October 29, 2007

Where the Hell am I?

What planet is this?

Step out of your skin for one moment. Set down your 1971 National Championship mug and listen to me for one second. On this day, in late October 2007, not only is Nebraska 4-5…but Kansas AND Missouri are both in the top 10, headed to a showdown of hate and rage, the likes of which this nation hasn’t seen since the days of Robert E. Lee and Ulysses S. Grant.

Due to this fact, you’ll have to excuse me if I’ve been knocked a little bit off kilter by all of this. For you see, this is not just one case of absurdity, but of three. Oh sure, I always knew Nebraska would fall off the face of the earth with a gigantic splat that you could plainly hear in Tajikistan. But I was never really sure if Missouri could take that next step. And I’ll be honest, I thought the Keebler Elves would fly out of my ass whistling show tunes before I saw Kansas in the top 10 again.

It’s kind of the same feeling you would get walking out to your mailbox on a cold Sunday morning, and watching Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny cruise by in an IROC. Or perhaps it would be like flipping on the TV and watching the Barry Bonds Christmas Telethon for Easter Seals. Or maybe even flipping on Sportscenter and NOT seeing a story about the Red Sox or Yankees within the first 10 minutes.

So now what? We know Nebraska is royally screwed, regardless of what underwhelming yayhoo they slog in here in front of the cameras next month, with the same pomp and circumstance that goes with the election of a new pope or the crowning of Miss America. But does that mean the season has failed to produce intrigue?

Enter the Border War.

I’ve tried to explain to you people that this is not a soapbox for me to stand on to preach high and low about how great my favorite team is. I’m well aware that at any moment, the mighty Tigers can give up 8 turnovers and splatter on the ground to the deafening tones of “They pulled a Mizzou again.” But this season..and this week especially, I am faced with a dilemma that has only been seen in my worst nightmares.

On Saturday, the team I hate the most goes up against the team I am bound by blood to despise. Worse yet, it is a game that has some of the biggest ramifications to my own team of any game since I was 9. So what the hell is a card carrying Husker hater to do?

Normally when Kansas and Nebraska meet, I root for Al Qaeda. However, I realize that one of these teams has to win, and only one of these teams can lose. I will readily admit however..in a NORMAL year, when Husker fans are crawling out of the woodwork to send me taunts and e-mails about new t-shirts or trophies they made up and gave themselves…I would pull silently for the underdog Jayhawks.

Yet in this bizzaro world, Boston College sits at #2 in the BCS. USC looks completely average. A 1-AA team walked into Michigan Stadium and beat the Weasels. The Red Sox have won 2 of the last 4 World Series’. Missouri is ranked #9 and is 7-1. Jenna Jameson looks every bit the two-bit dishrag you always knew she’d become. (Jesus, have you seen her lately?). And worse yet, I’m left to ponder questions that would make my brain explode any other season but this one.

Kansas or Nebraska?

Hell, even a tie doesn’t help me, since KU would pick up another ½ game in the standings should Missouri slip up against Colorado or K-State in the coming weeks. (I’m assuming that’s OK though, because no way in hell does KU go to Stillwater and win under the lights). Regardless, I must do what’s best for my own team, and hope for the continuation of a strange and wonderful season.

I officially declare that I will not be rooting against Nebraska this Saturday morning when the two teams meet. I therefore let it be known to all that I am simply clutching neutrality, and will accept the fate of whatever team comes out victorious.

I want you to know that this decision does not come easy, nor was it done in haste. I simply believe that you, the fine readers of this blog deserve to know the truth behind a very difficult situation that I find myself in. I’m sure this will not be completely understood, nor will I be able to escape it once the game is complete. However, I am a team player, and must do as every good fan must do..and that is put aside the fact that Nebraska sucks gigantic donkey balls for just 3 short hours out of a lifetime.

If I could gargle in Clorox, I would.
If I could bleach my soul, I would.
If I could jump into a swimming pool full of Listerine, I would do it in an instant.

In this bizzaro world of college football, there are no easy answers…only difficult circumstances.

* On a quick note, I’ve been asked by a few to comment on Sam Keller. Most of you know by now that I don’t attack athletes personally, especially those who have their career’s cut short due to injury. No matter what the situation, you never want to see a player injured, especially before their full allotment of time in the spotlight is over. This goes for Missouri’s Pig Brown as well. Simply wish for them the strength to understand that there is more to life than sports.

