November 4, 2007

From Sad to Pathetic

So... like you, I watched KU completely humiliate the defense formerly known as “blackshirts” with ease and disdain usually saved for 1-AA teams. (And usually not administered by fraudulent teams such as Kansas). As the game began, I saw Joe Ganz battling, I saw Mo Purify actually making some great catches, and appear to actually want to be there. I saw players who apparently were highly touted in high school, make some plays and battle back against a superior, yet incredibly overrated football team.

But then adversity reared it's ugly head. Watching the next 3+ hours, you would think I would feel sorry or pity for a team and a fan base that has been so good for so long. Despite my hatred for all things red, this season my hatred for all things red and blue (and that stupid yellow..who the hell throws yellow in there?) is even hotter. Even so, didn't you find it the slightest bit sad to see people who care that much, get beat so badly?

So on Saturday, what does Nebraska do? So what do the Huskers do this ONE time in 20+ years where for three measly hours, I am silently rooting for a Husker win? (to help out my own team, who is rolling) What happens when I become a Husker fan for three hours when I need you the most? What happens the ONE time I need you to come through?

You all quit.

When all this started, it was kinda sad. As much as I hate to admit it...even I felt a bit sadness and pity for NU fans and players, as they obviously lost their way in mid October. You could see the hurt in players eyes, you could see the coaches actually attempting to try and rectify things…all of the things you would think a “traditional power” would do in times of adversity. But beyond even my wildest forecast, you people have done something in scale and mass unparalled in college football history. You have given up, on the field and off. You have completely conceded the season without a shred of dignity..a shred of respect or even a shred self-worth.

Thanks a hell of a lot.

Before this made me kinda sad and indifferent. Now it’s really pissing me off.

You are now the French army of college football. If this sport was warfare, you would have thrown your hands up, laid down your weapons and walked yourself to the POW camp before the battle even started. If Memorial Stadium was the Champs Elysees, enemy teams would be waltzing through the west stadium football offices, taking staplers, pictures and pretty much anything they wanted, as Husker employees, coaches and fans hid in the closets, hoping not to get caught.

This is what happens when you don’t face a shred of adversity in 40 years. This is what happens when you politely clap for visiting teams, and brag to anyone with a notepad or camera about how gracious you are. You cowards and your team have the battle-tested will of a miniature poodle. You frogs have the spunk and fire of a Cub Scout den mother in Des Moines. I have never in my life…in 30+ years of watching and following sports seen a team, a program and a fan base quit and give up faster than you people. And no, whining about your coach does not make you care. Selling out your shitty grey stadium just to leave in the second quarter and complain to the fat bastard next to you whom you’ve sat with for 25 years does not make you a great fan.

It makes you a quitter, plain and simple.

If you had even a spec of human decency…if you had even an ounce of wills, all 1.8 million of you would be camped out at Tom Osborne’s door with a pen and a briefcase full of cash. What’s that? You don’t think the fans have anything to do with it? You think the coaches are solely responsible for their players quitting? My ass they are. YOU have created this holier-than-thou environment over the past four decades. YOU are the ones who fire coaches for going 9-3. YOU are the ones who call “suffering” a 30 point loss to Georgia Tech in 1992. Boo flippin hoo. This is as much your fault as anybody’s. You win as one, you die as one. And in this case, you throw down your weapons and cry like a little girl as one.

And I haven’t even MENTIONED the embarrassment you’ve bestowed upon other teams. A 41-6 assblasting of NU last month now actually HURTS Missouri because they didn’t beat you worse. The entire conference strength of schedule rating has plummeted because you and your sorry coaches don’t care enough to even try anymore. Teams like Texas A&M and Oklahoma State who were actually happy that they beat you in Lincoln, now only shrug weakly at the accomplishment you have taken from them.

