frank S

5:30 PM  
Blogger AJ said...

Thanks Frank.

I've written a lot about Tom Osborne over the years on this blog..and this was BY FAR the nicest and most respectful I've ever been.

Whatever you do, do not go through the archives.

Glad you stopped by.

6:01 PM  
Anonymous bhg said...


Still not able to get it, eh?

You set of bar of standard by which you criticize T.O. and belittle the achievement of a program. Just pointing out that Norm (who left the program in disgrace) is not being held to the same standard. If I'm dsperate in the dictionary, then AJ would be what, hyprocrite?


I apologize, I thought you were swimming in the kool-aid that T.O. was running a corrupt program, again I apologize. (Thank goodness the pharmicist had some pills for me in my hayseed town.)

Missourians must have short memeories (maybe it's the educationaly system), no one remembers Norm "I left in disgrace" Stewart who only suspended a kid for the first semester (ironically when no conference games are played), yet some guy recalls sports agents on the sidelines from 10+ years ago, that is priceless.

8:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


You're so right on these counts:

1. TO is a friggin' boring lifeless Christian hypocrite who needs to be indicted for all his crimes in the 90s.

2. He has a PhD. in Ed. Psy - what the hell is that?! An idiot could get a PhD in Ed. Psy.

3. He should of gone for the tie in that 1984 Orange Bowl and the hell with "doing the right thing."

4. He keeps that thug LP around because TO knew NU could not win the Fiesta Bowl without him.

5. He sold his soul to the devil in the 90s to get criminals from the inner city to fill the skill positions.

6. He was a failure as a Congressman ... the farm subsidies were way too low; farmers throughout the country are owed more money for doing what farmers do!

7. Finally, he chose loyalty over competence when he picked that drunk driver Frankie Solich to follow him.

It's gonna be fun to see Nebraska football sink to the bottom of the pit. Every one of those awful bully-like Husker fans will finally know what it was like to be Missouri, Kansas, etc... fans. Huge hulks at the bottom of the pit don't come back up.

Thanks, aj, for what you do. You obviously dedicate a HUGE part of your life to this blog and it is time well spent. Hating and despising (sp?) Husker football and all the people who are associated with it or follow it must be so satisfying for you! Let's both hope they all die of heart attacks as they agonize over their current and lasting forEVER crisis!

7:02 AM  
Anonymous bhg said...

To anon,

Since when was being a Christian considered a poor value?

For someone that makes uneducated statements like yourself, it would be impossible to get any type of graduate degree, college degree, associates degree, high school degree, G.E.D. (They're running a special on G.E.D. classes you might want to try again.)

Since Norm Stewart had a greater percentage of players charges in one year while at Missouri, are you as outraged, or just about T.O.? If not, then that makes you a hyprocrite, maybe that's a good value where you come from?

Your take on the reason for T.O.'s success shows you more than likely aren't qualified to take out the garbage, must less form a competent opinion on matters related to football.

Failure as a congressman on the farm subsidies, hmmm, try getting an education instead of waiting for your welfare check to come in the mail. Ever heard of ethanol, and what it has done for commodity prices (Austrailian drought, and late spring freeze also major players, not to mention the dry regions in Mato Grosso, Brazil, the current stocks to use ratio, Chinese freeze on exports, etc. but I'm sure you already knew that, yeah right, not even on your one good day every twenty years.)

Hey I forgot to ask, how is that kool-aid conspiracy coming?

(According to the latest Anon comments, there is someplace out there where being a stupid, Christian hating hyprocrite is a good thing, wonder if they even celebrate Christmas?)

6:46 PM  

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