It stinks…but it is a part of life.

* Having Peter Gammons report live from the World Series, is like having Mark Mangino lecture me on good eating habits from the floor of a slaughterhouse. ESPN is a giant network, can’t they find ONE baseball analyst who isn’t a diehard Sox fan to slobber all over the most arrogant and genetically easy team to root for in the history of baseball?

(Photo Credit of Fatgino - Lawrence.com, Mizzou pic via Columbia Tribune)

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm cheering for a meteor. Not like an "Armaggedon" or "Deep Impact" meteor, but one big enough to take care of business in Lawrence on Saturday.

11:19 PM  
Blogger TGRLVR said...


While I sympathise with your dilemma, come on man, we
are talking about beakers here. They are simply, scum.

ku is not worthy of our hatred. To hate a person or an institution requires some degree of respect. ku is only worthy of our contempt, disdain, disgust and revulsion as do the 19th century terrorists whose name they honor. You even see today some of them who try and hide behind the specious story that a jayhawk is simply a mythical bird which they portray as a cartoon character. Even this is a tell-tale trait of a jayhawk as their predecessors dressed as women to hide themselves from Quantrill's vengence.

Yes, they truly are scum. From their mural of John Brown - another 19th century terrorist - in their state capital, to the whiny, wine and brie loving, limp wristed embracing punks which constitute their fan base, students and alumni, they are all lower than pig sh*t in a well anywhere in their septic tank of a state.

I once faced a similar predicament as you do today. Back in the early 80's, the Soviets were playing basketball in lawrence. Like you currently, I took a neutral stance in that game.

I've regretted it to this day...

ESAD beakers!

11:25 PM  
Anonymous Missouri fan said...

All that's needed to complete this picture if for Nebraska to have a good basketball team this year and finish above Kansas.

What does this kind of year do for the way too common Kansas City-native, Nebraska football, Kansas basketball "fan"?

9:09 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow! this is my first time reading this blog and it might be the best piece of writing I've ever read. I'm a Mizzou Grad from 2005 and I used to respect the Huskers, but now after living in Omaha for 5 months, these people and especially media make me want to put two in the base of my own skull...these people suck.

10:39 AM  
Blogger bornred said...

First of all, before any of you salad tossing, non Huskers jump on this out of context and try to Maytag this as some "look what this dillusional, kool-aid sucking Cornholer fan said" bullshit, let me just say that I fully recognize that my team is 4-5, has one of the worst defenses in all of FCS (hell, probably worse than 20% of the FBS teams), for way too many plays this year, have simply mailed it in and are about as stable as BHG's mobile home in an F5.

With all of that, it would not surprise me if we managed to knock KU out of the ranks of the undefeated this weekend. Fucking Crazy? Maybe. Batshit Insane? Probably. But, in keeping with AJ's "Where the Hell am I?" theme, it's a wacky ass season and the one thing that is dead-ass for sure this topsy-turvy, upside down year is that nothing is for sure. KU now gets to come into games with a target on their backs, high expectations and an un-healthy dose of press clippings talking up their amazing undefeated season. This is as uncharted a passage as the Huskers are going through, but with more pressure...Next up, a team that has been blown out in three of their last 4, a virgin starting QB with just 17 career passing attempts ... probably a foregone conclusion by most KU folks that this is an automatic W as they look ahead to their BigXII North showdown with Mizzou. Who knows how Ganz will play, maybe the stage will be too big for him and he'll make all of the classic "first start in a WCO" mistakes that we've seen both Keller and Taylor make early on.. or, maybe he'll rise to the occasion and provide a little spark for this sputtering offense. I say give the kid a match and some gas and see what he does.

If they tear us a new sphincter, oh well, add them to the list, this season is just waiting for the flush valve to open anyway, but they did play much more loose on the road, against Texas, as 21 point dogs....

There is still some hope for this season... if we knock off KU, but KU still takes down Mizzou, I'll giggle all the way into next season

11:03 AM  
Anonymous What 3 teams???? said...

Question, what three teams in the Big XII will not be bowl eligible at seasons end??

Answer - ISU, Baylor, and Nebraska (all of the other nine teams have 5 or more wins already); how funny is putting those three in the same sentence??

KU will win to go 9-0 against Nubbie. With Sam Keller out, it spells doom for little red. Not that they had a chance with him playing.