Trust me on this. You taunt me and others like me for following a shitty team for the past 30 years. But what you don’t realize is that all of those tough seasons have made me appreciate magical seasons like the one Missouri is having right now. I know what’s it’s like to lose 77-0. I know what it’s like to listen to my team get throttled on the radio by 50. I know what it’s like to go into a game knowing you have absolutely no shot in hell of winning a game.

But at least I didn’t quit. Even when I have every right and reason to shut this blog down forever and declare victory, I know deep down that we’ll be right back here in a few months, because you don’t know any better.

All of those years my team played the Mighty Huskers, I still sparred with my co-workers, because I knew that despite being out gunned and out manned, my team would at least never quit. I knew that if the stars aligned the right way and the moon suddenly turned red…that my team may have a shot. Even though they came up short time and time again, I never lost faith that some day…some magical season within my lifetime…my team would take me from the sewer to a great season. And when that happened, I would enjoy every second of it, because I know what it’s like to suck. This has now happened, and I’m doing just that…all thanks to decades of toughing it out and being proud of supporting a team I call my own.

You on the other hand have no idea how to act. Tom Shatel is screaming every other day about a different person who needs to be fired. The local news is doing stories on how nobody wants to go to Husker Hounds anymore an by red t-shirts. Boo hoo, ratings are down for the NU broadcasts. Every single person I talk to says the same thing, “I don’t care anymore. They suck”. Hell, look at some of the most venomous fans who leave comments on this blog? Where are many of them now? Deer hunting? Watching DVD’s?

Sports are defined by competition, rivalry and character. You ask any coach on earth, in any sport and they’ll all tell you the same thing, “I can teach my team more after a loss than I ever could after a win.” That principle is exactly why you have gone from sad to absolutely pathetic.

And yes…if this column doesn’t piss you off to no end, then you’re even worse off than I thought. Most of you probably really won’t care anyway…as long as the current coaching staff is employed and the current cast of losers is taking the field in your uniforms. When that happens, you'll be right back where you were, blowing it off as bad luck and not learning a G*d damn thing from the opportunity that losing has provided.

I feel sorry for you no more.

Enjoy the pain ya quitters.

(Photo thanks, Lincoln Journal Star and some crappy Lawerence rag)

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Had to laugh this morning when I looked up mizzou's results this year.

When MU beat NU, NU was ranked #25 in the country.

I don't think there is a better statement about how stupid polls are.

. . . and really, at the start of the year there was sooooo much optimism. You just know that give the next coach about three years, they will have some stupid nickname for him, dumb posters made up, and some sort of slogan about how they are "back" (my proposal is "we're not REDiculous anymore!"

and really, none of that will be based in reality. . .just endless hype and blather from a bunch of idiots.

10:10 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Looks like ALL the "quitters" have also quit posting as well!

Too funny! The world's "classiest fans" abandoned the Good Ship Callabilly faster than rats! Guess that puts them below rodents on the scale of evolution, eh, AJ?

10:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm not sure what's worse. You being right or us sucking massive ass.

This is a nightmare, but I hate you all the same.

11:00 AM  
Anonymous I hate AJ said...

AJ kiss my big red ass and good morning my friend.

WOW, I now fully understand what it is like to be a die hard fan of a pathetic team! And I am pissed!

Kudos to KU for sticking it up our asses hard Saturday! You guys and that stay puff marshmellow man son of a bitch you call coach did a great job yesterday! Enjoy it while you can because a few things will happen soon to bring you stupid bastards back to earth. Stay puff will leave, a good coach would never stay to long at a second rate school like KU. And what the hell is this Rock Shock Jayhawk shit, that is about the dumbest phrase I have ever heard! So enjoy your split second of fame and remember, we will be back!

AJ don't think for a moment that I have given up on my Huskers! The first thing I did Saturday after sitting through every down of that game was to mail my annual contribution in to the university. I am no fair weather fan, I have never taken a ride on the Big Red Bandwagon like so many of my fellow so called Husker fans have done.

