August 21, 2007

Joey Gets Thrown to the Sharks

If there's one thing that I DO love about you Husker fans, it's the utterly predictable ability to turn on your own. Frank Solich knows what I'm talking about, so does Harrison Beck and Josh Freeman's mom. Man, nothing brings out the sharks like Bill Callahan actually having to make a "difficult" football decision.

Yesterday, as I'm driving home from work, conversation surrounded the SHOCKING announcement that JC Keller was going to lead the 2007 Huskers to the Independence Bowl. This announcement, which shook the country's focus to the core and shifted the glare of the media spotlight away from Michael Vick, certainly served as a signal to the Big 12 that the Huskers now mean business.

What it also means is that the media can now turn their sights toward Joey Ganz, who did nothing more but bust his ass for years for you people, just so Howdy Kugler, Bluejay Perrault and Traitor Tom Shatel could blast him for not being nearly as good as Keller. Well no flipping shit?!? Really?

Look, we ALL know that Keller was brought here to give you a bridge between Zac Taylor and the inevitable overhyped washout that will soon be Blaine Gabbert's career. EVERYBODY knew that Clownahan was just being nice to a fellow Chicago guy, and make him think to himself that he was actually good enough to start for NU. But you know what's funny? Who says he can't?

While local sports radio and traitor Tom are blabbing about how great Keller is...they're also yammering on talking about how Ganz should transfer so he can actually play. (All assume Blaine Gabbert will start next season, even though I'm sure he is worrying more about Virginia Tech and not powerhouses Eureka, Seckman and Timberland High Schools.) Transfer? For one flipping year? Why? So when Keller gets hurt or worn down, you can hand the reigns over to a Joe Dailey clone who is touted as the next great JUCO hype. (Still waiting for that "Hillenbrand for Heisman" website to start up)

Has anybody figured out that this guy will most likely at least take ONE meaningful snap this season...ESPECIALLY since JC has never made it thorugh 8 full games of a college schedule? Last time I checked there are 13 games on NU's schedule this year including the Independence Bowl. My law of averages says that's FIVE games where Ganz may have to start, unless of course the Husker athletic department can convince Gabbert's principal to let him out of school early and play for NU..since he's obviously NFL draft ready right now.

The point is..if you're going to bash Ganz for not having any talent...if you're going to mock him about never having a shot in hell to play...if you're going to snicker at the thought of him EVER playing for NU...why not have the sack to call out your idiot coach for playing stupid ass head games with you, instead of sitting back and waiting to do so. It's weak and it's chickenshit, and of course, we all know why you all waited..because you actually thought crazy Callahan may actually THINK Ganz is better and you'd sure hate to get behind the wrong horse in that derby. (And let's face it...most of you daydream about having lunch someday with Callahan, and this is your way of possibly avoiding the awkward conversation of bashing him over the air or on a message board.)

* Speaking of players who will soon be using a walker, have I, or have I not sat here and preached for months to you people that Marlon Lucky may have a problem staying healthy? I'm not sure what medical school most of you came from, but running backs especially don't just overcome the ability to constantly get injured. It would be one thing if it was one play that snapped his leg, or if he blew out a knee in high school. But this nagging sort of injury is something many of you should be very very very worried. MOST of all, you should be worried, because you have a couple of 14 year olds and a water boy as his backup.

I'm not an expert at the West Coast offense by any means..but isn't the I-back rather important? Doesn't it bother you just a bit that the guy who has been tabbed "the man" by his coach and also carries the only thing many of you give a rat's ass about...5 Rival Stars...has barely been able to take a knock to the head in practice without going down for the count?

I'm slowly sensing that reality is starting to set in for some of you. Keller may have some durability issues of his own (ie - he's never done it) and he may have some tangible skills...but when your only weapon at a VERY important position isn't even able to make it through a couple of practices without asking what his name is or why this hard plastic thing is on his may have an issues.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Marlon will have 1500 yards.

Book it.


10:25 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is just bizarre, it's like you have imaginary conversations with Nebraska fans, then argue with the voices in your head in cyberspace. What a sad pathetic life you have.

Take some advice, get help, it's not normal to imagine people having arguments with you. Especially when your mind will not let you convince them of anything so that the cycle continues. I think maybe you are border line Schizophrenic.


10:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

chirp chirp chirp .. sure is quiet in here


11:14 AM  
Blogger AJ said...


Nothing shows up in the comment section til I approve it. If I don't get to it for a day..nothing shows up.

Just FYI

11:29 AM  

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