And the fighting-Mangino's make it hard not to root for them. A bunch of no names playing smart football and winning. Plus they have to live in constant fear of Coach Mangino tearing off one of their legs and eating it like chicken. How many wings do you think that guy could eat? No wonder they had to bring up Snoopy 2 to take the team picture.

Nubbie has a very good chance to lose 7-straight games this year. They have already lost 4 in a row and play at KU, have KSU at home, and then travel to CU. Ouch!!! They were 7-7 back in 2002 and 5-6 in 2004. A potential 4-8 record with 7-straight losses will make Dr. Tom's decision very easy. Bring on Turner Gill.

Can you believe that Nubbie was ranked #14 after the 2nd week this season. Put down the crack pipe and kiss all of you 4-stars goodbye. I think the WAC has a couple of spots open. I doubt the MAC would even return your call.

b-man from Iowa

12:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You're still just Missouri.

2:23 PM  
Blogger bossnuts said...

Wow, if anyone doubted Husker H8ter and all his rantings about Nebraska this douchebag "bornred" just solidified all statements made in this blog. You completely backed up all statements made by H8ter, except you once again tried to put the "We are Nebraska" twist on it. There is no chance in hell that you will beat KU this weekend, I'm actually cheering for you too because it makes me feel better about Mizzou going into CU and possibly losing, since we've lost like 8 or our last 9 games in Colorado. It would give the Tigers some breathing room, but as such it would also take away from the the Border Showdown coming up in 3 weeks. I'm just extremely glad that H8ter is an outsider putting up with living in Nebraska as I am now, like I said in an earlier comment I've lived here for 5 months and realized with all of your tradition of winning you all are the most football illiterate people I've ever been around. I've been to a few games and some of the things you drukenly slur out about officiating, the west coast offense, defensive responsibilty, and special teams, it makes me wonder who in this state knows ANYTHING about football...

3:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So how many 'No way in hell' comments a season do you get against Kansas before you realize that you don't know what you are talking about?

Rock Chalk you slaver....

3:39 PM  
Blogger bornred said...

Wow.. douchebag, huh? Not sure if I'm up to the task of responding to a guy who actually went to all the trouble of including nuts in his handle, but what the hell...

See, here's the thing, my testicularly obsessed friend. The topic of AJ's latest blog entry is "Where the Hell am I?". Now, I'm kinda thinking that the big fucking bright orange letters at the top of the comment section, where you hen pecked your drivle in, might have been a clue. Yet another, should probably have come with some reading comprehension as you tried to string the letters into words into sentences into paragraphs into concepts. 'Cuz what I was responding to, was that in this goofy ass year (and no, Mr. Hairy Nutsack, it's not goofy because the Huskers suck your namesack right now) where we've had teams like Southern Florida and BC sitting in the #2 hole in the BCS. A year when a D1-AA strolls into the Big House and hands the Weasels a loss, a year where KU is in the top 10 (if this is all normal to you, then I'll have some of what you're smokin'). So, following that theme, it wouldn't surprise me if a 4-5 Husker team found a way to knock off KU. Do I expect that to happen? Hello, genius, we have just lost 4 in a row and KU hasn't lost yet, so no, I don't expect that to happen, but in this wacky ass season, it wouldn't shock me.

If that makes me a typical Husker fan and solidifies all of AJ's rants, then so be it.. I guess...

7:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

as much as i hate the nubbs, i can't fucking stand those limp wristed zima drinking ku fags. I agree AJ, what freakin world are we living in right now!?!?!?

9:16 PM  
Anonymous bigredfred said...

Sam Kellar was the second best QB on the field with every team he played this year except Nevada. The only impressive thing he had was his mouth and if you don't believe it , just ask his arrogant ass. The huskers are much better shape to beat the hawks with Joe Ganz and truth be told he should have been playing long ago.

Having said all that, KU still has a much better coach, and it isn't brain surgery figuring out how to run over the Cosgrove defense.

It is great to see randy aka bornred adjusting to his new status as a fan and all the 'we can win, but what the hey if we don't' crap. Waht are you trying to say RANDY, which is it? "this season is just waiting for the flush valve anyway" comment, or, the "There is still hope for this season" comment??

You need to put a cork in it as you give the rest of Husker nation a bad name, hence this blog, (which you fuel I might add). If it wasn't for you drooling idiots who cannabalized the system back in 03 we wouldn't be in this mess to begin with. Take some responsibility and be a man instead of some rambling blow hard.