A kind word to all of you fair weather Husker fans, get in line with AJ and kiss my big red ass! To all of you who stuck it out yesterday, you may not agree with me but we are on the same team, Go Huskers! And to those of you that are shocked at my comments here, bite me! I could care less what you think!

And another thing! All of you old bastards who attend NU home games and scream at the guy in front of you for standing up and cheering for our team. Check into a nursing home with cable and do it fast! I am sick of you pig farming SOB's sitting on your hands with your fat wife who is knitting you a cover for your golf club during the game. Get the hell out of my stadium and watch the game on TV! I will be standing up in section 3 row 2 next week cheering for what is left of my might Huskers, you tell me to sit down I will drop my pants and give you first shot at KISSING MY BIG RED ASS!

Thats right, I am pissed! I am pissed that low life rock salt Jaybird fans get to heckle me! I am pissed that AJ and his wussie kats get to heckle me, I am pissed that my OSU buddy gets to heckle me, I am pissed that A&M kicked our ass and didn't even bring that cool marching squad for half time! I am pissed that a pathetic KSU team will probably kick our ass this Saturday, I am pissed that my turkey won't even be completely digested when I have to watch the vermin kick our ass live in Boulder!

Thats right so called Husker fans, I will be at both games just like I have been at 5 others this year cheering for my team. The team I have not quit on like AJ says we all have. I am not like many of you, I am a true fan!

In closing, Kiss My Big Red Ass and don't waste your time responding with a post of shock at my comments because I don't give a rats ass about you or your I love Peddy opinions!

11:06 AM  
Blogger AJ said...

Well done.

You've really moved up in the angry reader rankings. Seriously, that was good.

11:07 AM  
Anonymous i hate aj said...

While I am at it! It is time the good Dr Tom man up and send those stupid bastards we are paying to destroy our team packing!

I could really give a shit about TO giving his word that he would evaluate until the end of the season. Callacocksucker and Cosgross said they would continu to coach! Those stupid bastards surely can't call what I watched yesterday coaching so can the bastards and do it today!

Damn people, I have only coached at the high school freshman level but I could put up a better game plan against that bunch of no name future grocery sackers on the KU team!

11:16 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Jayhawks are going to kick the MISSou Kittens butt very soon!

As for the your "logic" in the blog, it doesn't make sense. Most fans would trade 30 years of dominance and a few national championships for a few years of medicority, or one season of "even worse."

You write as if the NU fans are actually on the field playing the game. The coaches and players are the quitters. And don't tell me you've never been pissed off and fed up with your felines. Jayhawks fans, unfortunately, know "adversity" (as if a perernnial lousy school football team is a life adversity - get over yourself) more than the felines from friggin' Missour-ah (never got that since it ends in an "i") fans.

It's obvious you accepted the Tiggers rightful place as the perennial middle of the pack performer. Jayhawks fans dared to wish for better, and we've been lower in standings, and now we're tasting it and, frankly, behaving as if we actually belong here. You, and your kind, act as if you will not be here for very long so let's "get ours" and act like, ironically, little spoiled children before we have to go home to the state of medicore Missouri.

Your team has demonstrated it can't beat OU, so after the Jayhawks skin the felines in KC, we'll get our crack against the Sooners.

11:38 AM  
Anonymous jhawk-in-nc said...

Great post from AJ, great response from i hate aj -- I have as much respect as possible for both of you, given that I despise both of your schools. Very happy that my Google search to find out whether beer will be sold at Arrowhead on Nov. 24 led me to this blog.

AJ, your team looked outstanding last night -- Jayhawks better learn to defend the pass a little better before Nov. 24. If the powers that be set the KU-MU kickoff for 7 p.m. and give us all a full day to drink in the parking lots, God help everyone. It will truly be the Midwest Football Apocalypse, a festival of hate unrivaled by anything in memory.

i hate aj, I hate to give you any encouragement, but your rivals down in Norman went from utter John Blake-engineered self-destruction to national championship game in about 15 minutes, once they had the right coach. They had a lot of talent on the shelf too, though, but who knows? I would much prefer another 40 years or so of beatings like we saw yesterday, but anything can happen.

11:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Looks like ALL the "quitters" have also quit posting as well!

Too funny! The world's "classiest fans" abandoned the Good Ship Callabilly faster than rats! Guess that puts them below rodents on the scale of evolution, eh, AJ?"

And I'm sure you were posting when you sucked all those years.

And if Callahan coached your team (there's a thought/wish/dream) and the team was performing as the NU squad is now, you would say "give him another year."?

Yeah, right.

Your gift of generalization matches AJ's.

11:44 AM  
Anonymous i hate aj said...

Rally huskers, glory waits for you,
Rally huskers, show what you can do
Fight! forever, Oh! you team,
For the scarlet and the cream,
Go! Gang Go!
Rally huskers, rally one and all.
Fight on, huskers, hear Nebraska call,
Listen to the battle cry,
Of Nebraska U. N. I.

11:45 AM  
Anonymous Section96 said...

What do The Rev. Billy Graham and Kevin Cosgrove have in common?

They both have the ability to bring a crowd of 85,000 to their feet, in unison, yelling "JESUS CHRIST".

12:26 PM  
Blogger AJ said...

1) If the Chiefs are smart..they won't sell beer at Arrowhead. That's just dumb.

2) I give KU fans ZERO credit. Zilch. You people didn't say one word about football this year..and really didn't say a word about it last year or any year since the mid 90's. Now all of a sudden, you're back in the saddle, trading barbs with everyone.

That's fine, but as that Zima in your hand gets warmer by the minute, and that fleese argyle sweater grows tighter around your assured you will most likely dissappear faster than you showed up.

KU has proven absolutely nothing this season. "Mizzou has proven they can't beat OU?"

Uhhh...did you watch the game? I would play teh whole transative "so and so beat so and so who beat so and so" game...but it would be too easy.

KU 19
CU 14

MU 55
CU 10

KU 37 point win over NU
MU 35 point win over NU (before they quit)

3) The guy who said I was a "sorry KU fan" is just about the dumbest fucking idiot I've ever read comment on this blog..and I've seen a lot of em.

Feel free to read more than a paragraph before you comment douchebag.

12:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I Hate AJ hates this blog and AJ's opinions, yet he leaves more comments here than anyone

2:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

AJ responded to anony' ... "KU has proven absolutely nothing this season. "Mizzou has proven they can't beat OU?"

Uhhh...did you watch the game? I would play teh whole transative "so and so beat so and so who beat so and so" game...but it would be too easy."

AJ, your transitive (note the spelling, you Missouri public school product) logic (ah, your fallible logic again) has never been consistent or reliable in college football, as you well know, so don't play it here. You need to compare when in the season, and where, besides the opponent, for a valid comparison.

As I said, MISSou had their chance against the Sooners, now it's the Jayhawks turn. Come morning of the 25th of the month, KU will have started another win streak over the pussycats!

3:13 PM  
Blogger AJ said...

Blow me ya candy ass Beaker piece of shit.

3:43 PM  
Anonymous BillyBear said...


Your tigers really stuck it up our asses last night...we got "huskered". Good luck against the "Stay Puff" fighting Manginos...C Daniel is the man and the MVP of the B12..

Billy Bear

4:51 PM  
Blogger AJ said...

Thanks Billy.

Appreciate it. Good luck against the Clones and of course be sure to pound the Hick Nation into dust.

4:53 PM  
Blogger bleechersweat said...

Right on I hate AJ!
You stand up and let em kiss your ass! Maybe the old rich farts will finally leave and give a seat to us poor saps who haven't been able to get into a game in years.

4:55 PM  
Blogger Big Head said...

Greatest quote ever (reportedly) from Norm Stewart:

"Looked like Nebraska missed it's free throws and layups".