7:06 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


"Normally when Kansas and Nebraska meet, I root for Al Qaeda."

Funny stuff as usual. A belated congrats to you and your Tigers for the win. I remain a faithful Husker fan "living behind enemy lines" here in Tiger town.


8:43 AM  
Anonymous bhg said...


Yeah, you think Callahan and staff are going to come up with a game plan to beat Kansas. (Statement shows a complete disconnect with any football intelligence, but Pedersens kool-aid had that affect on a number of people.) Best shot Nebraska has this weekend is if Kansas defeats themselves.

My trailer is hooked up to my 1983 Dodge Ram, and I got that chained to a tree.


Have to find it hilarious that Missourians who drink so much kool-aid that they find logic in THUGS=HAPPY FANS the universal law, have any ground to criticize another fan base. Not saying you can't hate them to hate them, you don't even need to justify it, oh wait, if you believe in THUGS=HAPPY FANS is a universal law, then you already demonstrate that you don't need justification/crediblity to believe in anything.

11:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ugh. This is like playing russian roulette, instead with five bullets in the chamber. Fuck.

If I have to root for Nebraska, I'm hoping for something more than a loss for Kansas. I'll take a Mangino acid reflux or something.

1:17 PM  
Blogger AJ said...

Mr. Dakota...shut up. Just sit back and read a few entries. You'll find this isn't exactly what you think it is...although you are correct...I do hate you and your team does suck.

bornred...you're cracking me up. You're really the only commeter (is that a word?) that I have that really seems ultra pissed off. I respect that.

Bhg - You're still a douche.

4:40 PM  
Blogger bornred said...

It's nice to see that I can still ask who the idiots are and bhg and bigredfred will raise their hands..

Can either of you fucknuts read?

Where did I say that NU will come up with a glorious gameplan to knock off KU? Where did I say that this season still has hope?

Fuck, I thought the topic of this latest blog entry was "bizarro world", I didn't know that I was going to get representation from it's population commenting on my satire...

What part of But, in keeping with AJ's "Where the Hell am I?" theme, it's a wacky ass season and the one thing that is dead-ass for sure this topsy-turvy, upside down year is that nothing is for sure. makes me a kool-aid drinker?


PS. Fred, you fucking dumbass... How many times are you going to post the same fucking thing? You're like a real life example of Phil Connors (obscure movie reference, go look up Bill Murray's filmography)

PPS. bhg, I actually like you.. you can mostly take some shit (you jump to way too many conclusions, but at least you can laugh at yourself).

6:03 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Once again aj you can go fuck yourself.

I am a Husker fan and will go for them no matter what.

BUT, there is something to be said about a Kansas win. It would be somthing if KU came into the tiger game undefeated and win.

Mangino could eat your mascot for supper and give you some humble pie for dessert.

Have a great week A$$h@!e


6:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


How much money do you make doing this blog thing?

It must pay pretty good so you can live with yourself.


6:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

AJ: I found this and thought you might consider starting a recepi section. It could be called "AJ's Tailgate Foods"

Tiger-Nad Soup

7 Tiger-Nads, finely chopped (you decide what to do with the 8th
1 dozen Columbians (not the S. American variety, the MO variety)
8 square feet of Faurot field artificial turf, circa 1988-92 (this
will add “slipperyness”)
8 quarts of lamb semen (this can be found at most Ft Collins
1 big effin’ egg (doesn’t matter what kind of egg….hell, use one of
those plastic “Leggs” containers that your Mum used to let you
play with)
- add salt, pepper, taco-seasoning to individual taste

Start out by either killing 8 tigers, or by reminding the tigers how
awful the month of November can be, so that they will just kill

Remove all nads. Chop them.

Sautee the Columbians and the turf in their own juices.

Add all ingredients in a large pot, cook on medium heat until nads
turn blue. Play with the egg while you wait, and with the extra
Nad, if you are into that.

Add a dollop of Bison-snot, and serve with warm tortillas. Serves

Good luck this week and have a sense of humor.

Buffalo Bob

7:09 PM  
Blogger AJ said...

Bob, let the record show that I not only picked CU to win the North this year, but I've backed the Buffs pretty much at every opportunity. Not sure why you're going after me, considering I'm one of your biggest allies. (except this week)

Frank, that was a pathetic attempt. To be fair, I get paid in idiotic, horribly thought out replies in my comment section that make you people look like bigger toothless hayseed idiots than you already do.

Thanks for helping out on that by the way.

8:27 PM  
Anonymous bigredfred said...


What part of your first post, 11:03 AM, first sentence, last paragraph, can you not read- even though you wrote it, yourself you moron!! QUOTE "There is still hope for this season" END QUOTE. What are you stupid or somethin??

Read my lips "You are one ignorant idiot" But then again, you are job security for AJ as you keep proving his point, but you are too stupid to realize it. Stop embarrassing Nebraskans and Huskers alike.

Try this for a change, write something out, reread it to see if it makes sense, check for idiotic statements, check for falsely represented facts, AND stop thinking the horse shit you write is SATIRE!!

8:40 PM  
Anonymous BillyBear said...

I am not sure which is better, the blog entries or the comments...sure is a hell of lot more entertaining than Rivals recruiting man love sites...


ps coming to Boulder this weekend? should be a good game...

8:52 PM  
Blogger TGRLVR said...


"...you don't need justification/crediblity to believe in anything."

After reading your innanities you've certainly given anyone who reads this blog all the material they need to know without a doubt that you are a complete and utter idiot.

10:42 PM  
Blogger bornred said...


Are you shittin' me?

I guess I'm just a rebel and like to buck convention, but I've been using this crazy idea of putting multiple sentences supporting the same general thought into a single paragraph. So the one that starts with 'There is still some hope for this season' is followed by another one that is meant to continue on that thought. This was my way of joking that I wouldn't be as disappointed in this season if we somehow managed to beat KU and then they still took down Mizzou, you know, kinda like 'I'll feel good about my season if something bad happens to yours'.. It's a goof, genius.

The fact that I have to spell this shit out to you is pretty fucking pathetic. It's not like it's my first fucking around post here.

Don't you think it's interesting that I started off that comment with First of all, before any of you salad tossing, non Huskers jump on this out of context and only you and the gonad fanatic guy actually did...

Reading your comments is like smoking some bad weed. Your confused as hell, but laugh anyway and when you're finished, all you're left with is a headache and a few more dead braincells...


PS. Am I the only one here that's not taking AJ completely serious? Holy shit, maybe he is 100% serious and I am the crazy fuck... you guys would tell me, right? right?

1:39 AM  
Anonymous bigredfred said...

Soooo, ABORTED, let me get this straight, you said it, but you said you didn't say it, then said you did say it but didn't mean it, and you blame me for it and say I am 'pathetic'?? Okie dokie. I think we all gotcha now!

And thank you for the 'f@#$%ng dumbass' comment during the interval when 'you didn't say it'... If you were any clearer you match Hillary in the run for President.

Actually, call me anything you want as your ass will never have to cash that check anyway. It is just depressing that after the upheaval of the last 4 years, some huskers still have their head in the sand. They still are so cocky as to not admit they were wrong. They still make stupid statments as if the 'Steve And Bill' debacle hasn't taught them ANYTHING!!

I know AJ is on here for fun or he wouldn't do it. BUT, you better believe the motivation for this blog came from pure unadulterated hatred for everything Husker. So don't be naive. It's embarrassing.

8:38 AM  
Blogger bornred said...


Did you edit that picture of Mangino? The one I found looks a little different...

10:18 AM  
Blogger bornred said...

Ooops.. it's actually ...

10:38 AM  
Blogger bornred said...


Do you have any idea how many opinions are expressed every day on just about any topic over this medium alone?
Do you run around to every blog, message board or forum remotely related to the Huskers to make sure that nobody is saying anything that you don't feel is appropriate?

Every conversation that you get involved with turns to 'Bill and Steve'. You are a broken record.

Unlike you, my own identity is not coupled with the Huskers. I love my team, I loved growing up in Nebraska, I'm proud of our tradition and of our past accomplishments, but I've been all over the world and there are much, much worse things than going 4-8 or having a coach that you don't care for or running an offense that doesn't seem to fit the persona of your fanbase. The only constant is change. There will be more changes for the Huskers. Unfortunately, we have a couple of generations of fans that have never had to really deal with that from the standpoint of Husker football, but those days are gone. Because of that, we are like any other program.. in some cases worse, because of our location and expectations

As for my presence in this little corner of cyberspace, I'm just here to fuck around and get a few laughs; it's a nice diversion from work. Yes, the underlying intent is hatred for my team and the fans, but I'd rather spend my time poking fun at myself, my team and those who don't care for either than watching all of the stupid shit that happens on some of our own fan sites. If you're embarrassed by this, go check some of those out.