Even if it's not true, I could only imagine Norm saying it. HAHAHA

6:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

WELL DONE AJ! This is my first visit to your site. I was tipped off about your site my one of thousands of Big Dead haters that operate in the Omaha metro area. Words cannot discribe the joy I feel in reading the WH sports page after yet another Husker defeat. The whole Husker program was a house of cards waiting to collapse.
What bugged me earlier this year was a slam by Shatel that things could be worse: "We could be Iowa"
Well now...da Hawks have rallied two weeks in a roll from 14-0 to win and salvage a lousy year. And have two winnable home games left.
They did it by faith, guts and solidarity...and NOT panicking at the first sign of trouble...Hmmm hey Shatel look over at Iowa. You just might learn something.

8:28 PM  
Anonymous Fact said...

Boy! Nebraska coaching staff, genuinely suck like a bunch of bitches, I feel like slapping the shit out of each and everyone of them.
I have never saw such a group of disillusioned motherfuckers in my life.
These fucker refuse to man-up and admit that they and are stupid.

What are they teaching in practice belly dancing, teach them ballet dancing and how to turn around you dumb bitches.

They are honestly pissing me off! You make new Heisman candidates every week.
On the real tip, Tom you need to Fire these fuckers next week.

12:56 AM  
Blogger AJ said...

**Editor's Note**

The management of this blog is NOT a Tom Shatel fan. I'm sure he's a nice guy and all, and he often uses correct grammar.

However, his wishy washy, change-with-the-tide tones and topics are absolutely brutal to read.

The funny thing is...privately, he's a "Huge Missouri" fan (and grad) and is "really loving this season".

Would a true fan bash his own team 24/7 to delight his readers? Screw you think that douche Bill Simmons would root for the Dodgers if he moved to LA?

Tom Shatel sucks.

6:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry to be so dumb but who is Tom SHatel?

8:45 AM  
Anonymous I hate aj said...

For you KU bastards who read this blog, what we did to you in the past will happen again very soon. You are pretenders and we are down but we are for real. So take that and sing your rock salt Jaybird song while you play with your pee pee in the shower.

Nov. 4, 2007
By Dennis Dodd Senior Writer
Tell Dennis your opinion!
Bill Callahan can't take a hint: In name of all things holy -- including recruiting -- please, Bill, resign, like, yesterday.
Potential Huskers are committing -- elsewhere -- by the minute. That was quite a recruiting pitch you made in Lawrence on Saturday. Something along the lines of, "Hey, come to Nebraska where you can try to hold Kansas under 80."
It wasn't easy but for all long-suffering Big Eight punching bags the result was like a cocktail and cigar on the deck at sunset. Satisfying as hell. Kansas coach Mark Mangino didn't seem to take his foot off the accelerator for one second in the 76-39 victory. Good. Here's why: There was a lot of payback in that game not only for Kansas but for all the victims Tom Osborne rag dolled over the years in the name of poll position.
Kansas scored more points against Nebraska on Saturday than it did against the Huskers in either the 1970s (60 total) or 1980s (67).

And to AN who commented about me posting a bunch on this blog. Go hot wax the hair of your mommys back! AJ and I have reached an agreement to hate each other and to slam each others teams every opportunity we get.

AJ you can kiss my Big Red Ass this morning as you can every day. We have a problem, for the remainder of this season I will be rooting for your wussie cats!

KU, you have been exposed! Yes you get to rub rock salt into my open wounds after the dismantling of my mighty Huskers Saturday. But while you were enjoying the beating my Huskers were exposing you.

Enjoy your ride to 11-0 but remember these words, you will not beat Missouri this year. We made sure of that Saturday by exposing your defense for what it really is, weak! Chase Daniel when not picking his nose on the sidelines will be picking the feathers of your Jaybird asses all day long! It will look like one huge pillow fight in Arrow Head, there will be that many feathers flying! Does anyone know if Jaybird tastes like chicken?