PS. Don't kid yourself. The ire of AJ and the non-Husker fans is directed at both of us. It's just a matter of whether or not you take it seriously.

PPS. Really, save the veiled threat shit..

3:57 PM  
Anonymous bigredfred said...


GEEEEZZZ, 6 paragraphs and NOT ONE reference to me as a dumba$$!! AJ please tell me you sensored Randy's last post? Please? Huh?

one point to note, I reread my post and I see nowhere a veiled threat. I think a rational person would take what I said and realize the point was - you can say anything you want, call someone anything no matter how insulting without knowing them, AND you never have to back it up, period!! In real life, (remember what that is?) you say the same things you say here, to someone's face, especially someone you don't know, you will promptly be required to back it up. Hence my comment.

For the record, I wouldn't threaten you as I don't know you. I have said some of the same things, my point being- here we get away with it- in the real world we don't. Its kinda like cheatin, saying something we don't have to stand up for person to person.

Thats all I said , no threat.

Besides, I'd kick your ass sideways into next week!


9:02 PM  
Anonymous bhg said...


I've got a big smile on my face knowing that someone who believes THUGS=HAPPY FANS, a universal law called me "stupid".

Seeing how THUGS=HAPPY FANS the universal law is a cornerstone of logic for apparently many Missourians (I blame the NEA for that one), I don't expect you could/would follow any of the arguement that is being made. (Keep two fisting that kool-aid, don't worry, they'll have another batch ready when you're done with this one.)


Thanks for the compliment that I can laugh at myself.

I find it hilarious that I've been accused of making assumptions. You've got guys that link Rivals.com to national championships, Callahan in a Superbowl to great coaching, and the big one, THUGS=HAPPY FANS the universal truth. (These are the people that want to comment on somebody's intelligence, yeah, right. For me that is funny in itself.)


Glad I could stay consistent for you.


You're preaching the gospel brother. I don't know if you have the same sense of humor, but I'll throw this out.

If Pedersen was riding a bike on a nice summers day, with his wife, would you find it acceptable to point and laugh out loud at Pedersen and his wife rode past you?

9:41 AM  
Anonymous bigredfred said...


I am working on my sense of humor! It's getting better these days as I am finding more to smile about. :) Even Randy and his 'not so thought through' comments!?!?! Sure makes you wonder, doesn't it?

What it boils down to is this , at least for me.....I love football and it is an extension of my life in which I apply the same values, ideals, honesty, and principles with which I hold dear as in life overall.

Football is just a game. BUT, in that game as in life, we pursue the path with the same drive and intensity. For me, it is not winning perse, it is the battle. It is the challenge. It is brothers standing together in the epic battle.

What is winning anyway, if you don't care HOW you win?? What is the point? I try to have patience with the new age husker fan who all they want is to win so they can trash talk everyone else.

Looking back when I was young, football was a big influence in my preparation for life. It teaches young men values, hardwork, discipline, and hopefully integrity. For me it was part of a religious experience of becoming a man and the best coaches I can think of understood all that.

I always thought that was what made Tom O so great. He proved he cared more about the men and the game in many ways. I saw that in him when he went for 2 points instead of 1 and gave up the NC. Tom stood alone that day, and only he was OK with it.

His mind was not simply about preserving his fame for a NC, it was about teaching boys to become men and to do what had to done to compete against the foes in life, whether on the field or off. (Many others don't see it that way, I know).

Loyalty and the history of what made the huskers who they were went out the window with Steve Pederson. IN came the corporate mindset with no loyalty to the past. We lost our identity.

Because Nebraskans hold their past dear, doesn't make us any better than any other school, that's not the point. I can only speak to what makes the Huskers , Huskers. Just as AJ can speak to what makes the Tigers, Tigers. And, to Missourians that is important and I respect that.

The challenge is to compete and not give up as in life. Success is to know how to ,win and lose, with dignity and respect for others. A winning program is the crowning achievement of all that. Football reveals the true character of those who play it , plain and simple. THAT is why, it is hard to have patience with new fans who take it so lightly, and show no respect for the old ways and what made us who we are..

3:38 PM  

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