AJ, can your wussie cats pull it together by years end and woop up on those OU boys! We need a win by the north by a team unlike the vermin and my Mighty Huskers of late who can represent us well in the Big 12 Championship game.

9:03 AM  
Blogger AJ said...

1) Tom Shatel is the delusional columnist for the Omaha World Herald.

2) I wish I was an Antler. I was accepted to journalism school at Mizzou, but made a bad choice. See the archives this past Valentine's day (2/13 actually) to see why.

9:04 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Beaker here... meant to also tell, nay, remind, you that the mighty Jayhawks are two spots ahead of the felines in BOTH of the major polls. The writers and the coaches view us as better than you ... snigger & snicker.

Excuse the repetition there at the end, but I wanted to ensure that the Missouri public school product got the point.

9:11 AM  
Blogger AJ said...

Blow me redlegger.

9:41 AM  
Blogger AJ said...

Oh, and thanks for stopping by.


9:42 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

P.S.S. (from your friend, the one you called a Redlegger - btw, no need for nastiness! You must have been Jayhawked a few too many times):

BCS scores:
#4 .8219
#5 .8913, and in the distance comes
#6 .7433

No need to tell you what teams have those rankings & scores above. I believe that the felines have NEVER been as high as #4 in the BCS, because they're usually swooning this time of year. To Pinkel's and the team's credit, they're not flopping about now this year ... yet. Yours and the team's heart will be broken on the 24th. In a turnabout, the birds will feast on the pussycatss this Thanksgiving.

1:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am a Big Husker Fan & Your Completly Right!!!
It makes me sick to see how all these Husker "FANS" are acting!! It aint gonna get ne better ne time soon. I Think they all need to read your blog though for a little bit of a reality check.

1:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You're still just Missouri.

3:32 PM  
Blogger AJ said...

Stupidest argument ever.

When was the last time Nebraska beat a GOOD Missouri team? Funny..all those years NU was beating up Mizzou, guys like Kirk Farmer and Kent Skornia were leading the team. that works both ways isn't it?

4:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Off the topic but I just have to know.

Will this blog be on reruns or do you use non union writers?

6:02 PM  
Blogger AJ said...


Well played.

7:48 PM  
Anonymous Willie said...

Please add Jim Rose to your list of quitters. I also expect some commentary regarding "Rosie".


9:43 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love Jayhawk fan's ultra-high confidence and ego. It will be an absolute dream to see it come crashing down all around them as the TV camera pans over idiots with their blue and red face paint and little Jayhawk fan crying his eyes out. Then, I'll watch as they walk out of Camarohead Stadium with their heads hung low, cursing the emotional investment they made in their team and screaming obscenity laced excuses at those dressed in Black and Gold. It never fails. NEVER. Just like their pathetic basketball team that loses in the end of the year to any school starting with a letter B, they will disappoint at the end. I can GUARANTEE they will lose their last two games of the year. GUARANTEE.

10:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So Jim Rose pipes it huh? Another quitter: Just what the program needs eh? And today WH reporter Barfknecht ranked Neb. last in the North Division behind 2-8 Iowa State. Can this freak show get any crazier? I hope this season NEVER ends.

11:25 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


You are now the French army of college football.

Hilarious. I love my Huskers, but funny is funny.
Go Big Red!


12:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said... prints the following: For years, Nebraska fans have been lauded for the way they politely clap for the vanquished opposing team after home games. The shoe was on the other foot this week as Kansas fans clapped for Nebraska as it walked off the field. Several Nebraska fans have commented on how condescending the nice gesture really feels to the other side.

1:26 PM  
Anonymous JC Keller said...

AJ -

You have such a selective mind. Did you happen to notice how my backup quarterback put up 39 points on Kansas' awesome defense? So what if our defense had a rough patch? We held them to 7 points in the fourth quarter!

Beat that with a stick. Plus, I don't appreciate you acting like there's something unusual about throwing Dixie cups at random girls in parking garages. This is another example of East Coast media bias.

2:21 PM  

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